Zoey Reeves PRBM
Zoey Reeves is a character from Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

She is portrayed by Jacqueline Scislowski.

Zoey is a member of Grid Battleforce. She worked as the agency's laundry person. She originally trained as a cadet, but was cut from it. After Evox attacked, Zoey became a Ranger in Roxy's place after Nate forced a morph. She is the daughter of Muriel Reeves, a News Reporter in Coral Harbor.

Zoey serves as the Beast Morphers Yellow Ranger.

Ranger Forms


  • Beast-X Morpher
    • Cable Strike
  • Morph-X Keys
    • Yellow Ranger Morph-X Key
  • Beast-X Cannon
    • Beast-X Saber
    • Beast-X Blaster
  • Beast-X King Morpher
  • Beast-X King Bolt
  • Beast-X Ultra Blaster


  • Beast-X Megazord
    • Chopper Zord
      • Vehicle Mode
      • Linked Mode
      • Jackrabbit Mode


  • Due to her Jackrabbit DNA being semi-corrupted by Evox, Zoey can suffer quick exhaustion if she over uses her powers. The exhaustion is reversed by eating carrots.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Fire Rebellion: Season 18

Zoey Reeves made a first appearance as a major supporting character in this story. She and the people of Grid Battleforce revealed the truth to the heroes that Dark Gennai has returned. So, she and the heroes are ready to stop the chaotic rampage done by corrupted Digimons. After Storm King's death, she and the heroes confront Dark Gennai and the revived Myotismon in the final battle. After the long, sufferable final battle, she and the heroes succeeded in destroying VenomMyotismon, thus destroying Dark Gennai for good.

Fire Rebellion: Infinity

After Dark Gennai's demise, she and the rest of the heroes revealed that Kurata came back from the dead. So, Zoey Reeves and the others decided to keep the DigiDestined out of their missions involving Kurata in order to keep their Digimon from being targeted.

Fire Rebellion: Omega


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