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Wuya is an evil Heylin witch who once was the most powerful and most evil being in the universe. She seeks revenge over Chase Young after he refused to restore her full powers and betrayed her and the Heylin by marrying Ikari. She plans to corrupt Chase's daughter, Kera and turn her into an evil Heylin witch.

Wuya has both a human and a ghost form. Her ghost form looks very similar to an octopus; a disembodied floating head with many tentacles that resemble hair. She also is constantly masked in this form. She flashes and sparks when a Shen Gong Wu is located or when she is emotional.

The Multi-Universal War of Destiny

Wuya's ghost form.

Wuya has teamed up with a robot master named Sigma and his group to take over the Multi-Universe and to be the best Heylin there is and for this she going to take on Hannibal Bean who works with Discord. Wuya joins her boss in reporting on Discord and points he had the balls to infect her teammates when they were defeated.