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The Witris Omniverse is one of the three existent Omniverses in the existence of CIS Productions. It's the first and oldest omniverse of all existence that served as the base of Spectra's omniverse, Lynenta Omniverse and Nezperdian Omniverse. It's currently ruled by the Omniversal Supreme Goddess Sequined Sadist, who rules with iron fists for centillion years.

The Witris Omniverse serves as the main antagonistic world of CIS Productions as a whole as the Hell of Triggers Hell is directly connected to the reality as well as being under the control of Adam's Children.

The omniverse of Sequined is the chain of multiverses within her creation with infinite universes and dimensions. There are twelve 30 mulltiverses in total and every two multiverse whose designations add up to 13 are twin universes. Each universe is governed by one of Adam's Children, who act to balance creation and destruction.

Formerly, there were 41 multiverses in total, but Sequined erased 6 of them when she was angry due to Spectra's defection. Half of the events of LOTM: Destiny happens in the Witris Omniverse, where the heroes of the existence are forced to fight Sequined's overwhelming army. 

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