Vileplume is a flower-like Grass type Pokemon. It is also a Poison type Pokemon. Vileplume evolves from using a Leaf Stone on a Gloom. It is one of Oddish's final evolved form. The other is Bellossom.

Vileplume can be a powerhouse as well as specialize in releasing spores and other forms of toxins that can either poison an opponent, disable them or even put them to sleep.

Its name is a combination of vile and plume or plumose (possessing filaments or branches that give a feathery look).

ReBoot Multiverse

Vileplume is one of Mewtwo's clones. She was used once as she attempted to sap away Gigabyte's energy by slowly poisoning the virus and draining its essence; they were proven ineffective though.

Ultimate Story

Zelda owns a Vileplume.


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