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I already was an artist in Deviantart, but I just abandoned that career. But I still contribute to some sites and acquaintances who pay me for these services. I'm now writing a story in this Wiki.

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My Rules for Villains

Not necessarily a section for rules of villains "should" be, but rules that villains should be to become my favorite among my favorites. In this section, I will mention the characteristics of the types of villains and I most like and the types of villains I most despise.

Among my Favorites

  • Not necessarily an important rule, but I like villains who have a large number of subordinates. Many of them are classified as corrupt officials, emperors, businessmen, dictators and among other professions who have a great number of lives in their hands.
  • If the villain is a woman, she must be a very attractive and evil. I like women who can show the public that female beauty is useless when her mind is wicked. They should never try to seduce anyone.
  • The villain need to have different and variable objectives. These villains need to have ambitions and goals unusual compared to other villains in media-universe. In other words, these villains need different and rare goals.
  • The villain must be polite, soft-spoken and sophisticated. They should be respectful people at some point and they need show their true evil nature in "breakdown" moments. This should happen when something goes wrong or when their plans are interrupted and finally show their true personalities.
  • My favorite type of villain among all villains are evil-doers who have no "purpose". They often want to kill people, destroy planets or entire cities without any reason. This also applies to villains who destroy, create wars, commit genocide, torture and make horrible atrocities without any logical reason. They simply want to do these things....
  • Sadism is often something interesting in the villain's personality. They should have pleasure or fun in torturing people. Because just killing without any word is not fun....
  • If they are fighters, they need to have good provocative fighting skills but at the same time, simple. In other words, villains who have so much experience in combat that often fight with one hand.
  • Dbzpureevil 7244.png
    Need to have sarcastic and hilarious personalities, but not necessarily to the point in turning them into comedy targets. Such as Mister Vegeta.
  • They must treat everyone around their, even the most loyal minions as disposable pawns. These villains often tend to be sociopaths who kill their minions that are no longer useful for them.
  • If the villain has superpowers, I wish their power was something really vile. The color or type of power has to be something like the color purple and red representing evil. The power, in particular, can be "darkness" or some grotesque power that can't combine with a hero.
  • If the villains has a weapon, the villain must use two-swords, one-sword or firearm.
  • If the villain is supervillain based on force, their must have superhuman strength.
  • The villain always must have one or more striking phrases (quotes) that represent their character.
  • If the villain is an attractive man, he often must be a gigolo or ladies-man. A man that can conquer women anytime and use them as weapons or simply as toys for sexual pleasure.
  • Not necessarily, but the villain always need to have a theme song or OST for themselves.
  • If the bad guy is in love, their need to turn themselves in Yandere and get completely obsessed with some hero from male and feminine sex. I think this kind of relationship is very interesting between villains and heroes.
  • The villain must never treat family, friends or servants as important things. The individual should always discard them at the first opportunity.
  • This rule also is among my best. The villain must have a huge stake in the plot of the story and on the life of the main or secondary characters. This villain is often responsible for everything that happens in the story and become the true root of evil.
    • ​A villain responsible for everything in the life of the protagonist. The actions of this villain were so large that affected the lives of the protagonists and (or) the lives of the secondary characters. Ara AstarothIsaac Ray Peram Westcott (both Date A Live and LOTM: Sword of Kings) and The Fallen's Essence are prime examples.
  • Fallen angels are far more interesting than demons in religion. Demons were already too MUCH exploited in fiction and are already getting cliches. Fallen angels need more attention.
  • Evelynn Astaroth - the best example of a femme fatale in LOTM: SoK (behind Vira)

    Villains who are teenage girls should be attractive and vile. They should never be femme fatale, spoiled or jerks. They must often be at the level of Eve FullbusterScathach and Oriax Wheelahr.
    • Sexy villainess who have a naughty and seductive personality to both male and female people. There are a few of them in fiction while most women are played more like Dark Mistress rather than being women who use their charm to seductive their victims before killing them. Vira for example is a femme fatale who engages in sexual relationships with her victims while Evelynn Astaroth only uses her beauty to seduce most men to lure them to their death.
  • Female villains who show contempt and hatred of the opposite sex, men. These types of female villains are very interesting in fiction. I love when some misandrists finally see the value of the opposite sex when she finally has a crush on a men.
    • ​The same thing to man who despises woman. When they finally understand love, they can often fall in love with women. This type of man is quite used in opposite harem anime and games genre, where the woman is surrounded by men.
  • Entrepreneurs and businessmen are very interesting in the world of science fiction. These businessmen are leader of extremely powerful corporations and conglomerates and use their money and all their resources in order to achieve their ambitions. The reason why I like these kinds of villains is because leaders of rich and powerful organizations show that wealth and money are boring and useless, instead of becoming rich and live a life of luxury, they decide to use that power to achieve higher goals.
  • Galaxy Overlords are cruel villains, and often are fascist who creates oppression in billiards lives (if not quintillion or more) on poverty, misery and hunger. This kind of villain becomes a powerful emperor only to plunge a universe or an entire galaxy in poverty is very wicked but extremely interesting.
  • A villain who possesses an incredible intelligence. These villains manipulate or create events on a gigantic scale in their palm. They are masterminds and evil-doers extremaly intelligent and incredible. They can manipulate people around them easily.
  • Not necessarily, but the villain need a "Right-Hand". In other words, the villain needs a stronger henchmen between a lot of weak minions.
  • Villains who do not have secondary and insignificant interests. They only focus on big ambitions and not waste their times and resources on trivial things. And if there is a certain rivalry between these ambitions with other villains, this makes them more fun.
  • Cataclysmic villains. I prefer this type of villain when the villain is a normal being able to think and not an mystical force. This type of villain is interesting because these villains shows no trace of goodness or morality.

Among my Hated

It's not so fun to rule the universe forever now, huh, Frieza?

  • Among the first of all: NEVER KILL INNOCENTS ANIMALS PUPPIES. Villains who kill young animals of any kind are the ones I hate most. Animals are living beings through instinct and are unable to commit evil acts by own account. A villain who finds superior themselves in intelligence and kills a puppy deserve to be raped in hell. Doesn't matter if the villain who did this is a child.... or a group of children...
  • Killing or torturing newlyborn children and infants..... need I say more?
  • Killing pregnant women is inhumane. No matter if the female is an irrational or rational animal. This type of crime is not something I NEVER forgive.
  • Ah... those are villains who have the same goals boring ever, in other words, Cliches Villains. Cliches goals. Goals that you see everywhere, and completely bored in trying to see something new in your eyes on fiction. These villains have old objectives; become rich, revenge or making a simple murder.
  • Hegemonic villains. Where do I start? You can see this in the rule above. This type of villain is tedious and boring, they just want to rule the world or universe, and nothing else. Omnicidal Maniacs are much more interesting and fun to see. The reason of this, are villains widely used in children's cartoon, and we all grew up seeing that kind of villain. Read the comics below of our powerful and great Emperor Frieza, and you maybe you can understand what I'm trying to say
  • The best known and hated. Rapists are kinds of detestable villains. Mainly villains that show the rape action ON SCREEN. However, what I hate most in rapists, are rapes followed by deaths.
  • This was mentioned in the above rule. I not only hate the death or torture of young animals, I hate any kind of cruel action that can be commited against animals of any age.
  • Death of innocent children. Despite being a horrible crime, sometimes I open exceptions for some villains who commit this cruelty. Many of my favorite villains committed it, but I ignored it completely because of other amazing factors about them.
  • Psychopaths or insane villains without any personality. These villains are boring and uninteresting. They are just a bunch of insane psychopaths who laugh, kill, scream and act like retards. This type of villain is nothing pleasant.
  • Ah... one of the worst of all. Villains who do not stop bragging themselves as "bad guys" These villains are extremely annoying and stupid. They think themselves as evil people and are proud to say that in loud voice. I like villains who "like to do evil" because it pleases them somehow, but I hate villains who commit evil acts because they want to feel evil like it's something fashionable. It's almost like: "HAHAHAHA! I stole a wallet! I'm super evil!"
  • Villains who follow laws and rules blindly. These villains follow rules or laws blindly without thinking. This kind of villain tends to be pawns of bigger villains who create absurd rules and laws. This type of villain is mindless and without any character. We usually speak it when we see this kind of character: You idiot! Look at what you are doing! Think by yourself only once!
  • Sex slavers. These villains are the same things as rapists, but this villain is undoubtedly worse. These types of individuals enslave and transform people (most often women) in sexual slaves for their own profit.
  • Spoiled Brats. Especially if the villain is a child. They are simply boring and do not have anything interesting. They are incredibly annoying without any character and just commit evil acts by desire to possess something simple. "Just shut up and GO AWAY!" That's what I say when I see that kind of character. Whether if they are villains or heroes; I have disgust. Darla Dimple, deserve my title of most annoying spoiled brat and annoying villain in history of western animation....
  • Child abusers. I hate it more when it comes to domestic abuse. And this kind of crime is even more detestable when the child's own relatives who are doing it. Whether it is physical, psychological or sexual abuse, this crime is detestable and these relatives doesn't deserve anything than suffering their entire lives in jail.
  • Pedophiles........
  • Necrophilia. This crime only becomes detestable when the villain kills his or her victim and committs sexual acts with the body. This is incredibly grotesque, horrible and absurd. Everytime I see this, I think: You already did this person suffer too much, at least let this person rest in peace!
  • Villains with simple reasons. These villains are very powerful and famous among the public or they may be just another cliche villain. In this rule, will be mentioned about villains that turned to dark side for insignificant things, these villains do cruel things about something insignificant that happened in their history. For example, Broly is a great villain. But seriously... Destroy whole galaxies and planets just because Goku cried more louder than Broly when they were babies. There is a useless reason better than that?
  • Racist. I am a person who hates racism at any cost. Villains who kill, abuse, create genocide or commit bullying in people of other races they think is inferior, is something horrible. I do not care what race is the "villain" and thin themselves superior to another; white, brown or black, I do not agree with that, at least with us, humans. What I hate most between these types of racists are villains who commit genocide and bullying by pure racism.
  • Bullies. I hate it more in the school environment, be they on fiction or reality. I love when bullies get wrecked by their own victims, it makes me cry laughing!
  • Religious villains. I not a big fan of religion, but I believe in my Salvior. However, what I hate most in the people in religion are fanatics. Seriously, every time I see a horror movie where a group or a fanatic kills people thinking they are sinners is incredibly annoying. They make the minds of people and especially minds of children. They kill homosexuals, people of other religions and many others. This is a kind of villain that doesn't deserve to appears before my eyes.
  • Fanservice villains. Widely used in animes, especially if the villain is a attractive boy or a girl. Villains aren't people to be used to seduce viewers. Whether they are beautiful or handsome, villains should be not used to echii and beauty services. Save that to heroes, or the fanfics... (or fanarts). 

Most Evil CIS Productions Villains (opnion)

Unit-CM 130 - Zelkron

  1. Kroniesa KnightWalker
  2. B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 
  3. The Fallen/Ragnarok Iblis
  4. Ara Astaroth/Idea of Evil
  5. Hades Zagreus Villalobos/Sequined Sadist
  6. Leohart the Prince of Hell
  7. Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant/Eckidina KnightWalker
  8. Aki Astaroth (Reboot)/
  9. Aryana Westcott/Scathach
  10. Vira Hermes/Akrak Couteau
  11. Michael Langdon/Moloch
  12. Phyllis Peach/Achllys of the Depravitiy
  13. Raym Ars Apocalypse
  14. The Darkness
  15. The Fallen's Essence
  16. Heis/Jeanne
  17. Lapis
  18. The Fallen I
  19. Kruel Rose

Most Enjoyable CIS Productions Heroes

  1. Shiaryh Myfella
  2. Oriax Wheelahr
  3. Katarina Couteau & Elesis Du Tirial/Atala Arck
  4. Imperia Deamonne/La Folia Rihavein
  5. Valaine Le Doux
  6. Maria Arzonia/Carl Robinson
  7. Marquise Malum
  8. Sephiria Arks KnightWalker/Ellen Mira Mathers
  9. Tomas Sev/Kamina​​​​​​​
  10. Isis Maxwell
  11. Maria Arzonia/Carl Robinson
  12. Lucas Kellan
  13. Echidna StinWalker
  14. Eve Fullbuster
  15. Kyouhei Kannazuki
  16. Bismarck Bodewig
  17. Violeta Vasconcelos
  18. Matt Butcher
  19. Azul Jissele
  20. Sonia Nevermind/Kyoko Kirigiri
  21. Selina Strawberry
  22. Skelly
  23. Hoppo-chan
  24. Andr
  25. Evelynn Astaroth
  26. Mash/Krulcifer
  27. Yuuchiro Hyakuya
  28. Eugen Katsuragi
  29. Lucy Sheev KnightWalker
  30. Jellal Fernandes
  31. Natsuki Minamiya
  32. Isuke Inukai
  33. Elliot Baldwin Woodman
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