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Hello there!

Hi, my name is Kingofevil9. I am a amateur writer who likes to play video games and write stories on my computer. I'm a really imaginative person, but not a lot of my writing is what I would consider good. However, I am good at creating backstory and characters for myself or other people's use (with permission of course).

My favorite things

Favorite Video Game: Red Dead Redemption 2

Favorite Anime: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Favorite Web Series: RWBY

Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man

Favorite Supervillain: Joker

Favorite Anime Hero: Giorno Giovanna

Favorite Anime Villain: Diavolo

Stories I've written (Personal Rating included)

  • LOTM: Darkness Rising (Personal Rating: Could've done better)
  • LOTM: Dark Skies (Personal Rating: Pretty damn good)
  • LOTM: String Theory
  • LOTM: Silence Reigns
  • LOTM: Decimation
  • LOTM: Heroes United
  • LOTM: Grimm Sorrow
  • LOTM: Burning Sun
  • LOTM: Raining Chaos
  • LOTM: Escapade Through Time
  • LOTM: Invasion
  • LOTM: Grimm Days Ahead
  • LOTM: Rising Shadows
  • LOTM: Frosted Reign
  • LOTM: Robotic Revolt
  • LOTM: Death's Whisper

My Factions

Shadow Forces

Protectors of The Light

Task Force Gamma

The Warriors of Darkness

The Defenders of Peace

The Warriors of Tomorrow