Name: Unicron

Race: Dark deity

Group: Enemies

Likes: Destruction and eating

Dislikes: Those who try to get in his way

Biggest strength: His power

Biggest weakness: His core

Occupation: Darkness incarnate; evil twin of Primus

Quote: "I am your haunting past! I am your anguished future! I am Unicron!"

His Goal: Create chaos and destruction on the Multi-Universe and to destroy Primus.

Voiced by: John Noble

His theme

Legend of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's story)

Though meant to be an exploratory herald, Unicron...known by the HailFirians as the Shadow Lord...descended into a terrible, destructive rage. He was imprisoned by Primus and the original 13 Transformers, but somehow managed to escape. More recently, he hired Megatron as his second-in-command when about to attack the planet HailFire. Sadly, Unicron was successful in his destruction of HailFire, which he forced Jonathon Tangelo to watch. To make things worse, he mutilated Jonathon into Phantom and made him his pawn, warning that if Phantom should betray him, he would suffer the same fate as HailFire.

Being second-in-command, however, did not suit Megatron at all. So he turned against Unicron, imprisoned him in the Shadow Crystal, and entrusted the Shadow Crystal to Phantom. Phantom, however, was sick and tired of being used against his will, and brought the Angels of Disney to his realm, the Shadow Realm. There he had them take the Trials of Heart, Soul and Mind so that the darkness in them would leave them and free Unicron. If he was free, Unicron could be destroyed.

But since becoming free, Unicron is greatly displeased about Phantom's betrayal and is more than willing to let his anger show as much as he can!

LOTM: Darkness Incarnate

Unicron has returned as the all around main villain of this story. After Megatron was defeated by Angewomon, Unicron came to Megatron, and because his old body was destroyed Unicron took Megatron's body as a vessel. Now Unicron seeks to do what he sought eons ago: to create chaos across the Multi-Universe, end Primus, and destroy all that is good.