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Tsubasa Kazanari
Tsubasa Kazanari
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Arrival to Earth
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"As long as hope exist, we won't be killed, as we won't give up… these two as well as everyone else taught me that… including the little saint king that keep on fighting for something she believes in… for something she care and wish to protect, for those who taught her courage is…"
— Tsubasa Kazanari

Tsubasa Kazanari is one of the seven main heroines in in the anime series Symphogear. She is a girl who has the power to use Symphogear armor, which uses music to fight off against aliens known as Noise.

Her theme song


Tsubasa is a tall girl with blue hair and dark blue eyes.  She has a side pony-tail on the left side of her head that is longer than the rest of her hair, which falls to just above her waist and cut straight.

Her Zwei Wing concert clothes consist of a high collared crop top with white shorts and a lowly belted pleated skirt cut diagonally from her left hip and a large light blue bow and left wing on her bustle. She also wears white and blue stocking up to her thigh, and light blue boots with the left one reaching to her knee and the right reaching to her ankle.

She is also seen wearing the Lydian Music Academy uniform.


During her time as Zwei-Wing, Tsubasa is in fact a very nervous and shy girl where her partner Kanade did most of the talking and cheering her up, giving her strength. However, in an ensuing battle with Noise, Kanade sacrificed herself, dying in Tsubasa's arms, sending her through deep grief. Tsubasa first appears in the present as a pop star and student with a cold personality, the death of Kanade has shattered her shyness and she became distant and aloof. She refuses to accept Hibiki as Kanade's replacement, and prefers to fight alone. She even refuses to sign an overseas singing contract, as she views herself as a weapon who only sings in the battlefield. However, during the time when she was hospitalized due to the life-threatening side-effects of singing her swan song, Tsubasa seemingly "converses" with Kanade. Afterwards, she starts opening up to Hibiki and everyone else, and is shown to have a more caring side.

By Symphogear G, she has evolved into the 'big sister/senior' of the Symphogear users, mirroring how Kanade was to her.

Crossover War Heroes: Iron-Blooded Kid Warriors

Tsubasa made a debut as one of Yuinshiel Asteria's followers. Tsubasa takes a responsibility to look after Symphogear Heroines and their friends to do a regular training. So that, she and the heroes must be prepared to fight against Gunther Prozen and his wicked men.

After the deaths of Kain and Thornheart, she and the Symphogear heroines' friends visited the people of Mars for the first time, believeing that they become friendly rivals.

During the meeting, she and the rest of Symphogear heroines' friends met Leo Conrad and Sally Land for the first time. She and the heroes decieded to talk with Leo and Sally that they can be prepared before the war started. After the people of Tekkadan had left Mars, she and her friends were visited by Leo Conrad and Sally Land for the first time. When Tekkadan met Transylvanian Business, she and the Symphogear heroines' friends started their training; while Leo Conrad and Sally Land decided to look after the first form Lion-themed Zoid, Wild Liger. When the training is finished, she and her friends satrted their first war to combat the Judgement 6. After a long warfare, she and her friends destroyed the Judgement 6 for good. Following the victory of our heroes, Hibiki and her friends reported to Yuinshiel Asteria and her followers that the heroic martial artists and many innocent heroes were recently saved. She and her friends had visited Rona Tsunomori for the first time. After that, she was greeted by Kuroto Dan and Knight Unryuji to have a happy Ketogenic Dinner time in the Dinning Hall.

In the next morning she and the Symphogear heroines attended the Speech ceremony done by Lady Yuinshiel Asteria. However, she has noticed that Luigi Latorre and his friends had gone abroad.

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  • Tsubasa shares the same given name to Hanekawa Tsubasa from Bakemonogatari.
  • Tsubasa's voice actor, Nana Mizuki, also voiced Fate T. Harlaown fom The Nanoha Series *Hanasaki Tsubomi from Heartcatch Pretty Cure and Moka Akashiya from Rosario Vampire.
  • Before Kanade's death, Tsubasa's armgear was black and blue, but after (back to present) her colour became white and blue.
  • Tsubasa was 15 two years ago which means she's now 17 and was 12 when she meet Kanade first time.
  • Kenzaki Makoto/Cure Sword from DokiDoki! Pretty Cure! resembles Tsubasa, they are famous idols, they have a big fan (Tsubasa: Hibiki and Makoto: Mana) they have swords attacks, they have a side pony tail, in the beginning they were cold and stubborn, now they are cool and brave and they have lost a person (Tsubasa: Kanade and Makoto: Princess Marie Ange).