Tommy Oliver Master Morpher
"You may look like me. But unless you got a Master Morpher, you ain't nothing but a cheap copy." - Tommy to his robotic imposter.

Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Oliver is a legendary and veteran Power Ranger.

He is portrayed by Jason David Frank.

Tommy was originally once under a spell cast by Rita Repulsa to create her own Power Ranger. He was freed from her spell by the Power Rangers and became an official member. He later assumed other Power Ranger roles, such as the White Power Ranger, Zeo Ranger V - Red, the first Red Turbo Ranger, and others. In 2004, he assumed the role of mentor to the Dino Thunder Rangers, as Zordon once did for him. He also served as their High School Science teacher at the time.

As of 2018, he is the leader of the Historic Rangers. It's revealed in Super Ninja Steel that he has a son named J.J. In the 2020s, his son becomes an officer of SPD, but goes missing while undercover. Tommy morphs one last time to find him.

Ranger Identities

  • The Green Power Ranger
  • The White Power Ranger
  • Zeo Ranger V - Red
  • The Red Turbo Ranger (I)
  • The Black Dino Ranger


Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's Story)

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Fire Rebellion: Season 8

Tommy is first seen watching a news report of the Nightmare Force possessed Agent Nevada using the Dazzlings' former power to a much higher extent. He later returns with all the Legendary Heroes to finish off the remaining Nightmare Forces.

Fire Rebellion: Season 9

Tommy returns as a main character.

Fire Rebellion: Season 10

Fire Rebellion: Season 11

Tommy will appear in Season 11, in 1996, with the rest of the Zeo Rangers.

Fire Rebellion: Season 12

Fire Rebellion: Season 13

Fire Rebellion: Season 14


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