Timmy Turner

Name: Timmy Turner

Race: Human

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Making wishes and when things go his way

Dislikes: Abusive babysitters, annoying, neglectful parents, and those who like someone for coolness

Biggest strength: His determination

Biggest weakness: He's not too keen on thinking before wishing.

Occupation: 10-year-old student

Quote: "I wish..."

Voiced by: Tara Strong

Timmy has not had the best life. His parents were stupid, neglectful and annoying, his babysitter was a monster, and some of his schoolmates, including his love interest, didn't want to hang around him because he "wasn't popular". This is especially shown in the infamous It's A Wishful Life episode where basically, the entire episode states that Timmy is responsible for all the bad things in his life, in his community and even the world. In other words, the world would be better off if Timmy was no longer around. 

Things have gotten a little better for Timmy since Cosmo and Wanda were assigned as his fairy godparents, but trouble does not stay away. Usually, Timmy makes a wish without thinking about the consequences and has to un-wish it when things go wrong...but that's not always easy!

Sadly, Timmy's parents became casualties of war, and though they were big pains, he still didn't want them dead. And now that Timmy is caught up in the war as well as his fairy god-family, he has great hopes that he will not make some wish that might cost him any members of his adoptive family!