• Hey, did you subscribe to me on YT recently? If you did, ty! I really appreciate that, and I thought it was u since u have a playlist of u, has a lot of Japanese content, and your icon is Ash and Pikachu. Again, I appreciate this very much. What about Fanfictiondreamer..?

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    • Luigi777
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      04:41, June 2, 2020
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    • Again, much obliged! :) Hey, what about FFD?

      Also...What the heck is the Vesperian Galaxy??

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    • Yes. I did.

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    • Ergh, I hope she won't be a disappointment. Hopefully I won't be either. What is the Vesperian Galaxy, anyway? I just noticed a Category named People in the Vesperian Galaxy and it includes Xenoblade, FF, and Fire Emblem. What is it??

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    • I guess the Vesperian Galaxy's just a universe for RPGs...

      I hope those older Categories can be renamed and also removed. Ty for the edits. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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