• Hey, Luigi, I'm not sure if this is a necessary category or not. I just came across a category, Characters in Hyrule Warriors; which I kind of find unnecessary since it highlights a game already in the Zelda series, even tho it has a different genre. If these chars are just a part of the Zelda series, I can't see why they'd be mentioned in anther game since it's a part of the franchise overall. It'd be like adding Chars in Dissidia Final Fantasy; even tho it's non-canon, it's still a part of the juggernaut. Or if people belong in F-Zero GP Legend, it shouldn't be mentioned, even tho it's an alt continuity.

    Look, I understand the Category, Chars PLAYABLE in Hyrule Warriors, but I think adding Chars IN Hyrule Warriors feels a bit pointless. Can you ask someone to remove this Category? Or, just leave it and take it w/ a grain of salt?

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