The Ultimate Story is a mega Multi-universe story based on many events happening inside its creator, Fanfictiondreamer, such as her desire to have a world in which she could have whatever she wants, to have an imaginary world that would entertain her and, of course, dealing with Showitious, a condition named by Fanfictiondreamer in which the mind unusually focuses and dwells on some fictional characters; while also being used as a coping mechanism for traumatic events or for her enjoyment.

The Ultimate Story is an incredibly extended, multiverse story. It contains perhaps the largest collection of multiverses ever created by anyone. The story itself consists of Universes from video games, to cartoons, to Anime. The name "Ultimate Story" is more so a generic name but a fitting one as a means to vaguely describe the immensity that the story provides. It also serves to mask the kinds of Universes that are in the stories, to serve as a non-spoiler title per se.


My Introduction

My Introduction

My Introduction. Fanfictiondreamer introduces herself to the audience as well as her beloved story.

The Ultimate Story has over 50 different Universes in it. Some of which contains those from Nintendo games, such as Starfox, Mario, Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. Although despite each universes' appearances in the story, there are some that show up more frequently than others. Pokémon and Starfox appear in almost all stories. There are some in which characters from some universes mingle with one another a lot more than others and even form strong bonds with one another. For example, 2 popular characters from the Super Smash Bros. title, Fox McCloud from the Starfox series and Pikachu from the Pokémon series, develop a strong bond with each other and have remained the best of friends throughout most of the story. Sometimes, relationships can develop or even change throughout time.

The story, itself, was created by a young girl with Asperger's Syndrome, who goes by the alias Fanfictiondreamer on the internet. When she was really young, she developed a very strong imagination that grew and developed over time. Eventually, she created an entire Universe in which she can have anything she wanted and created things as a means of achieving this endeavor. Overtime, it grew from just a few short stories to a massive series that have expanded to include many shows and games that she really likes very much.

However, as the story continued on, it also became a coping mechanism of sorts for her. As a young child, growing up with Asperger's Syndrome was not easy. Very often, this imaginary world became a way for her to cope with a lot of the stressful things that went on in her life, even against her own will. One of those stressors involved an unusual obsession with fictional characters. She describes this as something that she could never stop thinking about no matter how badly she wanted to and has very often struggled to maintain this. She calls this Showitious. From this she had created certain aspects in her story as a way of coping with these obsessions, such as having these characters that she couldn't stop thinking about bond with characters that helped to reduce it to be maintainable and easier to live it. She still tries to deal with them to this day and will continue to come up with ideas to keep it from growing out of control.

The Lisa Simpson Chronicles

The lisa simpson chronicles coverart by theikranrider77-dcg8t9u

The coverart of the fanfic story, The Lisa Simpson Chronicles. Picture was made by TheIkranRider77 for Fanfictiondreamer, the author of the Ultimate Story.

The story started out as the adventures of a young girl named Lisa Simpson. At the age of 8, the author of this story fantasized Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons going on a magical adventure and was given special powers. She went on adventures with Sonic the Hedgehog, a speedy blue hedgehog that she befriended, as she spent a year on his home planet, Mobius, perfecting her powers. She is joined by Maggie Simpson, her baby sister who also received magical powers; her puppy Sally, a small Dalmatian puppy that she received from humanoid canines known as the Road Rovers; and eventually, The Powerpuff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, whom she befriended when she was younger; as well as Sonic's best friend, a two-tailed fox named Tails.

The story started out with the Powerpuff Girls testing out a new power of theirs; the ability to travel through space at a breakneck speed, enabling them to reach other planets. They planned to test it on Lisa, who was more than willing to allow them to fly her to another planet regardless of the risks. Maggie also wanted to tag along, so they reluctantly did so.

With the use of their powers, they were able to bring Lisa, Maggie and Sally to the planet, Mobius. There, they met and befriended Sonic and Tails. Not long afterwards, they met a magical blue elephant genie named Taj from Diddy Kong Racing. There, he bestowed onto Lisa, Maggie and Sally magical powers that were conjured up for them by a mysterious magical being named Ly. From there, they had to stay on Mobius for an entire year so that they can master their new powers.

During this one year training regiment, the girls went on all sorts of adventures with Sonic and Tails all over Mobius. Together, they explored the planet, had tons of fun, met new people and also faced off against Sonic and Tails' archenemy, the evil Dr. Robotnik, a mad scientist who wanted to rule over Mobius.

Lisa was Fanfictiondreamer's favorite character in The Simpsons. She liked her so much that she decided to make her a main character in her story and did whatever she wanted. She felt that with this fantasy world, she had the absolute freedom to make up whatever she wanted without any limitations. However, she didn't realize that making stories would come with challenges, which she would end up having to face constantly as she fantasized more and more of these stories. Regardless, that didn't stop her from creating tons pf crazy ideas for her story which she has built up for these many years.


The bundle of media included for the Lisa Simpson Chronicles.

This story also marked the first time that she added video game characters to her story. At first, adding video game characters to a story felt strange to her, but as she kept doing it, it became natural, so it didn't feel weird anymore.

Fanfictiondreamer considered The Lisa Simpson Chronicles as a pre-Ultimate Story tale as it did start the Ultimate Story, itself, but wasn't officially part of the main story.

The Starfox Journal

The Starfox Journal involves the side stories of the Starfox team, other important characters of the story. It talks about Fox McCloud when he was still just a young pup. During his childhood, he was raised by Peppy Hare, his father's best friend and best wingman. At a really young age, Fox met and befriended Princess Peach, Slippy Toad and, overtime, Falco Lombardi. Within a few years, he and his friends met Rayman as they visited his home planet and became friends with him.

The story also aligns with the Lisa Simpson Chronicles, in which Lisa was asked by Ly to set up a school of sorts to teach a selective group of heroes about secrets that she wishes to share with them. The reason behind that has yet to be revealed, but she seemed very adamant about this. From there, Fox was chosen to take part in a special school. There, he met other heroes such as Link, whom he became real fast friends with, and of course, Pikachu, a Pokémon that he eventually bonded with. He also met Lisa, who is supposedly one of the other "chosen" students to take part in this, but was actually set up as a test of sorts. They were part of a program that involved 100 heroes chosen to take part in. This was a special program that not only tested the heroes, but Lisa as well, to select the few in which she feels can be trusted with the secrets that Ly felt needed to be shared. Fox, Link and Pikachu were eventually the few heroes chosen to be the those that can be trusted with these secrets, along with Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus, Ness, Captain Falcon, Yoshi and Kirby.

The Journal ends with the events of Starfox 64 that takes place around the same time as the first Ultimate Story.

The (first) Ultimate Story

The ultimate story gift by theikranrider77-dc2yaks

Another picture made by TheIkranRider77 for Fanfictiondreamer. A slight adjustment was made to it.

The official first story of the Ultimate Story. Aside from the stories that came before it, it officially began the entire crazy adventure.

It starts out when Lisa and her friends were called out by Ly to begin another journey to save the world. A dark force has been plaguing the Earth and they needed to find a way to put a stop to it. Lisa and her friends were set out to accomplish a few tasks as a means of delaying this Dark Force's power so that the Mystics could seek it out and find a way to put a stop to it. Their tasks included retrieving a Cubone from the famed Pokémon researcher, Professor Oak, to which the Cubone does play a small but crucial part of the fight and finding a new member of their team, a young girl named Misty. After they were able to find her via backpack, they set out to have her meet with Ly as she had some special powers locked away in her because of a mystic origin that she knew nothing about.

Their journey took them to Ly's and Rayman's home planet, where they had to help her save her world from the evil robotic pirates that have invaded it. They also brought along Peach to have her reunite with Rayman for the first time since they were still kids. After they liberated the planet from the pirates, Polokus was awakened and the two deities were able to give Misty all of her powers so that she can train for a year on another planet. It is also revealed that she is a long lost mystic protector of the Earth's oceans that was nearly destroyed by an evil wizard thousands of years ago. Ly reminded Misty that her powers are very sacred and she must only entrust them to those who are to be her closest friends.

My Ultimate Story

My Ultimate Story

The Ultimate Story. Part 1 of her amazing milti-universe epic.


Misty's makeover from the Powerpuff Girls during the 1st Ultimate Story; made by Fanfictiondreamer.

By Ly's orders, the group then arrived on another planet known as Ripple Star where they met Ribbon, a young Ripple fairy who, with the help of Kirby, repaired a magical Crystal that was shattered by evil beings known as the Dark Matter. The Crystal was to be used to collect mystical items known as the Pokémon Stones, which Ly had lost as she tended to an unavoidable emergency. The Pokémon Stones were hidden away within several different Pokémon, with the Cubone that they had to retrieve being one of them, as well as Ly's Pokémon, Mew, in which she created. However, they still needed to have Misty train on another planet to perfect her powers, much like Lisa, Maggie, Sally, and the Powerpuff Girls did.



Showitious, a mental condition named by Fanfictiondreamer in which the autistic mind primarily focuses and dwells on fictional characters, as well as a coping mechanism of traumatic events and/or for enjoyment.

They brought her to Corneria, the home planet of one of Lisa's students, Fox McCloud and his friends of the Starfox Team. Misty was able to meet them and then began her training. During her 1-year training on Corneria, she had spent some time with Fox and bonded with him throughout the time that they had spent together. She even went as far as to show him and the rest of the team her sacred powers involving water. From there, they made a pact to keep her sacred powers a secret and that only Misty is allowed to tell anyone about it when she feels that they can be trusted. She also had the time to befriend a Boo named Bow during Peach's birthday party, and with that, Misty, Bow, Bubbles, Ribbon, and Peach formed a group known as the Friendly 5.

More Ultimate Story Stuff

More Ultimate Story Stuff

Part 3 of the Ultimate Story.

After her one year training regiment was over in both her fairy and princess training, Misty finally returned to Earth to reunite with her sisters, Daisy, Violet and Lily, who it is revealed that they knew about her sacred powers but have kept them from her. It then became a heart-to-heart where they mentioned that they have been sheltering her throughout her entire childhood to protect her from the same wizard that tried to destroy the ocean princess those many years ago. Not only that, but their parents gave their lives to keep her safe. They were worried that she would blame herself for her parents' deaths but assured her that she shouldn't feel responsible.


A scene depicting from The Ultimate Story, made by TheIkranRider77; here we see Misty celebrating her birthday in Corneria with her newfound friends.

Finishing the First Ultimate Story

Finishing the First Ultimate Story

The finale of the Ultimate Story as well as the preamble for The Journey through Kanto.

After the chat, Misty set off with her new friends to continue on with their task. From there, Ly informed Lisa to return to Professor Oak where their journey will begin. Meanwhile, in planet Corneria, Fox had been pondering on how much he misses not just Misty, but also "that friend" of his. Misty promised him that when the time comes, she would help him find her soon.

Lisa and her team arrived back in Pallet Town. She told to Professor Oak that Trainers come to him to start their journeys; unfortunately, they couldn't continue their mission since there aren't any Trainers travelling around Kanto since its Gyms have mysteriously shut down. According to Lisa's telepathy she said that the Pewter City Gym Leader is too busy taking care of a large family, the Cerulean City's Leaders aren't interested, Vermillion City's Gym's Pokémon is currently injured, the Celadon City's Gym was burnt from the inside, the Fuchsia City Gym Leader is far too busy in training, the Saffron City Gym Leader has gone insane, the Cinnabar Island Gym was inactive a long time ago, and the Viridian City Gym Leader's nowhere to be found. So in order to resolve this issue, Lisa came up with a plan to recruit her "best students" and assign them to all the various Gyms.

Lisa took her team to a secret realm where she was testing her powers. Misty was intrigued on how Lisa carried out Ly's assignment while she was a fairy in training. Ly picked 100 individuals, but only a handful were chosen based on Lisa's own personal experience and better judgement. They were the ones that she entrusted to share hers as well as Ly's top secrets to them, as a way to utilize


The Super Smash Gym Leaders lineup.

them properly instead of falling into evil hands nor reject them as absolute gibberish. Together, they learned these sacred techniques as a way to protect those they cared about instead of feeding their greed and hunger for power. Fox became one of Lisa's top students of hers, as well as Mario, DK, Link, Samus, Kirby, Ness, Pikachu who wasn't found yet, and Captain Falcon. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup each had a handful of favorites already, as Blossom loved the smart ones, Bubbles loved the cute ones, and Buttercup adored the best fighters.

Misty found Fox chatting with Link, and the Hylian himself said it was incredible how Lisa was able to obtain and use all the mystical information in such a short period of time. Each of the students kept calling her "Master" since she was in charge of the academy she set up. Later on, Lisa headed back to Earth and informed Professor Oak that each of her students would handle each Gym in Kanto: for Pewter City it was Fox, for Cerulean City it was Mario, for Vermillion was Kirby, for Saffron it was Captain Falcon, for Celadon it was Link, for Fuchsia it was DK, for Cinnabar it was Samus, and finally for Viridian it was Ness.

Earlier on their journeys, while Misty was still training in Corneria, Lisa's fairy powers were evolving too quickly to where she will not be able to control them. Ly implored her to Misty to find the friends she should trust with her life and utilize her powers well. Lisa gave Misty a rulebook on becoming a fairy, then another mystical book which contained a mystic secret that, she herself, couldn't figure out, hoping that Misty would succeed where Lisa couldn't.


A bundle of media included for the first Ultimate Story.

While Lisa was assigning her students to each Gym, Ly and Polukus were watching over them from afar. They've discussed that their true journey has begun, and that Lisa is ready to carry forward the Ultimate Destiny. Ly hopes their new friends will succeed where the deities have failed, as they didn't prevent the Darkness that had befallen many worlds. Polukus hopes that his only kin, the Teansie, aide the young heroes, and although Ly could feel great courage everywhere from their new friends, she was still saddened of the great manifestation, especially since she lost her beloved to the Darkness which caused her to weaken greatly; she still needed to meditate to maintain her strength and can't fight evil head on. She and Polokus shall continue looking out for them as Lisa and her team's guardians. As they had only "scratched the surface of what they would truly be facing."

This is truly a story that begins many stories...

The Dark entity that the entire group was trying to combat was Mojo Jojo, who was possessed by a Dark Eye from Kirby 64. This Dark Entity was also revealed to be just an underling.

The Journey Through Kanto


The Journey through Kanto coverart, made by TheIkranRider77.

In Pallet Town, it was the night of Ash's 10th birthday. As a rule made by Professor Oak, when Trainers reach the age of 10, they can finally get their Pokémon license. It was finally time for the young man to begin his journey as a Pokémon Master, as well as achieve something even more.


The Pokémon Stones

The Journey Through Kanto The Beginning

The Journey Through Kanto The Beginning

The start of the Pokémon multi-universe fic based on events of the anime; centered on the debut episode, Pokémon, I Choose You!

The next day, Ash arrived late to the professor's ranch and bumped into his rival, as well as Oak's grandson, Gary. He obtained a Pokémon when Ash didn't. Although his late arrival couldn't be any more convenient. Lisa, the Powerpuff Girls, Misty, and their group arrived; Buttercup was the one that made them tardy since she kept refusing to take a bath after handling a disgusting monster in Townsville. The professor has shown Ash each of his Pokémon, which already were taken...except for one, a Pikachu. Lisa and Blossom recognized her right away as it was the same one that attended the academy several months back. She also happened to be the one Fox, one of the Gym Leaders, bonded with. Upon their reunion, Ribbon's crystal reacted, and it turned out that Pikachu was the third Pokémon that held one of the

sacred Stones. Oak then showed Ash each of the Gym Leaders, and they were certainly peculiar like Gary said.

Journeying Through Kanto A Little More

Journeying Through Kanto A Little More

Part 2 of the story; based on events of episode 2, Pokémon Emergency!

His mom halted them in their tracks, profusely congratulating him as well as over-preparing him. Buttercup was certainly not in the mood. They started on their journey and Oak and Lisa realized that the wheels of fate were turning if he should be successful in finding each Gym Leader, collect their badges, as well as find the sacred Pokémon Stones since a Trainer was needed to obtain them.

There were some difficult struggles against the Darkness, and Pikachu was gravely injured by the Pokémon influenced by it, including the lethal flock of Spearow in which she conjured a desperate and powerful Thunder Shock. She was wounded after that and Ash and his allies headed toward the Pokémon Center in Viridian City. Sally then gave a telepathic message to Lisa, saying there is a looming Darkness from where they are.

From there, a Meowth, Jessie, and James were following them to it. The feline received a message from their boss, saying there are some interlopers that must be stopped. Meanwhile, Ash and Lisa desperately came to Nurse Joy to have their Pikachu restored, although she was a bit coy on how a beginner Trainer handled it. Lisa came at his defense, saying it wasn't his fault, and some things got out of hand. Nurse Joy and Chansey took Pikachu away on a stretcher, leaving Ash despondent. He then called his mom who was impressed that already made it and was just like his missing dad, though he was still down on his luck. Peach, Rayman, and the others sulked with him on what happened, and the Powerpuff Girls admired Professor Utonium encouraging them whenever they were down. He soon received a pep talk from Professor Oak, whom revealed that he and Utonium's friendship go way back; Misty was amazed by that. He said he lost a bet against his grandson since Ash didn't get a new Pokémon after he made it the Center first, nor handle Pikachu well. It was no accident as the Darkness made these unfortunate circumstances. It soon invaded the Pokémon Center, causing the Pokémon in their balls to switch to another location. Team Rocket unleashed their assault while also meeting their benevolent counterparts; they seem to be the special units that Officer Jenny mentioned before the criminals approached the center.

The team, excepting Ash, and the clones fought back, but it wasn't enough since the Darkness has inflicted weakness unto them. The battle seemed hopeless, until Pikachu was healthy again and leapt into the fray. She singlehandedly took care of the foes, while also causing the center to explode. Jenny was too late to "see the fireworks," though it wasn't the first time the place was wrecked. She said to Lisa to give her regards to Ness and he must stay vigilante. Sally then sent another message to Lisa, saying she's glad to see she was ok, and that there were some strange readings from the unique counterparts, as if they were two halves in one whole. The crystal did react on the Good Meowth's presence, after all.

Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny were relieved the Pokémon were safe in Pewter City, though the Team Rocket duplicates would be investigated. The team finally made their way to the Viridian Forest and Ash encountered a Caterpie.

More coming soon...

Starfox 64 Special

This story takes place during the events of Star Fox 64. Misty, Pikachu, and D.W. were hanging out with the Starfox Team in their new mothership, the Great Fox, until General Pepper broke the news. Andross has attacked the Lylat System and declared war after he invaded Corneria. They all volunteered, but Fox held D.W. back since she wanted to volunteer but was still too young to be considered a militant. Thus, this started the incidents involved in the Lylat Wars.

The story plays out a lot like Starfox 64 with some added characters from within the Ultimate Story, involving Misty, Lisa, Maggie, the Powerpuff Girls, Peach, Rayman and Pikachu.

Ultimate Story: the Missing Link


Coverart for The Missing Link, made by TheIkranRider77.

This story takes place 4 years after the events of the first Ultimate Story. The girls were kept from their weekly visit to Corneria as it was being invaded by a mysterious force. Despite the insistence from Fox to stay away from Corneria, Misty and the girls still left for the planet to help out their friends.

Upon their arrival, they found that the invasion force was far more massive than they had imagined. They were able to reunite with their friends of the Starfox team but they were still faced with a lot of massive problems. There, they met 3 spies that they knew all too well, Sam, Alex and Clover; 3 girls who star in a hit series about teenagers living double-lives as international spies, revealing that in real life, they were spies of a far more massive organization devoted to protecting the Universe known as G.R.O.U.P. (Galactic Representation of Universal Protection). With their help, they were able to find out the source of the invasion and attempted to rescue other victims of the invasion forces which have invaded other planets. From this, they met other characters from Zoids, Dragonball Z, Yu-gi-oh, Cardcaptors and Jackie Chan Adventures. After they rescued this large group of individuals, they proceeded to find and take down the source of the massive invasion.


Aqua Jewels. They bonded with each of the four members of the Starfox Team after discovering them.


Bundle of media included for the Missing Link.

At one point in the story, Misty had another one of her dreams which were actually memories of her past as still being the guardian of the Earth's Oceans. She remembered hearing 4 familiar voices but couldn't make out what they were. She went over Professor Oak as well as called for her friends of the Starfox team. The professor was able to discover a magical reading that was similar to what Misty experience in her dream somewhere deep within the ocean. Misty went with her friends of the Starfox team to investigate was it was. After a long time exploring the ocean, Misty was able to find that the familiar voices in her dream were from 4 Guardians that she forgot she had long ago. They were 4 magical gems: Pices, a sphere-like gem, Diama, a diamond shaped jewel, Corto, a hexagonal jewel that looks like a square, and Emert, an emerald. Each jewel bonded with the different members of the team thanks to the crests that were given to them by Ly. From there, they developed aquatic powers, such as the ability to breathe underwater and to swim faster so that they can keep up with Misty.

The Ultimate Story 2: The Revelations

Ulitmate Story 2- Dinosaur Planet-Part 1

Ulitmate Story 2- Dinosaur Planet-Part 1

The Intro to the Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet.

Ultimate Story 2 takes place approximately 8 years after the events of the first story. It begins with the events from Fanfictiondreamer's all-time favorite video game: Starfox Adventures and ends with the epic battle against a massively powerful Dark Entity. She first started writing this back in 2003 once she received the game for Christmas, and at that time, she's been going through a terrible year in middle school, almost to the point of being held back by an abusive teacher; this was a way to help her cope with her personal issues, and this was created before the first story was completed. Here are some of the stories involved:

Dinosaur Planet


Ultimate Story 2 coverart, made by TheIkranRider77.

This fic was based on the events from Fanfictiondreamer's all-time favorite game, Starfox Adventures. This took place approximately eight years since the previous events in the first Ultimate Story: Ash received all 8 badges and found all 10 Pokémon Stones, the Darkness was vanquished from Kanto as Mojojojo and the Dark Matter were defeated, and the Lylat System had its balance restored thanks to the sacred orbs that were collected. There was also a missing link that was discovered from Misty as the mystic princess of the planet's oceans as well as her four guardians which happen to be the members of the Starfox Team.

Misty and Fox have been visiting Pikachu frequently, at least for once a week, but it just wasn't enough. On one occasion, we see the trio as well as Peppy, Slippy, ROB, D.W., the Powerpuff Girls, Peach, Rayman, and Banjo and Kazooie hang out minus Falco who had mysteriously disappeared and never returned; Buttercup was completely devastated during his absence. There was an unexpected message from General Pepper, stating that a newly discovered world known as Dinosaur Planet has been falling apart. If Fox discovers the mystery and saves the universe before it explodes, then the money would be forwarded to them immediately. Fox took on the offer along with the group except ROB, D.W., Slippy, Peppy, Blossom, and Buttercup.

Ultimate Story 2- Dinosaur Planet-Part 2

Ultimate Story 2- Dinosaur Planet-Part 2


Misty's outfit featured in Ultimate Story 2, made by Fanfictiondreamer.

They approached Dinosaur Planet within Thorntail Hollow and later found a majestic staff. Fox decided to wield it and his team came across some vicious tyrannosaurs known as Sharpclaws. They fended them off no problem and encountered the Queen of the Earthwalkers, who was injured by the Sharpclaw attack and asked the group to rescue her son, Prince Tricky, and bring him home. They soon purchased a few supplies from the Scarab shop and met a reluctant Warpstone who later took them to Ice Mountain. Fox bravely rescued Tricky after he raced against some Sharpclaws and plunged into a freezing lake; the group wound up within Snowhorn Wastes.

After helping out the enslaved mammoths, they eventually found their way back to Thorntail Hollow...only to find out that the Queen was very sick. Tricky decided to find some white Grubtubs underneath a well which could heal her. They were successful and got to her in time, and she explained that the reason why the planet's been torn asunder was because General Scales and his army removed the Spellstones from their Force Point Temples, two of water and two of fire.They soon discovered the location of the first Spellstone was in the Dark Ice Mines, one of the separate area, by a Snowhorn named Garuna Te. They remembered his tribe was enslaved by Sharpclaws since his daughter, Belina, opened the gateway as a means to protect the tribe from Scales after he threatened to destroy the tribe. So they went there and began their search.

As they made their way to the Spellstone, a blizzard made the trek difficult. They found and assisted a Snowhorn who offered to help them through. But as a result, they lost Tricky. Fortunately, they set foot safely and soon found and rescued him from his cell the Sharpclaws put him in. They later met up with Belina who refused to cooperate with her dad, and they later emerged on the opposite side of a collapsed mine in her anger.They disabled more of the security run by them and went into a secret chamber where it housed a frozen, gigantic dilophosaurus, Galdon, holding the Spellstone. Tricky thawed him with his flame breath, but it was still alive and hungry! Fox entered its mouth twice and kept whacking the esophagus until the stone was freed. Then, Galdon spat him out and died on the spot from a hole in its throat. Belina then met up with the gang and she finally agreed to work with her father to save her kind. They retrieved the first Spellstone and had it returned to the Volcanic Force Point Temple.

Ultimate Story 2- Dinosaur Planet-Part 3

Ultimate Story 2- Dinosaur Planet-Part 3

Chapter 3 (Part 3)

Fox and the rest of the group then heard what sounded like Krystal crying out in distress. The Krazoa God emerged and informed the team they must pass all 5 Krazoa Tests and the Spirits must be in benevolent hands if she, and the rest of the planet as they later on find out, is to be saved. He guided them to the second shrine, with the stranger completing the first trial, the Test of Observation, before her capture. It was also revealed that only one person must partake in each test. So Fox and Pikachu teamed up for the second trial, the Test of Combat; surely, there were even more Sharpclaws and they must be defeated within a time limit. The pairing were successful and Fox housed the second spirit; it must be released at the Krazoa Palace according to the deity.
Ultimate Story 2- Dinosaur Planet-Part 4

Ultimate Story 2- Dinosaur Planet-Part 4

Chapter 4 (Part 4)

When they got back to the Hollow, the Warpstone relocated the two toward their destination; however, they were on their own. They eventually found the place to release the spirit but until Fox discovered the mysterious prisoner, a blue-furred vixen.

Upon return, the Warpstone offered him a new Scarab bag and the team later headed to the beachside, Cape Claw. There, Misty happily returned to her princess form, to which Tricky had seen her transformation for the first time. After assisting a Hightop retrieve its lost bounty, Tricky and the others came across an imprisoned pterosaur, she happened to be the Queen of the Cloudrunners much to his dismay. However, Kazooie was dazzled by her. She also was the Gatekeeper to the Cloudrunner Fortress which was a separate location from the main planet. Tricky decided to stay put while the rest of the group decided to come along.

Ultimate Story 2- Dinosaur Planet-Part 5

Ultimate Story 2- Dinosaur Planet-Part 5

Chapter 5 (Part 5)

Unfortunately, the fortress wasn't an easy task since it was heavily guarded by Sharpclaws, indicating that General Scales had beat them to it and abducted the Queen of the Cloudrunners, and later Kazooie. The team became ambushed by Scales' lethal gadgets and they were separated. The staff was also held captive, and Fox managed to sneak through the guards. Slippy informed him in a desolate location he programmed a disguise; it worked since the sleeping guard didn't recognize him, and Fox recovered his staff. He then reunited with the others and saw the Gatekeeper and Kazooie imprisoned. The latter apologized profusely for her hotheaded ways and over-zealousness. The team worked excruciatingly hard through the fortress as they needed to escape the dungeon and find the queen.

Upon finding her and freeing her from her cage, she revealed that her children scattered throughout the fortress. Kazooie volunteered to find the missing baby Cloudrunners and from there, the queen and her children to disable the security system to the treasure room, where Scales had taken the next Spellstone. As they caught up with Scales, he sent his men out to escape with the Spellstone while he transported himself out of the place. Fox and his friends chased them down and recovered it. As they left the fortress, Kazooie was made as the honorary Princess of the Cloudrunners.

They soon arrived back in Cape Claw, but the Sharpclaws were torturing a cowardly Lightfoot, who scampered away from them. After some complex puzzles and special thanks to Banjo and Misty's princess form, they were able to return the Spellstone of water to the Ocean Force Point Temple. However, after they returned, Misty could not return to her human form. Peppy then informed the team that he had some mystic water that will help her to restore her powers. As they headed back, they found baby Lightfoot who was supposedly sad, but was a decoy as the team was ambushed and separated by the Lightfoot Tribe.

Fox wound up captured by the Lightfoot tribe who they kept accusing Fox of stealing from them. As they kept on accusing them, Bubbles arrived with Pikachu and allowed Pikachu to let her rage loose as she intimated the tribe into releasing Fox by letting out a massive Thunderbolt. Afterwards, the team reunited with a few of their friends only to find that the mystic water was lost during transport. They later found out that it fell in the hands of the stubborn Lightfoot tribe, to which they forced Fox to take on two tests, one was the Test of Speed, the other was the Test of Strength. The first was a piece of cake as the group activated all the totem poles within the time allotted. The second, though, was painful, especially for Fox as he faced against a muscular Lightfoot in a pushing duel. With persistence, he succeeded, and the chief handed the magic water to Fox, which he used to restore Misty's powers. The chief of the tribe was so amazed at seeing the bright light from Misty restoring her powers that he decided to reveal to the group the location of the next Krazoa Shrine that he and the rest of the tribe had kept hidden.

Misty volunteered to take up the Test of Fear, and she managed to overcome her fears of pirates. The third spirit inhabited her body then left with Fox for the Krazoa Palace where she released it in the Palace with the previous ones.While they were in the Krazoa Palace, the rest of the group saved a mother Thorntail's eggs from some nasty creatures.From that, they found another place for Fox to upgrade his staff.

When they met with the Queen Earthwalker, she informed the group that her husband, the King Earthwalker was held prisoner in their home land, Walled City. She also revealed that the King was also the Gatekeeper and wanted to keep the Spellstone safe from Scales, though it's guarded by the most feared tribe of all, the RedEyes. After solving several complicated puzzles, and gather the two RedEye teeth from the Sun and Moon sides of the city, Fox met up with the ferocious King which held the Spellstone. After a tough fight, he succeeded after he plucked it from the King's head.

They returned the Spellstone to the Volcano Force Point Temple. As they got to Thorntail Hollow, the inhabitants were being attacked by annoying winged creatures. After saving them from the winged creatures, a Thorntail reward them with a massive Scarab bag which carried more than enough Scarabs to buy a Golden Alpineroot, which the Shopkeeper stole from a blue Snowhorn. Fox had some trouble with fitting into his backpack and everyone else's was full, expect for Banjo's. Kazooie, however, refused to share her space in the backpack and took off and left after getting into a fight with Fox. Fox had Banjo carry the Golden Alpineroot, then they returned to the Showhorn Wastes where he had the root returned to the blue Snowhorn. The Snowhorn then tested Banjo with a challenge. After he completed the challenge, the entrance to the next Krazoa Shrine was opened up. He entered it with Fox and Misty.

Once inside, Banjo was able to past the Test of Strength, which was much like the one that Fox took with the Musclefoot, only it was with a Sharpclaw. After that, Banjo collected the 4th Krazoa Spirit. He then went to the Krazoa Shrine with Fox and Misty where he released the Spirit.

When they returned from the palace, they were informed by the Warpstone of their next destination: Dragon Rock as well as a riddle of who the Gatekeeper of that place is. He didn't speak because his failed attempt to save the planet placed a lot of dinosaurs at risk, his closest allies being captured and taken to the lethal land, itself. He then opened the gateway to Dragon Rock and the group made their way there.

It was definitely the most toughest mission ever, but with luck, courage, and team efforts, they managed to rescue an Earthwalker, a Cloudrunner, and a Hightop. Together, they bashed and blasted their way through, only to come across the keeper of the Spellstone, Drakor. After a fiery fight, they succeeded and returned to the planet, and later united the last of the remaining Spellstones. The planet was finally together--but only for a brief period of time; 2 more Krazoa spirits needed to be collected in order for the planet to be put back together.

The next one was within the Walled City, there, they collected a Sun Stone and a Moon Stone in order to unlock the entrance to the shrine. There, both Peach and Rayman entered the shrine and took on the Test of Knowledge, with the former accepting the spirit. They left Walled City having to say good-bye to Tricky but promised to return to him after they have saved the planet.

Leaving Walled City, General Pepper changed their flight path to land on top of the Krazoa Palace. As soon as they arrived, Peach released her spirit, then the group made their way to the final shrine where they soon came across General Scales, challenging them to a duel. Fox accepted, but the fight was short and interrupted by the a mysterious voice. He drove the last spirit out of the tyrant, leaving him powerless and vulnerable to the Sharpclaws wrath. The final spirit flew into Bubbles. Fox seemed to recognized the voice for some reason.

After Bubbles released the spirit, all 6 of them flew into Krystal and then entered the head of the large Krazoa statue. Krystal was released from her crystal prison but was nearly worn out by her ordeal. As the massive head flew into the sky, Fox had Misty and Bubbles flown out to get help while Fox went with Pikachu in the Arwing to chase after the massive head.


A bundle of media for the Ultimate Story 2.

Having chased after the head into space, it revealed itself to be none other than Fox's old nemesis, Andross! They fought with everything they had, and the situation seemed hopeless--until an unexpected buddy arrived, Falco! He soared in and made a few marks on him before Fox and Pikachu unleashed the final blow! With Andross finally defeated for good, Falco made his way into the Great Fox to reunite with his friends while Fox and Pikachu returned to the planet; it was crushing for Bubbles, Misty, as well as others for leaving the cute inhabitants, including Tricky. The rest of the team intended to reunite with the group on the planet, but for the time being, they decided to let the group remain by themselves for the time being.

The Stay on Dinsoaur Planet

The story began just after Fox had defeated Andross. He was led by Tricky into where The Queen Earthwalker was injured and found the dinosaurs plus Misty and Bubbles tending to an unconscious Krystal. The girls couldn't leave Krystal until a Cloudrunner, who was with her when she first arrived on the planet, volunteered to look after her. Afterwards, Fox, Misty, Bubbles and Tricky left to reunite with the rest of their group in Cape Claw. A little afterwards, Shabunga arrived to take a photo of Fox and Misty. They were self-portraits and apparently this was all Peach's doing, as she wanted to do this as a way of reminding Fox and Misty of their feelings for each other. This backfired and Fox felt resentful and walked away from his friends to sulk for awhile. He then returned to his friends later that night to ponder if what Peach was trying to tell them is true.

The next morning an Earthwalker woke them up. He said it was urgent to return to the Hollow. Apparently, the Queen Earthwalker said there was a secret in the chamber where they had Krystal resting, explaining that there was something small in a secret hole, a dinosaur egg. It soon hatched, revealing to be a female Earthwalker; Tricky has a sister and Fox and his friends were discussing names. Misty decided to call her Beauty and they all agreed with it.

The outfits for the Powerpuff Girls, made by Fanfictiondreamer.

A day later, Adeleine informed the group the rest of the team would arrive in Cape Claw. The team celebrated their reunion and had their powers restored after they faded from Falco's departure from the team. Meanwhile on Earth, Prof. Oak informed a concerned Ash that Pikachu, Misty, and Peach hasn't returned; they decided to get to the bottom of it along with Brock, Gary, Bow, Ribbon and Tracy. Through a space taxi, they arrived in Corneria and the team wasn't in sight. They soon found out from Oak's radars they're on Dinosaur Planet instead. They reunited in Cape Claw and they were introduced to Tricky and Beauty, though when they left, Oak wanted Gary to keep an eye on Fox for awhile.

A few days afterwards, Fox, Misty and Bubbles returned to Thorntail Hollow where they had Adeleine painted up some Shroom Steaks for a weak Krystal to eat. While Fox was busy with the dishes, she revealed a deep secret: she happens to be Fox's older long lost sister. During Andross's invasion on Corneria when they were still pups, Fox and Krystal were separated. She and her mom evacuated until James would be able to destroy the mad scientist; unfortunately, fate was against them, and they hid away from Fox on planet Cerinia. The people there were more primitive, hence the clothing, and her fur changed to a bluish hue. She lived in a life of poverty to keep away from Andross and her real name was actually Vixen McCloud. When Cerinia was close to destruction she had to leave it and her mom behind. She was lost for several years and from a vision, her ancestor said she'll find her brother on a shattered planet; and through a distress signal, she then found Dinosaur Planet and then Fox.

Krystal was hesitant on telling Fox her real identity, but Misty encouraged her to tell Fox, which gave her the courage to tell them. From there, Misty and Krystal became the best of friends. She told the group on how she faced Scales, received the first Krazoa, and was captured and greatly weakened. She then told Fox that she is his lost brother. Fox was indeed shocked, and appalled, by the news.

Little did they know, Slippy, Peach and Rayman overheard Misty and Krystal's conversation and went over to Cape Claw to tell the others about what they heard. They then hurried back to Thorntail Hollow.

Fox was in such disbelief over what he heard and doggedly denied what he was told was true despite Krystal, Misty and Bubbles trying to convince him otherwise. Soon enough, Peppy arrived to confirm that what Krystal just told them was valid, much to Fox's surprise. He then revealed that James made him promise to keep it a secret until she returned, Fox went away for awhile, soaking all the intel in. He still remained unsure and conflicted himself until Beauty met him, he then rambled on as to why James never said anything, then he realized he would've been too stubborn to accept the truth. She ran back as soon as he decided to return to his friends.

Fox went back to the others and broke the news to Gary, Professor Oak, Peach, Falco, D.W., Bow, and Ribbon. The guys regrouped with the others and apparently Peach installed a lie detector on the professor's waistband, to which finally convinced Fox of his feelings to Misty. Peach had Fox run off to the Lightfoot Village where Falco, Gary, Ribbon and Buttercup followed to chat with him. Meanwhile Prof. Oak, Peppy, Blossom and Lady Bow did the same for Misty. A little afterwards, Fox and the others came over, and both he and Misty confessed their true feelings for one another, and made it official when they shared their first kiss.

Peach later confessed that she nagged Fox so much, just because she knew that he had feelings for Misty, and vice versa. No one gave them any harsh judgement, nor could they be any prouder, even Krystal. Peach couldn't stop saying how proud she was with Fox, ever since they met in daycare when he was 4. Then General Pepper gave a distress signal and ordered the team to go to the Krazoa Palace. It turned out Scales made a device to utilize the planet's dark energy. The group was attacked and immobilized but then three Sharpclaws, revealing themselves to be Sam, Clover, and Alex in disguise, put a stop to his plans. Apparently they made a deal with the Sharpclaws, as they saved the spies in exchange for helping them to overthrow Scales. So, at long last, they did. A pale stone threw them off, but the baby Lightfoot, Junior, stood up for the spies and made Scales lose it. Terry, the young Cloudurunner, took it away. Clover crushed it in her metallic glove, and the Powerpuff Girls did all the bashing. The spies arrested Scales under the order of the Galactic Representation of Universal Protection.

The GROUP shuttle craft and General Pepper took him away, and the spies couldn't be more amazed to see the Starfox Team for so long. Pepper got the chance to meet Krystal, and Slippy built the ships for the spies and the General to reach them. They finally left the planet and also made Tricky an honorary member of Starfox. In the Great Fox, they decided to show Krystal planet Earth. Fox gave Krystal her staff back, but when they held it together, it was made his officially, and Krystal became a member of Starfox. On Earth, they showed her all about Pokémon training as well as their good times. Then came the hardest part, when Fox and Misty parted; nevertheless, she'll always dream on reuniting with her boyfriend again when the time comes.

The Earth-Cornerian Alliance and HAAC

During the events of Ultimate Story 2, the Starfox team had dealt with many issues regarding keeping their alliance with Earth. The ECA was formed in Ultimate Story the Missing Link, when the Cornerians caught wind of one of their enemies finding out about Earth and planning to dominate the planet and its inhabitants, the humans. The Cornerians weren't planning on forming any partnerships with the Earth until the humans became more mature and more tolerable of those that are different for them, but knowing that the humans would not stand a chance against their enemies, the Cornerians felt as though they needed to act fast. They were able to meet with many of the humans that they knew, such as Professor Oak and discussed establishing an alliance with the Earth as a means of protecting them from their enemies.

Little by little, the Earth-Cornerian Alliance was form and although there are some who were on board with this, there were some that wanted nothing to do with the Cornerians for many different reasons. Soon enough, they formed a massive group of their own and named it HAAC, Humans Against an Alliance with Corneria. These humans would go to extremes as a way of chasing away Cornerians from Earth for good. They would even go as far as retaliate against humans that support the ECA and once again, these humans became divided by their opinions of the Cornerians.

HAAC had become a problem that the Cornerians had to deal with throughout these 4 years with no signs of these problems letting up. But it was the mysteries involving this that were arguably more detrimental. The HAAC group is run by a mysterious and ominous hooded individual who goes by the alias the SHAACL, which stands for the Supreme HAAC Leader. He runs the entire organization and has been devoted to do all he could to cause problems for the Cornerians and the humans who support them. Whether it be something petty such as cause mindless squabbles that would go out of control or even unthinkable crimes such as man slaughtering. He would even form a massive terrorist group known as the HAAC clan, a heinous organization that he secretly runs. A lot of times, he would even attempt to commit these evil deeds to make the Cornerians look back.

These same problems have been occurring since the formation of the ECA, however, in Ultimate Story 2, a lot of the secrets involved with HAAC would be revealed, such as the SHAACL. Many believed that he was just a random individual who stepped up to lead the organization when in reality, he was the one that formed the organization and he's been manipulating people into doing what he wants them to do or believe what he wants them to believe through either brainwashing or other heinous methods. The SHAACL was, without a doubt, one mystery that the Starfox team hoped to figure out.

Sonic's Return


The owners of the Chaos Emeralds

Fox narrated Sonic's return to the Ultimate Story as he was favored by Master Lisa to visit Sonic and Tails on Mobius. Misty also decided to tag along and meet up with her friend, Knuckles. They discussed their slow days, or as Sonic said it happened for over a decade. Amy barged in having to want to meet Fox after hearing so much about him. Cream the Rabbit and her friend, Cheese, also approached them. Fox and Misty were interested in their new friends, until Dr. Robotnik interrupted the gathering. After some insults and an easy fight, he used a robot to encase Misty and Knuckles in egg-like capsules, and even snatched away Fox's staff and Cheese went after it. Robotnik forced Fox to surrender but not until Falco soared into the fray and defeated his robot singlehandedly. Robotnik retreated and Sonic and Tails knew Falco very well saying on how cool he is, and Amy didn't really like him very much. Apparently, Slippy said that he knew where Fox and Misty went, and he reunited with his best friend, Tails. The group later met up with Misty and Knuckles walking on a beach during a sunset, then they all decided to race down the shore. This was when Fox was good friends with Cream, Cheese, Amy, and Knuckles.

On that night, Fox returned to his Arwing. But before he went, Amy released an orb, in which Tikal had a message for Knuckles, to say thank you for saving her the other day; he did blush a little. So, Fox, Misty, Falco, Slippy, and ROB finally left Mobius.

Vacationing on Isle Delfino

This took place a month after the mission on Dinosaur Planet. General Pepper wanted to invite the Starfox Team on an actual vacation in the tropical paradise, Isle Delfino, the same location where Bowser Jr. invaded two years ago. Fox, Misty, Krystal, Slippy, Peppy, and Falco decided to do so, but not until they invited the GROUP spies, the Powerpuff Girls and their professor, Ribbon, Bow, Professor Oak, Rayman, and Mario. And Peach was their chaperone and guide. From the Mushroom Kingdom, they were off. This was also the perfect time for Misty and Fox to have some romantic time, as the princess called it.

She showed them the incident 2 years prior, and the Starfox team was fascinated by what the heroes have endured during the events of Super Mario Sunshine. They soon landed on the Delfino Airstrip and Peach led the tour. They were then introduced to FLUDD, Mario's assistant during the Delfino crisis. FLUDD identified each of the locations where the paint used to have been spread, acting as a guide to Peach and the vacationers. Along the way, they discovered about the Shine Sprites as well as the inhabitants of Delfino.

They soon arrived at the Delfino Plaza and the spies decided to spend their vacation by themselves for awhile.They soon went to the Shine Gate as well as the pier where their ship awaited. They continued to discuss the incident, including the Mario faker, until they got to the Hotel. Peach made the reservations for their rooms: she shared one with Rayman and Bow; the Powerpuff Girls went with Prof. Utonium; Falco, Slippy, and Peppy shared one; while Fox and Misty got one specifically for themselves.

More coming soon...

The Ultimate Story 3: Aide from the Past


Coverart for US3, designed by TheIkranRider77.

This revolves around the events of a mysterious, devastating phenomenon, the Rifter. This includes series such as Paper Mario, Naruto, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Static Shock, Sly Cooper, Jak series, Teen Titans (2003), and Xialoin Showdown.

Throughout US2, Fox and his friends have been dealing with time lapses that have effected many worlds. Those time lapses eventually had a bad effect on the entire Universe. Professor Oak was able to find out that it was Dark magic that had been causing these time lapses, but after looking into this further, he was able to find that bringing one world back from the past has shifted this Darkness towards it, thereby exposing a few openings within the Dark aura. However, it wasn't enough to determine the cause of this Dark magic, so he had Fox and his friends travel back in time to 24 hours before the Rifter to bring back more worlds from the past in order to expose more and more openings until they were able to find the source of this Darkness.

Bundle of content for the US3.

From there, they brought back worlds from Static Shock and Teen Titans, as well as worlds from Xiaolin Showdown, Avatar the Last Airbender, Jak, having rescued all of these worlds from being swallowed up by there Rifter. From there, secrets about their newly discovered enemies, the Descendants of Darkness, were revealed little by little, including how the Rifter truly started.

Along the way, they met the different members of the Descendants of Darkness from different worlds who have worked diligently and almost effortlessly to inflict chaos and corruption within each of their worlds. Their plans were immediately thwarted after Fox and his friends were able to warp each world into their timezone, thereby saving each world from destruction. Each member is then locked away for their heinous crimes. For each world that they rescue, the source of the Darkness causing the time lapses became easier to track down.

The Ultimate Story 4: Kingdom Come


Bundle of content for US4

Aside from Kingdom Hearts, this story also includes elements from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Cyborg 009.

The story, itself takes place a few months after the events of Ultimate Story 3. All of the main characters were still cleaning up from the mess of the previous story when suddenly, they were being attacked by strange creatures of pure Darkness. They tried to fight back against these creatures but found that they were powerless against them. Just then, a strange boy wielding a key-like weapon emerged and fought off the creatures. He then turned to each of the heroes and tells them that their worlds are in danger. Soon enough, a portal emerged near them and he ran through it. They chased after him and found themselves within a deserted hillside town that sat under a perpetual setting sun. They soon discovered other members of their group that they have met during the previous story and found out that same thing had happened to them. From there, they decided to stay within the deserted town to figure out what was going on.

As they were getting settled into the town, they learned more and more about what had been happening. They discovered that the creatures that had just attacked them were called Heartless and that they seem invulnerable to almost every weapon, but there is a special kind of weapon known as a Keyblade that can actually eradicate these creatures. Fox had Ritchie, a young boy that he and his friends met during their previous adventures, assigned as the main researcher and engineer and through research he constructed these weapons for them so that they're able to fight back against these creatures.

They soon find out that a mysterious, malevolent entity has been the cause behind these recent events. Somehow, he is able to create creatures from fictional stories and bring them to life. He also created many fake worlds with the town that the group was currently occupying, Twilight Town. He also used these worlds to entrap the many spirits that they have befriended from that bizarre restaurant in Orlando that they call the H of M. They also found out that everything that he was doing was draining away each of their worlds to where they could deteriorate and has been doing it on purpose. He's been doing all of this by creating a mysterious power source known as Kingdom Hearts, which is a large, heart-shaped moon that sits above one of the mysterious worlds. The group then formulated a plan to find a way to capture Kingdom Hearts and use its power to restore their worlds.

Along the way, they were receiving help from a mysterious girl named Naminé, who was providing them with important intel regarding their situation, as well as some help from Axel, who had to hold back what he knew because of a device that was attached to the back of his neck, to which if he said too much, the device will cause excruciating pain to him at the very least.

During the course of the story, they were able to find other worlds that even the Great Wizard, himself, didn't know existed. Turns out during the Rifter, even though there were some worlds that had to be brought back from the past in order to rescue them from the Rifter, there were others that weren't swallowed up by Darkness but rather encased within its crevasses, to which they were somehow able to be preserved. The Dark Shroud that preserved these worlds has disintegrated thanks to the threat caused by the Heartless and are now being exposed to the threat being caused by these creatures.

However, one group of fighters from one of these worlds, the 00 Cyborgs, were brought into the fight by Naminé as a means of trying to help the heroes to reach Kingdom Hearts. She had the memories from the different Organization 13 members, especially Roxas and Xion as well as memories from Sora, Kairi and Naminé, herself, inserted into each of the cyborgs. From there, they joined the team without hesitation.

The group also met and teamed up characters from the other worlds such as Generator Rex, Storm Hawks and the Clone Wars series which Includes famous Star Wars icons, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Won Kenobi, helping them to deal with the threat from within their dimension, hence starting the spinoff, Powerful Harmony, with the Benders being assign to handle the threat within that dimension.

The story ended with them finally being able to take down the mastermind behind the threat, Ansem, reaching Kingdom Hearts and use its power to reverse the damages caused by everything that he had done. Everyone then returned to their worlds and enjoyed their temporary respite from the long journey.

The Fairies of Kalos

Prof. Oak has assigned Link, Zelda, and Glentina on a quest to search for the mysterious Fairy-types located in the Kalos region. They take on the challenge as their friends Fox, Misty, Krystal and Falco were involved dealing with a tyrant in a neighboring star system.

During their jouney, they have discovered a threat using Dark magic as a way to manipulate Pokémon as well as test a new method in Mega Evolution. Aside from the usual process, this was also wreaking havoc on Kalos, the region that's said to house the rare Fairy-types as a way to drive off evil energy. They meet up with a trio of trainers, Selena, Shauna and Calem as well as several other trainers such as Ash, May and Dawn to assist them. They also managed to catch various creatures that are native to the region, and it's believed the Fairy-Types are connected to the Mystics.

The Celestial Winx

During the events of US4, Riley sacrificed herself to save every creature in Perim when their world was disintegrating. No one had seen Riley or heard from her ever since and Fox wondered what happened to her. However, one day, Fox caught a glimpse of her in a dream. She informs him that she is in a deep sleep within the far corners of the Universe and in her deep sleep, she had a vision of a battle involving a unique group of fairies known as the Celestial Winx as they fought against an evil entity in order to protect the Universe. However, something went horribly wrong during their final battle, forcing the Celestial Winx to sacrifice themselves to imprison this dark entity. However, the seal to its prison is weakening and it will break free and attempt to destroy the Universe just like it tried to do many years ago. Only the Celestial Winx can defeat, but they vanished after their sacrifice. However, their powers were passed on to 5 successors and in order to save the Universe, Fox and his friends need to seek out these 5 successors and make them the new Celestial Winx.

Later on in the story, Fox was able to find out that the original Celestial Winx were, in fact, not dead, but rather, their magical essence were what was keeping Malicet's prison sealed shut. However, now that they're powers have been slowly returning to them, the seal to his prison is weakening and he will be released. Due to what happened to them during their final battle against him, they were still vulnerable to him, so the fate of the Universe lies within the hands of the new Celestial Winx.