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The Researchers of Divine Hand is one of the oldest organizations that exist in the Godom Empire. They are the worst terrorist organization, and subsequently, the darkest face of the magical world controlled by Leohart's Cult with some of them being servants of Ara Astaroth. They're secondary antagonists in LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AA and appears in LOTM: Sword of Kings AA Final - Eckidina Arc: Unit-CM 130 Arc as a major antagonist in The Will of Qliphoth episode. They're also major antagonist in Leohart's Cult Sub Arc.

In 2025, they created the Magi-Tech, which would be later used as weapons by countless groups around the world, including the Global Pact Defense that seek to use Magi-Tech to create peace by destroying all chemical and deadly fire-weapons created by humans and Godom Empire that seeks to control nations using Magi-Tech through fear.

It's implied that they are also related with alchemy.


"For the sake of investigating magic, any sacrifice would be forgiven. No, rather, it was necessary. ‘The most advanced human beings, the magicians of our organization, should be the ones to guide the world on its course, and anyone who is not a magician of our great organization is nothing but blind, foolish, ‘livestock’. They are a group of fiendish magicians that carried out this rotten modus operandi. In order to bring their outlandish beliefs to fruition, they waged many conflicts against the imperial government, in which bloodshed was washed away with more bloodshed." - Chinatsu

Notable Members

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15. Akuma no Riddle OST - Kakusareta Satsui

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