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The Ancient Predators is a large team created by Cyber-Saurus in order for him to take over not just his own Universe but the entire Multiverse, with the main purpose of the team is being to transform all life into the multiverse (excluding his team's members) into cybernetic dinosaurian life such as Cyber-Saurus as he deems it "the only way to achieve true perfection in this disgusting and failing multiverse", With many of thmembers-onlyly joining Cyber-Saurus for his promise of not being mutated and a that of a smaller ruling spot in his planned future kingdom and great amounts of gold and other wealth, some have also been hired or cloned.

The Ancient Predators logo displays a large male Tyrannosaurus rex, its possible that the T. rex could be a recreation of what Cyber-Saurus could have look liked before his death and later revival.

Team Members

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Appearance in the Multiverse

The Ancient Predators is set to be the main villainous group in LOTM: Adventures of Team Mesozoic