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The Amalgamates are a group of OCs created by Kingofevil9 and 22kingdomheartsfan and are the ultimate antagonistic force in LOTM: Cosmic Clash. The corrupted, mutated servants of King Nalamak, the Amalgamates live in the world between worlds where they live by consuming and infecting entire worlds and species, making them part of Nalamak's hive mind by fusing people and creatures together into new and more terrifying forms.

With the creation of the Nexus, Nalamak saw potential in finally gaining a foothold in the Multiverse and leads a personal assault on it and the heroes and villains competing within, intending to consume them all to take the Multiverse for themselves.


  • Husks
  • Cyber Husk
  • Samurai Husk
  • Tentacle Husk
  • Brutes
  • Spider
  • Cloaker
  • Fisher