Ikari Facts:
Ikari Young

Ikari Cortania

[Name]: Ikari Cortania

[Age]: 1,520 (Appears 20)

[Nationality]: Cortanian

[Hair Color]: Pink

[Eye Color]: Purple

[[Ability] Control any and all monsters, hand-to-hand combat.Bobcat transofrmation. Energy blasts.

[Allies]: Justice Force, The Night Vigilantes, Teen Titans, Monster Realm, Shadow Realm, Cortania. (Queen)

[Enemies]: Glacia Freeze , Serenity Wheeler , The Underworld, The Black Widow, Ironman, Eclipse Chaos , Omega , Dia (sometimes), Dyron Fienox

[Close Friends]: FrostAngel Freeze , Shadow , Kamen Rider Nephilim/John , Melody, The Guardians of Kandrakar, Queen Elyon, DarkAngel, Batman , Ivy, Rain, Cloud, Lightning, Star Eclipse , Astra , Phantom , Fienox , Kerri , Furnox , Johnathan Tangelo , Ethan , Lillian

[Romances] Chase Young

[Children] Kera Young (Daughter)

[Siblings] Dia Fienox (LOTM)

Chase Facts
Chase Young

Chase Young

[Name] Chase Young

[Age] 1,524 (appears 24)

[Nationality] Chinese

[Hair Color] Black, with Green highlights

[Eye Color] Gold

[Abilities] Master of Heylin magic. Can control all four elements or air, earth, fire and water. Transforms to a lizard/dragon, but more feral.

[Allies] Justice Force, Cosmic Empire, The Heylin (sometimes), The Xiaolin (sometimes)

[Enemies] The Heylin (sometimes), The Xiaolin (most times), The Underworld, Kamen Rider Daemon , Jo'ydsh/Josh

[Close Friends] Ikari , Kera , Utau Hoshina , John Yamato , Star Eclipse , Dyron , Phantom , Fienox , Kerri , Furnox , Johnathan Tangelo , Ethan , Lillian

[Romances] Ikari Cortania

[Children] Kera Young (Daughter)

[Siblings] Shui Young (deceased}

Kera facts

[Name] Kera Young

[Age] 14 (advanced aging, due to immortality)

[Nationality] Cortanian

[Hair Color] Black with pink highlights

[Eye Color]: Gold

[Ability]: Heylin witch, the first to fight for the side of good. Can control water. Shields that seriously damage tose of evil. Able to distinguish between enemy and allies during first meeting.

[Allies] Cosmic Empire, Cortania

[Enemies] Kamen Rider Daemon , Omega , Dyron Fienox

[Close Friends]: John Yamato , Ja'nyde/Star Eclipse , Phantom , Fienox , Kerri , Furnox , Lillian , Dia , Gabriel Voltaire , Riley , Reccke

Utau Facts

[Name] Utau Hoshina

[Age] 1,517 (Appears 17)

[Nationality] Cortanian

[Hair color] Blonde

[Eye color] Violet

[Abilities] Former guard of Cortania, can switch between "Devil" and Angel" forms. Devil form is used primarily for offense, Angel form most used for defense and healing others.

[Loyalties] Cosmic Empire, Cortania, Natall.

[Friends] Ikari Young (Cortania), Chase Young , Kera Young , John Yamato (most days), Dusk , Reccke , Ja'nyde/Star Eclipse

[Enemies] Eclipse Chaos , Omega , Kamen Rider Daemon , Shay-Li, Serenity Wheeler .

[Romances] Dusk of Natall (Engaged)

[Children] Flora Luna (expected), Reccke ("Adopted Daughter")