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"Doom on you Mr. Tango!" - TF141 Moto

Task Force 141 is an organization of the best soldiers in the Call of Duty universe.

It was first led by General Shepherd until his betrayal, and was then led by Captain John Price after.

Allies and enemies

Allies: United States Army/75th Ranger Regiment, United States Marnie Corps, 1st Special Force Operational Detachment-Delta, 22nd SAS Regiment, Australian SAS Regiment, Joint Task Force 2, Russian Loyalists, Czech Resistance, Princess Celestia, Canterlot Royal Guard, The B Team, M.O.D.A.B, Operation Lightspeed, Talon Laboratories, Atlas Corporation, Omega League, Scorpion Squad, Frozen Frontier, General Shepherd (formerly)

Enemies: Vladimir Makarov, General Shepherd, Shadow Company, Zaheer and the Red Lotus, Thugs-4-Less, Locus

The B Team Storyline

Future Warfare

A remade Task Force 141, led by David Talon, will appear as the main team in the Equestria Ruins portion of the series.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Task Force 141 was honorably deactivated by Princess Celestia, forming Task Force 142, with most of the members joining the latter.



Remade in Future Warfare

more soon..

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