Joining The Hunter Force

When she attempted to follow Ragna in taking his bounty reward in a surprise attack attempt on The Bloodedge, Taokaka became seperated with him and both of them disappeared. She ended up in a jungle environment where the kaka clan member had followed Nathan Drake and his group in a comedic stalker manner after listening info about his group through from behind one of the trees she climbed on. Nathan fell down on his back for the last time when Taokaka shouted "Surprise kaka attack!" pouncing on The Hunter Force leader while the others stare at her dumbfounded. Taokaka asked for Nathans name and instead of calling him correctly she founded hard to remember through and gave him the nickname Naitheean Drage since her intelligence sometimes make her forgetful. Nathan Drake sighed and said what does she want. Taokaka blinked her eyes while hopping in the air saying "Can I please..please..please..pleasepleasepleaseplease PLEASE, join The Hunter Force?" If she was able to surprise him that easily then she must be a hunter and then the decision was made Taokaka would become a member of The Hunter Force.

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