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Kiba is a member of the Hokuto Three Crows and a supporting protagonist in Kamen Rider Build. He originally took part in the Hokuto invasion of Touto but later defected to Team Build along with his boss Kazumi Sawatari after Seito occupied Hokuto.


Syoukichi Mihara was the most childish of the Hokuto Sanbagarasu, speaking in a goofy manner and making whimsical observations. He was often seen squatting. Apparently, he also possessed a keen sense of smell.

Crossover War Heroes: Iron-Blooded Kid Warriors

Syoukichi Mihara made a debut as one of Dong Zhuo's henchmen. He accompanies and abuses Hiroki Nagase as prisoner. Suddenly, Hiroki successfully escapes. He and his friends started pursuing him. However, he and his friends were quickly stopped by Milinda Brantini and her friends. After the redemption is successful, Syoukichi and his friends joined forces with Milinda Brantini and Tekkadan to end chaotic wars.