The Soviet Villains are a singing group from the Gingerverse. They made their debut in the spin-off series Aurora and Company, where they are the rivals of the Finnish group Aurora Borealis.  They want to turn all of Europe communist.

The Dazzlings were partly the inspiration for the Soviets.

List of songs

  • I'm Your Darling
  • Evil is Beautiful
  • USSR
  • Communist Europe
  • A Beautiful Angel
  • Soviet Hell
  • You're in Hell
  • No Resistance
  • Do It or Not
  • Pain and Opprobrium
  • An Evil Dream Come True
  • Schadenfreude
  • Say Dasvidaniya
  • I Am Your Fear and Pestilence
  • War
  • Comrade, I Love You
  • Do What I Tell You
  • Up in the Heavens
  • Soviets Love Scandinavia
  • Europe Will Be Mine
  • Privet
  • Torture of the Irish
  • How Evil?
  • Beautiful and Bad
  • Into Your Head
  • Miss Europa
  • Mother Russia
  • I Love You
  • Russia is Heaven

Songs sung by specific characters


  • My World (Olga)
  • I Am a Beautiful Girl (Olga)
  • You're Under My Spell Now (Nadia)
  • Do You Well (Anna)
  • Your Matryoshka (Nadia)
  • World Without Love (Younghee)
  • Evil Joy (Nadia)

Anna, Olga, Nadia and Boris

  • Gulag 
  • Because We're Russian