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Sora Lorthare is an OC created by Kingofevil9 and a main character in the Neo Fighters Storyline. He is the son of Nick Lorthare and Anya Matsuki, two members of the Warriors of Tomorrow, and is the sister of Azuki Lorthare. As of LOTM: Dark Conquest, Sora is in a romantic relationship with fellow Neo Fighter, Cyra Hall.


Sora is a young man in his late teens who is also of African-American/Japanese descent. His skin is slightly brown and his eyes are a light blue color. His hair is also pure white due to his Ice Warrior heritage and he wears a dark blue shirt with a white finish, alongside an insignia of a snowflake overlapped three scratch marks on the shoulders. His pants are also black and his shoes are colored black and white. He also has an athletic build to his body.

Inherited from his mother are various traits of a cat, making him an Animal Hybrid. He possesses a pair of cat ears instead of human ears on the sides of his head, with the "fur" being colored white, similarly to his hair, and he also has a cat tail, also colored white. He also possesses claws on his fingers and toes, along with padding on the soles of his feet that help absorb impact from falling.

Powers and Abilities