Shinri Shiogami is a character from an anime series "Jiku Tensho Nasuka" and preferably known as outside of Japan "Nazca". Shinri Shiogami has made himself a name with his cruel tactics. He is especially cruel, vicious, violent, and barely insane. He's jealous because of Kyoji who is a student of Tate, while he was being rejected. Shiogami is constantly accompanied by his devoted half-sister who is in love with him and therefore his goals are her goals. After Yawaru awakens, Shiogami is finally accepted by him, thus being a victory for him, but only a minor one it seems, for he is still not completely happy with his status. It seems that he won't be until he finally destroys Kyoji. Once the warrior within him awakens and he regains the memories of Jigami, it steels hi resolve further. In the past he was also a rival with Kyoji's soul, Bilka. Bilka was also under Yawaru's command and Jigami was jealous that Yawaru seemed to give more attention to the slightly more skilled man. Perhaps it was because Jigami was not quite sane that his skills were not quite up to those of Bilka. At any rate, Yawaru does seem to give more attention to Bilka hence building a strong hatred within Jigami.


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LOTM: Jisatsu Squadron spin-off Code-name: A.N.G.E.L.S. of Mass Destruction

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