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"A world filled with nothing but darkness and death. A place where evil spreads like a cancer. A place that threatens all."

A Shadow War veteran describing the Shadowrealm.



The Shadowrealm is a secluded and evil world found deep in the Multiverse's depths. It is home to the Shadows, a race of demonic shadowy beings that seek to assimilate all life in the Multiverse.


The Shadowrealm in the final world created in the Multiverse by the Creation Spirit Dalzo during his plans of conquest for the Multiverse. The creation of this world also sparked the creation of The Shadow, a race of dark and evil beings with a taste for blood and war. Dalzo eventually lead his new people into The Multiverse to take it from the other Spirits, however he was defeated by Solneer and his people were eventually trapped in The Shadowrealm for years after his death. After the Shadowrealm's new king Delanis rose to power, The Shadow once again tried to take The Multiverse and possibly the Omniverse if given the chance, but he was later killed by Allen Lenards during the final assault on The Shadowrealm. 20 years later, Alkorin, the new king of The Shadowrealm, would later be successful in invading the Omniverse, where he plans to assimilate all life into his ranks in order to form what he believes will be a utopia of peace and prosperity. After Alkorin's defeat, The Shadows reestablished themselves into society as a peaceful race dedicated to keeping order in The Omniverse.


The Shadowrealm makes its first appearance in LOTM: Darkness Rising