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The Odyssey Elite

Sanger Zonvolt was a German swordsmen who was a member of several mecha units to fight against their own human race rebelling against them and later united against upcoming alien invasions. He was approached in his world by Kaim, because other universes are in need of saving just like his world except on a more grander scale and needs him recruited or his universe will fall under the threat of evil outnumbering his people then put them in

Sanger Zonvolt's Mecha The Dygenguard.

for slavery if he refuses. Knowing that he's already have jumped into universes before, accepts his invitation to join The Odyssey Elite. For his strong iron will in never relenting in a fight against evil despite the tough odds weighing against him and honorable conviction to understand about the intentions of his comrades and enemies, Kaim Argonar had given Zonvolt the rank of 7th in Command.

He is voiced by Kenichi Ono.

The Wrath of God of War


Meister of War