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"SMG3 Negative Form"

SMG3 (short for SuperMarioGlitchy3) is SMG4's evil doppelgänger and the recurring antagonist in SuperMarioGlitchy4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers. He's SMG4's evil doppelganger who was first discovered trying to copy SMG4's videos, and now tries to kill him. He (and Wario) are the people responsible for turning Waluigi back to normal at the end of WOTFI 2018.

He lives in a colossal fortress located in an unknown realm, and his best friend is Nintendofan996 (Nintendofan997's doppelganger). He also earned a psychiatric degree before the events of SMG4 VS SMG3. He also won a Mushroom Kingdom award for most outstanding citizen during the events of SMG4: Mario's Late!, contradicting Baldi's belief.

His theme

The Tyranny of King Death

SMG3 debuted as a member of Dark Onward and Killbane's Syndicate and get ready to have his revenge on SMG4.

LOTM: Weirdmageddon

SMG3 debuted in this story. After Weirdmageddon Apocalypse, SMG3 finds himself at Dreadzone where he was a supporting then later turns to one of main antagonists in Dreadzone Story. 

LOTM: Tales from the Ultra Despair Knight

LOTM: Darkmageddon







Black Star


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