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The SWSC-1 Olympus Mons is an Aerospacecraft Super Carrier used by the Settlement Defense Front and the Admiral of their 8th Fleet, Salen Kotch. It is considered the most powerful starship in the Sol System.

It is equiped with engines that can propel the ship at 250,000 km/h (or more then 155,000 mph), which is considered 8 times faster than light travel. It is also equiped with an F-SPAR Laser, which is capable of tearing apart a ship and even skyscrapers in a matter of just seconds.

Schematics of the SWSC-1 Olympus Mons.

Olympus Mons has seriously tought armor plating, to the point which almost no vehicle or weapon can penetrate the hull. The only way to fight the Olympus Mons directly is the board it and fight the crew from within. Nick Reyes and his team was able to do this and, as a result, was successful in killing Kotch and seizing the Olympus in order to use it for their counter attack against the SDF on their own turf: Mars. The Olympus Mons was heavily damaged and crashed on Mars after it collided with the UNSA carrier Retribution a second time, this time destroying both ships, but leaving some of the Olympus' systems still active for E3N to use against SDF.

It was named after Olympus Mons, the largest volcano on Mars, in comemoration of Kotch successfully climbing to its summit.