Rouge the Bat

Rouge is a Bat thief and a treasure hunter who loves to fly all over the world to find valuable jewels.

Ultimate Story

Rouge made her first appearance in Ultimate Story 2. She was just vacationing on Isle Defino when she encountered Fox and Misty at the start of their honeymoon. Rouge became immediately enamored with Fox for his good looks and began flirting with him. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Tikal, who was with the newly wed couple during their honeymoon, did not take a liking to her flirting with Fox since he just got married to Misty and chased him away. They would have had her no longer stay with them, but then she revealed a funny story about what she did to Eggman when she was subjected to work with him while undercover for the government. After hearing this, the group decided to let her stay for a bit but only if she were to keep her distance from Fox.


LOTM: Sword of Kings

Battle in space by ewered

Rouge battles DEM Droids

She is set to appear as a former member of the Sith Empire. She joined the Siths after she was teleported to Multiuniverse War, however, she defected them and become a Solo Survive by attacking DEM Industries base around Earth.