Rinne Sonogami
(園神 凜祢, Sonogami Rinne) is a character exclusively to the game Date A Live: Rinne Utopia and the novel version of the game. Rinne is a calm and gentle girl who acts like a traditional childhood friend who goes every morning to the Itsuka House to wake Shido up and prepare his lunch.

Rinne has short, light pink hair, with a part of her hair tied up in a braid. She has light brown eyes and is seen wearing a uniform with a sweater that has the logo of Raizen High School. In her Spirit form, Rinne's hair length increases to the point where her braids reach a length approaching her legs. Her eyes turn into a more intense pink, almost red color. Her Astral Dress takes on the appearance of a purple clock with golden extensions on her shoulders and hips. The vast majority of her face is covered by a veil. At the top of her head, there is a decorated headdress with a golden emblem at the center.