Red Skull Johann Shmidt

The Red Skull was a high member of the Nazi regime during World War II and constant threat to Captain America. He's one of the villains in Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes.

Greatest Enemies: Kokoro, 

His Goal: Take over the Multi-Universe, To Marry Pandora, and Kill All Heroes.

The Return of Pandora

Red Skull is one of the main antagonists in this story. He will be rivals with Pandora, V.V. Argost, and Cthulhu. He work alone and teamed up with Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche.

Red Skull watch Emma Frost attack V.V. Argost and comes out of the shadows to kill her. But Kohaku smashed his gun. He and V.V. Argost Escaped.

Red Skull and Riliane captured Robby Hirano to make him tell where Pandora was hiding and promised him money. But Robby refuses, making Red Skull angry. He locked up in his prison. Later he hears V.V. Argot speech about sentencing prisoner. Red Skull demands to know who's out smarted someone. He meets Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, whom tells Red Skull she promised to help.

He went to the cave of wanders to find Pandora's box. He meets again with Pandora and tells her about Cthulhu's plans. Later, He and Professor Mystery confronted Romeo Conbolt that he must fight Acolytes alone.

He took Pandora's box to offer Pandora their new power. After Riliane's death and Acolytes' defeat, he and Pandora got away.

The Phantom's Apprentice

Red Skull appears again in a cameo near the beginning of this story during his attempted control of Damian Wayne,

Dell Rusk AEMH

"Dell Rusk"