A QLI-FREAK Chip is a device magi-tech implanted into humans, turning them into artificial vampires in LOTM: Sword of Kings. It then gives them powers similar to a vampire and in some cases, even more powerful skills than those that would be expected. It was created by Ara Astaroth's minion, Kruel Rose and the malevolent Researchers of Divine Hand, with the solo purpose of increasing the Blackness across hundreds of planets.


The Freak Chip was created by Kruel Rose and after years of hiding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, they finally got the chips to work. The chips empower the user to become vampires, in that they will never be fatigued as they have high stamina. In some cases it can revert the aging process and give the user special talents or heighten talents they already have. The chip has been used to create the Knights of Astaroth that stormed London and fought the last of the Iscariot Organization. 

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