Princess Mira

Princess Mira Gradowska is the princess of Poland. She is a very kind and caring person who never asks for anything but to make sure that the Polish people are happy. She one day gets kidnapped by the evil German monster Gilbert, who wants to marry her and become the king of Poland. However, she is eventually rescued by her love interest, a Winged Hussar named Prince Lech Lukasiewicz. She eventually marries him and he becomes the king of Poland, while she becomes the queen. 




She hates Gilbert very much, as he kidnapped her and tried to force her to love him. She also hates him for trying to take over her country.

Lech Lukasiewicz

Mira is deeply in love with Lech. She loves him for his kindness and bravery. She is happily married to him and she enjoys him being her husband.


Pawel is one of the other Hussars, and he is one of Mira's friends. He is often complimenting her on how beautiful she is, and he is very polite to her. He is also quite loyal, and will do anything for her, because he is in love with her.

Tomasz and Jan

Mira has never been able to spend much time with her brothers, Prince Tomasz and Prince Jan. They recently died of unknown causes, which made her very sad. She thinks about them every day.