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Preston Northwest is the Patriarch of the prominent Northwest Family of Gravity Falls, Oregon, and a tertiary antagonist throughout the series. A rich and influential man, he is the descendant of the towns' supposed founder Nathanial Northwest (later revealed by Dipper and Mabel Pines to have been a lucky idiot who was handed the credit as part of a Government conspiracy to hide the true founder) and the father of Pacifica Northwest.

In most of his appearances, Preston is relegated to the background and is characterized as simply a selfish rich man. However, Preston later proved to be one of the most callous, unpleasant, and outright evil people that Dipper ever faced, in some ways worse than many of the actual supernatural threats he had to battle.

He serves as a supporting antagonist in the episodes Irrational Treasure and The Golf War, and the true main antagonist in Northwest Mansion Mystery.