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Ophanimon is an Angel Digimon. As one of the "Celestial Digimon", she is a Holy Mother-like being who imparts the loving and merciful side of God. She is the final form of feminine Angel Digimon. Ophanimon was responsible for banishing the former Angel-species Cho-Hakkaimon from heaven for an unspecified crime, but it's also thought that Laylamon, who fell from heaven and became known as the "Goddess of Darkness", was herself originally an Ophanimon.


  • Eden's Javelin: Radiates a beam of purifying light from her javelin.
  • Sefirot Crystal: Manifest ten crystals between her hands, in a Sefirot formation, and fires them.

Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's story)

Angewomon briefly took this form as she was transforming into SuperOphanimon.

LOTM: The Multi-Universal Christmas Day of the Legendary Heroes

Along with Celestial Digimon and Guardian Eatos, Ophanimon have arrived to have a meeting with Symphogear heroines and their friends for the first time. Ophanimon encouraged the heroes to spend more time in the Christmas vacation. Ophanimon and her friends are spending time with the heroes. After the Christmas time is over, she and her friends are having the last goodbye to the Symphogear heroines and their friends. They encouraged Symphogear heroines and their friends to continue training.