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Odalia Blight is the CEO of Blight Industries, the wife of Alador Blight, and the mother of Edric, Emira, and Amity Blight.

Main Enemies: Amity Blight (Her Daughter), Luz Nocada (Amity's girlfriend), Anne Boonchuy (Luz's partner), Slade Wilson (Arch Enemy), Anti Cosmo Cosma (Partner of her archenemy), Bender ( Partner of her archenemy)

Return of the Weirdmageon Cult

Chapter 5

Odalia is revealed to be the unseen ally of Toffee from Chapter 4, as Odalia has gotten rid of unicorn hair to assist Toffee and BIll Cipher. She has also gotten some more techonology to use at their dipsoal in exchange for being let in on his real plan. Toffee admits that Odalia has seen through him and agrees to let her in on the real plan. Odalia recieves her payment and ships her package to Chip Whistler and Lord Dominator before cutting off transmission.

Chapter 6

When Tofee spectualtes that they must make an plot to attack Team Free Will in a seculded area to draw less attention. This has been what his plans are about as every direct attack he made was not in a massive populated area for a reason. Odalia comes foward with an idea for Toffee's decision

Toffee asks her input and Odalia feels that there is a way to play subtle and she knows the person to get, Toffee is on the same wave length and using N-Tropy's dimension traveler he sends Odalia off.

Chapter 7

Luz looks for her friends and finds Odalia and an abomindation who are after Luz  once again, and she wants Amity to just forget about her and she feels the best way is to kill her,

Luz refuses to hold down and uses her magic to fight Odalia, which Odalia thinks is a joke because Luz is not a natural witch.  Odalia decides to use her abodmination magic to fight Luz and her papers of magic which she uses to decent effect which annoys Odalia though she is more annoyed at how much money Luz has cost her, Odalia decides to basically use an abomdination to grab Luz and has it crush her slowly to the point she can't breathe. Luz eventually does escape and by holding her breath turning her invisible  and making Odalia wonder where she went

Luz sets a trap under Odalia with the fire glyphs trapping Odalia as she leaves to get the others.

Derek and Odalia has put the seeds of his plans at Danville so Toffee can have all of Danvile at his mercy without them knowing it as Derek finishes the machine to replace the citizens with pistachios

Toffee sees over the disney villains as they are requiring sources for him. Glomgold is acquiring wealth, N0S-4A2, Don Karnage and Lord Dominator are acquiring ships and star cruisers for enforcement and police states, Sasha and Grime are basically doing their task more subtly and Odalia Blight with Derek have been capturing Danville residents and making pistachio copies.  Bill Cipher and Toffee are both in Gravity Falls as Bill decides that the weirdness must be brought to the surface and that he is going to make it happen. Toffee asks where Bill will do this, Bill states that he can go after Ford and his crew, Those disney kids and the nerds at the mansion.

Toffee asks about Mandarin's task since they didn't give him a task like the other disney villains. Bill Cipher states he has something special for Mandarin and that he has him working with Morag. Toffee asks about Morag and how they will dipose of her, Bill states eventually  she is still more useful to them as an ally than being dispoable

Odalia and Derek have their attack basically planned, Odalia oversees that they have managed to increase of the ratio of humans and pistachios to 20 and 80. Derek states that his MULCH weapon was a succeess and asks Odalia about the remaining 20%. This is when Phantom Blot arrives and infroms the duo of a squad that has been analyzing the pistachios and have they seem to be packing the orange soda that kills pistachios.  Odalia oversees that the crew and Derek recongizes Harrison Wells as the doctor was present with others when Chip Whistler used him as the ones storming the casino. Phantom Blot leaves afterwards as he doesn't work with teams directly but still will do anything if called a favor.

Derek orders his pistachio aliens to go pursue the squad as they close in on their base and Odalia decides to stand on the back as Derek and the pistachios pursue the squad led by Harrison.

Derek is over seeing Harrison and co fight off his pistachios, and admits they're putting more of a resisatance, that he thought Odalia states that they're still no match for their army and her abodminations and that they will eventually be converted in no problem

Harrison, MOjo, Wile E and Captain Hero all show up on Derek and Odalia. and Derek recongizes Harrison and decides to actively get involved which Odalia proves an abdomination to assist them. Wile E states does he still have the orange soda, Harrison says he does. Harrison and Wile E fight Derek while Hero and MOjo fight Odalia's adomination

Hero and Mojo are both using a combination of tecnhology and super powers to go after Odalia's abdomination and Mojo is using a laser rifle like Harrison intending to keep his mecha for a later encounter. Hero holds off the abdomiation with his strength and Mojo switches to a electric field to stun the abomdination and asks Hero to help him but Hero states he needs to go pee annoying Mojo who struggles to hold the field

, Harrison figures that both urine acid, wood peckers and the other big weaknessses and He decides to finish the pistachio with the orange soda. Odalia uses her magic to keep Harrison down and grab him with her abodmination, This gets passed to Hero who flies with the orange soda in his hands avoiding the strikes. Wile E provides more power to Mojo's force field to keep imobolizing the abdomination and then Hero just opens it and decides to drink it to Harrison, Wile E and Mojo's annoyance but Hero doesn't like the drink and spits it on the pistachio

Hero asks if he likes it and feeds Derek all the soda, basically killing off the pistachio. Wile E and Mojo both have Odalia outnumbered with Harrison and Hero joining them. Odalia calls her husband to pick her up and she knows she;s outnumbered 4 to 1, even if she has magic she is unwilling to risk defeat. Odalia leaves, but unknown to her, Harrison shoots a tracking chip on her so he can observe her moves.

Toffee learns that Fiddleford didn't die but Ibuki did put the mansion out of comission, though he also got to test his own gauntlet, He is in contact with Odalia and Alador Blight about the gauntlet, He is a little annoyed with Alador for only having 1 gauntlet with Alador stating that Toffee only has 4 fingers on his right hand and he would have no reason to make a gauntlet for 4 fingers and that the important thing is it worked

Toffee concedes to this point and apologizes about being harsh and tells him it was an efficent weapon and Odalia states that Derek has been killed, so the pisatchios are gone from their plan. Toffee states that it was inevitable consdering was Chip told him. Bill tells Toffee that just one zodiac is left, but he has a backup plan in mind and that he needs to follow his plot to the drime

Chapter 8

Odalia decides to go back to the Boiling Isles to make more weaponry and to find a way to bring more students at Hexside into helping Toffee's cult. Unknown to her, Harrison Wells still has  a tracker on her which he tracks with Slade.

Odalia and Alador Blight both decide to hold an assembly to Hexside and present them to the students assocaited with each classs. Odalia congratues her husband for his great work as always.

Odalia presents them the next day at Hexside, Where Bender, Anti Cosmo and Slade are observing this as they waiting for Odalia and Alador to do something. Odalia and Alador go through their presentation like something normal for them. They are sucessful at least at first

When Odalia presents her masterpiece which is something Toffee gave her to use and Harrison Wells knew she was going to use to brainwash the students and pass it off as something they all happen to want to help them in their stuides. Slade calls her bluff and states that she's is lying

Odalia calls on Slade saying does he want to buy it and see for it himself. Slade tells her to prove him wrong, or he'll do it for her.

Bender pulls a ShotGun and tells Odalia to give him the weapon and Anti Cosmo uses his wand to stop Aldaor from interveing

Odalia gives Bender the weapon hoping he will use it for her, Slade grabs two different students and asks Anti Cosmo to sheild one. Bender shoots it at the unsheilded one and the student is pretty showing signs of being brainwashed and brands magic to tell the students to join the coven or be petrifying. Anti Cosmo childs  the Blights for thinking that's an effective way to do as his sheild just took it

Slade, Bender and Anti Cosmo expose Odalia for attempting to brainwash the students into mindless servants. Odalia and Alador both furious at the trio for ruining their repuatation decide to use their own weapons on all of three of them. Slade undettered activates an explosive he placced on their weapons as he had Anti Cosmo and Bender test the weapon

Anti Cosmo and Bender sheild the staff as Slade destroys the weapons with his C3p0 and Slade tells the kids this is real magic and he calls it explosives. Odalia flees swearing revenge on the three.

Odalia tells Toffee her encounter with Slade, Anti Cosmo and Bender as they ruined her image and that her kids aren't scared of her anymore due to the trio's work. Odalia reveals their descriptions to Toffee and learns Toffee knows of the three and they work together to trap the triad at Blight Manor.

Odalia does trap Bender, Slade and Anti Cosmo after they head to the Manor as Slade is intending to buy the Manor after disgracing the Blights names and to put it in Marcy's will due to Marcy wanting Slade to do so. Odalia and Toffee try to kill the three of them after Toffee tries to get the three on his side.

Odalia takes on Bender and Slade with another abodmination while Anti Cosmo decides to go after Toffee. Bender and Slade manage to defeat the abodmination with Odalia's unfamilaritty with Slade's knowledge on explosives and Bender's on futuristic weaponry. Odalia tries to steal Bender and Slade's stuff to use it to start all over after tricking the two

Harrison, Luan and Cleo Sub Prime show up as well as Bender and Slade called them  with Luan throwing a banana peel tripping her and she is kicked by Slade.

Harrison removes the chip off her and this is when Odalia realizes Harrison was working with Bender, Slade and Anti Cosmo to disrupt her work. Odalia tries to kill Harrison over this and Harrison has Cleo Subprime use her powers to stop Odalia. Odalia and Alador flee with Toffee as a result of this.

Chapter 9

Odalia and her husband Alador decide to target Luz directly after seeing Toffee Cipher's direct actions and decide they must follow the example.

They engage Luz, Anne, Sprig, King and Eda with the intent to take out the Plantars as well for what they believe Grime and Sasha want.

Odalia and Alador are defeated and arrested. Odalia swears revenge on  Luz, Anne, Bender, Slade and Anti Cosmo as she is arrested

The Prankster Point Paradox

Odalia being locked up in prison is broken out and swears revenge on Slade for destroying everything dear to Slade. She blackmails her husband to help her and the villains as Alador just wants to leave Slade, Anti Cosmo, Luz, Bender and Anne alone. Odalia is revealed to have funded an attack on Slade's continent as pay back for him, Bender and Anti Cosmo ruining her reptuation and is part of S.U.S.P.E.N.S.E Who used the Miller Family to try smoke out Bender, Slade and Anti Cosmo. She was involved in Morag's work to get back at Luz, Amity and Anne.

Odalia also considers Sasha and Grime traitors and wants them dead alongside Slade, Bender and Anti Cosmo, The latter two she included for helping Slade

Allies and Enemies

Allies: Alador Blight (Formely), Emperor Belos, Boscha's parents, Skara's parents, Bill Cipher, Toffee, NOS-4A2, Mandarin, Lord Dominator, Flintheart Glomgold, Ushari, Chip Whistler, Don Karnage, Derek, Phantom Blot, Zhan Tri, S.U.S.P.E.N.S.E

Enemies: Luz Nocada, Willow Park, Gus Porter, Amity Blight, Eda Clawthrone, King, Marcy Wu, Anne Boonchuy, Cricket Green, King Andrias, Bender Bending Rogiruez, Slade Wilson, Anti Cosmo Cosma, Harrison "Harry" Wells, Team Free Will, Sasha Wayblight, Captain Grime