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The Nezperdian Omniverse, also known as Dark Omniverse or Unknown World is one of three omniverses of CIS Productions' existence alongside Lynenta Omniverse and Witris Omniverse. It's the most bizarre and strange reality to ever exist in the world of CIS due to its bizarre shape and form.

The Nezperdian Omniverse is ruled by the Omniversal Supreme Deity Lapis who created this omniverse around the same time of Sequined Sadist's omniverse, the Witris Omniverse. The Nezperdian world is a omniverse without light and holds no life and creation besides emptiness but it's the lair of the Primordial Abyssals that served as the base of the Abyssals living in the Lynenta Omniverse, precisely where the Fallen I existed.

The Nezperdian Omniverse is said to be a agglomerated of more than 1900 multiverses with nothing but blue tubes that can be seen from outside of the omniverse. These blue tubes are said to be tunnels that allow the creatures living in it to enter in other omniverses without being noticed, which may explain why the Abyssals exist in the Lynenta Omniverse, indirectly starting the legend of ExKrieg and the foundation of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire. Most of the events of LOTM: The Phoenix on the Sword are set in this omniverse but it also appears again in LOTM: Destiny.

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