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Order of Terror, Illuminati



Kyōfu no joretsu




Scathach (formerly)
Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant


Worldwide Cult, Totalitarian Imperial Family Corporation; Mega Private Military Conglomerate; Iron Fist Fascists; Malevolent Dictatorship; Corrupt Dictatorship; Omnicidal Warmongering Empire; Psychotic Dictatorship; Slaver Racist Empire; Human Hater Organization


KnightWalker Family's Capital; Paris

When the sun sets on the Soliton Mountain, the black moon will break into seven pieces and fall on the people "Ultania". Nothing can prevent this... Death and destruction will violate the land. Misery and suffering will assault the people... Then, after 300 days of nothingness, our beloved Goddess, Demon Queen, Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant, who controls the elements of darkness, will come to save the people. And send all humans to the most deep pit of Hell as punishment for their sins. Humans can't change. So we will put an end in this boring show that God created.

The  New World Order or also known as Order of Terror, Zero Human Executors, Knight Templars or Zagyria Empire but better know to mankind as Illuminati, is allegedly a secret organization controls most government affairs using KnightWalker Family as the main Neo-Nazi organization base, it also the only know organization from Earth affiliated to Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, a Nazi superpower from another reality. The Order of Terror are the true main antagonist faction of the Tech Side of LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AA, appearing as the Dark Empire of Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant and The Fallen's Essence. They can be considered the true antagonists in LOTM: Sword of Kings Spin-Off - Rise of the Blue Haired Heroine as well since their former leader, Scathach, was the manipulating all events in the shadow. Since the Order of Terror is the true organization that is keeping KnightWalker Family active, they are the true KnightWalker Family's leaders. 

Above all, Order of Terror is the most realistic and dangerous organization that all heroes faced. Despite the organization is not a real threat to the entire existence and universes like the Balam Alliance, the Order of Terror was the only organization that was almost successful in all its plans and caused many horrible things that all life will never forget, causing huge impact on the world for the rest of eternity.

Its primary objective is to usher in a New World Order in which the elite within the society have complete and utter control of the planet under the control of Diabla. They have evaded disclosure of their plans and technologies through their control of the media, but very once in a while, an insider comes out to disclose their testimony of how the society advances its goals. As a conspiracy theory, the term New World Order or NWO refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government under the thumb of KnightWalker Family. Eventually, their goals changed to extermination of human race. The Order of Terror was founded by Scathach 1900 years ago prior the beginning of LOTM: Sword of KingsDespite Diabla is the current leader, it is unknown who is the true leader, The Fallen's Essence, the Dark Emperor of DEM Empire that is guiding Diabla or Diabla herself.


One of Order of Terror's manipulation; capitalism to sell more products across the world

The Order of Terror is also an underground organization that controls one-third of the world's economy. It is commanded by Diabla, who regularly send out its elite assassin squad the Numbers on missions. A select amount of prestigious figures such as politicians and businessmen have connections to the organization. Before Diabla came to existence, Juria KnightWalker was the only know member from KnightWalker Family but he never told it to anyone because this organization is a super secret dark group that is manipulating the world through the history of mankind, Scathach was the true leader of the organization until her death 3 years ago prior the beginning of the story in LOTM: Sword of Kings AA - Raizen School Arc.

It has enormous global influence, surpassing even the power of the United Nations. This power is never used directly however, as Order of Terror prefers to subvert and manipulate other countries and the U.N. and Global Pact Defense to do its bidding. 


Order of Terror Ritual to Diabla's pentagram

The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government—which will replace sovereign nation-states—and an all-encompassing propaganda whose ideology hails the establishment of the New World Order as the culmination of history's progress. Many influential historical and contemporary figures have therefore been purported to be part of a cabal that operates through many front organizations to orchestrate significant political and financial events, ranging from causing systemic crises to pushing through controversial policies, at both national and international levels, as steps in an ongoing plot to achieve world domination.

Before the early 2000s, New World Order conspiracism was limited to two American countercultures, primarily the militantly anti-government right and secondarily that part of fundamentalist Christianity concerned with the end-time emergence of the Antichrist, which is Diabla herself.  Order of Terror is composed of around 13 different families, each with it´s own goal. These families include KnightWalker Family, Nevermind Family, etc. The Order of Terror are true organization behind KnightWalker Family, what explains why their military are so strong. Most of KnightWalker technology were created by Order of Terror, Eckidina KnightWalker was once related to the organization but she hates policy and choose to stay in the front lines using their technologies to create war, so they can gain money and profit to expand their activities.


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Scathach in 200 year

The secret society was founded in 200 year A.D. by Scathach. This was the same year the All-Seeing Eye was added to the Great Seal of the United States. An ex-Illuminati programmer named Svali says that they appear to be descendants of the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucians. Scathach gathered many rich families and used her powers to brainwash the main leaders of the families, including the leader of KnightWalker Family to join forces. At first, their name was New World, since their goal was to unify the world; the entire world ruled by one government. However, when Scathach died by the hands of Azul Jissele, Juria KnightWalker, the leader of KnightWalker Family, assumed the post of leader of the next 3 years until Eckidina betrayed him and killed him to take control of KnightWalker Family. 1 year later, Eckidina became Diabla and the new demon queen assumed the post of the organization as the new leader.

Methods of Control

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According to Juria KnightWalker, the Order of Terror control an area through its:
  1. Banks and financial institutions
    1. Insiders call the Federal Reserve system the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System.
  2. Local government: It don't has direct connection with the government of the world besides KnightWalker Family and USA but it has some members hide in the government, using the corruption to let most of poor people to die.
  3. Law: Children are encouraged to go to law school and medical school, so they can keep their activities rolling through society. More workers means more money, more organizations, more industries and more work.
  4. Media: Others are encouraged to go to journalism school, and members help fund local papers. Creating false propaganda, keep people watching TV to keep them away from reality.
  5. Trade: Propaganda of products in TVs, radios and internet. Encourage people to buy more. The use of capitalism in these advertisements is taken to the extreme, because when new products are created, people are encouraged to buy, buying in excess and thus making the organization richer. This money is used to create war weapons and war machines to their future reign.
  6. Slavery: Only the poor forgot by the law are part of this system. They are slaves of industries and factories that belongs to KnightWalker Family and work for 15/7 without salary and are keep in jails to prevent them from escaping. Most of KnightWalker Family's bullets are made by their slaves. The slaves only work for the military.

Methods of Moneymaking

The Order of Terror make money through:

  • Ehc0jj

    Nuke Bomb trade

    Drug Running
  • Pornography
  • Children slavery
  • Trafficking of organs
  • Trafficking of children organs
  • Trafficking of children
  • Illegal Sex clubs
  • War
  • Trafficking of women
  • Sex-slaves
  • Corruption
  • Fascism
  • Capitalism
  • Genocide
  • Sojkrg
    Sex Dolls - real human turned into sex dolls
  • Crime rate
  • Gun Running
  • Buying access codes for military computers
  • Hiring and selling assassinations
  • Nuke Bomb running
  • Military Vehicles selling
  • Corrupt Policy
  • Production of junk food
  • Mercenaries / Military Trainers
  • Banking

All trails in banking eventually will lead to Paris, the Order of Terror financial center for the world. 


Know Leaders


First Generation

  • Vlad the Impaler
  • Genghis Khan
  • Ivan IV of Russia
  • Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar
  • Queen Mary I
  • Elizabeth Bathory
  • Empress Wu
  • Herod The Great
  • King John
  • Tamerlane the Great
  • Caligula
  • Attila The Hun
  • Ivan the Terrible
  • Maximilien Robespierre

Second Generation

  • Ismail Enver Pasha
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Idi Amin Dada
  • Mao Zedong
  • Leopold II
  • Benito Mussolini
  • Talat Pasha
  • Reinhard Heydrich
  • Josef Mengale
  • Heinrich Himmler
  •  Kim Il Sung
  • Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
  • Pol Pot
  • Osama Bin Laden
  • Joseph Stalin (after World War II)
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Third Generation


According to insider Misogi Kumagawa, the Illuminati is split into three major factions:
  1. The Nevermind Cartel
  2. The Bolshevik Axis
  3. The KnightWalker Rulers

The relations among these factions are in a state of constant flux.

The Nevermind faction typically controls modern U.S. affairs. Much of its wealth comes from the oil industry.

The Bolshevik Axis is controlled by the KnightWalker family and is the oldest sector of the Order of Terror

At the very top of the pyramid of authority are believed to be the Juria, Freeman, Ashaus, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, and Van Duyn bloodlines. The current Pinder, or leader, of the Order of Terror is the KnightWalker family.

KnightWalker meetings are arranged yearly to settle disputes within the organization.

Local Level

They have groups in every major city of the United States and France. They originally entered through Pittsburgh, PA and later built their group in Paris in 1800. The most notable HQ of Order of Terror is located in the center of Paris, France. The entire district of the Center belongs to Order of Terror, including all buildings around the main Branch of Order of Terror. 

Years later, when the World War III ended with the defeat of Stabilization Union, the White House in Washington became the central HQ of Order of Terror, now as Illuminati Nation.


According to Eckidina KnightWalker, the Illuminati use many different methods of trauma-based mind control on the lower-ranking workers. Many workers are tortured by their parents at a young age and told that they are nothing more than genetic experiments. Former Illuminati programmers have said that these people cannot distinguish between love and hatred — everything is tough love.


Jobs include: 

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    Diabla's cult torturing a Inform

    Informers: observe details and conversations with photographic recall
  • Breeders: breed children
  • Prostitutes
  • Children Pornography
  • Deep Web Users
  • Pornography
  • Media Personnel
  • Ritual Helpers: clean up meticulously after rituals
  • Preparers
  • Readers
  • Cutters: slice and dice animals or human sacrifices
  • Chanters
  • High Priest/Priestess
  • Trainers
  • Punishers
  • Trackers: spy on those who attempt to leave their group
  • Teachers
  • Child Care - Train the generation of Order of Terror to be corrupt
  • Couriers
  • Commanding Officers - Military officers of Order of Terror's army
  • Behavioral Scientists


Methods of human programming in the Illuminati include:

  • Brainwashed Class 77-B

    Class 77th being brainwashed into Ultimate Despair; a technology created by Order of Terror

    Colors, Metals and Jewel Programming
  • Brain Wave Programming
  • Military Programming
  • CIA, Governmental, and Scholarship Programming
  • Programming Linked to Stories, Movies, Cartoons, or Role Play Dramatization
  • Suicidal Programming
  • Easter Eggs
  • Shell Programming
  • Spiritual Programming
  • Virtual Reality and Denial Programming

Ex-Illuminists must be deprogrammed when integrating with society.


Since the organization uses the KnightWalker Family as a cover, they use all foot soldiers used by KnightWalker Family

KnightWalker Soldiers

KnightWalker Drones

Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire Forces

Battle Droids & Killer Drones

Unlike the original counterpart of the Battle Droids, these guys are very smart and strategic. Aside from that, their armor is much more sturdy and well reinforced, being able to resist any type of weapon created by mankind, so weapons that use "bullets" are not able to pierce the armor of the droids, only weapons that use "lasers" can penetrate the shield. Due to the nature of DEM, the Droids usually don't capture prisoners, and so the droids are programmed to kill any hostile way of life, be they men, women, children and animals, combatants or noncombatants; often mutilating innocent people and placing parts of their bodies and public places just to show an example for those who oppose the DEM oppression in some planets, countries, states or cities.

Don't try to play with them this time, heroes.

Organic Infantry

Diabla's Servants

Servants & Army types

Tumblr nl7t7gTW4l1upkslfo1 500

Order of Terror's military, also know as Diabla's Servants logo

Diabla's Cultists

Nazi UFOs (DEM) & Order of Terror

C h shadow by war off evil-d6b2qem

The Fallen's shadow in Prime Earth while helping Diabla

The New World Order conspiracy has gained currency within the UFO sub-culture as well. In this form of the conspiracy, the aliens are actually in control of the secret cabal running the NWO or are shapeshifters taking the form of world leaders. This also usually involves theorized cover-ups of Area 51, Roswell, and the forged "Majestic 12" documents as part of the NWO conspiracy. However, this is fake. However, this is in part correct, The Fallen is the one who is guiding Diabla, the leader of Order of Terror.

It's also believed it is an alien Nazi empire that is controlling the Order of Terror.

DEM Empire's Fourth Reich

Tumblr nwwo4aform1tl5x3io1 540

America under DEM Empire's control

Conspiracy theorists often use the term "Fourth Reich" simply as a pejorative synonym for the "New World Order" to imply that its state ideology and government will be similar to Germany's Third Reich or that globalists who plot on behalf of the New World Order are Jewish fascists. However, some conspiracy theorists take the research findings of American journalist Edwin Black, author of the 2009 book Nazi Nexus, to claim that some American corporations and philanthropic foundations - whose complicity was pivotal to the Third Reich's war effort, Nazi eugenics and the Holocaust - are now conspiring to build a Fourth Reich. For the lack of words, it is a part of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire on Earth.

Furthermore, conspiracy theorists, such as American writer Jim Marrs, claim that some ex-Nazis, who survived the fall of the Greater German Empire, along with sympathizers in the United States and elsewhere, given safe haven by organizations like ODESSA and Die Spinne, have been working behind the scenes since the end of World War II to enact at least some of the principles of Nazism (e.g. militarism, imperialism, widespread spying on citizens, use of corporations and propaganda to control national interests and ideas) into culture, government, and business worldwide, but primarily in the U.S.. They cite the influence of ex-Nazi scientists brought in under Operation Paperclip to help advance aerospace manufacturing in the U.S. with technological principles from Nazi UFOs, and the acquisition and creation of conglomerates by ex-Nazis and their sympathizers after the war, in both Europe and the U.S..

40065283 p0 master1200

Man in Suit; the true mastermind behind Order of Terror?

This Neo-Nazi conspiracy is said to be animated by an "Iron Dream" in which the American Empire, having overthrown its Zionist Occupation Government, gradually establishes the Fourth Reich, formally known as the "Western Imperium", a pan-Aryan world empire modeled after Adolf Hitler's New Order and the religious aspects of Nazism, as the best hope for the survival of Western civilization under the threat of the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy. Conspiracy theorists therefore see history as a "war between secret societies" for control of a New World Order.

Skeptics argue that conspiracy theorists grossly overestimate the influence of ex-Nazis and Neo-Nazis on American society, and point out that American imperialism, corporatocracy and political repression have a long history that predates World War II. Some political scientists, such as Sheldon Wolin, have expressed concern that the twin forces of democratic deficit and superpower status have paved the way in the U.S. for the emergence of an inverted totalitarianism which contradicts many principles of Nazism.




In the essence of the initiation ritual and process of becoming an Illuminati, lies a simple thesis: one have to be reborn in order to be accepted. The Myth of Creation is the essence of the process.

It all starts with God, who billions of years ago, had to “commit suicide” in order to be transformed, and reborn. The Illuminati believe that the end result transformation is you becoming a “matter”, no longer a physical subject, but a matter. But how can one die and be reborn again? The Illuminati believe that the person can only understand death if you experience it, and in a close encounter that is. By undergoing “samsara”, new recruits demonstrate their infinite power, eternal fearlessness, complete knowledge of existence and intellectual curiosity. All that is needed in order to be part of the Order of Terror.


Members of the Council sacrificing a baby

So, naturally, the initiation process includes a ritual of sacrifice. For the sacrifice, there are different rituals performed, depending of the Illuminati order. Some are extreme, and require a death of another human being, however, the sacrifice of a person must be a pure victim; pure and virgin, so that's why the victim are newborn children around 0 and 5-years old. In some cases, the inductee is required to kill somebody during the initiation process, an action that will prove his true loyalty to the Order and beliefs.

However, the more common ritual includes a sacrifice of an animal. In their belief that a person receives power from a departing spirit (the spirit of another person dying), the Order sacrifice an animal. The inductee is positioned at a bench, lying on his back, and an animal is placed on top of him. The animal is then killed, and let to bleed to death. The blood of the dying animal spills on the inductee, and the Illuminati believe that the blood is what gives power and knowledge.

Diabla's Sex Cult ritual

Sem títuloi9hjijm

The dancing

A cult extremely twisted and somber. The cult of sex is something bizarre that is carried out in the most remote places of society, in the forests. In this ritual, more than 100 men and 100 women participate in a massive orgy around a campfire filled with drugs.

Cultists believe that sexual rituals increase Diabla's strength, and in fact, that increases, for Diabla has strengthened herself from people's sins, including lust and greed. Most people in those rituals are members of the Order of Terror, while another part has been brainwashed or paid to be there. In this ritual, there is an extreme need for blood, so it is necessary for all women to be virgins.

After sex, the couple should dance insanely around a fire pit located in the center of the orgy, where they should shout "Heil Diabla!" Several times, this increases Diabla's political strength and intelligence. All this must be done while the person is naked. However, these rituals must be performed in all the countries of the world at the same time, only then will Diabla feel a difference in her power. After the dancing, the people need to bathe in animal blood and prey for Diabla more than 50 times, and so the ritual is complete. All people need to drugged to complete the ritual.



Although Diabla feeds on the dead souls and destruction that the Order of Terror is doing on the surface of the Earth, Diabla can not become so powerful without the basics of sacrifices. To increase Diabla's spiritual energy, many cultists and members of her political party kidnap virgins men and women to use them as sacrifices. All victims must be virgins by nature.

The victim is taken to a temple of Diabla in the forest or a underground base where he or she will be sacrificed. First, all cultists must be wearing black robes and should be in a triangle position in front of the temple. The victim is tied by 5 helpers in the ritual on a piece of wood. After that, all the cultists in the place must use 20 needles to pierce the body of the victim. After all cultists have finished, the victim is bathed in human blood and then cremated alive. According to the religious of Diabla's church, this ritual is so powerful that it strengthens Diabla in double. Only one victim of this ritual makes Diabla stronger than 100,000 people being killed at the same time.

Diabla's Universal Church

Although Diabla is considered a Goddess by the people of the world over the control of the New World Order, she does not have a church, for she herself ordered that all temples and churches of other religions be destroyed.

However, Diabla has secret temples that are used to replace churches around the world, it is used by civilians and minor members of Order of Terror. Diabla, however, has her own "HQ church", a skyscraper that is not exactly a church but a common property. But this property is the seat of her power, a place where there are conference rooms where the leaders of her party meet and discuss business matters and is where they control the world's economy. The building has many floors and are divided in sections: Section of Religion, Section of Sacrifice, Section of Business, Section of Military, Section of Policy, Section of War and many more.


  • Nazi world domination
    Establish a totalitarian one-world fascist government; (completed)
  • Unify the world in one government; (completed)
  • To revive the Nazism; (completed)
  • Wipe out all inferior races, leaving only whites; (completed)
  • Start World War I; (completed)
  • Ensure Ottaman Empire's victory in WWI; (failed)
  • Create Nazism ideology; (completed)
  • Start Cold War I to unleash a Nuclear war between USSR and USA; (half completed)
  • Start World War II using Nazi Germany as their main Ideology Base; (completed)
  • Ensure Nazi Germany's victory to unify the world; (failed)
  • Destroy all priests of the world; (completed)
  • To manipulate Moon Terminator Company and KnightWalker Funeral to unleash the power of the Tech of the End under Scathach's order; (completed but failed at the end)
  • Destroy all religions, except Diablism - Diabla's religion; (completed)
  • Establish a reign of 1 billion years under the hand of Diabla; (failed)
  • To take control of United States, New USSR, Godom Empire and KnightWalker Family to create only one Dark Empire; (completed)
  • To enslave all Eastern people; (completed)
  • Keep humans ignorant to hide the truth; (completed)
  • Get richer by controlling the underworld of crime; (completed)
  • To create the Fourth Reich; (completed)
  • To start World War III using Stabilization Union and KnightWalker Alliance as the combatants; (completed)
  • To wipe out 50% of mankind to control the global economy; (completed)
  • Sell more than 30 billion robots to all nations using their spy in Drone Industries; (completed)
  • Use the drones sold to destroy the countries of their owns from inside; (completed)
  • Destroy Aldegyr Kingdom and take their technology; (completed)
  • Use capitalism to keep their activities working; (completed)
  • Destroy Vatican and all Religious states of the world; (completed)
  • To destroy mankind using nuke bombs and diseases (under Scathach's control; failed but almost completed under Diabla's control)
  • Wipe out all mortals of the existence (under direct DEM control; failed)
  • To establish a new DEM Empire's fascist regime on Earth (completed for 1 year but was destroyed)
  • To destroy human race using the LN-666 Project to help Diabla wipe out all humans and mortals of the universe (destroyed 99,97% of human race but failed)
  • To use the Elite class to judge the poor class; (completed)
  • Spread corruption throughout the world; (completed)

Religious Beliefs

269579 thebigs1997 nazi-victory-in-world-war-ii

Vatican's military under Order of Terror's order

The Order of Terror, or better saying, Illuminatis, practices a form of faith known as “Enlightenment,” which is Diaberian. They “believe in the deification of men through knowledge.” “They teach their followers that their roots go back to the ancient mystery religions of Babylon from others universes.” They hand-picked their favorite aspects of each religion. Many local Illuminati groups worship ancient gods such as Baal, El, Ashtarte, Isis and Osiris, and Set but Diabla, the leader, of the organization is the most high-Goddess among them.

Diabla was the first person in the entire world who showed to be a true Goddess using her Qlipha Crystal and gained a huge level of power, as a result, many people, including civilians saw her as a true Goddess and many left Christianity because unlike God, Diabla was a true Goddess among men, showing her power and authority around the world. Despite her cruelty, many people worship her as the most powerful of all Gods, such as God ruling above others Gods.

When Diabla showed to be a true Goddess, the Vatican was invaded by Order of Terror's troops using their own military of Vatican to do the dirty work. As a result, all priests, nuns, popes, elders and Vatican advisers were executed in public to show what happens when someone worship false Gods.


The All-Seeing Eye of Horus represents the Illuminati watching over those who work for it at all times, through various means. The 13 steps on the pyramid represent the 13 controlling families within the organization.

Status of the Empire


Death Status

Civil Rights and Freedom



  • “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” 
  • "Heil Diabla!"
  • “If my sons want wars, there would be several.” 
  • "The Nazi Party was right. All inferior races must be destroyed. They only took place of more important people in the world."
  • “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.” 
  • "For Diabla!"
  • "Diabla is the true Goddess!"
  • "It's time to change this planet!"
  • “Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.” 
  • "I hold the Earth in my palm, ready to crush it like an eggshell at any moment! All who oppose me must die, humans, Black Demons, Cyborgs, Magicians... I don't care, and the first of these are the Earthian Heroes! Destroy them, with all dispatch! I'll say again! There is no God and Heroes!" - Diabla
  • "We bring not peace. We bring a sword and guns."
  • "The truth is that men are tired of liberty."
  • "Humans don't want freedom. They want someone to control them and do the dirty for them. That's people are ignorant, they trust so much in their leaders that they think they don't need to do nothing to help in their nation."
  • "Fame, women, money... We can give it all to you if you join us."
  • "Genocide is the Final Solution."
  • "Not even the Devil has the power over humans! Heil Diabla!"
  • "The war is over. We brought peace! But now all poor must pay for the damage of this war."
  • "Now your life is in our hands."
  • "All false Gods must be exterminated."



Anti Bodies

A special quarantine unit, also feared as the "white clothes" by the residents of the fort, is also based in the 24th Ward, where Eckidina serves as the chief. 


Sephira Genomics

A multinational pharmaceutical company based in the 24th Ward, responsible for the basic research of the apocalypse virus and its vaccine production. Karma Maxwell works as a senior researcher there.

W a r waterson allied republic logo by xoza-d66d1w8

Godom Empire

As the name implies, The Empire is an absolute monarchy where the Emperor's word is law. The nation is not just run by him alone, however, as he has the Prime Minister and various advisers to administrate many territories and regions. The current Emperor rules the nation with iron fist and commit genocide and punishment in his own people. Corruption is something very high and the people suffer hunger, thirst and lack of basic sanitation. Because of this many of his officials are doing as they please including the newest Emperor


Mafusa Gang

The Mafusa Gang was a extremely evil Japanese Yakuza faction of thugs, criminals and drug dealers that operated in Tenguu City in Japan. The group grew rapidly in both size and aggression. Controlled by Aki Honda, they were originally simple addicts and punks dealing drugs. In a short time, they were able to take control of Tenguu City 's Neon District. The Mafusa Gang is the largest gang of criminals on Japan and is know worldwide for their aggression. After the World War III started, they attacked Tenguu City by Eckidina KnightWalker's orders, killing children, women and men. They killed 2 millions of people in Tenguu War, however, one by one, they were killed by Japan Ground Self Defense (actually, Eckidina was the one who called JGSDF to destroy the Mafusa Gang; only to make her war more "fun"). They killed and raped many women and destroyed many children innocence by giving drugs to them.

Logoprev unreleased wallpaper several resolutions by jpviktorjokinen-d610hxv

Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire

DEM Empire is a Dark Empire and is one of the 3 Dark Empires on Balam Alliance, alongside the Sith Empire and Triggers Hell. They are the only company in the whole Multi-Universe that is able to create the Realizers and are the largest company in the Multi-Universe. The D.E.M Industries is a imperial company that is doing business globally with headquarters in 11th Multi-Universe and in 500,000,000 realities. The army employs and enslaves powerful races, such as the ExKriegs, to take over suitable planets. They also are the most recurring organization of the storyline, 70% of all bad events on the storyline happened because of them, and they are final villains that all villains and heroes must fight to save the Multi-Universe from being destroyed from existence. In other words, they are the final public villains all heroes and villains will face to save all the realities of existence, making them the true villains of all realities and Multi-Universes.

They invade planets to kill the population, extract all planetary resources, enslave men and children, sell the most beautiful women in the "black-market", sell all animals on black market, sell young girls as sex-slavers, use men as slavers in death camps, wipe out the livings beings from that planet so that they can be sold the planet to the highest bidders. After they conquested all galaxies, they destroy all galaxies and planets they conquested then and finally destroy the entire reality by causing a Supernova when they are "finished" in conquesting that reality.

The DEM Empire was the galactic government established by The Fallen in 1945 after WWII and the defeat Nazi Germany in 2nd Alternative Reality. After they had conquered their own world, they unified all realities in existence using the Realizer of Yggdrassil to transform all universes in just one universe so they overthrow the laws of reality and make Isaac Westcott becomes the new Dark God of apocalyptic universe. Only members of high-ranking of DEM army know Isaac's true goals. Billions of other mere officers are intended to be used and then discarded. The DEM Empire's territory at its peak consisted of some one and a half billion member and conquered worlds, as well as sixty-nine trillion colonies, protectorates and puppet states spread throughout the entire Multi-Universe, stretching from the borders of the Deep Core to at least Wild Space. Emperor Westcott sent Grand Admiral Thrawn on a mission to bring the rule of the DEM to the Unknown Regions of the Multi-Universes.

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KnightWalker Family

KnightWalker Family is a powerful and corrupt PMC conglomerate that governs all economic sectors of planet Earth. They are one of the largest companies in the world and are. They are a mega conglomerate mobster family controlling the economy of the world in the shadows. They are led by Juria KnightWalker and his cruel daughter, Eckidina KnightWalker. They are dissolved after Eckidina's death for crimes against not only humanity but for crime against Earth itself. They existed for 1000 years and are dissolved for 5 billions years.

Enemy Factions

Theme Song

17 Object Float - RahXephon OST 3

17 Object Float - RahXephon OST 3


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