Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons

Name: Megatron

Race: Cybertronian dark deity

Group: Enemies

Likes: Power

Dislikes: Minions who can't do what he tells them to do

Biggest strength: His power

Biggest weakness: His pride

Occupation: Leader of the Decepticons

Quote 1: "Decepticons! Transform and rise up!"

Quote 2: "My power is your doom!"

Quote 3: "Peace through tyranny!

Voiced by: David Kaye, Frank Welker, and Hugo Weaving, just to name a few

Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's story)

With his heartless attitude, unimaginable cruelty, fearsome power, incurable appetite for flesh, blood, and even other Transformers, and passion for collecting souls, Megatron is the most dangerous and most feared of the dark gods.

He has made many attempts to conquer the Multi-Universe, convinced that it is his destiny to rule it. Many of his attempts have failed, courtesy of the Autobots. But now, with the power of Primus and the universe tipped in the favor of evil, Megatron is convinced that this time, nothing will stop him.

Death by his hand is more fearful than death of any other kind, for when anyone dies at the hands of Megatron, their souls fall into his clutches. He also has a terrifying ability to swallow souls, making no escape for it!

His theme

LOTM: Darkness Incarnate

In this What If story, Megatron was defeated by Angewomon and peace had come to the Multi-Universe. However, while Megatron lay there dead, he was...much to his surprise...visited by Unicron. Unicron told him that because Dark Energon once flowed though Megatron, he was bound to him. Now Unicron has taken Megatron's body and is using it as a vessel due to the fact his old body was destroyed.

Chronicles of the Children of Megatron

Megatron is still a hideous, dangerous god. Yet, he loves his children dearly as long as they are obedient to him and they don't screw up in their missions.

The Halloween ProYect

Megatron came to aid his children when they lost Darth Menslady. He was destroyed, but returned as Galvatron.


  • Fires of Hell - summons fire of the Realm of the Condemned
  • Evolution Transformation - Megatron's basic weaponry gets a HUGE boost
  • Venom of Corruption - summons an extremely dangerous poison that makes an opponent suffer greater the worse the effect gets. At the final stage, the victim becomes a slave to Megatron's will for good. This poison can only be cured by good Cybertronian deities.
  • Soul Steal - Megatron can use this to either drain opponents of their physical health which he absorbs or to draw victims' souls out of their bodies which he then swallows.

Honorable Megatron?!


Megatron on the subject of the equality for the other Cybertronian classes against the Autobot High Council.


Megatron showing his honorable side that only he gets to beat Optimus Prime.


Megatron brands the autobot symbol on him after giving up his dream of conquest. He found out his goals would never bring the peace he realized.


Transformers Prime - Megatron laughs (Complete)

Transformers Prime - Megatron laughs (Complete)

It is NEVER good if Megatron is laughing!

HMV Megatron sings Hypno's Lullaby

HMV Megatron sings Hypno's Lullaby

Like the singing of the sirens - too dangerous to hear but too seductive to ignore. If you hear it, plug your ears and run like Hell!

HMV Megatron - Such Horrible Things

HMV Megatron - Such Horrible Things

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Megatron's past self (Before he became a villain.)