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Malware was one of the three main antagonists of the first two arcs of Ben 10: Ominverse, as well as the true main antagonist and is a psychotic, deranged, mutated Galvanic Mechmorph. Seeking of destroying his father (Azmuth) with his greatest creation, the Omnitrix.

The Miracle Elite Adventures

LOTM - Birth of Miracle Elite

Izaya arrives in the Fortuna Castle, to tells him and other bad guys off for news about Fake Dormammu's death. However, after He and other villains ask sardonically whether Izaya should kill Tuxedo to claim the throne while feasting on a chicken that Izaya supplied to them, they unwittingly gave him an idea: He then informs them of the newly-formed plan to kill both Lovelace Family and Terra's group during the song "Be Prepared".

Maleware tracks Xigbar and his crew to a local pub and tricks them into following him to Izaya's Lair.