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"Before the Tenguu Invasion and World War III, they were just a bunch of junkies dealing drugs... Now they own the Neon District. Taking whatever they want..."

Mafusa Gang is a original group of LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline created by DestroyerSubjugator90. They are based in FDS Gang, a real life gang group locate in Brazil, the gang that commited a carnage in Manaus, Amazonas in 2015, killing 89 people in a night.

The Mafusa Gang was a extremaly evil Japanese Yakuza faction of thugs, criminals and drug dealers that operated in Tenguu City in Japan. The group grew rapidly in both size and aggression. Controlled by Aki Honda, they were originally simple addicts and punks dealing drugs. In a short time, they were able to take control of Tenguu City 's Neon District. The Mafusa Gang is the largest gang of criminals on Japan and is know worldwide for their aggression. After the World War III started, they attacked Tenguu City by Eckidina KnightWalker's orders, killing children, women and men. They killed 2 millions of people in Tenguu War, however, one by one, they were killed by Japan Ground Self Defense (actually, Eckidina was the one who called JGSDF to destroy the Mafusa Gang; only to make her war more "fun"). They killed and raped many women and destroyed many children's innocence and students by selling drugs.

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After Aki Honda's death, the group was getting small, and was about to be dissolved. However, a woman called Sasha recreated the organization and continued their reigh of terror in Tenguu City, now, lead by Sasha. Other individual members like Arzonia Brothers were doing criminal atrocities as well.

The Mafusa Gang was heavily comdemned by the entire SU. According to a new policy after the death of Aki and Tomoo, all of the members would be executed after they were captured. Later, Michael Langdon hired some those remnants to do his biddings. In Leohart's Cult Arc, it was revealed that Ara Astaroth as well as her cult known as Leohart's Cult (a faction loyal to Leohart the Prince of Hell and is connected to Triggers Hell on Prime Earth) were the true villains behind the foundation of Mafusa Gang.

Second Generation

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