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Macbeth was one of the Manhattan Clan's adversaries who later became a tenuous ally. Voiced by: John Rhys-Davies

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Macbeth is a member of Sinister's group Sinisters of Evil, though not of his own accord.

Macbeth steals the tablet that Slade and the others found which prompts a chase with Gohan, Jack, Slade, and Anti Cosmo on his tail. Gohan eventually finds and fights with him over lava. After much tedious dodging he defeats Macbeth and takes the tablet back

Pretorius and Mister Sinister see he come back and do the distraction with the latter, revealing that they need to dial up the mind control considering he is beginning to show resistance. Macbeth is then brought by Valtor to help. After Rasputin's failure, Macbeth mentions that he knew it would happen when they get a call from Katz and Niju. He stays with Rasputin, and the two set a bomb in their base, causing them to flee. He is locked away by Wesker when he and Loki take over the Sinsters of Evil.

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