Lopez Dos point O

"Hola (Hello)"

"Gracias, Maestro. Es mi deber-- (Thank you, Master. It's my duty to--)" - Lopez 2.0

Lopez 2.0 (Pronounced as Lopez Dos.0 or just called Dos.0) is a character from the Red vs. Blue Universe.

He is voiced by Shannon McCormick.

Like his predecessor, Dos.0 is a Spanish speaking robot and is used primarily for repairing or other Red Team protocols.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

"Estoy bien con el trabajo con la Princesa Celestia con el protocolo. Bate el trabajo con esas otras divas. (I'm okay with working with Princess Celestia with protocol. Beats working with those other prima donnas.)" - Lopez 2.0's outlook on the Order of the Just and Princess Celestia.

Dos.0 was reassigned to inform Princess Celestia and the Order of the Just with protocol.

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