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Lincoln Albert Loud is the main protagonist of The Loud House. He is the middle child of 11 years old. He was named after the street on which the show's creator Chris Savino's childhood home was located.

Best Friends: Clyde McBride (Best Friend), Ronnie Anne Santiago (Other Best Friend), Hilda (Pen Pal, Close Friend), Lydia Lopez (Partner/Best Friend), Ford Pines, Amanda Payne, Cleo Setori, Anne Boonchuy, Luz Nocada, Cricket Green, Angus O'Shaughnessey, Linka Loud (Cousin), Truman X

Love Interest: Lydia Lopez (Main Love Interest), Hilda, Ronnie Anne Santiago (Secondary Love Interests)

Arch Enemy: Morag Mclaughin

Other major foes: The Millers and The Smoking Man

Age: 11

Hair: White

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 4'3

Friends: Clyde McBride (Best Friend), Ronnie Anne Santiago (Plantontic girlfriend), His Siblings, Hilda (Other Love Interest), Liam, Zack, Rusty, Girl Jordan, Bender, Skipper, Starfire, Jorgen Von Strangle, Jimmy, Finn, Marceline, Axel, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Discord, Amanda, Rick Sanchez, Steven Universe, Connie, StanFord, Star, Marco, Antauri, Mallow, Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve, Mr.Gus, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Harry Wells (Earth 2), Celes Chere, Slade's Ensemble, Rip Hunter, The Legends of Tomorrow, Barry Allen, Team Flash, Oliver Queen, Team Arrow, Anne Boonchuy, Luz Nocada, Sprig Plantar, King, Marcy Wu, Eda Clawhorn, Cricket Green, Raticus, Molly Mcgee, Scratch Mcgee, Angus, Amity Blight, Lydia Lopez (Partner/Best Friend/Love Interest, Linka Loud (Cousin), Fox Mulder, Dana Scully

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Enemies: Morag (Archenemy), Eobard Thawne, Deathstroke, The Joker, Toffee, The Legion of Past, Present and Future Evil, Flip, Tetherby, Bill Cipher, Bill Cipher's Cult, Dr.Nefarious Tropy ,Hopper, Plankton And The Cockroaches, Ratiskor, The Separtians

Phase 3


Lincolin and his sisters make friends with Lydia who was separated from her friends and they help her get back while being friends all through the journey. This get into a battle with Deathstroke who is after them and they manage to deal with him with help of Amanda and Stanford. Lincoln though does save Deathstroke from potentially falling, this comes back to help him later when Deathstroke spares him and his sisters from the spear's effects. He joins Bender, Skipper, Lydia, Rick, Twilight and Marcus afterwards and joins forces with Deathstroke to defeat Thawne

Lincoln is saved by Bruce and his friends as he was brought with Toffee to be killed by him and his allies and he wonders who Bill Cipher even is. Lydia tells him that he is an interdemisonal creature that Ford fears and him getting loose is really bad as part of Cipher unleashing wierdgamedon. Lincoln listens to this and asks Lydia what to do next and she believes that they must go to Ford's bunker and find his notes on Cipher. Lincoln concurs and asks to join Lydia which she says yes Lori insists to drive them over, and Marcus, Leni, Lucy, Lana, Selina and Bruce join them too and go through Ford's notes and they discover what they're looking for though Mandarin and Bill arrive to take the notes back and they play keep away with it , considering most of the team can't exact fight either member. Lincoln and the others eventually escape, though Mandarin does destroy the bunker and Cipher sets everything on fire after Lydia sprayed his eye.

Lincoln brings everything back and helps Lydia come with a way around her ultimatum that Toffee and Bill Cipher are threatening her. Lincoln manages to get a secret way into Cipher and Toffee's Castles through Gus Fring provided him with the shortcuts to get in. He makes a short cut to Cipher's castle to get Lydia, Marcus, Bender, Skipper and Deathstroke in to chase down the two and then keeps lookout for them.

After the spear is used, Lincoln joins Bender and his friends in Aruba to relax.

Phase 4

Lincoln is one of the central cast members of Phase 4 and shares the main protagonist role of Phase 4 alongside his partner in crime Lydia Lopez

Return of The Weirdmageddon Cult

Lincoln finds himself entranged in an quest with Lydia and her friends once again serving as her confidant, right hand, partner and co star against the return of A Sinister singular eyed insane demon. Lincoln is one of the 3 main protagonists of Return of the Weirdmageddon Cult with Lydia and Ford.

Chapter 1

Linc, Lydia, Amanda, Cleo, Ronnie Anne and Sid meet up at a Restaruant after agreeing to a meetup agreed with Cleo and Amanda being a bit late as Lydia and Lincolin are hanging out in the city with Ronnie Anne and Sid as Lincolin's Dad has a catering job in the city. THe Girls and Lincolin all catch up with each other on what's been going on with their lives as Ronnie Anne was back in the city, Lincolin and Lydia hung out more and became a duo under Ford's Tuterlage who took a interest in the two, Amanda went back to Ooo to be with Finn who she became his apprentice and Cleo went back to Austraila.

While Ronnie, Sid, Lydia and Lincolin haven't really done much apart from discussing their adventures. Amanda and Cleo have both been going through some new stuff in their lives, Amanda in particular with her growing out her hair, dying it black as well as becoming taller, well muscled and wearing new clothing and Amanda despite being Finn's apprentice, she surpassed her boyfriend in raw strength and skill, Where as Cleo has been pursuing her intellctual pursuits, THough they have arguments about trying to convince Lydia on if she should embrace her action side or intellctual side. Lincolin becomes upset and doesn't feel special while Lydia has some of this herself as her two sister figures have been growing up and worries her close friendships are splintering with the two teens. Sid and Ronnie Anne tell Lydia that it's isn't too late and she can still keep her friendships with them and even make some new friends if possible. Lincolin then notices something which he nudges Lydia and this is an invasion

Ford arrives with Castiel, Doc Brown and Crowley who stop other soliders of Toffee from attacking the kids. Ford brings the kids up to date with Toffee, Bill and the other Disney Villains, he saw. Lydia is a bit worried about the resufracing of her two advesaries who singled her out during the Spear of Destiny situation and how they returned, Lincolin also shows worry that Bill and Toffee is out to kill both himself and Lydia.  Lydia takes Lincolin aside and they discuss that as bad as it is that the duo has returned, this may been a solution to their situations or at worst help. Lincolin correctly assumes that Lydia just wants Amanda and Cleo to be her family to some extent due to her bond with them like Ford being like a dad figure to her, yet with the former it's obvous the two are in disagreements regarding her. Lydia concides with this point, but it's been a while since she went on a quest with her other friends, as she has only done things with Lincolin, Ford, Ronnie Anne and Sid though Lincolin doesn't take that aspect seriously understanding her view point. Ronnie asks for Lincolin and Lydia to join them in the portal to the bunker with Ford, Lydia and Linc follow suit.

Ford, Lydia, Lincolin, Amanda, Cleo, Castiel, Doc and Rick all read the important paper Ford still had outside his bunker which details a plan Ford has to defeat Bill which he didn't succeed in the first time due to a complication. Ford tells the group they need to find zodiac signs, 10 of them to bring down Bill. While Lydia, Lincolin, Rick and Doc get it, Amanda, Cleo and Castiel don't and ask how Ford knows this. Ford explains that Bill Cipher is more personal to him they know and theorizes that Bill is really trying to go after Ford and is using his bonds with Lydia and Lincolin to do so.

Chapter 2

Lincolin tells Lydia and Ronnie Anne that he saw some truly disturbing sights that feel like the future. He saw deaths, he saw a fallen hero from the group who turned against them, He saw the possibility of a enemy of his returning to meddle with his life and saw a monster resembling his sisters. Ronnie Anne asks Lincolin how can he see that when Lucy is the one with the visions and Lydia questions the specifics. Lincolin admits to them he doesn't know any of them, he just saw them in random flashs of light which Lydia suspects that Bill Cipher is doing.

When it comes to the question mark symbol it goes on Ford leading Lydia, Lincolin, Amanda, Cleo and Rick to finding the symbol through a dark cave, Unknown to them NOS-4a2, Lord Dominator, Grime, Ushari and  The Gang Green Gang are also there with the the latter team lookng into the symbol.

The six find the question mark symbol and are then trapped by Lord Dominator, Grime and The Gang Green Gang. Ford remembers Dominator as part of the group who brought back Tofee and Bill CIpher and Dominator figures out he is who Cipher was talking about  and decides to have him captured for Bill though Amanda has different ideas though Grime joins Lord DOminator in fighting Amanda which Rick decides to help her. Lydia, Lincolin, Ford and Cleo sneak away from the two where Ace has Big Billy sit down on the 4 of them where NOS-4A2 and UShari show up ready to attack them, THe 4 get Big BIlly of them who Ace runs after to catch while Snake and Grubber hold Ford up with NOS-4A2 announcing that it's nice that Cleo is here because he has a suprise for her and Cleo wonders what and it's revealed.Emma and Rikki are both brainwashed into serving NOS-4A2, remade into sirens and unable to talk thanks to Ushari and he commands the two to kill Cleo and they comply. Cleo tries to fight off her friends while Ushari chokes Lincolin and threatens Lydia to give him the symbol or Cleo and Lincolin die.

Lydia remembers she has her Power Gauntets and tosses the snake before he poisons Lincolin and stops Arturo from stabbing her. NOS-4A2 and the two mermaids over power Cleo and torture her vicously as Lydia and Ford take on Snake and Grubber for the Question Mark Symbol.

Chapter 3

Lydia, Lincolin, Crowley and Amanda meanwhile discuss Lincolin's own visions and Lincolin reveals he saw another one. The Death of some of their teammates, Amanda asks who and Lincolin doesn't know but he did see 3 or 4 fall. Crowley and Lydia ponder that what could Bill be doing to Lincolin considering his lack of personal history compared to Lydia and Ford. Lydia feels Bill is trying to personally trying to hurt Lydia through Lincolin, though Amanda does think maybe he saw that vision when Ushari was choking him. Lincolin tells Amanda that he saw it afterwards and it wasn't him as he was there when it happens, Crowley offers to smack him to see if he gets another vision which Lincolin tells him not to, Lydia doesn't deounce Crowley but does think Lincolin can see someone who knows something about visions and prohecies and she pulls a book out and start reading it. Amanda and Crowley ask Lydia who she is planning to call, Lydia tells them that she is going to get someone who can help figure this stuff out to why he's seeing things

Rick confirms that the ship has landed and that they will take a look around their destination, Lincolin wants to go find the seers about his visions and Lydia offers to go with him.

He and Lydia arrive at the oracle/seer location and Lincolin learns that maybe it comes from some contact with his sister Lucy, a repressed memory and/or someone is messing with him. Lincolin quips that he knows Bill Cipher is behind the latter but doesn't really believe that his contact with Lucy is why he can see visions. He believes at the seer's advice that they should go back to Ford as he can help there in regards to what's going on. However fate has plans and Morag arrives and Lincolin is in pain after accidentaly inhaling Jin's ashes and Morag attacks Lincolin with the beast he saw in the vision and starts tormenting him with his doubts.

He is frozen in fear as his biggest fears arise and he doesn't snap out of unil Castiel, Crowley and Ronnie Anne arrive and Ronnie snaps Lincolin out of it and that the beast isn't real and he needs to save Lydia to from being killed by Luv. He realizes it's the truth and Crowley pushes him to save Lydia from Luv which he does but almost at the risk of his own.

Lincolin then scolds Morag for her treatment of him and pettiness displayed regarding their trip to Scotland when he never did anything to her apart from letting the power get to his head. Morag slashes Lincolin with a machete to get her revenge which leads to Lydia nearly killing her but he talks Lydia out of it before collapsing.

Chapter 4

Lincoln has managed to recover from his attack to the relef of Lydia, Ronnie Anne and Ford who have stayed by his side ever since he was unconsciousness. Lincolin asks how long he was out, and Ford tells Lincolin that he was out for 36 hours and that he being doing testing on Lincolin. Lydia who sat by Lincolin's bedside asks Ford what kind and Ford just says some kind. Ronnie Anne lightly hits him affectionaly glad that he is still alive which he does back to her. Lydia does tell LIncolin that he didn't fully recover as well he'll see, Lincolin asks Lydia what didn't recover and Ronnie Anne just states that just rub his gut

Lincolin finds to his horror that he has a scar on his chest which came from that attack and asks the other 3 about it. He was scared physically by Morag and a bit psychologically as the monster had his sister's heads on it which he was being gaslighted into thinking he was a terrible brother, Ronnie Anne points that is anything but the truth, while Lydia noticed that it had 9 heads, someone was missing. Lincolin takes both of their words for it and ponders about what he inhaled before hand beleivinvg that had a hand in his shock.

Ford decides to have Lydia and Ronnie Anne leave the room for a bit while he does more work on Linc when it comes to that and decides to do a scan on his body thinking Lincolin may be right and when Linc questions him if he's a doctor. Ford believes that only he really has any infomation with medical work since Rick and Doc are both scientists without medical degrees. Lincolin calls Ford arrogant as he is one too, Ford snaps back saying he's doing what he can and they are a bit too busy at the moment to contribute.

Ford tells Lydia and Ronnie Anne that he found something unusual in Lincolin's cells and that what he inhaled earlier in those ashes might be doing some work on him and he may not be aware of it. After Ronnie Anne falls sleep, Bill Cipher arrives again once to meddle with him, Ford and Lydia.

Lydia, Lincolin and Ford all not impressed with Bill's arrival and look ready to attack him. Bill taunts Lincolin about how his little creature he made. Linc asks how it came to be, Bill states that he was able to read into his great fear and use it on him, Lydia points out that he can't use it anymore which Bill brushes off. Toying with her braces, Bill took some enjoyment in watching Lydia nearly kill Morag as they made her lose control over a tom turkey tail kid who is clearly nuts as he stares at a wall. Lincolin takes offense to it and Bill just snaps his fingers and Lydia gets weighted down by bigger braces which Ford takes out a weapon and fires it at Bill. Lincolin trys to restrain Bill though Bill just drops Lydia on Lincolin telling him the adults need to talk knocking both of them out. Bill and Ford engage in conversation about their odds and Bill reveals he knows Ford has that riff that he's keeping to stop Bill from causing Weirdmageon and weaks his power. and that this game will get interesting. Ford tells him to get lost, Bill agrees but warns that things will change and Ford will the last of the crew to suffer.

Lydia's enlarged braces shrink as she wakes up and Lincolin asks Ford what to do now. Ford states that if Lincolin gets any more halluncations or visions inform him or Lydia. Also if he sees Bill Cipher in them

It seems that both Lydia and Linc have entered the actual space station and begin investigating the station. Lincolin is actually pretty impressed with what he's seeing and Lydia tells him to focus though she herself does admire the detail of the station. Lydia contacts Ford that she is in the station with Lincolin and they're fine and Ford advises her to go to try and find Castiel, Rick and Louise then get back to the dock. Lydia agrees and after she puts sighs back on Lincoln, he's in his Ace Savry Costume ready to invesitgate. Lincolin feels a bit awkard about changing in front of her, Lydia asks why did he bring the costume, Linc admits it's cool and Lydia rolls her eyes with a smile and admits that this is a rarirty so they might as well as have some fun.

The Two end up investigating and they find Storm troopers who go open fire on them. Lincolin distracts few with cards while Lydia swipes one of their blasters and opens fire on them passing one to Lincolin so he can get some chance himself. They Go through the hallways and they see Rick and Castiel who are allowing the two to cross their 1st bridge. Lincolin tries to get their attention but Rick states they're get back to them later and they're trying to find Louise and Castiel decides to continue helping the two though.

The kids continue going through the areas with Lincolin and Lydia taking turns going on each other's shoulders and tossing each other to stall the upcoming storm troopers in the next 2 waves while the other shoots at them. Before they reach a machine that they quickly build to allow them to continue traveling.

Lincolin gets a grappling hook out of his Ace Savry costume and uses it to help them travel with Lydia grabbing on Linc's foot as he does so. Afterwards, Lydia and Lincoin put on some helmets to disguise themselves and they manage to sneak pass a lot of them until they reach a room where they are found so Lincolin and Lydia decide to grab each other by the arm and spin each other in a circle to shoot all of them out and they're done.

Lydia notices Lincolin was shot and wants to get some meds but Lincolin's wounds suddenly start healing himself. Lydia asks Lincolin if this is new, Lincolin states it is, he didn't know about his ability to regenerate from wounds, He just noticed now. Lydia begins to notice the door slams shut and Morag shows up with Emma and Rikki. Morag orders Emma and Rikki to grab the girl and Lincolin wonders why Morag went with the Disney Villains and realizes that she is after both of them. Morag prepares a bucket of water for Emma and Rikki as she announces she's going to kill them both for revenge for Lydia nearly killing her and Lincolin for foiling her and that for Lydia she preparing a nasty fate for her having Emma use her Ice powers to pull water on Lydia and freeze it following by Morag shattering the ice. Lincoin horrified asks what Morag is going to do to him and she says that why she will literally shatter Lydia and with Lincolin she'll scorch him alive. She asks Rikki to grab Lincolin while Emma has Lydia.

Lydia states does Lincolin's healing factor help him, Lincolin's doubts come down to how far it goes as he just discovered it. Lydia asks would he like to discover the extent, Lincolin seems uneasy, but goes along with it, and Lincolin asks Lydia to hit him as they are being placed in buckets of hot and ice cold water. Lydia recultant but ultimately goes through it by putting her on the gauntlets and socking him hard on the chest which does cause one heck of a wound which starts healing but slowly. Morag is quick to notice and asks Rikki to just boil him. Lydia brings herself able to still move and pushes Morag down and Lincoin feels his feet are stil burning but he pulls through himself to save Lydia who Morag has Emma hold her up to start freezing her and instead freezing the water after Lydia takes her legs and Lydia throws the ice at Morag.

This is when Amanda and Cleo show up and Cleo whales on Morag for trying to murder Lydia and Lincolin and unlike last time she gives no shits about being ganged up, shaping her water powers and using them to keep them stalling and Amanda grabs both Lydia and Lincolin to prevent them from being hurt further. Morag uses a smoke bomb to escape and Cleo slams her hand in frustation about not getting Morag. Cleo hold Lydia while Amanda holds Lincolin and they tell Ford they need to bring them back.

Chapter 5

Lydia, Lincolin, Ford, Amanda, Cleo, Castiel, Rick, Crowley, Blissina, Shark Boy, Lava Girl, Ronnie Anne, Louise, May, Dawn, Doc and James Rogers Arrive at Newtopia. Ford and Rick lecture the group about Amphibia and that this is a new land to all them and to be  extra careful.

Lincolin asks Ford about what to do regarding Craft, Ford says that Doc will stay and keep a eye, as he is the oldest of the team, Doc does question this, considering Ford and Rick are old themselves.

Ford talks to Lydia, Lincolin, Amanda and Cleo after sending everyone out led by Rick, Cas and Crowley. Ford questions Lincolin asking if any more unusual aspects happened to him lately and Lincolin mentions that he was attacked and yet his injuries healed and quick, referring to it as a healing factor. Amanda scoffs at this say she has one too, but Lincolin is quick to point out she's an amazon, he's a human boy. She also mentions that now he feels special now, Lincolin disagrees and feels he just got it out of concidence. Cleo asks Lincolin about his visions, Lincolin saw 3 more things

1. Sid is in Newtopia, but did find some new friends, Lincolin spectautes they could find more allies in regards to Bill Cipher

2. There is some kind of Fever that turns merpersons into monsters, Cleo start thinking about this more as she has some knowledge

3. Toffee has a bigger agenda and he's in Newtopia plotting an attack on the King.

Ford questions Bill's real plan and knows Toffee has hiding his agenda and now it's time for it to become apparent. Lydia who has been quiet is thinking about what's going with him and Ford asks of Lydia's opinon.

Lydia feels that the healing factor is only the start of some of Linc's alterations and that some other things are going to happen and not out of instinct, since she noticed that when Morag had Emma and Rikki attack both of them. Amanda comments that Lydia has been trying to figure out what's happening to him for nights and not getting any sleep, Lydia states she's fine and gets her stuff. Cleo concerned for Lydia's insomnia asks Amanda and Lincolin to assist her in trying to make sure Lydia doesn't overwork herself.

Lincolin overhears some destructon sounds and sees a collapsed exausted Lydia with her gauntlets on with some blown up property.  Lydia tells him, she saw Bill and he was cryptic and making threats to her. Lincolin tells Lydia she needs to sleep and he understands Lydia is trying to help him but she can't put her ability to sleep aside for it and that he'll help her not overwork herself. Lydia says she has to help  him from what's going on with him which Linc retorts he has to save her himself as her state is why Bill targeted her like he did with Ford. Lincolin grabs Lydia's hand and runs back to the others. Lydia throws up a bit and Lincolin questions this big burst of speed he had getting back to The rest

After Toffee blows up parts of Newtopia, Ford, Lydia and Lincolin decide they must split up to deal with the split up group  and that they must keep the land safe. Cleo, Castiel and Crowley are the odd ones who head to the castle intend to reside safety as Rick instructs them that Sid is in there somewhere and they can get her there.

Lincolin tries to figure out what is happening to him regarding his healing factor, speed and visions. When he is confronted by the Gang green Gang who amibably chat with Lincolin and Ace does thank Lincolin for saving Big Billy which the latter also does as well. Lincolin asks what are they doing here. Snake tells Lincolin that Toffee set up this invasion on Newtopia to emilnate the people standing in his way at the moment which includes them, these other kids and the King of the land as Toffee sent them to scout the land for the invasion. Lincolin knew about the latter due to a vision thing he saw,

Ace regretfully tells Lincolin that they have to kill him but they'll be fair and have Lincolin fight them one at a time. Lincolin agrees and goes through Arturo, Snake, Grubber, Big Billy and Ace. He basically dons his Ace Savry costume and uses cards to disract Grubber and Arturo while pulling out some quick manuvers to get around being spitted on or stabbed on. Then he uses his wits to get around Snake and Big Billy by using both speed and sliding under Big Billy and tripping Snake over. Ace is left and he decides to try and stab Lincolin with Arturo's machete but the wound does heal quickingly which has him question who is Lincolin and he asked the same thing. Lincolin thinks this is dumb and spares Ace and allows him to get the others back, as he didn't really hurt them and justs run off. Ace questions why didn't Lincolin attack any of them and when so pacifistic.

Lincolin,Ronnie Anne, Cleo and Amanda find Ford who has a Collapsed Lydia in his hand to all their shock and they are also aqquainted to Anne and Luz. Despite their recent introduction, Anne and Luz help them with gettng Lydia's teeth back in place.

Ford, Ronnie Anne, Lincolin, Anne, Luz, Cleo and Amanda where she wanders how long she was out. Lydia wonders what else happened, Lincolin and Ford say that they lost quite a few of their allies to comas and trophization thanks to Toffee's attack so they weren't exactly 100% victorius. Lincolin offers to bunk with her for the night to keep her company if she wants,  Cleo and Ronnie Anne both insist on Lincolin to do so as if anyone should be there it should the best friend/partner and he agrees.

Chapter 6

Everyone is asleep in the Newtopia Castle as everyone is preparing to leave to Austrailia the following day.

Lincoln and Lydia are both sleeping in the bed Lydia was lying in regards to her teeth and Lincoln manages to wake up at 1am and sits on the balcony thinking to himself and Lydia notices and sees Lincoln on the balcony

Lydia asks what's Lincoln doing up this late, and Lincoln has been thinking about everything that has happened and how he's going to move foward. He tells Lydia that just like her, he's trying to figure what's happening to him. Lydia points out he was techinally sleeping with 4 hours with her and then he just wakes up. Lydia gets a phone call and hears her pizza and root beer are here. Lincoln confesses he used her phone to order pizza due to Lydia having a constant history ordering pizza for several days in a row. Lydia rolls her eyes at this but accepts this and gets it since she took out pizza so much during her insomniac days

As the two drink root beer and eat pizza, Lincoln asks Lydia about why she's been acting so sleep deprived and determined regarding him. Lydia confesses to Lincoln that  he is her closest friend and the one most likely to be by her side, Lincoln confused about this asks Lydia what she really means. Lydia points out age is very much a reason, Cleo and Amanda are both almost young adults and Ford is rather old and this worries her that she'll lose Cleo, Amanda and Ford all within years or get out of touch with them. Lincoln is really her only friend outside of Ronnie Anne and Sid she has

Lincoln questions what about her friends at Flying Rhino?. Lydia reveals that her family is moving and she decided to be just friends with Marcus which she came off a bit fresh off of when she when to meet Amanda and Cleo.  Lydia doesn't even know where she moving to so She might have to find a way to see everyone again. Lincoln sympthatizes with Lydia realizing her struggles and why hasn't Lydia told anyone.

Lydia just didn't want someone worrying about her, but felt comfortable telling her partner when it was just  them. Lincoln rests on Lydia's shoulder as he feels estactic that Lydia chose to confide in him. He sees the moon and asks if she  ever seen a red moon and Lydia never has she tells him, Lincoln tells her it's a blood moon and it's a rarity that the two can see as he rests his head on her lap As the two continue to look at the moon.

Lydia, Lincolin, Ford, Cleo, Amanda, Rick, Cas, Crowley, Luz, Anne, Cricket Green, Blissina, Dawn, Ronnie Anne, Sid Chang, King, Eda, Sprig all wake up after their night. Lydia and Lincoln are both quite sleepy still which Ford notes and asks what where they doing, Lincoln tells Ford he was talking with Lydia and snacking on pizza and soft drinks. Cleo mothers Lydia about ignoring the order to get some sleep, Lydia states she got 4 more hours of sleep and Lincoln got up first.

Luz tells Lydia and Lincoln that she'll saw them awake and she eavesdrops on them. Lydia wonders why Luz was doing this to. Luz was needed a glass of water and she heard them talking and listened for a bit. Lincoln asked if she saw the blood moon, Luz did see it and she offers to be Lydia's friend understanding her stuggles. Lincoln tells Lydia her worries were for naught, at least slightly. Lydia agrees and asks Luz for her number and Luz puts her number in Lydia's phone as the three board the ship with the rest of them waiting for them.

Rick, Eda and Ford get the ship ready and they set sail to Austrailla as everyone sits in their seats. Ford explains to Lydia and Lincoln the riff he has that is keeping Bill Cipher at bay and that he told everyone else yesterday.  Cleo introduces Ford, Lydia, Lincoln, Amanda, Luz, Anne and Cricket to Lewis, Crowley shows him to the bedroom. Cricket eating some snacks with Anne and Lincoln wonders how could he help.

Amanda, Ronnie Anne,  Lincoln and Cricket are watching Lydia, Luz, Anne and Ford talk as they were also ready to talk to Lydia about it. When Lincoln senses something and immmediatly starting running to Ford, Anne, Lydia and Luz, Ronnie Anne asks Lincoln what is and Lincoln said that something is going to blow and it's coming from the sea, Cricket calls them sea mines and Ronnie Anne just shoots him a glare over this. Amanda grabs Ronnie Anne and Cricket following Lincoln. Lincoln yells at Lydia, Ford, Luz and Anne to get off the side and Anne asks why and that's when mines go off and it's felt with Lincoln grabbing Lydia, Luz and Anne in bridal fashion and Amanda getting Ford. Amanda comments on Lincoln's super senses asking if that's part of the "curse" Lincoln said he had a gut feeling which turned out true. Ronnie Anne and Ford both feel NOS-4A2 may be here since Toffee wouldn't do this alone if he was taking a direct action.

Mandarin decides to use his lobster claw to basically tear Kim into the water intending to kill her. Lincoln does notice something is pulling her under and throws a piece of wood at him, distracting him and loosing his grip where Kim falls in the water, though Lincoln manages to save her  from drowning and brings her to the shore. Cleo thanks Lincoln for saving her sister's life and Lincoln says to think nothing of it.

Kim does wake up and thanks Cleo and especially Lincoln for saving her. She takes a liking to Lincoln and start hitting on him even wanting to take him out for lunch holding his hand no less. Lydia having enough of this and seething with fury interveres telling Kim, that he is booked and they have an argument with Kim asking is  Lydia supposed to be Lincoln's girlfriend, Lydia denies this and says she's is Lincoln's sidekick. Kim then tells her to stay out of his personal life then and that she wants to go tonight with Lincoln and asks him, Lincoln too much of a doormat says yes and Kim leaves telling Lincoln to see him later. Lincoln tells Lydia he doesn't have any interest in her he just is doing it to get her away from Lydia for a while. Ford decides that the best way to work on the fish fever cure is to split up and get the job done. Ford and Lincoln agree to take most of the crew out while Lydia, Cricket and Cleo decide to stay put at the house.

Lincoln is with Ronnie Anne, Luz and Anne as they all go through their parts, Ronnie Anne and Anne the three girls probe Lincoln for accepting a date with Cleo's sister. Lincoln states that he really was put in a uncomfortable spot regarding this and Cleo was present so he didn't want to anger her. Anne refers to Lincoln as a doormat, but that he can learn from it. Lincoln questions Anne on this, Anne just tells Lincoln to stand up for himself more.

Luz has already got some stuff and tells Lincoln how he's going to kill it tonight. Anne glares at Luz that she seems okay with it. Luz states that she thinks Lincoln is awkard, but cute similar to herself. Luz thinks Linc needs to get out there a bit, Anne disagrees on this at the wrong time but after.

Lincoln shows up in a suit who is ready for that date, Luz comploments Lincoln on looking all spiffy though Linc is a bit recluctant to do this date. Anne and Ronnie Anne both seem to agree with Luz's admiration of  Lincoln suits a suit.

Lydia takes Lincoln to the back and ties his bow up telling him to keep an eye incase for NOS-4A2, She suspects he will try to attack Lincoln like her and Ford. Lincoln states he'll be fine, he hasn't foreseen anything bad happened. Lydia admits this is odd and tells Lincoln that tell Ford and her anything that happens. Kim then shows up and tells Lincoln and it's time and he can talk to the red head later. Cleo wishes Kim good  luck and tells Lincoln not to feel too bad.

Lincoln and Kim are eating out together and Lincoln feels very awkard about this as he doesn't share her crush on him but does feel that Kim has a sincere crush on him. They share stories and get some laughs out of it when Lincoln asks his most thought question and Kim's problem with Lydia come forefront. Kim hates that Lydia replaced her as Cleo's little sister and feels she's losing her sister to some other girl. Lincoln asks has she ever told Cleo that, and this makes her pause.

Kim admits she thought Cleo knew that aleady and that she's been not around a lot due to her time with Lydia. Lincoln asks about Amanda and Ford and Kim doesn't really have issues with them, it's pretty much just Lydia. Lincoln offers to help Kim be a better sister  to Cleo and she agrees

Lincoln and Kim are finishing their session when the waiter offers the bill except it's NOS-4A2 intending to attack Lincoln and Kim and he does so

N0S-4A2 tosses Kim to the ground and he goes after Lincoln intending to kill him with Lincoln fending for himself using anything he can find from chairs to using tables to  defend himself. Lincoln is defending Kim from N0S-4A2 intending to make sure she isn't killed by NOS-4A2, N0S-4A2 decides to pick up Lincoln and is ready to slash Lincolin once more to finish what Morag started. Eda, Ford and Lydia all show up in time to stop this, Eda uses her magic to keep NOS-4A2 from this and Lydia goes to save Lincoln from this with Lincoln falling onto Lydia. Ford tells Lincoln to leave as he and Eda will defeat N0S-4A2.

Lincolin states this is something he has to do for himself and  tells Eda and Ford to get Kim out of here. Lydia asks what about her, Lincolin wants Lydia to get some retailation on the vampire and asks her to help him with it. NOS-4A2 intends to finish what he started to do and kill Lydia. Lincoln attacks N0S-4A2 straight out and grabs his torso and tosses him who regains his landing and Lydia gets a rope to keep NOS-4A2 disposed for Lincoln to attack him and Lincoln does that smacking him in the head and N0S-4a2 slashes Lincoln in the chest, giving Lydes some concern and it turns he has physical strength to his name and his chest scar is sharper. Lydia's concern turns to surpise which turns to interest. NOS-4A2 intends to snap the rope but Lincoln grabs his mouth and tells Lydia to do the honors and she smashes NOS-4A2's fangs.

Ford is doing a body scan on Lincoln with Lydia, Amanda,Ronnie Anne, Anne, Castiel and Luz are watching as Ford is detecting  that it seems Lincoln's attributes seem superhuman in ability and this latest attack proved it. Anne comments that Lincoln seems pretty strong for someone  who is pretty geeky, Lydia states that these abilities seem to come in an instinct an she asks Ford did Bill have an effect on this, and Ford confirms Bill did not as Ford did experimenting on Lincoln and he reacted quick andwhen he hurt Lincoln slighty he healed quickly

Ronnie Anne asks Lincoln how his date went, Lincoln states that it was fine. But he doesn't really feel  anything for her, he just saw her as a friend. Ronnie asks why, Lincoln states that  she just feels that way, Ronnie asks if he would perfer sometime with someone else. Lincoln admits that she did give him a good time, she has issues with Lydia and her relationship with Cleo feeling like Lydia was stealing her sister. Ronnie laughs at the ridculous reason to her, Lincoln states that he gets it.

The Morning afterwards and is everyone is alseep except Ford and Eda who decided to stay up and keep an vilgant eye  while drinking together about their lives. Lydia and Lincoln are asleep in a sleeping blanket they shared together with Lincoln lying on Lydia as he just felt knocked out from the night.Eda and Ford serve breakfast to the crew and Eda notes that they must have not slept well with Anne and Sprig giving nervous grins to all of them with gulity  written all over them. Ronnie Anne and Lincoln decide to work together to prank them after this is all done. Louise wants to make them pay for their pranks, and almost socks Anne for it. Anne tells Louise it was a joke and Sprig states that she has a poor reaction to jokes. Lydia, Lincoln, Cricket and Anne drop Rikki in the pool and state thank god they got here as Cricket states were out  of sea food and Rikki was almost ready to try and eat him. Anne comments that he's a bug not a fish,Cricket states she halluncated him as  a fish

The evening afterwards where everyone is having a barbquece on Mako Island, Marcy shows up out of the portal and Anne wonders where Marcy was. Lydia asks did Marcy accomplish her mission?, Sid then asks what she find out. Marcy answers Lydia, Sid and Anne with a pentagram zodiac mark and gives it to Ford. Ford asks Marcy where she found it and Marcy states at Whistler Casino where she worked with A Multiversal P.I who Andrias got her into touch with. Lincoln wonders what kind and Marcy states someone who knows the multiverse well and the mission is complete

Amanda asks Marcy about the P.I, and Marcy states she can't diverfuge his name but he and sidekick can be counted on and that she will have them help her when she needs something

Lydia, Lincoln, Luz, Sid, Cleo, Anne, Ford and Amanda all wonder who Marcy could be talking about though Amanda thinks that Marcy is a bit too in the zone, which Anne admits is a recurring issue regarding Marcy.

Chapter 7

Lydia and Lincoln are both together in their aduction and they try to get a hold of the others and this is where The Ganggreen gang find them, but they seem to have super powers now thanks to Toffee doing something to them. Lydia and Lincoln do anaysis and know exactly what their powers orginate from. Ace wants to see if Lydia and Lincoln can keep up with them now and that they got these powers to take on the dynamic duo and Lydia states they're trying to kill them. SNake states that's not the point, it's Toffee and Bill that do, not the Gang themselves and they wouldn't if it was up to them. Lincoln decides to start the fight

Lincoln takes on Snake and Big Billy while Lydia fights Ace and Arturo. Grubber uses his own powers to have the two cover their ears letting the 4 of them attack Lydia and Lincoln with Snake grabbing them, and Ace freezzing them while ready to drop Big Billy on them. Lydia summons the power from the gauntlets and stops Big Billy from being dropped on them, hands it over to Lincoln and he tosses it at them, Lydia hands Lincoln some headphones to get around Grubber.

Ace fires icicles at Lydia who summons the mind stone to send them at Ace, who puts an Ice Wall on them and Ace takes an icicle and intend to stab Lydia in the leg. Lydia slides under Ace and then uses the Time Stone to slow down Ace's attempt to catch this. Lydia then summons the power stone to punch through Ace's Ice Walls he forms and is ready to do pound Ace. Arturo dashes very fast at Lydia socking her mulitple times, Lydia switches to the space stone to teleport from it. Ace makes an ice wall and Arturo dashes on the ice and throws Ice balls at her. Lydia uses the Reality stone to turn them into bubbles. Lydia switches back to the power stone and duplicates the speed Arturo uses and then slides on Arturo and tosses him at Ace

Grubber focuses on Lydia and manages to burp loudly and she doesn't have her headphones on as Arturo got rid of them. Ace and Arturo are unconsciusness and Lydia struggles with handling this and trys to decide on what stone to use. She decided to use the mind stone to have telekensis used on Grubber and dropped him to the ground.

Lincoln and Lydia arrive alongisde Ford, Cricket, Louise and Marcy Wu in regard to Toffee pursuing Cleo. which Toffee finds out is because of Lincoln's sense tingling

Toffee seems suprised that Lincoln could do just that. Ford, Lydia, Lincoln, Cricket, Louise and Marcy Wu are ambushed by the Geki Clan who Toffee sent to keep them distracted from the real plan. Cleo pretty much furious with Toffee uses her aerokienesis powers of water as she wanted to keep this power for the most drastic situations

Toffee then impales Cleo with his tail to the shock of Lydia, Lincoln and Ford

Toffee then throws Cleo in the ocean as a way for her to go out. Lydia jumps into the ocean wanting to save Cleo which has Marcy, Ford and Lincoln try to stop her. Lincoln though decides to save her too. Ford calls Lincoln on making this dumb decision, but Lincoln tells ord he is not leaving Lydia like this, Ford states while noble this is a perfect opporunity for Toffee to kill them too.

Lydia, Lincoln, Ford, Marcy Wu, Ronnie Anne Cricket and Louise arrive back to the rest of the group and Amanda asks where is Cleo. Ford states that Toffee has his way with her, and Lydia adds that he murdered Cleo in cold blood and tossed her body into the ocean as well as murdering the other mermaids.

Marcy states that Andiras also showed up to stop Toffee from killing Lydia, Lincoln and themselves as the duo tried to save Cleo's limp body. Lydia still acquired a scale of Cleo's  mermaid body and intends that they must burry it, Louise thinks it's pretty cool Lydia got even that. Lincoln adds despite his new found strength he just didn't have enough breath to save her from possibly drowning.

Sprig, Luz and Anne comfort Lydia, Lincoln and Amanda on their loss as they were all close to her. SId and King are upset as despite their actions, they still lost the girls and had Cleo and her boyfriend as an added bonus, Sid in particular is upset and can't focus on this with this and the fact Ibuki is working for Toffee and was involved in her death. Eda asks Ford what is he thinking of doing

Back in Austraila at the graveyard all the heroes are there holding a ceremonal for the 4 killed teens. Ronnie Anne suspects that KIm will blame Lydia for her sister's death and Lydia states that she would suspect this too due to their hatred of each other in regards to both Cleo and Lincoln. Lincoln is being comforted by Kim over her sister as she knew the two were close, and she does approach Ronnie Anne and Lydia. Lydia and Ronnie Anne prepare to be blasted by her, but to Lydia's suprise, KIm cuts Lydia a break and states that she doesn't blame Lydia for Cleo's death and while they're still rivals she isn't willing to throw her sister's death on Lydia and that they can renew it when the time is right. Lydia shocked by this lack of hostiltiy tells Ronnie Anne and Lincoln it's so unusual on this, Lincoln who is still dirty goes to take a bath and Lydia decides she needs to talk to him. Ronnie Anne wonders if Lydia is going to tell him the truth

Lincoln is getting washed off of the dirt with Lydia basically brushing him off and Lincoln feels cursed that despite everything, he feels a failure for Cleo's death. Lydia states it's not his fault, he did more than he should and if he just went in with a scuba helmet he would have succedded. Lincoln points out he wanted to help Lydia save Cleo due to how close the girls were.

Lincoln regretfully states that he wanted to feel special, he got his wish and he still feels miserabe because he has to adjust to a bigger physique, a scar and dealing with heightened senses. Lydia points that he's oughta be thankful for Eda's ability to make clothes that constrain these changes, Lincoln is thankful for this.

Lydia says Lincoln is better than he thinks he is. Despite these powers he has, Lincoln is still himself and she wouldn't have it any other way and explains that he is special if he can take the use of the Soul stone without dying which suprises both of them. Powers don't make the hero, the person they are makes the hero Lydia tells him and she wouldn't want to be partners with a kid who was arrogant or insfuferable and that she would pick a insecure albeit kind and modest kid to be her partner.

Lincoln wanders if Lydia is mad at Ford for Cleo, Lydia admits she is a little mad with him as she could have saved her and yet all she had is one of Cleo's scales.  Lincoln is ready to get out of the bath and asks Lydia for help as he still is a bit clumsy thanks to the adjustment he mentioned which Lydia grabs him by his arm, helping him out adjust a bit to his feet.

Lydia and Lincoln both see Ford and Lydia calls out Ford for not helping save Cleo as she wanted to save her dear friend. Ford states that had no intent to have Lydia die on his watch and Cleo proably would have been dead either way due to the wounds. Lydia states that there could have been a way to save Cleo even without that, Lincoln calms Lydia about her anger about Ford's words. Lincoln tells Ford that Lydia is right about her being angered that Ford stopped her and him from saving Cleo, but Ford has his own point as well. Ford tells Lydia that she woud have suffocated and he's not intent to let his kid die over something like that or have Toffee have his way with Lydia. Ford also childes Lincoln for stupidly jumping in the water to get Lydia.

Bill Cipher shows up and find the trio and greets them as Red brace face, turkey tom and Ford. Ford asks Bill now what is he here for none of them are asleep. Bill states one of them is sleep deprived and Lincoln aas well as Ford look at Lydia. Lydia states she's awake and it turns out Lincoln is the one sleep deprived. Bill taunts Lincoln for not being see that attack coming at Toffee's hand or N0S-4a2's intruding on him earlier, and that Lincoln only foresaw what CIpher wanted him to see. Lincoln is mad about being messed with and tells Bill to get lost. Bill Cipher baits Lincoln to fisticuff him, when Lydia calms Lincoln off and tells Bill that whatever Bill wants to do with Lincoln, Bill will have to deal with her 1st. Bill moves on to Lydia and taunts her about her inability to save Cleo and that she calls herself some heroine if she can't save her friend, Lydia doesn't listen to Bill and points he orchrasted Cleo's death indirectly as Toffee actively did it.

Ford states that Toffee and Bill won't get away with this and Bill states that he already has gotten away with killng Cleo and others. Bill states that in this game of chess between him and Ford he has the upper hand and that check mate will be soon for Ford and he may have to be make a safrice in order to beat him.

Lincoln and Lydia tell Amanda, Ronnie Anne, Sid and King about their encounter with Bill CIpher with Ford. Amanda asks if Lydia is calm now, Lydia states she is and that Lincoln was the one going nuts. Lincoln tells Lydia he was not going nuts, but he was more sleep deprived than Lydia or Ford which Ronnie Anne asks about. Lincoln tells Ronnie Anne that Bill gaslighted Lincoln into thinking he had the ability to predict the future and then took away when Toffee plotted that major attack.

Ronnie Anne feels that Bill must be aware of Lincoln's close friendship with Ford and Lydia and attacked him through proxy to get at them.  Lydia states that's in Bill's MO and considering that would explain it and that she will need Castiel or Crowley to go into Lincoln to discover what caused the other things to happen to him, Sid asks what other things is Lydia talking about and Lydia tells Sid about everything that Lincoln has shown recently

King tells them that Marcy may want him and Sid to accompany her to Newtopia as that king has some news for them. Sid wonders why Marcy wants her specifcally and King believes that Marcy wants to protect Sid due to her being kinda helpless at Ibuki and the ninja's grasp, Sid counters with that they used trickery to escape. King knows that, he just states that won't always help them and just states what he thinks.

Ford decides that he must see his former assistant Fiddleford and puts Lincoln and Lydia in charge of it and it's the most crucial of all their directives.Rick complains why Lydia and Lincoln get the most important task and Amanda shares this stance what makes them so special. Amanda gets they're Ford's closest associates but wonders why them alone and Rick states they're both just normal kids albeit smart ones. Ford states that Lydia and Lincoln are the only normal heroes in the same team and are the most level headed of the crew. Amanda states then she is going to go to protect them, Lincoln states they don't need Amanda's protection, the Double L duo can take care of themselves as he highfives Lydia. Lydia states Amanda can accompany him but they have to deal with the investigation themselves. Amanda agrees to those terms .

Lincoln techninally starts dressing up in his Ace Savry Costume as he is ready to go on his mission when Anne, Amanda and Ronnie Anne come in. Lincoln tells them he was changing into his costumer and to knock 1st

Ronnie Anee states that Lincoln being act weirdly lately even for himself, Lincoln states he's on edge due to Bill Cipher, and Cleo being killed and what happened with him. Amanda tells Lincoln to beware what he wished for, which Lincoln shuts her up immediatly telling Amanda that he knows that already. Anne understands Lincoln's paranoia and that is a lot to take in.

Ronnie Anne gets curious why only Lincoln, Lydia and Ford are the only ones who see Bill Cipher despite everyone fighting him, and Lincoln spectulates that Bill proably singles out the three of them the most as his favorite targets. Anne and Amanda ask about Lincoln's powers and Lincoln stats they always come out at unexpected times and he doesn't how they do so. Anne states that maybe they're caused by fight or flight reponses which isn't that far fetched according to Ronnie Anne, Ronnie Anne adds that Lydia has talked to her about them and gave her 2 cents that they should get Castiel or Crowley to go into him. Amanda asks how aware Lydia is of this, Ronnie Anne says that Lydia is incredibly aware of them due to her seeing them herself.

Lincoln states that every power he has shown emerged when he was threatened or Lydia was threatned. Lydia was present for every single instance which Amanda and Anne being to spectulate as a result which Lincoln wonders why they should Lydia is his best friend.

Anne teases Lincoln is in his real feelings for her, stating is Lincoln's powers showing up as a result of his love for Lydia. Amanda joins in saying Lincoln is in love with Lydia, which he denies. Ronnie Anne keeps her mouth shut knowing that Lincoln's feelings are mutual for Lydia. Anne sees Lincoln blushing and keeps needling him about and Lincoln states that the two are just partners and best friends. Amanda says partners/best friends who go above and beyond to help, protect one another and discuss personal lives wih each other.

Lincoln admits the two are very close but is insecure of Lydia liking liking him back. Lincoln voices aloud how he is very confused about how he feels, that he doesn't understand why he acts the way he does around Lydia, and that he doesn't always like it. Lincoln feels he does stupid things that get him in danger when Lydia is at risk, Amanda says well Lydia does a lot of risky things for him as well.

Anne states that Lincoln and Lydia have that one thing in common, they both do risky things for one another to help each other and that it's not a bad thing wholeheartly it's states they're devoted to each other and are equals. Lincoln asks Anne why she thinks that and Anne explicits stated that she and Lincoln both could work like that well if they knew each other better like Lydia does. Lincoln states and he has quite a bit in common with her so they get each other and their interests as well as how they react in a way few do.

Anne and Amanda both leave wth Lincoln to see Ford and Lydia. Lincoln, Amanda, Ronnie Anne and Anne show up and Ford comments on why Lincoln is dressed like he's going trick or treating. Lincoln states it's for stealth and that it's a mission, which Anne calls endearing and dorky perfect for Lincoln. Amanda asks Ford if he found the location of his assistant, Ford tells Amanda that the former Northwest mansion is where they must go and to take Lincoln and Lydia to the mansion.

Lydia, Lincoln and Amanda arrive at Northwest Manor and Amanda asks if this is Fiddleford's home. Lydia explains that it used to be the Northwests but they lost it when The Patriach of the Northwest when he invested in Bill Cipher. Lincoln wonders how they knew about Bill, Lydia states that Pacifica's Father invested in Bill and was willing to sell out everyone to be his horsemen of the acolpayse. In turn Bill rearranged his face and Amanda points what an idiot which Lincoln agrees with.

Lydia states that Fiddleford is knowledgeable in certain aspects and that he can help them out. Lincoln tells Amanda to wait outside while he and Lydia go in to the manor. Amanda asks why can't see come, Lincoln explains that he and Lyds need to do this themselves. Lydia compromises and tells Amanda she can come in but they invesitgate

Lydia knocks on the door and Fiddleford answers and Lydia tells him that her name is Lydia and this is Lincoln and that the other girl is Amanda. Lincoln adds that his old colleague Stanford sent them and Fiddleford familar with his old colleague lets them in and he asks what Stanford is requesting them for. Lydia tells him that Ford had an idea he could help out them and their friends regarding Bill Cipher and Toffee, Lincoln asks can he help out?, Fiddleford agrees that he may not know about Toffee, but he does for Bill Cipher and he feels there may be some stuff down in the basement that could help, Lydia states that she and Lincoln will investigate and that Amanda should stay up here.

Lydia and Lincoln investigate and ask what was Ford's idea regarding Fiddleford. Lincoln thinks that possibly Ford has an idea in regards to Bill, Lydia wonders why here in particular and Lincoln points to Lydia something he found and it's a tapstry regarding people bowing to Bill Cipher. Lydia wonders why would the manor have a tapstry of Bill Cipher and Lincoln questions this too once he finds something and shows it to Lydia

Lydia takes it and recongizes a memory gun and Lincoln asks how Lydia knows it's a memory gun and Lydia states that it orginated from this Society of the Blind Eye which she saw on a manual right next to the memory gun. SHe shows the manual to Lincoln who reads it, thinking that maybe they have a plan to do in Bill Cipher, Lincoln states they do have the zodiac signs they're getting but thinks they has to be a better way to do it, Lydia asks Lincoln how this could work, Lincoln states they can make a plan to trap Bill while he's confided in someone's head.

Lydia tells Lincoln to give her the gun and she'll keep it with her in case she needs to use it. Lincoln asks does she know how to use it, Lydia has confidence she does and that he shouldn't worry about her.

Lincoln and Lydia look for a way out as they search around the basement. Lydia feels like a fool for falling for a trap at Toffee's hand and that she should be more alert. Lincoln tells Lydia it's not her fault and that they couldn't possibly have known of that. Lincoln then stares in horror without realizing Lydia is talking to him, Lydia tells Lincoln what's up and then she shares his horror.

The taxidermy animal heads mounted on the wall, which are now oozing blood. They scream as the big fire came from the fireplace as the animal heads begin chanting "ancient sins" in a deep voice, and items start floating in the air. Lincoln tells Lydia that it seems like this is a ghost haunting the basement, Lydia doesn't believe ghosts exist, and Lincoln asks does she at to belive now, and Lydia agrees she will now. Things get worse , and suddenly the flames in the fireplace grow large again. The two hide under a table and a skeleton emerges from the fireplace and the taxidermy animals come to life, and the animals chase the two as the ghost turns them neary everything into wood.

Lincoln now start feeling his own worst fear, He has felt fear before with his sisters and in his insecurity. Lincoln however feels something that's worse it's a humanoid of goo with pigtails and it starts attacking Lincoln and rather viciously as Lincoln is quick to recongize the familiarty of the humanoid and spends his time trying to dodge and using cards to distract it and does attempt to attack it. While he gets a few hits in, The humanoid is pretty swift itself and does it's own very share of dodging. Lincoln slides around and uses more of his cards to distract the humanoid and then kicks it down.

The Humanoid of goo grab Lincoln and begin talking saying that he is clearly foolish to think he could defeat it, let alone have a chance with it. Lincoln denies the idea of having a chance saying it has no idea what's it talking about. The Humanoid goes on further and says he's so transparent and it knows his wants, and he will never get it. It calls him a freak, bland and calls the human equilvant of a rabbit due to his white fair, teeth and feet and states no one wants to be friends with a rabbit kid. Lincoln is noticably hurt by this and the humanoid generates a knife intending to put Lincoln out of his misery.

Before he is truly stabbed, Lydia manages to save Lincoln by summoning the gauntlet's telekinetitc powers to stop it. Lincoln is dropped which Lydia saves and then Mandarin grabs her with his claw and hands her to the Ford halluncation and Lincoln saves her by heabutting the monkey. Morag tells Mandarin to use the amulet again and he refuses that it's personal now. The magnets, Ford halluncation and the humanoid gang on the two

Lincoln and Lydia both nod to each other and Lincoln tosses Lydia in the air and Lydia uses the Time Stone to slow down time everything down except Lincoln who runs towards them and jumps on Mandarin's claw and grabs his claw and tosses him at the wall which Lydia turns it back on and then Mandarin just retreats realziing they're not afraid of him

Lydia and Lincoln sigh and sigh until Lydia ends up embracing Lincoln and he reciporates this. Both of them start to blush without the other noticing

Lincoln and Lydia are at the Smokey Joe's All You can eat eating Pizza and they discuss their fears that were in shown to them. Lincoln asks Lydia about her fear of being an unworthy apprentice for Ford, and Lydia states she has her own insecurity of being a worthy apprentice to Ford considering she's not into the weirdness like he is, or a scientist like he is and feels she was an odd choice to pick and their only shared connection was Bill Cipher. Lincoln spectuates that despite that, there was something about her that drew Ford to her to take Lydia as his apprentice in maybe their interests being geeky and dorky similar to the two of them.

Lydia explains that the braces is something she has always being teased and this does make her uncomfortable at the worst of times. She then asks Lincoln about that humanoid of goo with pigtails and what was they supposed to represent. Lincoln confesses it's a girl he realized he has a crush on and he was afraid of being betrayed and/or rejected, which Lydia finds  ridclous on pretenses that he is a caring young boy who shouldn't let that get him down in which the irony is sweet, as Lydia is unaware that Lincoln was talking about her. Lincoln continues that it took shots at his feet and teeth being rabbit like and his orange polo shirt being bland, Lydia rolls her eyes again and states his family are like rabbits in just how big the Loud Family is and just that. Lydia asks does he feel better, and Lincoln asks if Lydia feels okay now that Ford's actions made her wrong fearful of rejection and disappointment from him. Lydia states yes and that in the future, if anyone feels fear or is scared of something that they should talk about it, and Lincoln agrees as the two felt better talking to each other and Lydia toasts to the Double L Duo the two clearly are

Lincoln then tells Lydia that he intends to get Castiel and Crowley to help him discover what's going on in there, as he wants to know what's phsyically wrong with him. Lydia states that it's wise to get both of them to help him. Lincoln asks Lydia if she can help the duo too, and Lydia is unsure as she knows nothing about possession through angels and demons, Lincoln states that her and Lincoln are basicaly an duo that can accomplish a lot when together and tells Lydia to repeat after him and that they can fix this together which Lydia blushes and smiles that they can do this.

Marcy Wu sits down and asks if she interrupted anything and both of them say no. Marcy tells Lincoln and Lydia that she has been incontact with her Multiversal private detective and he's been investigating Cleo's death and found blood samples. Lincoln asks Marcy Wu did she tell her P.I, Marcy states that he found it by accident due to drunk team mates and found the blood samples and that he got a clear up crew to erase the whole thing from happening. Lydia states what does it mean, Marcy states that the body might have being stolen.

Chapter 8

Lincoln decides to suck it up and ask Castiel and Crowley for help with what's inside him as he explains he really had become very curious about it and states the only people who help him are the two of them. Castiel agrees, though Crowley is a little recluctant as he was promised grave digging. Lincoln asks Crowley what does he want his soul?, Crowley tells Lincoln if he wanted a soul, he would want Morag's as he's more likely to get it.

Lincoln asks then what does he want and Crowley asks for his parents aged 30 years alcohol from their cellar. Lincoln asks why that and Crowley explains he's a man of taste, Lincoln thinks on this and agrees.

He and Lydia brief about the arrangement and he reassures Lydia he didn't sell his soul to Crowley so not to worry. Lincoln does feel a bit more at ease than before though still he does have his doubts and fears.

Lincoln tells Ford that they're not going with him to Mewni as Lincoln has agreed to have Castiel and Crowley both go through his subconciousness to find the source of his powers.  Lydia tells Ford she's coming along too to help the three. Ford asks why both Lydia and Lincoln are investigating this and Lydia states she wants to know the truth herself for both of their sake

Lincoln is taken with Lydia to a winter cabin in the night with Castiel and Crowley leading the way as Castiel is heading there to emulate a Toffee move as he reasons that it why Toffee is so sucessful

Lincoln hungry from having to hike as far as he did snacks out with Lydia and Crowley who share this hunger with him. After this, Lincoln gets into his pjs with Lydia and Crowley doing the same thing. At this point Castiel decides to take the road to the inner mind with Lincoln and puts them to sleep where their heads rest on each other's shoulder as a result as the two enter Lincoln's mind alongside Lydia.

Lincoln's dreamself appears and leads the other 3 around the brain to find the part of the brain they need to access to find out. Upon arriving there, it turns Jin Kazama has somehow gotten into Lincoln's mind to his and Lydia's confusion

Jin tells Lydia, Lincoln and Crowley as Castiel decides to invesitgate further that his ashes went into Lincoln as he was killed and he found himself inside the body of a kid like Linc. Jin states that he decided to put his physical abilites into Lincoln to make sure he could surive and be able to defend for himself, He decided not to give Lincoln any of his actual powers or devil gene powers because he doesn't want to ruin the kid's life. Lydia asks how they activate themselves and finds out they're a flight or fight situation,   Lincoln states that explains it as best as the multiverse can, of course he knows activate themselves over the power of love for Lydia and his protetiveness over her.

He also learns from the Gauntler and the stones that Lydia uses and that he tries to convince Lydia to embrace the chosen one  monkier she has according to Jin. Though Lydia isn't convinced and states she was a lucky girl to find them. Lincoln also learns that Lydia shared her power with him on Mako Island against the Gang Green Gang due to their friendship and partnership though his power was limited.

Castiel returns to the other 3 as Bill Cipher is on their coats and Bill goes after the 4 and torments them with his power though they do fight back and Crowley sticks his neck for the three and saves them from Bill Cipher. Lydia blindsides Bill Cipher by using the Powerstone in his eye before they leave with Crowley's help and they wake up

Lydia, Crowley, Castiel and Lincoln find out Weirdmagedon is in effect as Ford is trying to call them on this and that Morag barricaded them in the cabin with anti- angel and demon tools. Suddently the door is broken for Lydia and Lincoln through some powerful water shots and seals on Castiel and Crowley.

Lydia breaks the two out with another stone and fixes the damage. Castiel teleports them back to Ford. Lincoln is greeted by Anne, Luz, Sid, Ronnie Anne, Amanda and Ford with him being hugged by Anne in turn. Sid and Amanda tells Lydia and Lincoln of Cleo's turn to the dark side while Lydia explains to the others about the truth of the stones and Lincoln's powers. Sid tells Lincoln that he and Lydia as well as herself are the only ones safe from Cleopatra as Cleopatra saved Sid from the Disney Villains and saved them from their barrricade from Morag.

Lincoln tries to think why Cleo still cares about him as Lydia and Sid make sense becasue Lydia is like a sister and Sid stuck her neck to help Cleo when she was away. Ford, Lydia and Lincoln meet together and decide they need to find a way to stop them now. With the zodiacs, a severed finger of Toffee and a Butterfly Wand.

Chapter 9

Lincoln and the others see Weirdmagedon occur and watch as the world falls into weird chaos and wonders how they are going to fix this. Ronnie Anne and Lydia both believe that it's fixable but it'll take some time and that they need a plan. Lincoln agrees with this and decides to question Lalo and The Gang Green Gang

Lincoln with Lydia, Ford and the rest question Lalo's intentions as well as The Gang Green Gang. What he learns suprises him in that Toffee is taking some real procautions all for his plan and he's annoyed with Toffee's causal useing and kiling off non Disney henchman

Lincoln is told of the causualies and is worried about his sisters being caught in there because he's wasn't there to help them. Lydia tells Lincoln that they could take care of themselves and that even so, They will defeat Cipher and Toffee so it's not like he has to worry. Lincoln asks Lydia is she sure of it herself and Lydia bluntly says yes saying that it's not like she doesn't know his family. Lincoln then is taunted by Morag who is intending to destory his home and then she will do the same to the red head. Lydia snarks that it happened before and she still has her stuff and Morag has nothing on her.

Lincoln and Lydia decide to go after Morag first before anything else and Lincoln convinces Ford to let them go to Royal Woods. After talking to Ronnie Anne and Sid about this, Lincoln decides to trust Lalo and The Gang Green Gang as they have a beef against Morag as well and has Ronnie Anne use UPS to help them.

Lalo drives the kids and the Gang to Royal Woods and they find Morag has a giant laser to use to destory the Loud's house. Lincoln, Lydia and Lalo decide to hide a moving banquet as The Gang Green Gang pretend to surrender.

Once they reveal themselves,  The Gang Green Gang stall Morag's controlled pet dragon with a fight after Lydia convinces them to use packets containng their powers they used in their last encounter but they're temporary and won't kill them . Lalo, Lydia and Lincoln work to disable the laser with simple work on Lydia and Lalo's part as Lincoln decides to just smash up the laser with a baseball bat. Morag  notices and tries to stab the three but she is stopped by Lalo shooting her and Ace grabbing Morag. Lalo denounces Morag for being a traitor and prepares to kill her for betraying him and The Gang Green Gang.

He is ultimately talked down by Lydia and Lincoln who believe they're not killers, Lalo tells them they're good kids but they have to recongize that there is a time and place to spare others. Lalo states that they need to learn who should be spared and who should be well put in the farm in the sky. Lydia and Lincoln ask Lalo what he means, and Lalo states for every Morag they may have to spare, they will have to kill Toffee as he is too dangerous to live. Lalo reassures the two that it's a thought to consider not him telling the kids to do it and to consort one another as Lalo recongizes the three of them are all sane people and that an act like killing is something that requires lucid thought.

Lincoln ponders these words to Lydia as they return and Lydia states Lalo has an point in the lucid thought aspect. They discuss how Lydia basically defeated and killed Cipher before and how she did think that out and how Lydia did  so out of self defense. Lydia does admit that she nearly killed Morag herself earlier and that she had to be reassured and she wasn't thinking at that point which Lincoln states is true and that they should discuss this

Lincoln confesses to Lydia that if he did so, then he would ignore what Angus showed  him by sparing Morag's life and despite having not have seen Angus, he still remembers him fondly , he explains that he knows Angus from Scotland which is how he knows Morag.

Lincoln is brought back by Lalo, As soon as Lydia and Lincoln return back to Ford and tell him that they managed to succeed in driving off Morag and they had her arrested but not killed. Lydia explains also that Lalo told them that they have to kill them and that sparing them might be the moral move but not the pragmatic move. Ford states Lydia is correct that murder isn't the way but Lalo isn't wrong and with Toffee and Bill it is the only way as well as others, and he mentions NOS-4A2 is among them and takes the two to go after Toffee's right hand man.

Ford, Lydia and Lincoln corner NOS-4A2 all out to take him down after the energy vampire nearly killed all 3 of them at certain points. N0S-4A2 decides to try and kill them immediately and summons Wire Wolves to hunt and kill them while trapping them. Ford, Lydia and Lincoln try to figure out the weakness of the Wire Wolves and notes their agility,

NOS-4A2 orders them to use the wires to catch them which they do and ensare the three with NOS-4A2 preparing to dust them. Lydia uses the Gauntlet to summon telekinesis to get them off them and toss them to the ground. Lincoln then rams them with a shoulder tackle sending them to the ground.

Ford then uses his destablizer and does succeed this time in getting the wirewolves. NOS-4A2 not dettered grabs both Ford and Lincoln and forces Lydia to make a choice on who to safe as he slams both of them to the ground, like what he did to Ford. Lydia remembering NOS-4A2's torment of herself decides to summon the time stone to slow down the vampire and grabs Lincoln and Ford and puts them to the ground, hands Ford a steak and then punches him in the back with the power stone. Time gets reset and NOS-4A2 is devestigated by the hit and Lydia uses her mind stone to hold the vampire in place as Ford and Lincoln stake the robot vampire

Ford, Lydia and Lincoln bring Anne, Luz and Cricket in to going after the duo and he also explains that they need a way to separate Bill and Toffee as the zodiacs can't work as long as they are merged.

Chapter 10 (Final Chapter)

Lydia, Lincoln, Ford, Luz, Anne and Cricket all nativage through  the pyramid wondering where Toffee Cipher is and how they're going to stop him. Lincoln is ready to bring an end to the two and live the fantasty of being the super hero stopping the super villain and being like Ace Savry

Anne finds this fantasizing adorable and admirable which Lincoln does appreciate Anne for while Luz's agreeance to this he just acknowledges. Lincoln ponders what Ford said about the fuse of Bill Cipher and Toffee and how they can possibly defeat them. Cricket is overconfident that Lincoln and co can do this, though Lincoln being a bit aware of Toffee and Bill albeit not to the extent of Lydia and Ford.  

Lincoln and his friends find Toffee Cipher and Toffee Cipher dryly states they made it and Lincoln says of course they did it and now it's time to stop their plan once and for all. Toffee Cipher states that their plan is the one that will be stopped, as he has already become the famed hero of the multiverse by stopping the one reponsible for Weirdmagedon and singling the one who caused it to the multiverse. Lincoln senses a lie out of the two and tells them that he doesn't believe them.

Lincoln and the other 5 start to fight Toffee Cipher and despite his vilant attempt, he isn't able to harm Toffee despite keeping good pace with his Kazama fused powers which he does use to keep Toffee Cipher at bay physically and to protect his friends. Toffee Cipher then controls time to slow Lincoln down and he teleports to Lincoln and throws Lincoln at the wall and then grabs him with his tail slamming him up and down with Lincoln using the power of cards to stun him and then shoulder tackles Toffee Cipher and this is when Toffee Cipher slows down Lincoln once again and distorts reality on Lincoln to make him sick and then intends to impale Lincoln as Bill's idea is to do this to hurt Lydia and Ford though he is saved by Anne and Lydia.

Toffee Cipher bored uses the full scope of his power to basically shack all 6 of them and then blows all of them up.

Lydia, Ford, Lincoln, Anne, Luz and Cricket all get shackled by Toffee Cipher summoning shackles and creating a triangular prison traps the six each in 3 separate ones with the intent to kill them all but the two have to leave because they sense something else.

Being chained with Lincoln, Lydia tries to figure how to stop something that even half of the gauntlets power can't beat. She suspects she may need to go full power as it's the only power that equals Toffee Cipher's own power but Lydia lacks the fighters edge to do so, as Lincoln, Anne and Ford agree to in her character

Lincoln ponders that the problem is the insync combination of Toffee's  sharp mind while Bill's many powers balance the fusion and they work well enough to overpower and outsmart the six, and they have no way to insync themselves and that the only possible way of damaging the two is the Infinity Gauntlets at full power. Lydia tells Lincoln that's he on to something and there might be a way to do just that, Lincoln questions what she means. Lydia states that Lincoln was able to use the soul stone a bit earlier and that could be the answer where Lydia shares her gauntlet power with Lincoln

Lincoln questions Lydia on this as Lydia knows how to use the Gauntlet's power and that she may be silly to think they can fight Toffee Cipher alone. Lydia quickingly answers that they're intending to stall the two and ultimately weaken them  and that if she can learn their use as a comic book geek, Lincoln can too and his Kazama fused powers could work too. Lincoln states they are dangerous to an extent and has no intent to harm them, Lydia states she has seen all of the powers first hand and knows what she's getting into. When Lincoln is questioning the ability to do this, Lydia repeats the word says to Lincoln said to Lydia herself when she states they are a team/duo and accomplish a lot when they work together and tells Lincoln to repeat after her in that they can do this together and Lincoln states with the same awkardness they can as Lydia did herself.

As Toffee Cipher shows up with the intent to kill all six them in turn now they are not distracted and taunts Ford about he'll just going to start killing the others and asks Ford who should they kill. Toffee Cipher decides to settle on Lydia to get under Ford as Bill requests this, Lydia then sprays Toffee Cipher in the eye with mace causing Toffee Cipher to reel as he states does Lydia know how it feels to get one's eyes sprayed as this is Bill coming out.

Lydia breaks her own prison with 75% of the gauntlet's power and uses the power stone to shatter Lydia's cell with Lincoln and  they escape to Ford, Anne, Luz and Cricket's suprise. Lydia and Lincoln tell the others to save themselves as they'll handle Toffee Cipher to Ford's shock that shouldn't

Lincoln states that they all beat Toffee and Bill separately and can do it again, They exchange a fist bump and Lydia tosses one of her gauntlets to Lincoln and they run with Lincoln taunting Toffee Cipher which makes furious and Toffee Cipher strangles Ford telling they'll wait here

Toffee Cipher goes Red and shows more monster like saying they have some kids they need to turn into corpses and that Ford will learn why having kids was a mistake.

As Lydia and Lincoln run from Toffee Cipher and nativagte through the pyramid as Toffee Cipher states when they get these geeks, They will rip their molecules and atoms bit by bit as the two escape consistency and use the Gauntlets to slow down the two as they escape both of them

Lydia does recongize it's Bill showing the hate due to Toffee's more composed behavior and Lincoln notes that their attempts to hurt them work this time and spectualtes why when Lydia had both of them on and Lydia states she's using 1 now like Lincoln

Toffee Cipher traps the two and tries to slow the two down which is counted by Lydia directing Lincoln how to use the time stone to counter this. Toffee Cipher distory reality on them Lydia tells Lincoln to use the reality stone and he tells her he knows and the two undo the attempt. Toffee Cipher roasted Lydia with lasers and Lincoln jumps to save Lydia and stops Toffee Cipher from dropping part of the pyramid on Lydia

Lincolin tosses her up to sock Toffee Cipher's face and then she uses the space zone to teleport away from the reatialation

Lincoln shoulder tackles Toffee and then uses the mind stone to subdue Toffee Cipher and Lydia uses the teleknesis to toss Toffee Cipher to the floor and sends him in multiple directions and then Toffee Cipher tries to impale Lincoln but Lydia snaps him away with the space stone.

Lydia and Lincoln both recongize they're on equal terms with them so they need to separate them so Lincoln and Lydia think what to do and Lincoln has an idea, combine the gauntlets which Lydia isn't sure on, but Lincoln convinces her if they can use the guantlets together it can allow Ford to stop them

Lydia and Lincoln both hold the gauntlets together and snaps their fingers and a massive expolsion occurs as a result. Both of them are tired in turn, but Toffee and Bill CIpher have been separated so the plan to sepearte them and They decide to kill the two but they are saved by Ford, Luz, Anne and Cricket. Lydia, Lincoln and Ford decide to purse Bill to finish the job as the others go after Toffee.

Lydia, Lincoln and Ford track down Bill Cipher and Bill makes his final stand against the trio and that Bill admits he understimated the two especially street cone who he regarded as Lydia's boy toy with Lydia states that he is not her boy toy as much as the inverse is true. Lydia decides to just get rid of Bill Cipher immediatly as she uses the gauntlet on Bill

She is still a bit tired despite using it and Bill Cipher grabs her with the intent to kill her for spraying his eye and to make Ford pay. Lincoln saves Lydia with a smack to Bill and Bill grabs the two intending to just kill them again using his powers to catch them and tell Ford that time's up and that he's going to kill one of them out of sadism. Lincoln tells to Ford to take the shot against him before he is  revealed to be you in Bill's eenie meanie minnie game to decide who to kill as a way to fuck with Ford. Ford takes his shot and destablizes Bill Cipher and Lincoln with Lydia's help gets the gauntlets and helps power them to shred Bill out of exixtence. Bill Cipher decides to take Lincoln out of spite towards Ford and Lydia.

Lincoln is just about stranded and to succumb to an expolsion of the pyramid where is saved by Time Baby and he reward Lincoln's heroics against Bill Cipher with something he didn't except a 5 year glimpse in his future.

Lincoln learns that as a 16 year old while still very much as a geek and dork, he certainly doesn't look the role and is a pretty handsome teen who has his own future, where he is betrothed to a fellow 16 year old red head Arch Dukeness which he learns is Lydia. Lincoln learns from Time Baby that Lincoln got together with Lydia and they became a thing for 5 years and regardless of distance they stayed together.

Lincoln also learns between the times, the Gauntlets's stones eventually went into Lydia and possessesd her doing something to her body and she was brought to Luz to learn about this event where Lydia and Lincoln despite their differences kept their relationship strong as Lydia became a sorcereress under Luz and became the youthful Archdukeness of Loch Loud. Lincoln himself was comforted and hung with Anne and Ibuki who both trained him resulting in being a legit but dorky badass teen and even got into a brief relationship with Anne with Lydia's approval to keep him happy.

Lincoln and Lydia eventually became bethrothed after remetting as she was forced to pick a boy to get married to and despite hating to be forced to married, she choose Lincoln without question and they became a duo who worked together to save people with the help of their friends who they also kept their friendships though wonders why some of them aren't there. He is sworen to keep this secret even from his family and Lincoln agrees

Lincoln is saved by Lydia, Ford and Sid who bring him back to the others and with help from Ronnie Anne who peforms CPR on him. Lincoln awakes and is told that they saved the multiverse from Bill Cipher

Lalo gives Lincoln a nod of approval, Cricket and Luz highfive Lincoln for managing to be succeesful. Anne affectionaly pats Lincoln on the head and Ronnie Anne playful punches Lincoln as well as Ford and Amanda saying how proud they are of Lincoln

Lydia eventually joins the fray and Lincoln is hugged by Lydia and Lincoln eases into it. Lincoln is confused when Lydia tells him to see her at her new house tonight and Lincoln learns that Lydia moved into royal Woods from his sisters and he smiles feeling his future is being set for him.

That night, Lincoln is lying in bed after havin dinner with the Lopezs that night and realizes that his best friend/partner/crush techinally has become his next door neighbor and this is when Lydia arrives at his window with a book in her hands, and enters his bedroom with it.  They make a make shift tent and Lydia shows Lincoln her secret  adventure book that she is passionate about and that she wants to add to with Lincoln and the rest of her friends as they go around the multiverse . Lydia asks Lincoln to help put her this one together for them and to make her a promise and cross his heart that Lincoln will help Lydia with her dream

To Live and/or Die in Loch Loud

Lincoln returns as the central protagonist with Lydia and between the two stories, he has taken the role of being Lydia's guide through Royal Woods in turn of being her central partner with her new direction of superheroics. A Certain day though, he finds a fantasy land map and shows it to Lydia and they agree to set sail for it later that night unknown to Lincoln, Morag has broken out of jail and has intents of the nefarious type against Lincoln and his little "paramour" as Morag puts it.

To Live and/or Die in Loch Loud Prologue

Lincoln between the stories, helped Lydia get used to Royal Woods and started a friendship with a british girl named Hilda who he exchanged letters with so he can expand his friend group. Lydia approached him about her plan to be a super heroine  and Lincoln was in approval of this.

Lydia mentions Ford and that his valid point of putting herself in real danger is the thing that makes her question it. Lincoln states Ford is not the best in the emotional department but is still a brilliant man. He listens to Lydia's real desire for doing so and understands that she doesn't want to be in Ford's shadow as he relates it to his sisters. Lydia offers him to join her world as her partner she's oprning up.

Lincoln wants to be part of her world and agrees as she brings his fantasy of super heroes to live. He does tell Lydia about the importance of being a beneveolent figure and what it means as what Angus taught him in Loch Loud in that Lydia's deeds are for the people, not herself.

Lincoln helps Lydia as her brains and partner in crime and they do manage to do a good deal of good and some more altrustic things like helping the homeless which  Lincoln and Ford were on agreeance on. His relationship with her is brought to question when interviewers ask Lydia of her relationship with him. Lincoln is given relief when Lydia answers the question about their relationship

Lincoln is given the night off and he finds something that he wants to show Lydia which he sends to Raticus and the two meet up at the park and have a picnic to discuss this after a Yogi Bear exchange. Lincoln found something in Loch Loud he wants to go after and he wants to thank Lydia for letting him live his fantasy  and take her with him, the two make a plan to go despite the midnight boat and the distance between Royal Woods and Loch Loud. Lincoln and Lydia sneak out and go to the pier waiting as Lincoln is curious to go ghost hunting which Lydia decides to have his back on.

To Live and/or Die in Loch Loud Chapter 1

That next day on the Riverboat Queen, that evening Lydia and Lincoln are both wondering when the riverboat will get to Loch Loud. As it has taken a whole day since the last night. Lydia asks Lincoln if the map is right and Lincoln confirms it is and it's just the boat goes quite slow. The two think of what they found on their brief stops and Lincoln reveals he brought a baseball bat, a scooter, a bike, a water gun. a yo-yo, a spintop and some other stuff and Lydia questions where they came from and Lincoln mentions that he brought them for travel, boredom, etc as well as they were there when he and Lucy were invited to that Nick All Star Brawl

Lydia asks if she can see them and Lincoln gives them to her and she uses the infinity gauntlet to make them combat viable which Lincoln asks Lydia why she did that when he's not in Nick All Star Brawl anymore and she states he'll never know when he needs them. Lincoln tells her that he has a feeling that the Riverboat Queen is only busy on the day and pretty dead at night and suspects that there are ghosts on the ship and Lydia asks his theory and Lincoln states something has been navtigating them in the right direction. Lydia gets out Lincoln's Arggh For Real costume and tells him to let's start busting some ghosts referring him to as the Egon of Arggh.

Lincoln dressed in his costume and Lydia holding A Ghostbuster Trap, and a P.K.E Meter in her hands go through the hallways and notice how quiet they are as Lincoln is equipied with the Proton Pack as they decide to head to the main hall. Lincoln asks Lydia is she detecting anything and Lydia states the rooms are empty but she is sensing something from the main hall and they should enter but not too loudly.

Lincoln gets the Photon Pack and asks Lydia to phase them in with the Mind Stone which she nods and teleports them in. Lydia and Lincoln both see plenty of ghosts and Lincoln tells Lydia that he was right and there are ghosts. Lydia tosses a trap to Lincoln, telling him to just catch one ghost and she decides to hum the GHost busters theme as Lincoln gets the proton pack ready to stun one of them and He sets a trap off to catch it. This gets some ghosts attention and they try to scare the two but both are undetered and they still catch a ghost where they high five their sucession.

Lydia is aplogotic to the ghosts as is Lincoln and the ghosts just knock both of them out and place them where the kids were residing since they took off. an

Lincoln realizes the ghosts aren't hostile as they would have scared them and they havn't revealed they snuck on the ship. Lydia asks Lincoln why did he want to go to Loch Loud for real? as she thinks they're going for a bigger reason. Lincoln reveals he wanted to find more about his  heritage and wanted Lydia to come with him so he can have his partner on his side and that he wanted to have her relax after all she's done. Lydia asks Lincoln her own question that if he thinks who she really is  Is she the mask that hides her face or the one is her face. Lincoln doesn't know how to answer this.

The Next day, Lydia nudges Lincoln to wake up as they have arrived in Loch Loud and Lincoln wakes up with a pen in his mouth. Lydia asks was he pen palling to his multiversal pen pal and Lincoln confirms this as he wanted to tell Hilda about his and Lydia's ghost busting night. Lincoln gets off the boat and takes his bags with Lydia and the two see some wanted signs.

To their shock the two of them are on the wanted sign and are left to ponder this. Lincoln asks if Lydia can imagine his Ace Savry Costume and Lydia snaps her fingers and it shows up on Lincoln's hands. Lincoln puts on the costume and tells Lydia to put her costume on so they can get it to the bottom of this.

Lincoln disguised in his Ace Savry costume is investigating the chaos around Loch Loud with Lydia in her own Lydil Red Costume. Lincoln questions why the people are after them as he hasn't been in Loch Loud for a while and Lydia hasn't been there period and yet the citizens are after both of them. Lydia questions how people havn't recongized them in their costumes herself and Lincoln agrees with that assessment.

Lincoln and Lydia both see monsters going after citizens and Lincoln decides to save them despite the wanted sign on his head and Lydia agrees and they fight off monsters thank to Lincoln using his stuff and Lydia using her training and this is when Separtians show up on them and Lydia asking Lincoln don't they look a bit familar and Lincoln says they're lizards and what's so familar. Lydia states that they have some regenerative factors to them like Toffee and Lydia decides to just use the gauntlet to wipe them out when they're dogpilled by the Separtians who take the stones from her. Lincoln shoos them off with a dirty diaper and Lydia smashes them by swinging one them with a tail.

Lydia notes that the stones are not in her gauntler and this is when Lincoln over hears a voice and recongizes it's Morag. Morag reveals herself to Lincoln and Lydia and uses her magic powers in part to the sorcerer stone being in her to keep in them place. Morag goes on a monologue about when she was arrested by them and that Salamanca, she has been planning how she is going to take revenge on them and how to escape.

Lincoln whispers to Lydia about here they go with the villain monologue. Morag throws gravel at Lincoln's face and tells him to cease. Morag goes on that She eventually found an ally who was like Toffee who she was trying to avenge and with his help, she escaped and found a way to excute her vegenance for being defeated and to fix the life the two of them ruined

Lydia snarks that Morag ruined her own life by going after the Louds and then Lydia just because Morag tortured Lincoln. Morag asks Ratiscore to shut up Lydia and states that she has to do some thinking and realized she needed ways around Lydia's little toy and found her way. Lydia and Lincoln both have enough and call her a coward which Morag orders Ratiscore to cut them apart and with the chainsaw Ratiscore is ready to saw them.

However Ratiscore is stopped by being stunned by a magic smoke that was thrown to the ground to blind Ratiscore's attempt and a hooded figure grabs both of the kids to safety and gets away as the smoke clears.

It turns out the hooded figure brought the two to safety and out of Morag or Ratiscore's reach. Lincoln is confused as it is Lydes who saved them from Morag and that Separtian. Lydia is just grateful of being alive and she asked the hooded figure who it is and why were they saved them. Lincoln recongizes the figure after hearing "Blow my bagpipes is that you Lincoln?"

It's revealed that the figure was none other than Angus, The groundskeeper of Loch Loud and who Lincoln passed on the duke position to. Lydia asks Lincoln if this the Angus he was talking to and Lincoln confirms this. Angus asks Lincoln what is he doing here back in Loch Loud, Lincoln explains he wanted to go a little trip back to Loch Loud to treat his best friend a fun time.  Angus tells Lincoln they need to get to safety as Morag is out for Lincoln and his little friend.

Lincoln introduces Lydia to Angus as his best friend and partner. Angus asks if Lydia is Lincoln's girlfriend which both of them deny saying they're just what Lincoln said. Angus tells them about his time as duke and how much he wanted to see Lincoln again seeing him like a nephew to himself. Lincoln recorpiates this feeling and admits he wanted to see Angus again when he came. Angus then tells Lincoln about the invasion of Morag and her monster army namely the Separtians who has intentions to take the throne from Angus to rule Loch Loud again and that she had a plan to put both Lincoln and this red haired girl on a pike.

Lydia ponders about the Separtians and the lack of them when Toffee was around and some research on them, she realizes that they are also wanting revenge for Toffee's death similar to Morag. Angus asks Lydia what she knows about Morag and Lydia calls her a Witch with a captial B who really hates Lincoln and make her a target by proxmity and that she worked with Toffee and his henchmen who they stopped.  Lydia having looking further calls Separtians the most petty monsters she knows. Lincoln goes on to address that maybe Angus is the only other person who can help with the real reason he's here, Angus asks about it and Lincoln tells him he wants to find more about his ancestors and Lydia is already aware of this as he told her and she agreed to help him.

Angus tells Lincoln and Lydia that Morag stole the Sorecer's Stone and is using as a power source to get her deepest desires and to rule Loch Loud unopposed. He got that from her when she usurped the groundskeeper. Lydia states that was the Separtians stole the Stones from the Infinity Gauntlets to keep her from being a threat to Morag or to make her feel weak. She asks Lincoln does he want to this quest that has been opened for them, Lincoln asks does she feel comfortable with someone else forcing her hand as opposed to Lydia choosing to accept the call. Lydia retorts she wants to accept the call this time, when asked on this. Lydia tells Lincoln that with all the times she has been forced into the call and her recent actions, this is something she wants to do and the others can help them with this. Lincoln unsure on this as while he would like his friends to help out, he feels Lydia and himself should deal with Morag, Ratiscore and the monsters themselves as they're the ones with beef in regards to Morag.

Lydia tells him that they may need the help with whatever the witch is throwing at them, when they recover the six stones. Then both of them will go after Morag together and Lydia states that won't stop them from finding out his heritage and just them can do it if Lincoln wants. Lincoln asks would she be fine with this and Lydia states of course it's good, and that if Lincoln wants to find out about his ancestors, she will stand by him and Lincoln reassures Lydia as for the stones he'll do what he can to get the Gauntets filled with their 6 stones.

Lydia hands the numbers for Luz and Anne to Angus to call them in that they need their help. Angus agreees and sets out and tells Lincoln and Lydia to take things at their own pace which leaves Lincoln understandably confused as is Lydia.

Lincoln and Lydia are both busy doing different things. Lincoln is writing to his pen pal about his reunion with his friend who he passsed the duke position and his trip to Loch Loud he decided to take. Lydia is reading a newspaper with Who is Lydil Red and reads that the publisher considers her a Criminal, A Vigilante. A Public Menace!" and that he' s asking for a photo of her with the intent if she doesn't want to be famous, she'll be made infamous. Lincoln makes a joke that Lydia has found herself her own Jameson. Lydia chuckles as she understood the reference that was made. The two hear Ford, Anne and Luz's voices and they see the three running into with Anne and Luz both hugging Lincoln in fear that he was killed.

Lincoln asks that he takes it that Angus found them and it's confirmed. Raticus aplogizes to both of them about the fact that Ford and co found out and Lydia accepts it as they weren't aware. Lincoln asks how they know about Morag and Ratiscore.

Lincoln and Angus both try to think about how to stop Morag with the Sorcerer's Stone in her posession and Crowley asks are they going for Harry Potter, or CWB's Flash in regards to the stone and decides that the demon must personally find out about the stone. Angus and Ford agree with this, though again they must find out where the stones are to begin.

Molly and Raticus both develop intrigue about the stones and their potential as Lincoln decides to explain the 5th stone The Soul Stone which he considers the most dangerous asThe Soul Stone has the ability to manipulate the soul, the essence that makes up an individual, and has the ability to resurrect and conjure the spiritual representation of the people who are dead.

Lincoln asks Lydia should they mention the ghost on the River Boat Queen that they caught and Lydia states after the temple they'll do so. Molly and Scratch are both curious about what the two are talking about in regards to the River Boat Queen and the ghost and how would the two of them know this

Lincoln and Lydia both are doing their own investigation of the temples, and Lincoln sees that they were discovered by The 1600s versions of his family. One thing that they did was discover sacred temples during the time His ancestor was the Duke. Lydia curious about the Duke's need asks what his idea for them. Lincoln doesn't really know and Angus who provided Lincoln with this info doesn't either, this is when Molly and Scratch both see them where Lincoln hides his notes from them.

Molly asks Lincoln and Lydia about the Ghost and The River Boat Queen which she mentions she heard. Lydia explains that they boarded the River Boat Queen and went on a day longish ride while hiding and that they ended up going ghost busting.

Scratch doesn't look pleased that he's working with two ghost busters. Lincoln states that he's not one yet, and that him and Lydia were just trying to have fun. Lydia states they actually caught one and yet faced no antagonism as there were a whole party of ghosts there which were operating the ship.

Molly is curious which ghost they caught and Lincoln has no idea. He just caught a ghost, Scratch mentions that he knows a lot of ghosts or at least feels he does. Lincoln offers to show Scratch and Molly the ghost afterwards, Lydia even mentions that they were planning to anyway.

Lincoln, Lydia and Ford all go throught the 1st forest temple and run into the Horseman of War who they manage to defeat and Lincoln finds some info on his heritage.Lincoln also sees an ancestor on the wall that was from the 1600s and learns that the forest temple was found by his ancestors shortly after their arrival and by the twins due to one of them having interest in animals and forest animals.

Lincoln, Lydia, Ford, Anne, Luz, Cricket, Crowley, Marcy Wu, Sid Chang, Molly, Scratch all return back to the trailer and present to Angus and Raticus the Space Stone which Lydia reacquired and that is one stone.

The ground shakes and Morag arrives teleporting it with the Separtians and Morag is aware of what their doing and decides to chase them down. Angus speeds up to get the whole group away from Morag.

Lydia asks Lincoln did he get a suitably start on his ancestor, and Lincoln states he learned one thing and will continue to learn more about the family and he notices Lydia has the Space Stone and stated how does it feel to have one stone back. Lydia states that it feels nice to have aquired one stone but Morag was right in that she can't take on Morag with one stone and that she will need the rest. Lydia also states that they will have to tell Molly and Scratch about the ghost they found on the River Boat Queen.

Back with the rest of the group, Lydia and Lincoln take out their Proton Pack and they release the ghost that Molly and Scratch questioned them about to Scratch, Molly, Anne, Cricket, Raticus and Crowley. Once they do, Scratch recognizes the ghost as Geoff his "friend" and asks how do two kids catch him. Geoff tells Scratch that the Ghost Council celebrates on the River Boat Queen and everyone is usually sleep except Lincoln and Lydia. Scratch asks if the Ghost Council saw Lydia and Lincoln and Geoff confirms they did. Lincoln adds in they just sent them back to where they resides.

Scratch worries what will happen if the Ghost Comission knows he's involved with 2 kids that saw him. Anne and Cricket look rather impressed that Lydia and Linc were able to catch one with Anne coyingly rubbing Lincoln's head and asking what can't the little guy do?

Scratch warns against it and Geoff doesn't understand why Scartch would, the Ghost Council has nothing against Lydia or Lincoln. Scratch states repeat offending may. Geoff wishes them goodbye for now and he'll see him later. This causes Scratch to sigh as Geoff was annoying him.

Lincoln takes Lydia aside and tells that they ran into the Ghost Council that night and that maybe they know about the heritage of his 1600s descendants or something like that. Lydia states they can't just sneak to the River Boat Queen everytime they want info or something and that Scratch now knows they encountered them. Lincoln advises if Scratch should be let in into their reasons like Angus. Lydia states that he could come in hand if they decide to or Geoff, they should just let how finding some more of the INifinity Stones will work. Lincoln takes out his pen and paper and begins writing about his time in the forest temple

To Live and/or Die in Loch Loud Chapter 2

Late a night around 11 clock, everyone is at rest and bunking with someone, Lincoln obviously choose to bunk with Lydia and he is woken up by Lydia screaming after wakening up from her own nightmare. Lincoln asks if she was dreaming about it again and Lydia confirms it saying that those Insonmia Pills are putting her in a rock and a hard place, she either sleeps and keep having the same nightmares or stays awake and drains herself.

As Lydia leaves to do something to help herself, Lincoln decides to pull out some comics and decides to read in his underwear. Lydia finally gets back and sees Lincoln reading in his underwear and  as opposed to be disgusted like most she has her own reation. Lydia reminds Lincoln of their talk about it's fine for him to read comics in his underwear on causal Fridays and Lincoln states he just wanted to be comfortable, Lydia jokes around saying that she now gets her own casual Satudays if he has his own. Lincoln chuckles as Lydia asks what's he reading and they continue to read his comic.

The Next Day, Lincoln is woken up by Ford who sees both of them in bed still and Ford tells Lincoln to put on some clothes which he does.  Lincoln talks to Anne, Luz and Cricket about their families and when they ask, he mentions it has to do with curiously. As he hears about their families, he thinks of what will be the rest of the Loud legacy to undercover and thinks if he can hold up to it respectively.

Anne points out there is an angry mob out for there for him to be brought to justice for something that Mysterio conspired up and everyone decides to leave in secret to prevent themselves from benig slammed by the mob. After Angus holds up the mob telling them, he has this under control.

Angus tells Lincoln he was digging some more about the Louds to him which he shows to Lincoln and the white haired boy keeps to himself. Intend to keep this between Lydia and himself, he puts the papers away as he is told of Turtle Rock by Marcy who was doing her own research on the area and that it's near the ocean so she hopes he packed his bathign suit, which Lincoln confirms he did.

This is shortlived when Lincoln and friends have yet another encounter with Ratiskor and The Separtians who is revealed to been how the mob found Lincoln, Lydia and the rest. Annoyed with the Separtians getting in the way, Lincoln joins with Ford, Marcy,Anne, Cricket in keeping the Separtians taken down and distracted, Lincoln, Ford and Cricket go for the army while Marcy and Anne go off Ratiskor, using unsual tricks from Lincoln, the boys dipose of plenty of Separtians and Ford just takes advantage of some of the magic Marcy had to basically destory them.

Despite their success, Crowley reports of a Hydra being released as he finally arrives and the news reports Hydras were relased. Lincoln is puzzles since Scotland doesn't have Hydras which Crowley concurs revealing his Scottish heritage and Angus questions where Nessue is as the Loch Ness Monster is more associated with Scotland. Crowley and Lincoln ponder this and they both come with that Morag must have locked up or did something to it.

Setting on the Mind Stone being in Turtle Rock, Lincoln decides to go after the stone for Lydia's sake, though she states she isn't letting him go alone and it's her gauntlets so she needs to go get them to be a reponsible weilder. Lincoln agrees though he is stopped by Luz, Anne and Molly.

Anne feels Lincoln and Lydia shouldn't hog the fun to go looking for the Mind Stone and that she should get some action too. Luz and Anne  both say they have something to provide to Lincoln in the search for the stone. Molly meanwhile just wants to join her friends and Luz and Anne both had an idea which Lydia does admit is odd but it's fine to her.

Lincoln, Lydia, Luz, Anne and Molly enter the temple and Luz uses her magic to make a platform for the 5 to ride to get started and Luz continues to use her magic to keep this up until reaching a room that needs to be lighten up. Luz hands 4 fire torches to Lincoln, Lydia, Molly and Anne who proceed to go around the room and light up the room to cause a door as they run off to the next room

Some chomps are in the next room come after the crew and Lincoln leads the girls to avoid them and then uses his splasher to hit a switch to allow them to keep moving and then he hits it again to find another key for them to continue.

Going through more tunnels they eventually find more enemies but the bouncing enemy takes a higher piroirty as that's the creature with another key whihc Luz and Anne both catch and kill .

In Another big tunnel, Molly with Lydia and Lincoln find another chest and it's the Big Key which they decide to keep for the Hydra. The five continue to travel through the tunnels even using bombs against the walls

Using a Hookshot the crew finds a large treasure chest containing a shield that Lincoln and Luz spectualtes that they can use it in case.  Stepping back into a tunnel, Lydia and Anne blow up pathways and with Lincoln's soaker they find another small key to go through another locked door.

Luz creates more plantforms for all of them to use to continue as they go further into the temple  This is before the last room where Luz makes one last platfrom and Molly uses the big key to open the door to see the hydra Trinexx

Lydia is analytical on this as she sees the mind stone and noting that the stone is in the tail thinks about using the Space Stone though is disuayed by Lincoln to avoide the smaller heads with one shooting fire and another ice. Some of the floor gets frozen by the ice which makes the floor slippy

The large head extends it's neck to attack the 5 which it does as they just met it and this is when Lincoln notices the wag on the tail as does Luz who decides they must pain attention

Luz uses a fire glypih to hi the blue head to stun it which allows Lydia, Lincoln and Anne to basically shoot arrows, smack away with a baseball bat, slash with a sword respectively. They keep doing this until it's defeated. Luz and Molly notice the read head is now going at them and Lydia equips some of Luz's ice glyiph to stun it and allow Anne and Lincoln to do the same thing they did to the blue one.

The hydra breaks out of it's body and begins moving in a pattern as part of its body flashing and they all move to avoid the attack and use the opporunity to get a chance at it's body with Anne slashing it, Lincoln does the same with VR On, Lydia uses the space stone to cause a gravity pull and Luz uses plant magic to hurt it and ultmately defeat it.

Lydia sees the MInd Stone and she grabs it and places in her gauntlet while whipping out her phone as Lincoln sees another mural of the Louds of the 1600s managing to both locate the Loch Ness Monster and actually keep the Loch Ness Monster as a pet to the 1600s family. Lincoln wonders if this was possible then where is Nessie

Molly reveals that she found Nessie and it recongizes Lincoln as a loud and affectionaly licks Lincoln as Luz and Anne can both understand it wants to get Lincoln out of the temple with his friends which Lincoln gets Lydia, Molly, Luz and Anne on Nessie as they escape the temple.

After acquiring the Mind Stone and being brought back by the Loch Nessie Monster, Lincoln and Lydia tell Ford about their finding of the stone and the monster. Crowley then reveals to Lincoln, Lydia, Ford and Angus that he's been working on a counter plan to defeat Morag and that it's risky and may make them distrust him but he must do what is neccesary.

Ford seems pleased with Lydia and him for showing they can take of themselves, as they starting to show some independce but he does suggest that Lydia keeps a level head about things and tells Lydia that he's aware of something is bothering her and wants to know what it is.

Lincoln tells Ford she doesn't need to tell him, after a dialogue between Ford and Lydia. Ford asks Lincoln, did Lydia tell him anything and Lincoln states some stuff and Ford asks Lincoln about his reasoning for bringing her with him and Lincoln states to help him with something. Ford tells Lincoln that he will give her the choice to which stone to pursue as he knows Lydia will always tell Lincoln things.

Lincoln sits down with Lydia out in front of the night sky and he feels something as he asks her about the newest things he learned about his heritage asking if he lives up the Loud Name. Lydia handing Lincoln a glass pop bottle for him and taking one herself tells him, that why he is so concerned with living up the Loud Name, Lincoln should stick to being himself and that he is at his best when he's himself. Lincoln admits that despite facing his fear with her, he stills feels some insecuirty in regards to his ancestors, Lydia tells him that it takes time to find acceptance in one's self and she knows this.

Lincoln then asks her about her nightmares, Lydia tells Lincoln she keep having dreams/ nightmares of previous events that she witnessed with the heroes. Lydia mentions to lincoln about the doom world situation with Eobard Thawne and seeing the state of mind Thawne had people in, Morag's torture of herself and Lincoln twice and then dealing with Toffee and Bill Cipher and her nightmares out of what if it happened to her imaging herself suffocating and or being ripped atoms by atoms. Lincoln is surpised that she isn't effected by her vilgantism, Lydia states it has some effects but it's not unmanageable, she does wonder if they can actually be like kids sometimes

Linc takes the opportunity to shake a root beer bottle and spray Lydia and Lincoln laughs, He gets sprayed back by Lydia who laughs back and then both take their shaken bottles and start sprating each other laughing as they do it.

To Live and/or Die in Loch Loud Chapter 3

Lincoln working with Lydia and Ford, manage to pinpoint the location of the time stone and exactly what they may need to do in regards to geting The Time Stone. Lincoln and Lydia are both trusted by Ford to claim it after their sucess with the mind stone.

As Lydia decides on Sid and Cricket to help, this is when Raticus and Cricket decide they need to talk to Lincoln about his real reasons for being here. Lincoln reveals that he's here for family business and that he is trying to find out more about his ancestry.

Raticus is puzzled, but Lincoln shows him his family tree he found the first time and that he didn't have time when at Loch Loud the 1st time he went to Loch Loud. Raticus puts it together that Lincoln doesn't want this opporunity to be wasted the 2nd time and that The Louds have some rivalry with The Morag family. Lincoln confirms this and suspects that it is personal. Cricket decides to personally help Lincoln with his time Stone finding quest and joins Lydia and Sid who decided to tag along too.

Angus discusses to Lincoln what he has found on the Loud Family again and that it connects to a time temple that he believes one of the Louds had a role in helping Eistein with the theory of relatively which Lincoln states of course it was someone like Lisa. He also found someone most unexpected for him as well.

With 3 doors and three locks there,  Cricket splits up with them to go after the keys to open up the locks.  Cricket and Lincoln decide to go together after their key

The room that Lincoln and Cricket entered is basically frozen over making getting through the room hard to get around as it's slippery and it also comes off uneven as well. The two eventually get around it and find a robotic figure that has the power to freeze time though Lincoln and Cricket both manage to dispose of it with slingshots and awful smells of dirty diapers Lincoln threw at it. It drops a orb like key for the two to pick up

Though the two get their key, this is when Morag takes a personal action and tries to murder Lydia and Lincoln with her bare hands and then offhands Cricket to send the key equilvants on the floor so he can't save them. Lincoln sees for himself Lydia's trigger in regards to Morag's unexpected arrival and tries to snap her out of it. Though  Sid does manage to do this though and sends Morag on a retreat.

Upon their escape and using the 3 orb like time stone keys, Lydia uses them as tempoary Time Powers to unlock the door and heads in where The Phantom spirit with time powers is awaitng

With Lydia, Lincoln, Sid and Cricket finding the Phantom figure and they prepare to fight it right where a clock tower is in the temple and it casts a spell on said clock tower and the clock starting countdown and all of them start having counters on their heads.

The clock tower's hands get locked by Sid while Lydia, Lincoln and Cricket start exchanging hits on it which doesn't really work as the Phantom only takes damage when the heart is open and on the many ocassions it opens up the heart, the 4 take shots at it with Sid taking shots on the heart when it glows any color other than white and then the other 3 do so when it does.

All the while watching the clock count down on them and getting knocked out and all of them are nearly at the end of the counter. Then the Phantom flies to the front of the clock tower and starts forming something in its mouth and uses dark power to harm them. The 4 do manage to free themselves with Lydia and Sid using the gauntlets and wands and Lincoln just throws another dirty diaper and then the 4 finish the job.

After besting the Phantom, Lydia gets the Time Stone and puts it in her gauntlet, stating that now she is half way there and asking Lincoln what did he find and she finds out that Lincoln found that this one was not from the 1600s, but the Loud in question had a hand in helping Albert Einstein with the Theory of Relatively and she is quick to note how much the assistant looks like Lisa as they read the writing.

Upon leaving the temple, Lincoln and Lydia are introduced to Linka Loud, Lincoln's cousin and Lydia tells him to go ahead and get to know her as niether of them knew he had a cousin and it would be good writing material.

Angus and Lydia wait for Lincoln and then the trio decide to make their own plan in regards to the River Boat Queen's return and what the two kids will spefically will do in regards to it.

To Live And/or Die in Loch Loud Chapter 4

Angus works with Lincoln, Lydia and Linka on their plan to head to the River Boat Queen and investigate the Ghost Council and Lincoln comes out in his suit ready to blend in which gets Lydia's attention in that "cleans up nicely way" and Linka herself admits this too in a sibling kind of way. Lincoln questions her about wearing the ARGGH costume which she says it fits. Lincoln admits he has no problem with Lydia wearing it, but they can't give themselves away which Lydia agrees to it and hands it to Linka.

Linka and Lincoln both ask her why isn't she changing her attire, Lydia shows both of them a picture of her great grand mother and Lydia tells them that she looks exactly like her at this age, so it's a good way of digusing herself. Lincoln adds that she takes after her so much it's nearly canny much like him as the last Loud Duke hence why he decided on this.

Lincoln and Lydia both manage to board the RIver Boat Queen sucesfully passing themselves off as ghosts as they sit down at their table and get their food which really does look nice. As they enjoy their food, they start getting to talk. Lincoln asks Lydia about the PTSD and what Angus had to say, and Lydia tells him that her to meidate, stay active, get a service dog, set boundaries, Find a Creative Outlet, Build a Support Network, Try aromatherapy and  Seek Counseling as 8 tips for it and Lincoln knows that Angus for her. Lydia asks Lincoln how is the feelings of finding out his ancestors and he said that he's a bit suprised on it about it. Cuting some filet mignon Lincoln asks Lydia does it feel weird that they're doing this right now considering where they started their friendship and Lydia feels that it's not that odd considering they are best friends now a days since when they met at Royal Woods or Great Lake she doesn't remember.

They both agree that despite their stakeout they're on, It's nice to have a night where they can just do something this simple. Lincoln adds was a dinner that thing and Lydia states if he wants, it can be. Lincoln smiles and tries steal a glance at her, which he laughs it off when Lydia notices and then Lydia does the same thing as Lincoln which Lydia laughs off it herself. Lincoln asks Lydia should they tell their parents about their work as a super heroine and his partner . Lydia states that they should know and that they will question some of her wounds and stabs which shocks Lincoln that Lydia did get shot and stabbed. Lydia points out just because she has saved the day doesn't she won't take stab or gun wounds, and she knew the stones can't always do the trick so she had to learn Suturing and it may come in handy one day to save someone else.

The two notice a lot of ghosts basically dancing and the two simply just mock the idea of dancing until Lydia states that a show is going to be have given if people don't want to suspect them of being false. Lincoln putting on Lydia's domino mask saying that they will do so, Lydia gives a look to him and he gives the same reasoning Lydia did when she wore the ARGGH Costume earlier.

The song Young World is put on and this is when Lincoln grabs Lydia's hand with the intent to blend in while singing the song together. They both feel that they're just dancing like each other's friend but they end up slow dancing instead to the song to both sides's surprise.

Scratch finds both Lincoln and Lydia and teases them about why they're actually here and their real "reason" as he puts it. Lincoln denies it and calls this a stake out they were just getting into and Scratch continuing to tease them, Lydia tells Scratch to stop teasing him and then Scratch teases her about Lydia trying to put on a mask to mask the truth and both of them decide to take the bait Scratch is teasing them with.

Before Scratch can continue, Linka and Crowley both end up pursing Aggie which is when Respac makes his plan and traps the entire Ghost Council other than Scratch as he is threatened with permaent erasue from Aggie and Respac. He is saved by Crowley like the others and they crash on Haunted Island

Scratch admits to Linka, Lydia and Lincoln that he is upset with The Council dimissing him like that. In turn he wants to prove himself worthy of their attention and feels saving the whole council is the trick. The trio agree with this, just of his sake as they set off to find The Ghost Council. Respac toys with the 4 by throwing them into the labyrinth which they manage to escape after some nativagation.

The 4 start at a haunted boardwalk after going across the cemetry and clock tower, Lincoln puts on rollerblades and hands Linka and Lydia some as they skate across the boardwalk and they go through a good deal of piers that are just about to break as they have to jump as a result passing the vampire maz as they're at it.

Scartch feeling the ghosts are getting closer nativagates them to the next part which is a dark brown muddy area with typcial horror like creatures with simple torches in the background, Scratch leads Lydia, Lincoln and Linka through the area which leads to a Ghost Bayou which is close to  where a ghostly gaileon is and the 4 of them find themselves chased by a evil ghost creature intenting to eat the 4 as a snack and they end up running as fast as they can getting them self through a long maze until they reach the end and this is where Respac resides.

Respac decides to stop goofing around and go for turning them into ghosts for him to rule over and sumons metors to hit the the group, Scratch protects them to his grumbling nature and hides them until he is vulerable after summoning more winds as Respac is holding on Aggie's wand. Respac finds himself getting sucked a bit into Lydia, Linka and Lincoln's ghost hunting technology and they try holding on to catch him. Respac continues his on going assault on them as the 3 of them try to get another hit on him, Respac decides to basically use the wand to trap Scratch intending to kill him for defying the ghost. Lincoln improvizes a trap and snares Respac and Lincoln, Lydia and Linka all equp themselves with ARGGh and Ghostbuster technology and capture him with their stuff. Respac undeterred promises he will return one day and that he will never truly be gone.

Lydia and Lincoln find the Soul Stone and another inscription for the Loud Family that they and Linka decide to look at later. Scratch manages to free the Ghost Council  and while they don't think he has being proving anything, they do consider such a possibility due to being impressed with Scratch's determination.

Lydia and Lincoln both ask each other about their "moment" and Lincoln states that they were putting on a show and well they more than peformed up to standards. Lydia agrees with this and takes the domino mask and states that as she knows another thing about Lincoln and that he can dance which gets a smile from Lincoln

Sid sees Lydia, Lincoln and Linka return from their little quest and Sid curioius like a monkey and also being nosy asks what did the former two do on their time together anything intimate. Both Lincoln and Lydia both deny this and state that it was a similar invesitgation between partners in crime. Sid rolls her eyes  and asks why is Lincoln is a suit instead of his usual attire. Lincoln says that it was a diguise thing and Sid teases Lydia about being his pick for who to join him. Lydia states that it was just that they went on it before and wanted to recheck something.

Sid rolls her eyes again about them just doing that and says to both of them to keep telling themselves that.

Ford decides he has to tell the truth to Lydia about what he and Angus learned. Lincoln and Linka both decide they want to hear this too as he agrees. Ford reveals to Lydia, Linka and Lincoln that the one that really had her put away was the murder of a spunky young woman who managed to expose her corruption to the world and was investigating the Mclaughin. Ford tells Lydia that it was an Lopez ancestor Lydia's own great grand mother which sets an utterly stunned reaction from her as she leaves in silence. This concerns Lincoln and Linka and the latter talks to Lincoln about Lydia and what is his exact feelings for Lydia between them. Lincoln confesses to Linka that he indeed is in love with Lydia who is his best friend and partner in crime.

Linka figured this as she saw how the two play off each other. Linka asks Lincoln why he likes Lydia and Lincoln confesses to Linka that intially he thought it was because she was his type. That being said, he loves Lydia as he states because they have similar interests, the fact Lydes is a great friend to him, proably the best one in the team to him and that's not even the main reason.

Linka asks what is the main reasons for it, She learns that Lincoln admires and loves Lydia for always treating him like an equal, always having time for him and being the one person in the team and maybe the world he can ultimately can confide in. Linka asks Lincoln why does he confide in Lydia, and Lincoln tells her that he hears the rest of the team's problems and it bothers him that they dump their problems on him to an extent and even though they're close to him they do that. With the red headed braced girl though, Lydia lets Lincoln vent to her and listens to him with his own problems as he admits he has trouble regarding telling his troubles to the others and the two quid pro quo when they need to talk. Lincoln reveals that he doesn't want his feelings to distract him as he blushes about this.

Chapter 5

With Lydia in blank shock and silence, Lincoln is concerned for Lydia's well being and joins up with Linka, Ford, Anne, Luz and Angus to comfort Lydia about this. Lincoln tells Lydia that she isn't suffering PTSD to this which is confirmed as he was worried she was going to fall into it again so soon. Lydia tells him that one particular aspect was the choking part and that Aggie choked her great grand mother and Morag tried choking both of them the same way. Ford does realize that could have been a triggering factor as he tells her.

Lincoln with Luz and Anne offer to expand olive branches for her if needed and with Linka stays with her as the others leave the room. Lydia picks up some takeout and Lincoln notices that Lydia always does this when in paritcular duress and asks did she really get someone to Loch Loud and Lydia states yes, though she did order something for him and Linka too.

Lincoln, Linka and Lydia look into what they found on Haunted Island and they find about Lucille who was found by Amity and co and that this was an island of the dead and she did burials and it was by sheer conicdence that Horror icons and cliches went there. Lincoln notes that if feels his whole ancestory build Loch Loud in a way which Lydia states is cool, he nods at this.

Lydia shows Lincoln that Marcy gave them a video for them to watch and they watch it. It turns out to be Toffee who basically reveals that he was the one who plotted the clone army of septarians with Ratiskor being the one to carry it out in the event of his death which he suspected he was. Toffee then tells the two, to see how they will do in this case as he wants to see if the duo beating him in the future was a fluke or the real deal. Lincoln is naturally confused at this as is Lydia that Toffee would anticpate this and still be respectful towards them. Linka asks about Toffee and Lincoln tells her all about him

Linka, Lincoln and Lydia all decide to settle out to bring the 2nd to last stone home, when Ford and Angus stop them and state they will join them and get the Power Stone. While a bit confused why they want to join, Lincoln with Lydia and Linka agree to let the 2 adults jon them to Snowhead, one of the highest areas in Loch Loud

Entering the temple, There are a lot of ice creatures that emerge and go after the team as Angus nativagates the team with the map to get the power stone where as Lydia uses the time stone to stop time for the group. The 5 find some keys which they use to go through the temple while pulling blocks out

Seeing a frozen red door, which according to Agnus is a short cut, Both Linka and Lincoln melt it with arrows that go through the flames.

Traveling to the 2nd floor, many of the blocks are full of ice which Ford breaks apart to let them all go through and find another small key. After entering the next room which has a puzzle which is solved by Lincoln, Linka and Lydia using simple deductions and the five continue traversing around the winter temple.

This is where a Wizzrobe appears and casts a freezing spell on them, Linka takes an arrow and shoots it this prompts Lydia, Ford and Lincoln to do the same thing. The Wizzrobe then creates clones of itself to confuse them. Angus identifies which one is the real one and this lets the other 4 get the last few hits in on it.

After wards this is when Lydia start going through some halluncations trouble that Morag and Aggie are putting on the girl tormenting her with visualizations of her great grand mother taunting the girl. Lydia tries to keep herself under control of Morag's taunts and Aggie's mental attacks to the point where she is almost ready to set the stones on her halluncation of Aggie. Lincoln, Linka and Ford as well as Angus do their best to Keep Lydia from going too nuts over this.

Lydia further is taunted that she will die the same way or if Morag has her way, worse and that will be the greatest achievement. Lydia eventually listens to Lincoln, Ford, Linka and Angus's words and regains focus telling Morag she will have do better than that to get her down.

After enough traversing, This is where they encouter Goht, who is frozen solid, Ford thaws it as it's the only way to get the power stone and the fight starts.

The Goht runs around the arena and the others follow it while avoiding stalcaities falling and the rocks that it's throwing.  The Goht launces magic attacks which Lydia deflects with the Mind Stone  which allows Lincoln, Ford and Linka to strike at it with their weapons

The Goht drops bombs which they all avoid, as both Lincoln and Ford continue to strike at it as Linka and Lydia then decide to head to the enterance areas with a bow and arrow where Angus is and he advises Lydia to the Time Stone being used to keep it in place.

As Lincoln and Ford damage it and bring it closer to the area, Lydia putting on her costume and equpiing the gauntlets to the suit uses the time stone to freeze it in place and then Linka snipes it with arrows until it's killed

This is when the power stone is up for grabs and free which Lydia grabs to put to her gauntlets. Lincoln and her both state they are now 5 for 6 in regards to the stones. Lydia asks Lincoln about the Louds anecestory on this one

Lincoln looks at it and learns the truth of this part of the Loch Loud world came to be which was made to be a way to house lost travelers and explorers that was abadoned a long time ago which explains why monsters resided there. With Aggie driving the Louds out it was unable to be perserved by anyone.

Afterwards, Lincoln mentions to Lydia about her freakouts and that she should be honest with Ford about wanting to step out of his shadow and pushes her to talk to Ford just like Angus does with Ford. Angus admits he was trying to help Ford talk to Lydia about trying to let go a bit as he was always concerned for Lydia and some of the decisions she made and Lincoln states he was aware of Lydia's issue as they talked about it a bit ago.

Chapter 6

Luz and Anne proceed to talk to both Lincoln and Lydia about the temple situation of Lydia getting tormented by The Mclaughins. Luz asks is Lydia really fine about it and Lydia states she’s fine. Anne isn’t so sure as Lydia did almost lose control over the stones as she did over hear this. Lincoln states that she’s fine and he made sure of it. Anne states that this could be something even Lincoln cannot handle and Luz agrees with this. Luz insists that Lydia does not go after the final infinity stone alone and thinks how to get to join her.

Lincoln works with Linka and Lydia to head to the final temple with Amity and Raticus. They find out the two wanted to go with them as they felt left out and they agree to this

This final dungeon is a Gargoyle's Domain which is the group natigvates through the many rooms unitl they reach a treasure chest which has a big key in there. Going up some more stair cases, and go the corner to lock that door with the big key. The group runs to the top of the room and finds another key but smaller key under a skull. Lincoln, Lydia, Linka, Raticus and Amity grabs the key and unlock another small door.

The 5 characters get some goodies from the pots and go pass the enemies. Heading some more rooms, another small key is found by them. A Crystal Swtich is pushed before heading through the locked door

Heading into a southeast room and push another floor switch to open a door. Going east, they reach a screen with some lights shining in. Lincoln drops a bomb and throws it at the cracked floor. This breaks a hole allowing some light to shine in the room. Returning to the same room they went east from and go down the stairs to continue their quest for the stone.

As they lift a large block and walk through small locked doors and find a chest to get a small key which they open on the left and go through. After smacking some moles, a new mitt is found for people to use in lifting big rocks which Lincoln uses as the floors crumbles.

Going up another floor, The 5 of them find a floor switch which they use to open a nearby door. Heading into the room, a dungeon boss emerges as a result and it's a dangerous monster like thief. It moves left and right and shoots lasers, Lydia and Amity figure out the head is the main vulernability and have Lincoln and Linka strike the head. Fireballs are shot at them and they dodge this, hitting the head 3 times with many strikes another head is regrown.

Amity takes the chance to damage it without approaching with the abomination magic while Raticus stalls it so the other 3 can approach it and finish off both heads

Lincoln watches Lydia get the reality stone and shows Lincoln the final part of the Loud Scroll, Lydia takes more pictures on her phone which he asks her about and before Lydia can answer. Morag shows up, attacks and ultimately kidnaps Lincoln to bring him to the castle awaiting him letting his guard down like that.

With Lincoln as a hostage, Morag uses the Venom Like Symboite and has it possess Lincoln and then controls Lincoln with it and uses him to terrorize Loch Loud, cause build damage and use him to hurt and kill people to further tarnish the Loud Heritage and make him look like a black sheep.

This is when Lydia and Linka both arrive to save Lincoln and notice what Morag did to him. Morag orders the possessed Venom Symobite Lincoln to attack and kill Lydia. Lincoln tries to overcome his posession and had to use the venom symobite powers on Lydia who fights this off with the stones as she goes off using the Space, Power, Mind, Reality and Time Stones to basically hold off Lincoln and just trying to catch him before down so she can remove the symboite

Their whole showdown is even handed as neither of them are really trying to hurt each other. Lydia is holding back to not hurt him and Lincoln is trying to fight the control of the symboite as he struggles to maintain control. After the symboite nearly puts Lydia in a near death situation after being blasted by the stones at above full power from Lydia, Lincoln finally gains back control and lets Lydia do what she has to do.

Lydia catches the tell and starts ripping off the goo symbolite piece by piece with her own bare hands to save and Snap Lincoln out of this. Lydia then destroys the Venom Goo symbolite with the Infinity Stones not wanting to hurt it anyone else

Morag however has Linka in her clutches, Morag threatens the duo if they don’t surrender she will kill Linka and she will destroy everything the Louds have in this deceptively big town. Lincoln backs down to save his cousin,

Morag lies to Lincoln and throws Linka off a cliff, Lincoln gets a rope to save her but this lands on Linka’s neck and Lydia hears hears a snap and  teleports herself down to catch her. Morag smirks at this realizing she has succeeded.

Lydia saves Linka and Lincoln thinks he saved her but both of them learn that Linka is dead and in Lincoln’s own arms no less. Both of them realize that Morag put the rope there so Lincoln could use it.  

Morag commands her dragon to destroy everything of the Loud’s name in Loch Loud or as she puts it Loch Mclaughin’s new ascend. Lydia death glares her in fury for what she did and is preparing to just wipe her off the face of the earth for this action. Lydia first checks on Linc to see if he really is okay as  Morag prepares a plastic bag and some zipties to kill Lincoln and Lydia right what Manfred told her to do.

Morag instead decides to stab Lydia with a blade, though Lincoln saves Lydia by taking it in the leg. Morag then unleashes her full powers to send both of them down to the pits of the castle.

Morag reports to the entire public that Lincoln is a menace to everyone he knows, he has killed, endangered, destroyed the poor public. She adds that he has destroyed his family’s reputation and that him and his accomplice will be brough to justice. She orders the public to bring them to her and dead.

Lincoln and Lydia both land at the bottom of the castle and in the pits as it starts raining, Lincoln gets a contact from Ford who asks him to give them a hand with this situation they have. Lincoln has enough and yells at Ford, Anne, Luz, Sid, Marcy, Cricket, Ctowley, Raticus, Amity, Molly and Scartch venting about how about they are always dumping their problems on Lincoln and always making it so hard for him to talk to them through all his problems he’s had through the last two adventures. He rants that he is only a kid and expect him to be equipped to deal with it and doesn’t have the knowledge or resources to do so. Lincoln finishes that they need to do this themselves as he is tired of all this.

Lincoln stops his huff and his meltdown continues as he ends up hurting himself by smacking his leg and shaking his head while weeping about what happened with Linka. Lydia who has tears in her eyes as well watched Lincoln lash out at the group other than herself and knowing he was traumatized by this. Lydia hugs Lincoln to stop him from hurting himself and holds him while he breaks down in her arms.

To Live and/or Die in Loch Loud Finale

Lincoln is looking really down over this as he feels reponsible for his cousin's death and is beating himself up about it. As he does Lydia is using the space stone and other stone to set an Ace Savry Blanket, an umbrella, an ice bucket and a snack/drink in the rain. Lincoln sits down on it and Lydia asks him is he ready to talk.

Lincoln is and he explains that he is just trying to deal with Linka's death, he is shaken and he tells Lydia that it's his fault and that he killed Linka. Lydia tells Lincoln that it's not his fault, it's not Linka's fault no one is blame to but Morag for doing the deed. Lincoln forlorn asks what will he do and he will miss her so much. Lydia tells Lincoln, that he will always miss Linka, but she will always be a part of him as long as he remembers the time he had with her and in a way he'll never be apart from her.

Lincoln states when all this trauma go away for him and Lydia states it's different for everyone and eventually there will be a day he'll wake up and do his business and Lincoln will realize he never thought about the event and that will be when and once he knows it's possible that's when it will get easier he gotta do it every day,  That's the hard part. But it does get easier. Lydia then realizes that Lincoln didn't teach the hard truth of the hero thing and she explains that "the hardest thing about this job is... you can't always save everybody."

Lydia explains she herself couldn't forgive herself for her failiure to save Cleo, and even pointing despite still caring for her, it would have been better if she was dead so Lydia woudn't have to see the person Cleo became. She adds they're only kids and the fact they have to deal with this thing at 11 years old would haunt anyone.

Lincoln apologizes that he didn't mean to lash out at the others and Lydia explains she caught this. Lincoln just got frustrated that everyone dumps their problems on him apart from Lydia. Lydia admits she does too but Lincoln states that she allows him to vent and discuss these things with him so it's not that way to him.

Lincoln tries to move but his leg wound is in pain, Lydia realizes she must suture the wound remembering this and she sews up the leg as they continue to talk.

Lydia admits she herself does run into problems regarding the infinity stones and that for having she has been questioned by Amity. She was questioned with her knowledge on the stones and capability to use them why not use them to do  things like making water clearer,  making all resources infinite or allowing endangered species to begin recovering. Lincoln asks why doesn't she do that, Lydia explains that she is just a kid like him and that if it went out that she had the Inifinty Gauntlet people would attempt to steal it from her or line up in front of their door step to make demands. She should decide this and between her and her closest friend, Lydia states that she will the stones for one excessive thing, Dusting Morag.

Lincoln advises revenge ain't the best way, Lydia states this isn't for revenge this is to keep Morag and her ancestors from doing any more damage to him, her, or anyone. Realizing that Lalo did make a  point after they dealt with her the 1st time. After that they will explore dealing with Linka's death as a team. Lydia finishes up and states he won't be able to run for a bit until he gets to an actual doctor. Lydia grabs Lincoln and puts him on her shoulders as they go to run after Morag.

Morag is ambushed by both of them and Morag is arrogant  as ever and taunts both of them for openly showing themselves. Lincoln states he was willing to forgive her for many things but this crossed the line. Morag taunts Lincoln with that he will always be plain  boring Lincoln Loud. like last time and he will still and always been stuck in the shadows like he belongs.

Lydia with cold fury dumps a bucket of ink on Morag's head calling her a miserable old hag who delights in torturing children and that she is unfit for power and that her family was always unfit for it. Morag tells Lydia she is the real ruler of Loch Loud not this little kid or Angus and somehow a nobody like Lydia thinks she has the right to make this point.

Lydia states Angus and Lincoln knew what was it to be a real ruler, Morag is a petty person beyond compare against the Louds for wanting to kill and exile them over wanting peace and quiet. She adds that Morag dragged Lydia herself into her blood feud with them because she happens to be the partner of the Loud Morag hates most. That isn't a ruler that's a baby, Lincoln encourages by Lydia scolding Morag viciously say he's won't be backing down any time soon and that he will stop her with Lydia and Lincoln fistbumps her like he did regarding Toffee and Bill Cipher. Morag states that is matters none when she can just kill both Loud and Brace Face.

Morag uses her power blast of magic attacks to attack Lincoln and Lydia with the intent kill them, Lydia runs away with Lincoln on her shoulders. Morag slams the ground with a magic blast intending to sink the castle to the ground not caring anymore if she is seen doing it, she just want the Loud Clyde and Partner Bonnie to be  loud no more

Morag creates energy orbs and shoot them at both of them hurting both of them. Lincoln realizes that this is like a video game and asks if Lydia can make a sword appear. Lydia states she can and uses the reality and space stones to make one appear.

Morag isn't too pleased that Lydia does know how to use the stones and that this could be a problem and Lydia advises Lincoln to reflect them back to her which he does and states which way to shoot it as Morag fires them back and forth. Lydia then uses the mind stone to freeze her in place and the energy ball hits Morag.

Lincoln tells Lydia to use the Space Stone which she does, and Lincoln slashs Morag with the blade and Lydia uses the Power Stone to create energy and shoots Morag with it. Morag then uses her magic powers to force both of the kids off and use lighting strikes on both of them.

Morag decides to go for Lydia and the Gauntlet which Lincoln holds the sword in front of her. Lincoln asks Lydia how many times has he saved her, Lydia states it's 20 to 20 for them.

Morag continues this process 3 more times and tries using Ice and Fire Spells to hinder them as well. Lincoln and Lydia both take some hits on the way and Lincoln realizes Morag just uses offensive magic as opposed to other kinds. Lydia realizes that Morag is crippled that way

While aware of this, Morag bends the blood of both of them intend to control them, Lincoln uses a magic trick to escape this

Morag creates tentacles to whip and attempt grab them again, the duo keeps distance from her, Lincoln's sword doesn't work out and he decides to wait for her to be vulerable between whipping and Lydia uses the Time Stone to stop her in place and then Lincoln takes the chance to attack her as Lydia holds Morag in place with the Time Stone

After 2 more instances, Morag makes spikes to impale them and Lydia dodges them with Lincoln on top to get away from this. Morag grabs one and intends to stab Lincoln but Lydia trips her knocking her off. Morag then attacks Lydia with a fused magic punch to the teeth and tries to use another one but Lincoln stops this with a slash to the hair.

Lincoln asks are they 21-21, Lydia states they are.

Morag takes more hits and damage by the combined works of both of them. Lincoln states that Lydia's teeth are acting out, Lydia states she will fight through them.

Having enough, Morag uses her strongest magic to  just destory them and make herself invulearble to their attacks. Lincoln states can she go for all the stones at once and just break those defenses, Lydia states she could but it will take some serious work on her part. Lincoln tells Lydia that he knows she can do it, Lydia snaps her fingers and Morag's defenses start shattering on her and Lydia throws one of the gauntlets off and uses the Power Stone to shoot energy shots at Morag who is trying withstand it and Lydia uses the mind stone to keep her back in place and Lincoln slashes her again.

Lincoln and Lydia both grab the crown, but Morag won't let them and the three fight in regard to the crown and Lydia takes the gauntlet back that used all six stones and snaps her fingers to dust Morag. Lincoln then holds Morag down so she can't escape it. Morag tries to get take them down with her and Lincoln and Lydia both notice that the 7 Sins are draining her soul.

Lincoln and Lydia are saved by Lincoln's dragon on Angus and takes them back to the others.

The Next Day, Lincoln waits in the waiting room for Lydia to come out and sadly she has headgear on her, Lydia bemoans that she has to once again wear and she was treated like a monster last time. Lincoln cheers her up by saying that they are technically chipped teeth buddies and that she looks fine to him as his wound was put in a cast. Lincoln and Lydia both found out that it was Jorge De Guzma that funded this as Hilda found out about this as Lincoln mentioned this and she went to Tiatntius Anglesmith to investigate this

As they waited for Angus, Lincoln tells Lydia that she asked him earlier what who she really is  Is she the mask that hides her face or the one is her face. Lincoln has an answer for Lydia.

"It's not about the mask, it's about the heroine or hero that makes the choices and accepts them. The heart is ultimately what it's all about and that Lydia, Lincoln or anyone can't hide that. He says this while holding Lydia's hand and unlike last time neither side is really getting uncomfortable

Angus as he praises the team singles out both of them in particular as the kids who stood up for what's right and doing right by their friends and teammates. Angus admits he sees Duke potential in Lydia and Lincoln and that one day he hopes one or both of them can take over when he steps down.

Lincoln and Lydia both leave Loch Loud with Ford telling them to take care of each other while he's away. Lydia and Lincoln both decide to tell their parents about their actions.

At the end of the day and around 11pm, Both of them snuck out to a convivence store to drink and watch the stars at the park where they met at the beginning. Lydia and Lincoln ask who's place tonight and they settle on the former and discuss what their parents thought about all this. Lydia's parents are split between concerned and proud and Lincoln's are a bit worried too though like Lydia seem proud of the moral fiber of their boy. Lincoln states he will be out of the cast in a few weeks and she'll be out of her headgear in a few months, he thanks the others for stepping for him and wanting to help him with this Linka situation. Lydia states that why she decided to bunk with him until he's ready and she reveals that she kept everything they went and all the landmarks on her phone and she send the details to Ford, Angus and the others to start repairing, it's the least she can do for him.

Lincoln reminds Lydia she's done more than she has to for him but is thankful for tears for Lydia still. Lydia takes out the book from last time and shows him what she's added before teleporting them back into Lydia's bed room. Lincoln sends another letter to Hilda before lying down in bed with Lydia next to him and telling her are the parents really okay with their constant sleep overs. Lydia reassures him that they are fine as she is doing for a good cause to help her best friend.

Lydia keeps reading her book laying down on her side quiet deep in thought and Lincoln looks at the ceiling on his side deep in thought as well and smile as they do so.

Team Free Will: Disassembled

After defeating Morag with his partner in crime Lydia, Lincoln has been attending therapy about what he has to endure in Loch Loud with Lydia being his personal support alongisde Angus as Ford paid for his therapy. Anne and Luz both have helped him as well regarding his crutch with his physical therapu. On the advice of his theraptist, Lincoln took a week trip to Trolberg to meet his pen pal Hilda in person and to hang with her while keeping tabs with Lydia and Angus. Lincoln before that bought Tweety Bird to be a pet for Lydia to look after after neither of them found a dog she wanted

After that week, Lincoln encourages Lydia and their new friend Truman X to do a spy mission for all's sakes. Little did Lincoln know, that this mission was observed by President Deathstroke and his crew who recruits Lincoln and his friends to deal with the team's former ally turned villain Cleopatra Setori with the hopes of allowing Team Free Will to be brought back through a friend of Leni Loud's

Lincoln is one of the 4 main protagonists of Team Free Will: Disassembled alongside Lydia Lopez, Ford Pines and Sid Chang


Lincoln and his friends after the defeat of Bill Cipher and co return to their lives and all that, until N.Tropy sets his sights on him, Lydia and the others. Lincoln alongside Lydia is the main character of Entropized of his team.


His Sisters (Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lilly)

Lincoln loves all his sisters very much despite how insane and stressful they can be towards him. Both sides are very protective of each other like any family. Lincoln's best relationships with his sisters are with Lucy, Lana, Luna and Lori in the case that the former two look up to Lincoln more so Lucy and Lincoln looks up to Luna and works frequently with Lori. His most conflicted one is pretty much with Lynn who bullies Lincoln more than his other siblings.

Ronnie Anne Sandigo

One of Lincoln's best friends and who Lincoln has a close plantontic relationship with him that hints at times at more than friends at times. Ronnie Anne used to bully Lincoln at first which she only did because she liked him (Remind you of another Nickedleon show). One Apology later, Lincoln sees Ronnie Anne isn't as bad as he thought.

They share a lot of interests such as video games, bonding over their siblings's mushy romance and pranks. The two are close in plenty of ways and even after Ronnie moved to Great City, Lincoln keeps in touch with her like Lori does for Bobby whether it's zoom calls or hosting a vlog on youtube with her.

Ronnie Anne is close enough with Lincoln to be included in his adventures against Toffee and Bill Cipher where she meets and becomes friends with his teammates, with Lydia in particular becoming close to her. If Lincoln has any interest in Ronnie Anne which in something she feared at one point it might because she falls into one of the types he has due a type of his being latinas.

Lydia Lopez


Lincoln's best friend/partner and later central love interest is Lydia Lopez who he meet when Lydia was separated from the rest of her friends in part to Thawne who he helps get back to them and plays a hand in helping the heroes beat Bill Cipher. Between TGTTA 2 and Return of the Weirdmagedon Cult, they became partners in crime and best friends as they bonded over similar interests similar to Ronnie Anne.

Return of the Weridmagedon Cult showed some advancements in their friendship due to them constantly working together against Bill and the Cult as well as being there for one another when it was needed most. Later on, Lincoln's true feelings for her are revealed to Amanda, Ronnie Anne and Anne as they figure out Lincoln is in love with her as Lincoln's Kazama powers always show themselves when around her and whenever they are in danger. Lincoln is insecure of this revelation and fears her rejection and doesn't always like being in love due to dumb/nuts things he does for her. The former is irrational due to his interest being reciprocated unknown to him. Lincoln stills works with Lydia to find out the source of the weird things going on him, defeat Morag together, Face down Toffee Cipher twice separating him the 2nd time and helps her with her super adventure book. This development might because they have similar interests, or because she falls under both types of girls Lincoln is attracted to: red heads, Latinos.

On top of being partners and love interests to the other, Lydia is also his mutual confidant and the one he can vent to the easiest and the one he's the most honest with about his doubts, insecurities, and fears, which the red head returns for him.

To Return and/or Die In Loch Loud sees Lydia unknownist to both of them become his OTL. This is due to her being there for Lincoln in his lowest moment and helping gain some perspective for him, manage to save the Loud landmarks on camera for him and offering to help him deal with Linka's death by bunking every night with him until he's better.


Between the Return of the Weirdmagedon Cult and To Live and/or Die in Loch Loud, Lincoln got into a multiuniversal pen pal system and befriended Hilda from England. The two send letters to each other talking about their lives and adventures all the while wanting to meet face to face. Hilda is also one of Lincoln's 2 central love interests and best friends alongside Lydia.

Amanda Payne

A friend of Lincoln's and one of his good ones. Some Clashes aside from Lincoln's need to feel special they get along well. Amanda also becomes aware of Lincoln's own interest of Lydia and tries to help him be honest with her

Cleo Setori

Another close friend of Lincoln's and even after Cleo went bad, Lincoln is one of the few people alongside Lydia, Sid and King who is still friendly with Cleo and vice versa due to him trying to help Lydia save her and knowing Lincoln is just a kid who had no idea what would happen.

Anne Boonchuy

One of Lincoln's best friends that he meet in Return of the Weridmagedon Cult. Anne has some interest in Lincoln and thinks he's cool despite his dorkiness. Lincoln is unaware of Anne's interest in him but regardless appreciates that Anne thinks he's cool and they work together in a opposites way and other than Lydia and Ronnie Anne, the girl he is closest.

Luz Nocada

Lincoln and Luz are both dorky kids who love nerdy things and bond over it. Luz has an attraction to him not to the point of Anne and Lydia but feels Lincoln is adorable while Lincoln is unaware of this like Anne.

Cricket Green

Lincoln becomes good friends with Cricket and as of this writing of March 9th 2022, they're the boys of the gang. Both of them are not so different when it comes to their family and interest in pranking. Lincoln's friendship with Cricket could have some parrallels to his friendship with Liam in Royal woods a fellow farm boy or belongs to a family of farmers

Ford Pines

Lincoln's legal adult guardian when not with his parents is Ford who he got to know as he hung out with Team Free Will. Ford has great confidence in Lincoln due to Lincoln's interests in the supernatural and his man with a plan persona. Ford and Lincoln both are united by their close relationship with Lydia though without that, they are close to each other. Ford considers Lincoln like a son to him in a way and works to protect him from Bill Cipher even frying Bill Cipher for trying to kill him and showing concern when Lincoln does something life threatening. When Ford realizes he may have being dumpnig his problems on him like the other heroes, Ford decides to get counciling for Lincoln to help him deal with his cousin's death realizing he is scarred by having to deal this at an early age.


Lincoln's archenemy is Morag from Loch Loud and serves as an evil counter part to Lincoln. Morag takes this realtionship more seriously than him and works to break him throughout Return of The Weirdmagedon Cult using holograms of his sisters, trying to destory his house, use a fear monster to find Lincoln's worst fear and getting his best friend included in her vendetta against him.

Lincoln's hatred for Morag grows beyond compared when she murders his cousin, uses an alien symboite to do some true damage to Loch Loud to ruin the name Loud and forcing him to fight his best friend/love interest being possessed. Lincoln unusual for him even works to have Morag killed with Lydia in turn for this who said she wanted to "dust the witch"


The Main enemy of Lincoln's has been Toffee despite their lack of personal actions or history unlike Morag or Bill Cipher. Despite this more of them are formidable in the mind against their opponents despite their plain appearances. Toffee for his part does respect Lincoln as a worthy foe which he is sincere about before he bites it fighting Lincoln's friends

Bill Cipher

Similar to Morag, Bill Cipher is a major enemy to Lincoln and this comes with what Bill does to him as well as close friends. He get singled out among the team before Lydia and Ford took top priority. Lincoln got visions as a way to torment him and Bill took them away before he could use them to help out his friends. Bill Cipher tried to kill him to get to Ford and out of spite on the last attempt. His 1st encounter just had him help his friends get to Bill but the 2nd encounter, Lincoln fights Bill Cipher directly with his team the 1st time, with only Lydia the 2nd time and with her and Ford the final time.


Lincoln has a very strong relationship with Angus, arguably the healthest relationship of any character from Loud House. Lincoln looks up to Angus as a cool uncle like father figure and admires Angus even quoting when teaching Lydia about heroics. Angus also really cares about Lincoln and does his best to look out for him like his own and this care was why Lincoln crowned him the duke. Angus does seem aware of his and Lydia's relationship, though does allow him to take his own time with it as opposed to teasing him or anything. Angus is also spared by Lincoln's tirade against the others due to this.

Linka Loud

Lincoln's distant cousin with 10 brothers as opposed to 10 sisters, Lincoln befriended her quickingly and Linka joined Lincoln and Lydia as a trio. Linka knows a lot about her cousin and like Angus and Lydia is someone he can be comfortable with. Linka's death at the hands of Morag devasated him and haunts him in a way that he couldn't save her.