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Ara Astaroth is the second daughter of Leohart the Prince of Hell, the only daughter of the Demon Queen Pshica, the older sister of The Morrigan, Dark Couteau and the mother of Tomas Sev as well as the wife of B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 in the future. She is a Pure-Blooded Devil born as the Princess of Hell and Ruler of the Underworld, Tyrant of Qliphoth, Goddess of Undead Land and the Head of Astaroth Clan. She was fated to rule the Triggers Hell and all forces of Evil of the Multi-Universe, and could have been one of the most dangerous, deadly and powerful demons (stronger than Leohart himself) of all existence once she assumed the throne of Hell, ruling it to a more chaotic and horrifying place where even the most organized Devil and Demon Clans would start wars and fight each other for prestige, destroying Hell and Paradise at the same time, showing that she was not interest in keeping Hell as her realm and desired to turn everything in the reality in ashes. 

Ara was one of the primary antagonists of Saga AA (alongside Eckidina KnightWalker/Diabla the Qliphoth Tyrant, The Fallen's Essence, B1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130, Michael Langdon and Aryana Westcott) and was one of the villains with most influence in the story, having created numerous story-plots through her actions and evil deeds that lead many of the main characters to become what they're today, be they heroes or viilains. While she's usually presented as a serious and threatening foe that destroyed countless of lives using the dark side of mankind, Ara is also a source of comedy in the story, due to her outrageous beauty and sometimes wise-jerk girl behavior, supported by Ara's sarcastic answers. In the story she was introduced as the true leader of Mafusa Gang, the founder of the Researchers of Divine Hand, the Dark Empress of Astaroth Empire, Queen of Qliphoth, founder of the vicious side of KnightWalker Family as we know today, the Head of Astaroth clan, creator of Satanism on Earth, the current Supreme Mother of Leohart's Cult, the founder of Moon Terminator Company and finally the leader of Knights of Astaroth.

She is the main antagonist of the Madness Sub Arc, the Greater Scope Villain of the whole season 1', the Greater Scope Villain in Phoenix Sub Arc, the Bigger Bad in Godom Arc, and a major unseen antagonist in Unit-CM 130 Sub Arc of the second season of LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AAShe is highly to be the Greater Scope of all seasons of LOTM: Sword of Kings Triggers Hell Saga even after her imprisonment, for she is the responsable for making the Hell Realm strong enough to launch a powerful attack against the Paradise and 0th Multi-Universe. Despite being a Arc Villain, she can be considered one of the 20 Arch-Villains of the whole LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline thanks to her influence during the story on Prime Earth events such as being the first Devil of Triggers Hell to arrive on Earth, giving birth to Satanism  and Black Magic on Earth, and thus, starting countless wars plagued by Church against heretics, witches, monsters and demons.

In LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow, Ara served as one of the major (if not main) antagonists of the storyline. In her first appearance in Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow, Ara will be the main antagonist of the upcoming spin-off, Prophecy of the Light Lord. In this storyline, the Hexenmeister Community considered Ara as one of the (if not the only) demon appearing on Earth so far that would rival against Moloch, and they were highly alarmed by her actions. It was also revealed that Ara was the one behind Mephisto's actions in Arendelle in order to overthrow her father, making her the Bigger Bad of both Scorched Spin-Off, one of the Bigger Bads in Black Host Saga alongside Zadkiel and the Bigger Bad of Dreyfuss Saga. However, due to her actions that influenced Magic Side, Ara would be considered as a catalyst and, arguably, the true Bigger Bad of LOTM: WoSH storyline.

Born from a cosmic black mass of darkness inside of the Demon Queen Pshica, Ara was an evil tyrant, shapeshifting Pure-Blooded Devil that has taken over the countless worlds, including all Earths, and has ruled it for countless eons. Ara is highly considered the most dangerous of Saga AA as she sent the heroes 2,000 years ahead in the future, where she ruled the Prime Earth and the whole omniverse as her own kingdom and has brought genocides, death, pain, destruction, carnage and turned it into a Hellish world where satanists and High Priests from Astaroth Empire ruled over humans and inferior beings, allowing homicide, robberies, corruption, rape, pedophilia, necrophilia and even cannibalism and thus corrupting mankind and leading it to destruction slowly.

Ara, also known as Anti-Christ of All Anti-Christs, is the true AntiChrist prophesied to kill God in the Holy Bibly of God (non-Christian bibly) and destroy Hell itself, her own kingdom. She is a former member of the Nine Demon Gates and the creator of Black Magic, Curse  and the Black Bibly and by extension the religion of Satanism. She is a ruthless, diabolical, and manipulative Devil Princess who is the archenemy of Scathach, Tomas Sev and Imperia Deamonne, being directly responsable for all tragic events involving the main characters of the story such as Kyouhei KannazukiHaruko CouteauIruka CouteauIchabod CraneKatarina Couteau (on Prime Earth), Lusamine, Tomas Sev, Suzuya and many more... She is easily one of the most successful villains of the story, as she managed to rule all Earths of the Multi-Universe for centuries, by invading them and using her energy to make all humans kill themselves until no one was left, creating countless Hellish Utopias for her reign, there she would start her own kingdom of death until Leohart the Prince of Hell decided to pass his throne for her, and has been unstoppable for years.

From all villains in Saga AA, Ara is the villainess with the most high-body count, more than Aryana Westcott and The Fallen's Essence body count. She is seen as a shape-shifting agent of fear, darkness and death and ruin who travel to other worlds to spread Leohart's Words to help Triggers Hell expand its territory. She often visits Hell and enjoys bringing madness and suffering to inferior demons (tortured souls are among them). Ara is also a sadomasochist who thrives on cruelty and the effect it has on those who observe it. 

Another curious fact about Ara is that she tends to switch back and forth between being played for laughs, and being a truly threatening villain, this makes Ara the unique type of villain in LOTM: Sword of Kings. She would either do something pettily "villainous" not to be taken too seriously, like telling stories to children to make them like her, or be extremely unsympathetic, like causing genocide and enslaving innocents and even watching her Trolls raping innocent human women to death. What makes Ara one of the most devilish female villains, is that she can easily be a funny villain while showing a contraversial scenario, making it somehow black and white and more focused in 'Humorous black humor'.

Ara is the eternal arch-enemy of her counterpart, Nu Wa, the Guardian of Heaven and Earth. She is dedicated to consuming the multiverse if not the omniverse, which is the plural of "Multi-Universe", meaning that she was able to consume the souls of all Multi-Universes of existence. Her goal is to bring an end to the annoying creation boasting independence around her, and find peace by becoming the living center of a swirling, infinite torrent of nothingness at the end of all things once she finished her fun of having sexual pleasure, drinking blood and bringing pain upon all living beings, including animals and Gods. To undertake this seemingly overwhelming task, Ara is able to travel across realities at will, a meandering plague upon existence itself. Integrated into her cells are incomprehensible quantum atoms which calculate probabilities forward and backwards in time, in perpetuity, giving her soul and mind an ever changing, evolving map of the multiverse, thanks to this skill, Ara is considered the strongest Devil of history, even more than her father and his masters; Lucifer and Devil.

Frequently, Ara will make deals with lesser beings, giving them vast new powers in exchange for their servitude. These minions are sometimes stripped entirely of their free will, but others follow her willingly. Service to Ara, however, is a double edged sword, for it causes insanity and loss of self. And in the end, no matter their intent, Ara's plans ultimately call for their consumption as well.

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