Lefou is Gaston's foolish sidekick who, like Gaston, isn't too bright.

He is voiced by Jesse Corti.

LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Lefou is first seen after Sunset comes back as he gets Gaston a beer to celebrate a minor success. He accompanies Gaston and co and questions what the boss would want with dogs.Shaw and Unalaq find the temple as well and end up having a rather excited Le Fou join them. the Children of BlackGarurumon members led by Cronus make an ambush on the heroes such like Anarky knew would happen. Lefou is poisoned by Bender and Discord and as a result alongside Le Fou, Evil Buzz, Motherfucker, Lady Tremaine, Luther, Morgana ,Sam Issacs and all of BlackGarurumon's armies and they all are killed.