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demon #1: wow, that was Shi-

(Caduha clap at Charlie Morningstar)

Caduha: greeting.

Charlie Morningstar: to you like happy hotel.

Caduha: yes.

Caduha: you what Fri-

Vaggie: don't move, who are you.

Caduha: I am Caduha.

Vaggie: are you good?

Cduha: yes I am good.

(all demon got gasp)

Katie killjoy: what the hell, why are you good.

Caduha: you see, I been nice.

Charlie Morningstar: I was happy!

Zuluanan: me too.

(at Tara-dur and Kolad-hai has been create from lava and lord Wagasd throne room)

lord Wagasd: Mulukov.

Mulukov: what.

lord Wagasd: see him Hazbin hotel.

mulukov: yes my lord.

lord wagasd: summon 3 kolad-hai.

(kolad-hai 3 walk in)

kolad-hai #1: what do you need lord wagasd?

lord wagasd: capture.

kolad-hai #1: as your wish.

(mulukov and Kolad-hai 3.000, move into Hazbin hotel and toward Caduha)

mulukov: no one can't stop us.

(at Hazbin hotel)

caduha: so this is your home?

Charlie Morningstar: yeah, I was born in hell.

caduha: okay.

Vaggie: you see, I protect Charlie.

zuluanan: right, I got sword.

Caduha: that strange, spear.

Vaggie: how do you know my spear?

Caduha: war is no mo-

(Caduha hear Alastor footstep)

Alastor: hello!

Caduha: um vaggie?

Vaggie: what.

Caduha: what is that thing?

Vaggie: it's radio demon.

Caduha: hi radio demon, I am Caduha, and you are-

Alastor: Alastor! nice to meet you.

Caduha: [shake hand Alastor] how you are nice.

Alastor: Indeed, I will help you, Niffty.

(Niffty arrive and see)

Niffty: hi I'm Niffty, my gosh you have shining armor?

Caduha: yeah.

news staff: Breaking news!

(caduha saw Angel Dust and Cherri Bomb fight Sir Pentious)

Charlie Morningstar: are you ok?

Caduha: war must end.

Zuluanan: we must stop war.

Charlie Morningstar: really.

Charlie Morningstar: so what now for battle mu-

(Caduha hear and saw explosion)

Caduha: found him.

Zuluanan: caduha found that one.

Vaggie: just happen.

(caduha walk into war)

Angel Dust: die you son of th-

(Angel Dust saw caduha walk toward Sir Pentious)

Caduha: you there!

(Sir Pentious hear)

Sir Pentious: what the, are you doing?

Caduha: I will stop end war.

Sir Pentious: oh really, now I will defeat you! GET HIM!

(Egg Bois attack Caduha, Caduha knock out all Egg Bois)

Sir Pentious [scream] please don't kill me!

(Caduha pull Sir Pentious)

Caduha: only good choice, it's you.

Sir Pentious: how do you know?

Caduha: you will stop being evil.

Sir: Pentious: yes, I am sorry about war.

Caduha: it's ok, I forgive you.

Caduha: [hear Kolad-hai] I know him.

Charlie Morningstar: who know what?

Caduha: kolad-hai, it's servant of the dark lord, they got remain, but they still in at Tara-Dur and Kolad-hai has been create by lava.

(mulukov and 3.000 kolad-hai swarm at Caduha behind)

Caduha: mulukov, I know you, you got 3.000 kolad-hai.

Mulukov: ah heroes, I know you got heroes.

Charlie Morningstar: that mean, we are heroes.

Cherri Bomb: hey ugly!

(Mulukov see Cherri Bomb with grenade)

Cherri Bomb: [throw grenade] eat this!

(Mulukov use fireball at target grenade, fireball explode grenade)

Cherri Bomb: what the hell!

Mulukov: you fool, I got more power of darkness.

(Caduha walk toward Mulukov, he draw his sword)

Caduha: for name of god, I will stand on ground.

(Caduha and Zuluanan attack Mulukov and Kolad-hai 3.000, Caduha fight Kolad-hai)

Caduha: Zuluanan!

Zuluanan: [hear Caduha] Caduha!

Caduha: [Still fight Kolad-hai] hurry we need reinforcement! [landing Kolad-hai 6]

(cut to Zuluanan running into Dimension star wars and report to heroes)

Zuluanan: guys!

Heroes: what.

Zuluanan: it's kolad-hai they attack city.

(heroes get shock. cut to Caduha continues fight all Kolad-hai. Caduha see Charlie Morningstar. Charlie Morning use fireball kill 2 kolad-hai)

Caduha: nice.

(Vaggie use spear to kill 8 Kolad-Hai. Zuluanan and heroes arrive to kill Kolad-hai. Mulukov was fall back and report Lord Wagasd. cut to Mulukov to report Lord Wagasd)

Mulukov: my lord.

Lord Wagasd: what.

Mulukov: it's was heroes on Demon city.

(Lord Wagasd nods yes. Kolad-hai blow horn. cut to Heroes kill 3.000 Kolad-hai)

(dark Blood clan march demon city)

lord wagasd: so this is war.

mulukov: yes.

Yoda: lord wagasd.

Caduha: what are you doing here.

alastor: hey, what are doing here?

lord wagasd: I have gift.

lord wagasd: [he holds up Havazok armor] it's was Havazok armor. [he throw Havazok to Caduha, who catches it]

(Caduha shows memory of Havazok)

alastor: did I know you?

Kolad-hai #3: you bloody.

lord wagasd: let back in Tara-dur.

mulukov: you heard him. let back in to Tara-dur.

mulukov: you what!

lord wagasd: retreat.

(dark blood clan fall back)

Caduha: we have won.

zuluanan: yes.

caduha: we are heroes.

zuluanan: we need call army.

caduha: for honor.

Caduha: Zuluanan and Zoro and Yoda.

Caduha: go to see Deku.

Caduha: got it!

Caduha: me and Luffy and Nami.

Caduha: gonna see big mom pirate.

(Caduha and Luffy and Nami go see big mom pirates)

(Zuluanan and Zoro and Yoda go see Deku)


Mulukov: Wano?

Mulukov: (laughing)

(his name as Magazok)

Magazok: they know.