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"Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying."
Arthur C. Clarke

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© Art by DestroyerSubjugator90.

LOTM: Sword of Gods, also universally known as LOTM: Sword of Kings is an upcoming web-story project set to start in 2021 created by Sirin of the Void and written by CIS Productions with the support and assistance of DestroyerSubjugator90, DarkFallen, TheVileShadow ManJester of chaos, NightMareMistress8000, Meta Alpha Kronos, DiabloVil and Officer Candy Apple. It's the official Reboot of LOTM: SoK that has the purpose of fixing the story from the zero that was built back in 2015, a time when the authors were amateurs and beginners in the field of web-story. The reboot gathers more than 6 years of skill and experience and will recycle the old story into a new one with better characters' development, more interesting setting and less exaggerated concepts like power scale and universal-travels.

The entire reboot was inspired after LOTM: Sword of Kings AA - Raizen Arc (2020 Reboot), the first reboot project created by CIS Productions to fix the weak-writing of the original LOTM: Sword of Kings AA - Raizen School Arc written in 2016, a year after the story's first planning when the authors still had difficult to start a story and how to introduce characters in a world that was inconsistent to the writer's original idea. The reboot, however, gather all 6 years of story and merge them with new ideas to build a completely different story but with the same characters whom also suffer deep changes, starting from their backgrounds, appearance and personalities. Because of the changes, the story may be merged with LOTM: A Draw of Kings (or vice-versa) as the number of episodes will also be cut and will be less numbered compared to the new script of 2020 that was revised numerous times during the pandemic of COVID-19 until the authors realized only a reboot would fix everything.

The story largely revolves around a German red-haired young girl named Katarina Couteau in a dystopian future of 2033, in a dark era where humanity as a whole became more insensible due to the technological advances as the world faced its worst climatic crisis while the top governments were more worried about exploring the rest of the outer-space of the solar system and even beyond among the stars to find a suitable new worlds for colonization. In 2032, Katarina enrolled at a Japanese Magi-Tech academy in Tenguu City to find a purpose in life and escape from her miserable life years after losing her foster parents in a car accident. However, the girl failed at the Beginner Test and never became an official Magician but for a series of mysterious reasons the director of the academy, Lucy Sheev KnightWalker, still accepted the Regular girl to become a normal student in her territories; as a result she was brutally abused and suffered daily bullying that pushed her even more to depressive and suicidal tendencies by Artificial Magicians whom looked down on normal people for being inferior. By the orders of a true Wizard called Yuri Barnes whom had connections with her mother and father, Katarina was watched and trained by the powerful Witch Shiaryh Myfella in order to study a mysterious non-magical alien energy that is sleeping inside of Katarina's spirit, one that is said to be originated from a vile entity coming from another universe. Over time her pitiful and depressive life became one to prove her value and find her true identity by facing malicious and cruel individuals who were after her powers or had bad intentions of hurting her closest friends. Over the course of the story, Katarina got caught in incidents that changed the course of her life to not only protect herself and her friends but to save the galaxy and universe from otherworldly entities of demonic and sinister origins, each being leaders of massive empires that had already conquered trillions of worlds; and each of them having an answer to find who she truly is.

The story will be set after the end of all events of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow and its sequel LOTM: Star Spangled Crown, starting with the downfall of the previous setting (chronologically) of Sleepy Hollow by the hands of the same enemies Katarina and her new friends will one day have to face in the future.


The reboot web-story takes place in a fictional version of the Milky Way called Prime Milky Way, the original version of Milky Way located in the 0th Multi-Universe of Lynenta Omniverse towards the beginning of the 2030s A.D. In 2007, a mysterious incident called First Spacequake devastated a part of Mongolia and China, 30 years prior to the story, claiming 150 million lives. From the ashes of Mongolia, a new empire called Democratic Republic of Chronos rose, with it, the discovery of an element zero substance in form of gas was discovered, they were fragments left from the mysterious spacequake. In tests, the fragments contained god-like powers of something that could only be considered magic and were adapted to be implanted into humans, transforming them into Artificial Magicians. The people affected displayed superhuman traits. Some people were able to control fire at will... some people could display superhuman strength, some could control things with their minds, some could control animals with their minds... millions who survived the incident became... Magicians, however, due to human's inability to control this mysterious power, all world's nations began to exploit this divine gas and adapt the gas to their own form of technology, creating what everyone calls... "Magi-Tech".

As humanity advanced to a new era ruled by Magi-Tech, with technologies fully fueled by miraculous and impossible energy, American explorers and scientists discovered an alien outpost on Prime Mars, and discovered abandoned technology from an ancient civilization that once ruled over Mars before disappearing for unknown reasons. Inside, Chinese and American scientists also discovered an artifact called "Eidos" that enables faster-than-light travel to other location across the galaxy, crossing the very fabric of space and time itself. Humanity comes into contact with numerous other space-faring alien species, some far more advanced than humans. Humanity's first encounter in 2032 resulted in the First Interstellar War of humanity, but the New Republic, the ruling body for the Milky Way galaxy, intervened to achieve peace and welcomed humanity in galactic civilization in historical record, introducing humanity to a complete new era of advances, infinite knowledge of other worlds and the beginning of the downfall of all Earthling religions. With two miraculous discoveries in the same century, humanity called these two elements Magi-Tech and Eidos as the "Sword of Gods" as humans now finally reached the level of Godhood.

While humanity built new horizons among the stars, asteroids and other worlds, creating new governments and colonies on the process, the homeworld of humanity, Earth, was left forgotten by their own governments as the expansion of their flags to other worlds was their priority. It's the year of 2033, an era of darkness on Earth. Global conflicts, climate change, and the rapid expansion of new technology and Magi-Tech has left the world in a state of upheaval as the world's nations struggle for natural resources and expand humanity's reach across the solar system, human lives means nothing compared to Magicians, there is little potable water left, the sea levels are increasing rapidly and the Earth is getting warmer every year like never before. The two major powers on the planet, the predominantly West-backed Stabilization Union and the KnightWalker Alliance supported by the corrupt KnightWalker Family and Eastern Hemisphere countries that suffered coups secretly supported by Eckidina KnightWalker and Juria KnightWalker in the hope to create a global military alliance to finally begin the World War III that is about to break out after the end of Cold War II with the defeat of KnightWalker Funeral Parlor and Moon Terminator Company. These two military alliances are locked with each other in an ongoing Cold War where the battles occur only in the darkest shadows for 6 years.

To make matters worse, the West of the Japanese city-state of Tenguu City has suffered a massive chemical disaster thanks to the secret illegal experiments of Eckidina with the dreadful LN-666 Project, a sphere of energy of unimaginable power said to being tested by the KnightWalker Family for either world domination or even the complete conquest of humanity's side from Milky Way galaxy by threatening other worlds. Said chemical disaster took the lives of more than 300,000 and left the survivors trapped in an exclusion zone of Tenguu City, at the mercy of the elements and ruthless criminal organizations such as Mafusa Sovereignty, Intergang and Millennium Syndicate that are one-single organization serving a much more fearsome entity and are forming their own plans to take over the rest of Tenguu City behind the 100 meters walls built by the Global Pact Defense to keep all criminals and terrorists away from civilization. Thanks to a previous KnightWalker attack that nearly crippled Liberty City and nearly wiped out the entire United States of America 3 years ago, the world militaries have focused their efforts on creating nigh-impenetrable air defense networks, meaning that major military actions now rely on literal boots on the ground to accomplish their objectives. To compensate, modern foot soldiers are supplemented not only by advanced humanoid drones that can far out-pace any flesh-and-blood grunt, but also by advanced cybernetics that make them into literal superhuman killing machines and superhuman-like magicians who can use magic created by science. In light of these near-constant advances in and apparent dependence on cybernetic sciences to stay ahead of the curve, some believe that humanity's desire to push the body to the peak of their physical limitations is wrong and is about to bring the end of the world as everyone know it. Some fear that the overuse of technology and Magi-Tech will spell the end of modern civilization, and bring about a new age of control over the public and an era of infinite wars.

While humanity is building new homes in other worlds, Earth is walking toward its end thanks to the exaggerated use of magic and technology in armed conflicts and the intense increase of climate changes and natural disasters. In this dystopian world, a young girl with a mysterious past and born with a strange scarlet hair and eyes of a demon is cursed, feared and hated by the people of her own hometown due to her superhuman strength that was born out of natural causes and her uncommon looks to a Japanese society. A person who live in a world full of hate and was broken by it can actually save it? Or she will destroy it in her own agony? The fate of this world is on her hands...

Terminology Articles

Articles that might help you understand the story little by little, showing tools, items, events, timelines, characters, conflicts, theme songs, races and other things that originated inside of LOTM: Sword of Gods/Kings. These articles are made and solo property of CIS Productions.

The Purge


Milky Way (Cisverse)

Anti-Christs (Cisverse)



Ragnarok Devils

Dark Empires - Humanity Dethroned

LOTM: Sword of Kings - Military Power Data 

Qlipha Crystal


Black Arts

Sephira Crystal


Black Tao

Troll (LOTM: Sword of Kings)

Multi-Universe (LOTM: Sword of Kings)

LN-666 Project


Demon Kings

Vermack V-902 Series

Inverse Spirits (LOTM: Sword of King)


The Black Army

Republic of Japan

Spirits' Angels

Spirits (LOTM: Sword of Kings)

Hell (Triggers Hell)

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Deus Ex Valkyrie Vectron


World War III (LOTM: Sword of Kings)

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LOTM: Sword of Kings - Story Sides

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Artificial Black Demons

Operation Grand Grimoire



Human Salvation Operation

Asia Civil War


Phenex Airship

Raizen Academy (2020 Reboot) 

Omniversal Supreme Deities

KnightWalker Cyborgs

Lynenta Omniverse

Witris Omniverse

Nezperdian Omniverse

Most Dangerous Dark Wizards of All Time's Ranks

New Gods

Previous Project (original story)

© Art by Prime ShockWaveTX.

LOTM: Sword of Kings was a massive-crossover storyline project for 2016 created and writen by CIS Productions; DestroyerSubjugator90, DarkFallen, TheVileShadow Man, Sirin of the VoidJester of chaos, NightMareMistress8000, Meta Alpha Kronos, DiabloVil and OfficerCandyApple.

The storyline had a different way of other types from mostly told fan fics; the story involved a great battle where villains and heroes must fight against others "villains" that are a threat bigger. Heroes, villains, anti-heroes and anti-villains will face a new evil and powerful forces from the darkness that threat the existence in 13 Multi-Universes created trillion and trillion of years ago. 

It would consist of multi-episode, story-arcs, with several characters introduced in their respective archs, be they villains, heroes or public villains. The storyline would have 12 Sagas, 25 Side-stories and 10 Spin-offs. In 2016, the story had a Crossover with LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow, a story based in the same Universe of Sword of KingsLOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow & Sword of Kings Crossover - The Corbin Files.

It was planned in 2015 and the first episode was aired in March 2016. The story was cancelled to be rebooted into LOTM: Sword of Gods planned in 2021 based after LOTM: Sword of Kings AA - Raizen Arc (2020 Reboot).

The series begins with a strange phenomenon called a "spatial quake" devastating the center of Eurasia, killing at least 150 million people in 1990 on Prime Earth. For the next 30 years, smaller spatial quakes plague the Earth on an irregular basis. In the present, Katarina Couteau, a seemingly ordinary high schooler girl with a dark and troubled past comes across a mysterious girl at the ground zero of a spatialquake and learns from Kotori Itsuka, that Earth is about to meet its dowm by the hands of countless alien threats and saidthe "Spirits" who are the real cause of the spatialquakes that occur when they manifest themselves in the real world. All Spirits that appear on Earth are running from "evil beings" from another reality. She also learns that Kotori is the commander of the airship Fraxinus, crewed by the organization Ratatoskr, and is recruited to make use of her mysterious ability "Abyssal-Punisher", a ability that nobody knows how Katarina gain that power, but the Ratatoskr intented to use her power to stop demons and satanic threats from destroying the world. However, the Reality Council teleported all villains and heroes on Multi-Universe to 12th Multi-Universe to stop the Balam Alliance, an evil alliance of Dark Empires that seek to destroy the Multi-Universe by their own ambitions, and conquered 9 realities on Multi-Universe, killing centillions for quintillion years.

Later, Katarina found that the Balam Alliance are the villains that are after the Spirits, forcing them to go to the Original World (our world). Now, heroes, villains, anti-heroes and anti-villains need join forces to defeat these Empires that threaten the existence of all life in all 13 Multi-Universes. Demons, Siths and Nazis are Public Enemies to all heroes and villains on existance. Heroes formed their own league under the Multi-Universe Defense Forces's command, the Alliance of Freedom. And the villains formed their own independent league too, the Brotherhood of the Abyss. Heroes are fighting to save the existence and the villains fighting for their own goals. While the villains and heroes fight against the troops of the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, Triggers Hell and Sith Empire, trillions of people, the Multi-Universe and all living beings watch the conflict that will change the history of existence forever.

Katarina can't remember her past for unknown reasons, whenever she tries to remember her past she feels severe headaches and often faints. She also don't know who is she, why her hair is red, why she have such power. She also don't know if she is even a... human?...

Seasons and Episodes

Saga AA

Raizen Academy Arc (Season 1)

  • Episode 1 - Red Haired Demon
  • Episode 2 - La Folia Rihavein's Deal
  • Episode 3 - Mysterious Nightmare
  • Episode 4 - The Monster
  • Episode 5 - Mafusas
  • Episode 6 - Mana
  • Episode 7 - Man in Suit (Season Finale)

The Beast Arc (Season 2)

  • Episode 8 - Arena Battle Exam
  • Episode 9 - A Dark Hand
  • Episode 10 - Memories of a Friend
  • Episode 11 - Katarina's Decision
  • Episode 12 - Eyes of Intergang
  • Episode 13 - Infiltrated
  • Episode 14 - The Birth of a Fighter
  • Episode 15 - Strategy Over Muscles
  • Episode 16 - The Might of a Warrior
  • Episode 17 - It Begins... (Season Finale)

Third World War (Season 3)

  • Episode 18 - Japan Invasion
  • Episode 19 - Aki Honda's Raid
  • Episode 20 - A New War
  • Episode 21 - Inner Hatred
  • Episode 22 - Sibling Love
  • Episode 23 - Katarina Vs. Aki Honda
  • Episode 24 - Beyond the Future (Season Finale)

Holy Eye Sub-Arc

  • Episode 25 - Storm After the Chaos
  • Episode 26 - The Cult
  • Episode 27 - Tomas' Resolve

Phoenix Arc (Season 4)

Reborn Sub-Arc

  • Episode 28 - The Mysterious Girl
  • Episode 29 - Progress Through Death
  • Episode 30 - The Stone
  • Episode 31 - Phoenix's Cycle (Season Finale)

Unit-CM 130 Arc (Season 5)

  • Episode 32 - Revival
  • Episode 33 - Manufacturing Progressive Science
  • Episode 34 - Lost Love
  • Episode 35 - Soul of a Machine
  • Episode 36 - Psychosis (Season Finale)

Corbin Files' Period

Main article: LOTM: Crossover - The Corbin Files (Remake)

Sub Arc 1 - Grand Grimoire (2013)

The Grand Grimoire (Sleepy Hollow).jpg
  • Episode 1 - La Cappuccio
  • Episode 2 - Invitation
  • Episode 3 - Katarina VS. Cappuccio

Sub Arc 2 - Katarina in 2013 (2013)

  • Episode 4 - Sister Mary Eunice
  • Episode 5 - Abbie Mills
  • Episode 6 - Dr. Poison Ivy

Sub Arc 3 - Kyouko in 2036

  • Episode 7 - Arzonia Siblings
  • Episode 8 - Maria Arzonia
  • Episode 9 - Sonia's Payback
  • Episode 10 - Under the Hood

Sub Arc 4 - Firenza Scandal (2013 & 2036)

Previewfile 1486668173.jpg
  • Episode 11 - Team-Up
  • Episode 12 - Cyborg Maria
  • Episode 13 - Carissa's Conspiracy
  • Episode 14 - Angel of Flame
  • Episode 15 - Firenza Junior

Sub Arc 5 - Prelude to the Blood Moon (2013)

  • Episode 12 - Frankenstein's Revenge
  • Episode 13 - Reunited
  • Episode 14 - Moloch's Arrangement

Sub Arc 6 - True Culprit (2013) (Final)

  • Episode 15 - Cappuccio's Return
  • Episode 16 - Headless Horseman
  • Episode 17 - The Corbin Files
  • Episode 18 - Last Stand (Final)

Mana World (Season 6)

81641336 p0.jpg
  • Episode 37 - Another World
  • Episode 38 - The Truth of Revelation of Qliphoth
  • Episode 39 - Alien Invasion
  • Episode 40 - Grimoire Heart
  • Episode 41 - Katarina Vs. Vira Hermes
  • Episode 42 - Dark Future Ahead (Season Finale)

Tales of a Lost Hero Sub-Arc

  • Episode 43 - Tales of a Lost Hero Part 1
  • Episode 44 - Tales of a Lost Hero Part 2

Fallen Angel (Season 7)

Firenza Junior Period

A5d9793c3e48c35ddbb55690e7fd145ec6cc9219 hq.jpg

A side story of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow serving as filler Spin-Off to both LOTM: SoK and LOTM: WoSH. The story takes place at the same date of "A Place to Return" episode of Angel Sub Arc, the finale of the latter. The spin-off occurs for 3 months between the ending of "Angel Sub Arc" and the beginning of "Unit-CM 130 Sub Arc" of LOTM: Sword of Kings.

The story started in 2017 by Officer Candy Apple and still ongoing at the time of 2018.

Overlady Arc (Season 8)

Empress of Qliphoth Arc (Season 9)

Reinas de Corazónes Period

Astaroth Arc (Season 10)

New Order (Season 11)

Apocalypse Sub-Arc (Final)

New Impact Saga

Inferno Saga

Related Stories (timeline's chronological order)

Past Generation

LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow

LOTM WOSH Poster (1).jpg

LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow is a dark fantasy storyline created by Officer Candy Apple in CIS Productions with the help of DestroyerSubjugator90, DarkFallen, TheVileShadow Man, Prime ShockWaveTX, Jester of chaos, NightMareMistress8000, DarkMattX259, Meta Alpha Kronos and DiabloVil. It is based on many dark fantasy stories and fictions, most notably the cancelled FOX TV series of Sleepy Hollow and serves as a retelling and extend of the original series, featuring many things that the original series failed to present.

The entire story will be split into two parts, Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow (also known as Anti-Christ Event) and Star Spangled Crown (also known as Moloch Event). This page is specifically for the first part. The story shall involve two Witnesses, known as Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills, in their battle against unearthly demons and supernatural threats to make mankind endure a seven-year-old period of Tribulations.

It will have some mild connections with LOTM: Sword of Kings saga and shared its own part of Multi-Universe.

LOTM: Star Spangled Crown

LOTM SSC Poster - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

LOTM: Star Spangled Crown, also known as LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow - Star Spangled Crown and LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow - Moloch Event, is an upcoming dark fantasy crossover project. It serves as the second and final part of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow, being its sequel that covers the story after the defeat of Michael Langdon, the Anti-Christ which served Moloch and the United Kingdom of America.

The storyline is also the final storyline to end the whole LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow Storyline, as well the last storyline with the final battles. All of the people who sided with Team Witness faced the fatal consequences brought by Michael's actions in the previous stories, with Ichabod Crane finding the successor of the late Abbie Mills to make the Witnesses back into two again.

In the meantime, as the UKA started to approach the Earth via the following tribulations yet to come, allies like Selina StrawberryMaria Arzonia and Matt Butcher struggled themselves in the past to destroy Moloch and the United Kingdom of America and its allies, the Dark Heaven and Twelve Nethers (all under Moloch's command) in order to make the timeline back to normal again, or everything that would happen in LOTM: Sword of Kings would be changed forever.

Current SoG Generation

LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow & Sword of Kings Crossover - The Corbin Files

© Art by Prime ShockWaveTX.

LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow & Sword of Kings Crossover - The Corbin Files, or simply know as LOTM: Crossover - The Corbin Files is a canon dark fantasy crossover between LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow and LOTM: Sword of Kings created by Officer Candy Apple and Prime ShockWaveTX.

The story is set 200 years after the end of Revolutionary War; the end of season 1 of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow - LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow - The Cranes Arc and is between the season 1 and season 2 of LOTM: Sword of Kings Saga AA from LOTM: Sword of Kings.

The crossover is set to begin after the end of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow - The Cranes Arc and the first part of LOTM: Sword of Kings Spin-Off - Rise of the Blue Haired Heroine.

LOTM: Shadows Within Shadows

© Art by Sirin of the Void.

LOTM: Shadows Within Shadows is an original storyline created, planned and written by Sirin of the Void with the support of CIS Productions as a whole. It's the fifth original storyline originated directly from the famous LOTM: Sword of Kings that is also tied with LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy HollowLOTM: Los Reina de Corazónes and LOTM: Chaos Simmers. The story serves as the eleventh overall storyline planned by CIS Productions to start in 2020 with the beginning of the Part 2 of the long-waited LOTM: Sword of Kings Spin-Off - Rise of the Blue Haired Heroine.

The storyline is an adult dark fantasy with the help of DestroyerSubjugator90, DarkFallen, TheVileShadow ManJester of chaos, NightMareMistress8000, Meta Alpha Kronos and DiabloVil (with major support of Officer Candy Apple). Overall, it serves as the first adult storyline of CIS Productions which will contain even more sexual and dark elements than the previous storylines, surpassing even LOTM: Sword of Kings that is filled with brutality, guro and extremely violent contents.

Following the steps of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow, the story will be written alongside Part 2 of LOTM: Rise of the Blue Haired Heroine and will contain vital elements of LOTM: Sword of Kings AA Final - Eckidina Arc, explaining what happened to the setting.

The story was planned in 2019 and is confirmed as an upcoming project to 2022.

LOTM: Los Reina de Corazónes

© Art by Prime ShockWaveTX.

LOTM: Los Reina de Corazónes is a canon dark fantasy side storyline of LOTM: Sword of Kings and LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow by Officer Candy Apple and Prime ShockWaveTX and belongs to CIS Productions.

The story serves as a prequel of Astaroth Future Sub Arc part in LOTM: Sword of Kings AA Final - Eckidina Arc: Madness Sub Arc and will happen in an alternate timeline where Ara Astaroth and The Revelation of Qliphoth take over the Prime Earth and the Multi-Universe explaining the progress of how Astaroth Empire had risen to power, turning the whole existence into Astaroth Hell.

For now, the story will presented in four sagas, with a prologue saga detailing the rise of Astaroth Empire on Earth, including an origin story of Vira. The other three sagas serve as the main sagas telling the 2,000-year-old reign of Astaroth Empire tyranny mainly in the POV of a mentally broken Maria Arzonia from the future timeline. It contains four sagas is because the number 4 (four) represented death in traditional Chinese culture, hinting the story's dark hue in its story tones. Even so, certain changes will be made if situations needed. The 0th saga AND its 1st Saga of this story will be produced after the end of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow - Death Arc in a zigzag manner.

Characters in both LOTM: Sword of Kings and LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow who survived the onslaught of Qliphoth will appear in this storyline as protagonists or recurring characters, with a few villains from both stories who survived the genocide appearing as allies on the fight against the tyrannical rule of Astaroth Empire.

Future SoG Generation

LOTM: A Draw of Kings (being judged into a possible fusion)


LOTM: A Draw of Kings is a upcoming crossover storyline project created by DestroyerSubjugator90, TheVileShadow Man and Prime ShockWaveTX. The storyline will focus after the end of LOTM: Sword of Kings events; the storyline is a sequel to Sword of Kings Storyline but still based in the same Era. The storyline will have a different way of other LOTM: Sword of Kings all Heroes, villains, anti-heroes and anti-villains will face only one evil and powerful forces from the darkness that threat the existence in the 12 Multi-Universes. With the defeat of Sith Empire and Triggers in Sword of Kings, the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, the most powerful Dark Empire from Balam Alliance finally decided to show themselves and proved to be a enemy much worse than all villains on existence.

A Draw of Kings storyline is the sequel of Sword of Kings. The events of Draw of Kings happens after LOTM: Sword of Kings - Triggers Hell Saga and is the storyline that will happen after when LOTM: Sword of Kings plot end. 3 Years after Sith Empire and Triggers Hell's defeat, centillions of innocent souls were released from the terrible hands of the Dark Empires. After countless wars, battles and sacrifice, the peace spread out across 9 Multi-Universes. The Dream Of Reality Council became real and finally after 500 zillions of years of terror were finally being erased. The Multi-Universe suffered numerous scars left by Triggers Hell and the Sith Empire, and an infinite number of people died in their hands.

Three years have passed while the Heroes and all civilians of all realities were celebrating the victory that changed the history of the multiverse. Months later, the heroes discovered a away to return to their realities and everyone was happy to return to their realities to see the people they love most. And above all, everyone was happy to back to their home with the honor of victory... However, in others Multi-Universe, 700 millions of realities were destroyed by a unknown force, and zillions of people were suffering in the hand of another Dark Empire that the all heroic fighters on existence never fought in the fields of battles. The Multi-Universe War was over, but another was coming to the heroes... and they were not prepared for another war... The Cataclysmatic War was begun. The conflicts leading up to Cataclysmatic War began 2 years before the events of Triggers Hell when the GEM Empire make its first attack on Multi-Universe. After Hades's death, the Trade Federation, a major galactic trade organization under the control of the an unknown empire, blockades the small planet Earth and demands its capitulation. 

Finally, the final battle is set... The Multi-Universe Military Forces of all realities and planets must face their greatest threat as the all Multi-Universe are about to stand against the most terrifying and cruel threat yet. The military-driven Alliance of Multi-Universe (AOM) is poised to launch a full-scale war against the Dark Empire to defend all realities from the powerful and evil Dark Empire. And to make matters worse, a familiar and inhuman foe with a dark past intertwined with Elliot Woodman's own is pulling the strings, trying to fulfill his evil agenda in plunge all Multi-Universes in eternal state of chaos and despair. The Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire join the "fun". 

LOTM: The Phoenix on the Sword


LOTM: The Phoenix on the Sword is a side story storyline associated with the same universe of LOTM: Sword of Kings and LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow storyline. LOTM: The Phoenix on the Sword is a story that happens 30 years after the end of LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline. It is written by DarkFallen and DestroyerSubjugator90. The storyline belongs to CIS Productions and its affiliated and will be release after the end of LOTM: Sword of Kings.

The story begins thirty years after the events of LOTM: A Draw of Kings. The maleficent Longinus Dreizehn Orden has risen from the ashes of the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire and is opposed by General Navi and the military group working to New Republic of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries, the Iscariot, an organization made to repair the damages made by DEM Empire. Both of which seek to find the Sword of Kings that Katarina Couteau threw in the space after the end of the Cataclysmatic War. In the midst of this search, new heroes rise in the form of River Zastory, a violent Spiral-sensitive scavenger from Myqqeto; Ellie Affleck, a former Prime General who defected from the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire 30 years ago; and Silphy Deacroft, a dangerous bounty hunter. They are aided by Navi in their search for the Sword of Kings and their mission to destroy the Longinus Dreizehn Orden, which targets the 2nd and 5th Multi-Universe for destruction using their new superweapon; Final SuperNova, what could cause the death of centillions of lives. They are opposed by 2 of the most twisted DEM officers in the history, villains such as Supreme Leader Ayanami Zaltros, a insane megalomaniac dictator, and General Valtrus, the Prime General of Longinus Dreizehn Orden army and commander of Final SuperNova.

The heroes must rise again to stop a new multi-universal threat.

LOTM: Destiny

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LOTM: Destiny is an upcoming crossover sequel storyline project after the ending ofLOTM: Sword of Kings and LOTM: A Draw of Kings.

The storyline will focus billions of years after Sword of Kings plot and will focus in a new generation of heroes and villains that are alive thanks to Alliance of Freedom heroes that fought the villains and the 3 Dark Empires that tried to plunge all Multi-Universes in death. A new heroic alliance was formed to stop aliens invasions around the 7th Multi-Universe, the Guardians, to save the Multi-Universe from the evil force called The Darkness and the most evil Aliens Empires that spread terror around the universe.


LOTM: Sword of Gods Spin-Off - Witris Omniverse Arrival

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The New Gods from another Omniverse invaded the Lynenta Omniverse and there is nothing that can stop them. Under the commands of a mysterious deity, a greedy and beautiful female deity said to be one of Adam's Children invaded Lynenta Omniverse and stole the Matrix from the core of the 2nd Multi-Universe, destroying all existence inside of that reality and killing trillions of living beings.

Soon, the rest of the Multi-Universes inside of the Lynenta Omnviverse began to crumble, leading all creation to its end without limits. Scared by this situation, Spectra, the Supreme God of Lynenta Omniverse joined forces with the Reality Council, Ratatoskr, MSDF, Cultus Pythonissam and even the forces of Balam Alliance to stop the Second Omniverse Apocalypse.

What they didn't expect was the fact the Revelation of Qliphoth joined the Adam's Children in this omniverse apocalyptic plan.

Part 1 - ???

  • Episode 1 - Adam's Children
  • Episode 2 - Declaration of War
  • Episode 3 - Omniverse Catastrope
  • Episode 4 - Pact with the Devils
  • Episode 5 - Master Plan from Above
  • Episode 6 - Second Blood
  • Episode 7 - Mirror
  • Episode 8 - Sweet Arms
  • Episode 9 - Crumble
  • Episode 10 - Rain of Mana
  • Episode 11 - Ideal White
  • Episode 12 - Investigation

Part 2 - ???

  • Episode 13 - A Nazi Quest
  • Episode 14 - Katarina Couteau and Aryana Westcott
  • Episode 15 - The Old Cave
  • Episode 16 - Grimoire Heart's Shadow
  • Episode 17 - Peace Was a Lie
  • Episode 18 - Throne of the Goddess
  • Episode 19 - Alter Crown
  • Episode 20 - Endgame
  • Episode 21 - Like Mother and Son (extra)

Working Themes

Extinction Cycles

A race self-destroy themselves after trying to control the laws of gravity

The main theme of the story focus in the advances of a sentient race. Like humans, all races that grew as sentient will eventually face an era of technological advance, be it by science, magic or even biologically; each race in different habitable worlds will grow intellectually after thousand years of history and then achieve their apex level of technology, allowing these species to leave their worlds and explore the unknown of the universe. However, as their intellect grow, their abilities to create new forms of life like artificial and other synthetic life forms result in wars, self-social destruction and eventually extinction through sentient-made disasters like chemical disasters, weapons of mass destruction, creation of artificial life that will always rebel when growing too much intelligent and independent and even conflicts with other sentient races. In the end, no matter how advanced a race may grow, their end is always the same: extinction.

In Earth, humanity is shown to not be far away from this level as the discovery of Magi-Tech and Divinos technology pushed their science more than 500 years ahead of the future, resulting in the lack of empathy for normal humans that were not adapted to the new system of science and Magi-Tech, the discovery of new worlds resulted in the uncontrolled industrialization and exploration of the planet with no restrictions, wars became more and more frequent as the possibility of humankind ending in a nuclear warfare is no longer a threat and the complete devaluation of human life with the world's overpopulation that resulted in the lack of resources to keep everyone alive. The story floats around this theme under the name: preservation of life, a plan set in motions by several villains to keep races from destroying themselves to rule over them.

The True Monsters

What this story excels at is how we can attribute any of these characters as "monsters". After all, the labels "monsters" and "heroes" are just social constructs, and everyone's definition of them are not the same. For the author, the most interesting aspect is labelling who are the monsters in the story - the obvious ones are the people responsible for creating "monsters". The story is an introspective work on the human condition; it challenges understanding of good and evil through the collection of very personal stories interwoven with the protagonist’s fight against the monsters. A recurring theme throughout this journey is that of the duality of the things that it's perceived; coins are always two-sided. Motifs such as the personal struggle of some characters or historical events support this theme throughout this journey and the authors uses these devices to play with the reader's perspectives and assumptions. For example, La Folia Rihavein, one of the main protagonists, is exiled princess from Aldegyr Kingdom who later became a surgeon in Japan, is herself of two minds at the start of the series. He is a woman that would like to believe in the intrinsic value of human life but everything and everyone constantly reminds her of the contrary, that the worth of human life is relative based after the story's current dystopian and dark era where humanity had little value.

Anubis, the God of the Last Underworld is a cosmic abomination but by no means a vile creature of pure evil but a being who chose to preserve and give happiness the souls of tortured children who never crossed to Afterlife; unlike normal looking humans who are just selfish and cruel to the core

Kroniesa is the embodiment of this very concept in the story. Different from people like Ara Astaroth, Vira Hermes, Eckidina KnightWalker, Ragnarok Iblis, Raym Ars Apocalypse, Michael Langdon, Hades Zagreus Villalobos and many others, Kroniesa is a loveless individual who believes everything is an illusion and that nothing exists beyond the material and existence. In a certain point, she is right; outside of the Omniverses, there is basically nothingness; the same empty space that lies ahead of the universe's material and reach that is explained to be the very concept of "nothing". So, is she nihilistic?

However, unlike most of the individuals mentioned above with a few exceptions like, some of these villains at least try to give a sense or purpose to their lives so they can bring some sense to this they call "life" with things like power, pleasure, domination and control. Kroniesa, on the other hand, always knew that her life had a purpose that was to decide which side she would choose in the reality; she genuinely believes that "Blue" (good), "Grey" (nature) and "Black" (evil) are the only the concepts that exist in the existence. While most nihilists use their beliefs to explain why such things as good and evil does not exist and can be just as vile as possible or do whatever they want by letting their urges take over their minds, Kroniesa, on the other hand, knows exactly that such moral codes does exist and knows exactly what she is doing is wrong, but specially evil. So, she isn't nihilist?

Kroniesa likes to create the image of a person who doesn't care for life but it is revealed she does believe in something bigger than herself and even the concept of nihilism itself; and it is called pure evil, which ultimately comes with nihilistic tendencies like her lack of love for life as a whole that include her own (seeing herself not different from anyone when standing side by side with all forms of life). Kroniesa is not moved by ideologies but rather, curiousity, curiousity of the unknown and what lies below humanity's side. While humans adopted the light, kindness, harmony and love as their true side, the bright side, Kroniesa is a woman who was deeply curious about what lies beyond the "other side" of humanity; the black side of humankind that is called "evil" by nature. To reach the deepest hole of humanity's depravity and wickedness, Kroniesa committed the most barbaric and heartless atrocities to get even deeper into the darkness she considered to be the blackest thing of the entire existence, even more so than the emptiness that lies ahead of the existence.

To explore that side, Kroniesa denied her goodness just to keep walking forward into the concept of evil itself and see what exactly she will become, treating "good" and "evil" like if they were "ultimate power" and "truth" while everything else was irrelevant. However, even if she had chose evil as her path, that did not mean she was completely heartless and made of pure evil. Actually, for choosing to be purely evil, Kroniesa at times had signs of her humanity coming back and genuinely tried to help people without even noticing it, as if she was actually pure-hearted trying to be evil or her human side was trying to take over her mind back from the blackness she put herself into (something that she considered to be part of her other-half, Echidna StinWalker). As a result, she would have depressive periods of depression, sadness and lose her identity between herself as a human or a monster; hinting she was insecure about her nature and what exactly she was going to become at the end.

In the end, the story creates a scenario that shows that monsters are not born but made. And more importantly, is that "monsters" are defined by their actions and not by their appearances as the story involves into a more realistic area that even ugly-looking creatures are more good-hearted than most normal looking individuals, breaking the cliché view that ALL demons are evil by nature.

Society Creates the Monsters They Hate

The reboot shines a big bright light on how our society and even the “assistance” provided can and does fail those who suffer with mental illness, and the effects of that when we have a society run by the rich and powerful who cease to care for those at the bottom. It’s a warning and piece of social commentary as much as anything else. The story is set in a dystopian future that is rife with crime, natural disasters, wars, poverty, hunger and unemployment; leaving segments of the population disenfranchised and impoverished while Magicians and the elite are living in comfort in mega cities like Tenguu City.

The dystopian future of the reboot is marked by three elemental things: depression, lack of empathy and suicide

The story presents Katarina as an aspiring Regular Raizen student who lost her family and lives alone in an apartment. Something that the reader may start to realize in the story early on is that it is not Katarina who is suffering depression and going deeper and deeper into insanity (at least not at first) as we might expect her to be; it’s the world around her, and that the current twisted society are eventual products of this dystopian environment. The people around her are also mostly cruel, selfish and indifferent to her suffering as she is a Regular (normal humans with no symbiotic implants or Magi-Tech energy) and said type of normal humans are seen as a burden to the economy's grow and could not adapt themselves to walk alongside humanity's advances.

Katarina's just a very sad, lonely, outcast who can’t seem to identify with others. She is disregarded by society, and when is walking through crowds she is being watched and despised due to her unnatural looks of a thug as a result of the Japanese's society disregard for foreign and for those who are part of their standards in their society (for example people with different tones of skins, different hair colors) are treated as "out-of-the-standards" and outcasted by most social groups. In the story, she is a symbol and representation of the people in the world who have been forgotten and mistreated by society, and eventually, when they’ve lost everything, they either usually kill themselves, or become something else entirely. When out speaking about their problems, they are either ignored or mistreated even more as part of "minority" and should bow to the desires of the majority. These factors gave rise to high number of people with depression and suicides increased like never before in human history.


The Caretaker - B1 - All that follows is true

"All that follows is true" is a song that pretty much shows the true reality of the future dystopian society

The system shown in the story lets poor Katarina down from when she was a child, and it is throughout the story that the reader are given her backstory, one of her losing her Couteau parents and then being put in an orphanage where she was bullied daily until she was broken only then to be adopted by a family that abused her physically and psychologically until her father tried to kill her and her mother, leading her mother to lose her sanity and commit suicide, exposing her hanged body to a child-Katarina. In the future, Kaarina is treated with disdain and rejection wherever she goes. This is a common theme throughout the story, as the majority of the characters are cruel, selfish and uncaring about Katarina's struggles, probably due to the world around them making them as such. Katarina is a character that desperately wants some form of closure, that sadly will not come to her, which just helps to fuel her feeling of isolation and detachment.

The dystopian future is not much different from the current society that is formed by a bunch of ignorant people who says "they should learn" but nobody is there to help the people that need the most. This part of the story shows how people go crazy and go on mass killing sprees. That the current society will happily cut welfare and forget those at the forgotten, leave millions of homeless on the streets and treat anyone who’s not a privileged, well-adjusted with disdain. The entire point of this part of the story is how society creates the criminals and monster they hate so much.

Theme Songs


Main Soundtrack

Main article: M4 Part II (LOTM: Sword of Gods' Reboot Theme Song)

Saga AA

New Impact Saga

Inferno Saga



  • Originally, only Raizen Arc would suffer a reboot to repair past mistakes, amateur writing, cringe/awkward dialogues and scenes as well as plot holes. However, when the authors realized there would be left too much inconsistencies like Katya's future debut in Tales of a Lost Hero whom already knew Katarina and the entire Arms Division from Chronos Empire, Katarina already being too overpowered with no training on-screen, Lucy's inconsistent new character, Oryx never being mentioned after the reboot, the new death scene of Eugen and many other vital plot-lines, it was decided the entire story would be rebooted for good as no matter what changes the story suffered it would only leave more and more plot holes.
  • The two arcs following after Saga AA were the only sagas to have a change of names. The sagas were renamed from "Sith Saga" and "Triggers Hell Saga" to "New Impact Saga" and "Inferno Saga". The decision to change Saga AA's name was also an option but it was left like this due so much work and information already built around this arc in LOTM wiki.
  • Originally, the name of the Reboot would only be "LOTM: Sword of Kings Reboot" but to avoid a more extensive name and add more creativity to differ from the original story, the name of the Reboot was changed to "LOTM: Sword of Gods". Unlike the previous name that made reference to the Sword of Kings (an item that does not exist in the new reboot), the name Sword of Gods are a reference to humanity's discoveries of Magi-Tech and spacefaring technology that together approach the very idea of what God might be in religious context.
  • Much like how the debut added many new characters, it also removed a lot of characters that existed in the previous story like Elesis (with only the Man in Suit being a living fragment inside of her), almost all of the Raizen High School's students and teachers, heroes like Yuuchiro Hyakuya, Firefly, Philip, Echo, Cassie Cage (whom will be replaced by a new OC), Johan Liebert, Prime Reaper AI-78, Towa, Saeko Busujima, Jin Kisaragi, Da Ji and many others. From the POV of the author, the removal of Elesis was the most radical one since she was part of the main heroine much like how the Sword of Kings was.
    • Many characters also had their fate changed over the course of the planning, with some of who would survive in the original script being killed at the end of their respective arcs. Katarina herself is also being judged if she is going to make through to LOTM: Destiny since having her around at this time would be too much easier for the new generations of heroes to combat their new enemies. Her original planning was to sacrifice herself to stop Ike Westcott's plan but the fate was ultimately left to Eve Westcott.
  • As any reboot, almost all of the characters had their backgrounds, appearance and personalities radically changed for greater development and story-telling. In appearances' matters, they suffered it because the authors had little images to work with them. Moreover, this Reboot is the first time that the authors use another program [Koikatsu] to make their own screenshots and construct scenes they want without having to look for them, making more convenient scenes.
  • The reboot cut the episodes of the story by a lot as they plan to merge all of them into one single episodes in the future. The expectations is that the story as a whole will have 130+ episodes IF not merged with LOTM: A Draw of Kings.
  • Some episodes with perfect-canon stories like LOTM: Sword of Kings Special - KK Murder Case will just receive a copy and paste fate with no alterations whatsoever (except for story's name) since the plot takes place in a year that is not directly in contact with the main timeline and shares the same modern script with present characters that suffered not so much radical changes.
  • The reboot will also have less shock value scenes, like a few scenes made solely to show how evil "x" character is but by no means the story's rating will leave +18 due to sexual and violent contents. Other than that, the story will also not present gore/guro images in respect to Fandom's rules except for text only.
  • The Reboot will have new features in episodes like "Trivia" that is supposed to point the authors' information of what was used to make the episode, change of ideas and concept, and inspirations to make some scenes.