LOTM: Silence Reigns is a story written by Kingofevil9 and co-written by 22Kingdomheartsfan. It is the sequel to LOTM: String Theory and its predecessor LOTM: Dark Skies. Set one month after the events of String Theory, The Defenders must investigate a growing number of mysterious robberies and murders committed by a gang of deranged killers seemingly lead by a man named Stone. Meanwhile, the heroes also deal with members of The League of Villains as they're hunted down by Miles' former friend Flash Thompson, now going by the name of Agent Venom. They also come into contact with a man named Yoshikage Kira, who may have a secret ulterior motive behind his friendly exterior. The series ran for eight seasons and is followed up by LOTM: Decimation.


One month after the death of The Puppetmaster, The Defenders enjoy their new life of heroism and excitement as they go about on new and amazing adventures. Soon however, they are called into action when they're sent to investigate a string of murders and robberies committed by a gang of rising criminals apparently lead by a man named Stone. During this however, The Defenders run into some familiar faces from The League of Villains as they send out a bounty hunter named Agent Venom to destroy the heroes once and for all. Behind the scenes however, a strange man begins to become impressed with The Defenders, only wishing that they do not interfere with his quiet and silent life....

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