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LOTM: Shadows Within Shadows is an original storyline created, planned and written by Sirin of the Void with the support of CIS Productions as a whole. It's the fifth original storyline originated directly from the famous LOTM: Sword of Kings that is also tied with LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy HollowLOTM: Los Reina de Corazónes and LOTM: Chaos Simmers. The story serves as the eleventh overall storyline planned by CIS Productions to start in 2020 with the beginning of the Part 2 of the long-waited LOTM: Sword of Kings Spin-Off - Rise of the Blue Haired Heroine.

The storyline is an adult dark fantasy with the help of DestroyerSubjugator90, DarkFallen, TheVileShadow ManJester of chaos, NightMareMistress8000, Meta Alpha Kronos and DiabloVil (with major support of Officer Candy Apple). Overall, it serves as the first adult storyline of CIS Productions which will contain even more sexual and dark elements than the previous storylines, surpassing even LOTM: Sword of Kings that is filled with brutality, guro and extremely violent contents.

Following the steps of LOTM: Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow, the story will be written alongside Part 2 of LOTM: Rise of the Blue Haired Heroine and will contain vital elements of LOTM: Sword of Kings AA Final - Eckidina Arc, explaining what happened to the setting.

The story was planned in 2019 and is confirmed as an upcoming project to 2020.



The year is 2036 in Prime Earth and the World War III came to tragic end with the beginning of a new war, The PurgeVira Hermes and Ara Astaroth (under the disguise of Mina Harker) launched a worldwide military campaign using the STAR LABS of United States of America against the demonkind when the Latin country of Brazil was completely wiped out by the Revelation of Qliphoth's forces.

In this world taken by darkness and destruction, a shy, otaku, anti-social young Spanish college student of Law is pulled into the world of Minecraftia, also known as the Kingdom of the Cosmos when Maria Arzonia's mother, Felisa Arzonia, revealed herself to be one of Kaitlyn Powell's agents. With no knowledge of the primitive and checkered world he was in, the young Spanish boy soon learns this world is ruled by powerful monster kingdoms that divided this planet in military territories and are controlled by aggressive matriarchal regimes where the female genre control this world thanks to the lack of men. 

Can the young boy survive in this hostile world, or will he be seduced by the mob princesses? Or be killed, enslaved, or eaten by the mob kings who are the fathers of the princesses? Even worse... he later discovers his nemesis that brought the destruction of his world are planning to do the same to this world as well. Will he flee to Earth like the coward he always was... or fight for revenge while in the meantime protecting the world that tried to kill him?

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The Purge

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Black Arts

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The Protagonist

  • Axel Dávalos

A shy, lazy, hopeless, gloomy, anti-social nerd, otaku and gamer Spanish boy who was studying law in Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia) in Barcelona. Considered by his friends as the most normal and gloomy person ever, Axel was born in Madrid but moved to Barcelona when the Third World War broke out. During the Purge, he is accidentally killed by Felisa Arzonia, Maria Arzonia's mother was being controlled by Kaitlyn Powell's Sin.

When his soul was being moved to the Afterlife, he is caught in a paradox storm and ends up in the world of Minecraftia, a world he knows nothing about is forced to survive in a hostile world dominated by monster women.

Far North

End Kingdom

  • Andr (Andri) - main heroine

The princess of End Kingdom and the oldest daughter of the ender Dragon King who acts as Axel's main ally and supporter. A dark, gothic, elegant, charming, intelligent but rude, haughty, short-tempered, brute and rather sarcastic with superiority-complex, Andr is the main crush of the protagonist who taught him almost everything he needed to survive, aside from being his defender.  She is a child prodigy and has earned a university degree in an unspecified field as a teenager; she also speaks Nether fluent language, but has trouble reading and writing them. Andr had years of training starting from a young age to become the first Queen of the End Kingdom after her father pass away due to his Ring of the Darkness. She is the first princess that Axel met and has been travelling with him since he met her during the End Kingdom's Rebellion crisis started by the extremist-revolutionary group Future Forgers. She started her character as being a possessive and aggressive woman who only sees Axel as a sexual toy for being the first humanized man she met and is not above abusing physically if he resist. Her violent, narcissistic, lustful and barbaric tendencies slowly fades away as she develop genuine love for the protagonist over the course of the story.

Andr is a very narcissistic individual, especially in her fighting, and comes across to others as proud and strong, with a very high opinion of both her appearance (particularly her recently "busty" body), her skills as a fighter, high IQ that allows her to become an excellent military leader and brilliant politician in internation relationships. She is stubborn and finds it difficult to express her true feelings to others. She does not like being looked down upon or told what to do as she wants to be viewed as an adult despite her childish tendencies of not accepting defeat in any field, be they in verbal fights, for materials, goods and even for Axel. She is aggressive and can be very opinionated. However, this personality is a front that protects a very vulnerable and insecure girl, a side which the viewer sees in her dreams or thoughts. She is often rude and intrusive of other people's space, especially Axel as she was taught to be bold and aggressive. She also has a strong need to be self-sufficient, and has a great deal of difficulty dealing with her self-perceived failure when she does need help.

Initially, her eyes tended to be sharp and serious. However, during the development of the story her eyes start to show more happiness and relaxation as she discover the power of friendship and saw the world of Minecraftia could be rather peaceful with all princesses Axel joined to become friends. In serious situations, her personality reverts to that of her brute, arrogant and rude self, or when pertaining to her rivalry with Skelly. She also tends to fight with other princesses when they get too close to Axel, pushing him to her side out of jealously of thinking they are going to take him away from her or even steal his "innocence". However, she is not above using bold sexual tactics to get his affection and will force herself upon him when her human DNA strikes her hormones. As such, Axel ends up falling in love with her at the very end, deciding her to be his true lover. Even so, the other princesses would eventually try to steal him from her and continue the endless circle of love.

  • Ender Dragon King

The king of the End Kingdom and the father of Andr and Shadow. He was once known as the God of Darkness of Minecraftia's universe but decided to retire himself and demoted himself from the post to give it to his successor. He ssumed the form of dragon and travelled to Minecraftia to find peace. He is oldest being of Minecraftia and the first living being to exist in that world as he arrived before the formation of all life. He would later found his own kingdom when he noticed his aura automatically created the Ender race.

As the king of the End Kingdom, he is referred to as Ender King I and the oldest king of Minecraftia. He was the first being to fight back the invasion of Triggers Hell and was a formidable ally of Hyme during Lazarus' invasion to Minecraftia. He uses the Ring of the Darkness to channel the power of Nether's Crystal to maintain the Wall around the metropolis, but this gradually drains his life-force. Ender King thus feels ambivalent that his children will have the same fate befall him to keep their people safe from Triggers Hell's shadow.

He is the arch-nemesis of Lazarus who brought destruction and chaos to the world he sought to have peace and promised to himself that he will have his head at any cost.

  • Shadow

Shadow is the younger son of the Ender King and the brother of Andr who was just born 10 days after Axel was teleported to the world of Minecraftia. He was born through a forced experiment of the Ender Dragon King who sought to break the genetic code of the virus that wiped out all men of Minecraftia world. He is also one of the few humanized men of Minecraftia, being the the newest one to be such.

Shadow is a Japanese-warrior like man who vowed his loyalty to protect Andr and the king but due to the nature of the world outside, the king decided to leave Shadow inside of the palace for his own safety as million women outside will seek him to engage in a brutal sexual relationship and eventually kill him by accident. He always wears a serious expression on his face and has a reserved personality and a strong sense of justice with no tolerance towards those who don't know their own limitations and throw away their lives. Despite letting Axel alive for being a human, he shows zero hesitation when killing other humans and has no respect towards them like most mobs that see humans as inferior life forms. 

Shadow also appears to have a complex with what others think of him and is shocked when Andr claims the Princesses (the women who are madly seeking for a male mate) hates him because he is too rude when women try to seduce him, calling them "sluts" and "whores", something that greatly hurts female mobs in this world. He is a man of very few words and has trouble interacting with others, so he usually keeps himself at a distance.

  • Andressa

Andressa is a goth girl whose interests lie in art and astronomy and is currently serving Andr as an Elite Mob to achieve her dreams. She is smart, independent, and level-headed, stating her best quality is her inability to get excited over minuscule things. Her attitude at first seems very harsh and sarcastic, but she is not a bitter person. Rather, she is cautious of whom she lets into her life. Beneath her tough exterior, there is a kind heart that learns to trust as the story progresses. However, she is a great and deadly fighter who uses a scythe made of her own blood in combat.

Despite her distaste for whatever "the sheep" are fond of, she actually does desire to be welcomed by Axel's party but she is too shy to ask to join in. Andressa also suffers from claustrophobia and hates being locked inside of rooms or any space that has a roof and walls, preferring to stay outside. She even built a house on the top of a tree where she could sleep looking at the stars at night. She believes strongly in karma and is also a huge fan of horror movies, the clichés of which will sometimes dictate how she performs in challenges. She is one of the many love rivals around Axel and desires to learn more about his world.

  • Adrianna

A dark and spooky person who scares most people around her. At the start of the story, Adrianna is socially withdrawn, seemingly emotionless, and rarely interacts with anyone, except for Andr and the Ender King, to whom she initially displays loyalty but with whom she has a generally distant relationship. She lives by herself in a dull sparsely-furnished apartment and is a girl of few words, preferring to stay away from all people. Outwardly, Adrianna can seem somewhat cool and aloof, often spending time on her own reading books. Yet, she can easily be confused by emotions, and is somewhat detached from her own.

She serves the Ender King as his main bodyguard and helps patrolling the palace to keep it safe from any danger. As the stories progress, she opens herself more not only to Axel but the other girls from his party as Axel teaches her more about the world outside of her loneliness. She becomes a close friend to the protagonist but her feelings for him are unclear.

  • Andi

Andi is the strongest Elite Mob of Andr's squad as well its most cruel. At first impact, Andi appears as a detached, cold, insensitive and almost apathetic girl; as every Elite Mob has been trained since childhood to a rigid emotional control system to maintain impassivity, but in fact the meeting with Andr has marked her more than she would like to show, so much so that the only occasions where one could see her in tears are in the memory of that event.

Little sociable and extremely haughty, Andi behaves with others feigning disinterest and superiority, fact perhaps derived from her social position as the granddaughter of the Ascedent Family; although she does not like to be called "excellence". Her rank has led her, over the years, to be spoiled at times, so much so that Annanora herself calls Andi "much more inept than she believes"; it is implied that she’s not used to doing her hair by herself, is unable to cook, has made a career relying heavily on the entourage and has little capacity to adapt to situations; which makes her easily subject to nervousness.

  • Annanora

Annanora is a small gothic lolita who acts like a queen and demands respect and fear of everyone around her. She is a straightforward girl, who speaks in an old-style dialect. She can be very hyper and lively at times and has chuunibyou tendencies like the rest of the Endermen in her village. She is very intelligent, but has very little self-control, especially when it comes to using dark magic. She has no problem wasting her spell on empty plains or abandoned castles, as long as she can use dark magic once a day.

After being harassed for days by Annanora's Explosion of Dark Mist, Shadow was annoyed and named her as the crazy-headed girl ("Girl with screws loose"). Much to Annanora's dismay, since the nickname describes her quite well, "crazy-headed girl" also became her official nickname in palace. Axel stated that Annanora has the most common sense among the girls in the party, but considering her competition, it is not much of a compliment. Annanora also enjoys participating in (or starting) childish antics with Andr or Cupa, and often acts over-dramatic to hype up the moods.

  • Anjela

Anjela is in fact not a Enderwoman but a chimera, a shape-shifting creature which could assimilate living creatures and magical items into its physiology to grow stronger, as such a lot of their physiology was artificial. She served as a Commander in the Ender King's Army and was renowned as having the greatest magical resistance out of the commanders. Anjela was a aloof, lone and sad woman who was known for drugging herself and had many tattoos in her body that showed her lifetime of suffering. She was a smart but unmotivated leader who seemed to genuinely care about the well-being of her subordinates, often shielding them from the magic of the Triggers Hell's demons.

She could be very observant, such as when she deduced that Axel was not a Mob Prince but a human for his lack of skills. She is quite the seductive type as well, mainly due to the fact that she wanted to seduce Axel when he was taken hostage.  When she is angry, her voice all of a sudden deepens and sounds more masculine.

  • Araham

The childhood friend of Andr who is known for being a collector of materials. Araham is a very kind and gentle girl who treats others with kindness and respect. She is also very caring and she always interests her adherents. She has a very cheerful attitude but at times can act a bit childish. She is insecure about her breast size and uses breast pads to compensate. Andr often embarrasses her with this knowledge, as Araham wants as few people as possible to notice her lack in bust. As a result of her kind-hearted and gentle nature, her scent is noted to be very fragrant.

While disguised as as one Andr's Elite Mobs, she displays an even more cheerful and energetic demeanor that is almost always seen with a big smile and boasting a bright personality. Though befitting her role as a thief, she at times acts quite childish and mischievous when around the prospects of treasure. However, when around Demons and Undead, her personality takes a drastic change. She becomes incredibly cruel and violent toward the demon or monster, and will attack and attempt to kill them without thought or mercy, not even taking into account whether or not the monster in question is good or evil.

  • Andine

Known as the Great Loser of the End Kingdom Andine is the shame of the Endermen kind. She is a normal civilian who was forced to join the Royal Army to serve the Princess Andr. She is a coward; always claiming she doesn't have long to live due to the dangerous job of being a Enderwoman. She also has rather low self-esteem despite her strength, to the point that she thinks she's actually useless. Andine is in a constant state of fear and always cries and tries to run away at the sight of danger, claiming she wants to live a modest, normal life, instead of that of a warrior Enderwoman in which he just thinks she's useless all the time. However, despite these weaknesses, Andine still wants to live up to the expectations others set up for her and will try her hardest when she is needed to.

She holds great respect and admiration towards her comrades and her deceased teacher, and her inner focus and drive in avenging her always help to wash away her cowardice and second thoughts when she's in a pinch.

  • Audre

An elite mob of Andr with serious issues about her mentality. Audre acts like a delinquent has an interesting yet troublesome personality. She is high-spirited, cheerful, and carefree, but rarely thinks about the consequences of her actions. While she doesn't force her beliefs onto others, Audre always acts or speaks on her whims; so, she can behave very inappropriately in many situations. It is also very easy to taunt Audre with jeers or lure her with praises. Since Audre, as an Elite Mob, thrives on praise/worship points, she usually performs good deeds, but then immediately ruins her own merits by seeking praises aggressively and persistently. Also, while many of her 'good deeds' turn out fine, Audre is very short-sighted, and some of these "good deeds" actually turn out to be complete disasters.

One of Audre's positive personality traits is her "honesty." She is incapable of lying, or more precisely, she has no concepts of lying and she is so bad at it that her lies give themselves away. When caught lying, all it takes are pinches to her cheeks for Audre to reveal everything. On the other hand, she is very gullible and does not believe people can lie to her. When Audre is being stubborn though, others may also fib a little to make Audre more agreeable. While Audre thinks very highly of herself, she actually has a business sense that is equal to or worse than Andrelina.

  • Andrelina

A merchant of the End Kingdom who is actually known for being a witch similar to those from human villagers. She has a deep and complex fascination for dark magic. Despite rumors say she is a scary and bizarre person, she later reveals herself to be a very beautiful and sloopy person. 

She is clumsy and forgetful at times, Andrelina is a kind and caring young woman despite preconceptions with being an Enderwoman who loves to practice satanic rituals. She is very innocent and meek and apologizes quite frequently, making her a target for bullying by Andr and Audre. Andrelina is usually gentle and polite, yet can be serious and mature, acting like a big-sister figure. She is also hopeless with money and business. Her shop hasn't had a single profitable month since it opened in the capital, mostly because it sells items that are seemingly useful but have negative side effects or endgame equipment despite being located in a town for beginning adventurers and other Endermen. 

Pillover Kingdom

  • Princess Frosty de Shirak

The primary princess of the Pillover Kingdom that rules over half of all Snow creatures of the region. Lazy and a little similar to Axel, Frost is simple-minded girl driven by emotions to act. This leads to her acting like a child, but this is not entirely false as she does act like one at some times. She is extremely lazy to the point of slothful, but she doesn't mind exerting much effort in her duties, as what she shows during field practice. She is also rather shameless when it comes to love, in contrast to the calm and levelheaded Ivy. She isn't even ashamed to show her liking to Axel in public. In conjunction with her laziness, Frost absolutely loves to eat, with her appetite bordering on pure gluttony. Referred to as a starving demon, she eats up to six bowls of rice per day, and her hunger takes up a significant portion of her school's funding, according to her mother, the Queen.

  • Queen Anastasia de Shirak

Anastasia is the queen of the Pillover Kingdom and the mother of both Ivy and Frosty. She was one of the oldest queens of the planet that fought alongside Hyme against the invasion of Triggers Hell million years ago. Although raised in wealth and bliss, Anastasia grew up to be smart, graceful, elegant, humble and a mature woman instead of being a spoiled brat by the strict education of her father that killed by Lazarus during the invasion of Triggers Hell. After the framed economic corruption of the post-death of her father, she became distant and cold, in contrast to her usual cheerful personality, and also wanting to be isolated, and therefore became a solitary person.

After meeting Alucard, she has warmed up a bit and is now generally friendly to people, especially to her friends. She hides her feelings toward Alcard as she isn't sure how he would respond, even so Anastasia is one of the many mistress of Alucard, the king of the Vampires and hates the fact he is married and has many other mistresses.

  • Princess Ivy de Shirak

The secondary princess of the kingdom and the youngest sister of Frosty who is known for her working out hobbies. Ivy somewhats believes that emotional maturity is physical maturity. She easily- and sometimes nonchalantly- deals with adult matters and generally act dignified, being a person in a high position she's expected to think wisely to make good decisions unlike Frosty that needs to be guided by her ministers. However, she still has a childish side, such as calling herself the 'world's cutest' and with many of her reactions related. Secretly likes drama and romance, which no one knows about and dreams about marrying a normal humanized boy, even if he is a human. She can be annoying sometimes but she does care about the people close to her and tries her best protecting them.

She is one of the few of Axel's party to be considered "normal" by his standards.

  • Lucia

Lucia is the only and strongest Elite Mob of both Frosty and Ivy. Considered to be stronger than the princesses, Lucia is beautiful, busty and powerful Ice user who was said to be able to create mountains of ice in 4 seconds. Despite her fearsome reputation she cares about her friends and her people and has a chilish side that grants her a place of fun with the princesses. She's naive and theatrical, while also bursting with passion. Lucia does everything in her power to make everyone, including the princesses, happy and is determined to make her kingdom into a better place. However, she can be stubborn whenever something doesn't go her way and is will discard her happiness of marrying a humanized man to allow the princesses of her kingdom find the love they need with Axel.

  • Neva Blanche

The daughter of the police's chief who displays a socially awkward behavior. Neva normally displays a calm demeanour, preferring to remain quiet when around others. However, she is prone to outbursts when faced with inappropriate situations such as witnessing lewd situations or being left at the mercy of Cupa's childish pranks. Despite this, she is also caring and affectionate, genuinely appreciate Axel's kind treatment and protection as well as feeling uncomfortable about having to deceive innocent people to protect her kingdom. Deep down she is afraid of her current situation and constantly being under threat, but when faced with danger she won't hesitate to face the challenge.

  • Bianca Demestria

A vigilante who brutally kills anyone who dare to step into the kingdom to sell Monryou's drugs, weapons or perverted kidnappers who enter in the capital to kidnap snow women to sell them as sexual slavers. Due to the potential of her ability, Bianca has been targeted by assassins and researchers throughout her life. As a result, she believes only in power and trusts no one. While fighting, she invokes fear and has a sadistic tone. She willingly joins a group of extremist murderers to gain a reputation as the most powerful and feared snow women so that no one would dare be foolish enough to challenge her and won't hesitate to kill any who get in her way. Despite all of this, she only targets criminals, rapists, kidnappers, traffickers and other scumbags who dare to disturb the peace of Pillover.

Valkeia Kingdom

  • Princess Skelly - secondary heroine

The Princess of the Valkeia Kingdom, being the strongest female humanized skeleton. She hails from the northern Valkeia Kingdom, where brutal tribal raids and inter-clan warfare are as much a part of the landscape as the scream of the frozen winds, and the unyielding cold of the tundra. The only child of Skerrin, the matriarchal chieftain of the powerful Valkeia Kingdom, Skelly was Iceborn: a member of the warrior lineage, gifted with an ancestral connection to the magic of her lands, and the rare ability to wield the power of True Root of the Living Beings (the bones). Everyone assumed that Skelly would follow her mother as the kingdom's next leader. However, this was never a glory Skelly desired.

The grim responsibility of her warlike lineage and extraordinary gifts instead left Skelly feeling isolated, burdened, and alone. Her only respite was when Andr, the Princess of the End Kingdom, would stay with them for the summer hunts around the Orkaal Rocks. The girls' friendship defined their childhoods, but was cut short just as they reached their teens. Somehow, Andr had offended Skelly's grandmother, and the fellowship between their kingdoms ended suddenly, the two them became rivals and engaged in destructive fights. Skelly returned to her kingdom when her mother began her lifelong quest for the “Throne of Norsh”, a supposed hoard of treasures and magical items that she hoped would return her people to greatness.

Skelly is a person that rarely openly talks with other people unless needed with only a few exceptions such as Axel and her mother. She isn't a shy person, but more of an unsocial type of girl. She can be a bit reckless or aggressive if she has a goal or purpose to fulfill; she's also willing to do something that someone else wouldn't do to accomplish such goals. Due to a human killing her subordinates in a peaceful quest for an alliance between the human tribes and her kingdom, Skelly has harbored an intense hatred and hostility towards all humans, as whenever she sees a human, she loses all of her common sense and tries to kill it any way she possibly can, Axel being the first person to ever witness this behavior. This hatred is shown to be intense enough that she was willing to kill Skelyn White despite the fact that she knew Axel was from another reality and had to do nothing with her revenge. As the story progresses, she becomes one of the closest girls to Axel alongside Andr to the point Andr and Skelly often engaged in tense fights but not so deadly to the point of killing each other. Axel also slowly fell in love with as she slowly opened herself to him, knowing her better than before but his feelings mixed with Andr would say he is wrong in dating two girls at the same time.

  • Queen Skerrin

The Queen of Valkeia Kingdom who ruled over it for million years since its foundation. Alongside the Ender Dragon King, the Queen Skerrin fought in the first invasion of Triggers Hell and was a formidable ally of Hyme to banish Lazarus from their lands.

Despite being a humanized skeleton mob, she is not an enemy of humankind like the other kings and queens. Conflicted between her nature and peaceful ideology, Skerrin bound her wings to embrace humanity instead of killing it, and inflicts her pain and bitterness upon the dishonest and the corrupt. She rejects laws and traditions she believes are unjust, and fights for truth from the shadows of Minecrafia as a whole—even as others seek to repress it—by casting shields and chains of dark fire. More than anything else, Skerrin truly believes that even the banished and outcast may one day rise again.

  • Clay Vackleam

A famous artist in Valkeia Kingdom who hates war and is known for being "a woman who represents peace". She displays a cool, reserved and serious personality most of the time but does not lack a humorous side, which is usually in the form of dry wit and sarcasm. Clay is a righteous person, respecting other people's lives regardless of whether they are skeletons or not. She strongly despises those who judge and discriminate based on racial prejudice. Clay is outspoken, going so far as to indirectly insult the aggressive human tribes in front of a human (Axel himself) and defend skeletons of any kind. Clay is shown to be an introvert. Although she reads books to distance herself from the discussion at hand, as the story continues, she is shown to be more facetious and friendly. Clay appears most conversant when discussing the history and plight of her people.

As a humanized skeleton, Clay has faced discrimination in the past and also hates any kind of discriminatory commentary. However, despite having no hate for Endermen like most of her kind, she has seen how the real world works and wonders how she can undo so many years of hate and pain. Clay's past negatively influenced her personality, leading to moodiness, stubbornness, sleep deprivation and trust issues at times. She also has self-loathing issues, viewing herself as a weakling hiding in plain sight because of her past when she ran away from her military services.

  • Skelyn White

The elder sister of Skully White who works as an assistant in a research department. Skelyn has an extremely bubbly and hyperactive personality. She seems to take great joy in provoking her friends and foes, immediately mockingly mimicking even other princesses. In battle, she retains this attitude, taunting her enemies and cracking puns that even Axel fails to appreciate. However, once beaten, she does respect her opponents, calling Andr and Winldvarn "super crazy awesome" and asking them to party sometime.

  • Skully White

Skully White is the Chief of the Safe Cross Guard of the Kingdom, a cute and innocent-looking humanized skeleton girl who hates taking lives and founded her own guild to help rescue people of all kind in the Valkeia kingdom. Skelyn, her elder sister claims Skully's mentality is "selfless, but that means she’s not dealing with her own issues. Compartmentalizing and internalizing her grief is what might eventually destroy her.” She has also shown a distinct lack of ability picking up social cues due to being a very open and honest person. Although Skully has no trouble interacting with her friends, she does have trouble actually making them, and once admits that seeing new weapons "is like meeting new people, but better". 

She also has a sweet tooth, preferring five sugars in her coffee and scarfing down a large plate of cookies. She is even seen with a plate of cookies while her friends are eating more nutritious meals. She has a very innocent crush on Axel, finding him to be quite handsome and blushes when he is too next to her. When alone, she cries for being too shy when she comes to realize she has no chances with him when he is surrounded by so many beautiful and more aggressive women.

  • Skannin Cullinhan

Skannin is a normal civilian of the kingdom who worked in the West District, taking care of a botanic shop. She has a determined, caring and gentle personality. She is also quite shy and quick to blush. She is not always honest with her feelings. While very intelligent, she often takes other people's words too literally. Aside from Skimo, she never confronts others, even when she knows they have lied to her. She is the only humanized skeleton to not display eccentric behavior, leading her to hold mixed feelings towards her own clan. Although it is hinted that Skannin has chuunibyou tendencies like the others, such as how she worries over others opinions about her.

Due to being unable to make friends, Skannin gets excited easily when someone approaches her to ask her to join the party. Unfortunately, as a humanized skeleton, her eyes glow bright red when excited, this has led to her scaring off adventures who wanted to add her to their party as Skannin would get excited and her eyes would glow brightly the moment someone read her party request at the guild's bulletin board. Skannin is also quite pessimistic, always thinking that people assume the worst of her as a consequence of the social ostracizing she experienced growing up in her hometown. 

  • Skarin Sarandoom

The oldest daughter of the Sarandoom family and the elder sister of Skimo Sarandoom. She is a Specialist in the Royal Military's Special Operatives unit of Valkeia Kingdom responsible for protecting its borders from the threat of the End Kingdom and at times aggressive human villages and Triggers Hell's forces.

At first glance, Skarin appears to be a cold, dignified, and distant person who prefers to keep her emotions subdued and speaking in a very high-class, eloquent, almost robotic fashion. However, when interacting with Skimo, she smiles and shows that she cares about her younger sister's life and well-being, based on how she inquires if Simo has been eating properly, gained any new hobbies, and made any new friends. With that said, she is not afraid to raise her hand at her younger sister whenever she is annoyed and even other people she finds to have bad modes. Overall, she truly loves her skeleton kind and wants them to succeed in life by doing her best in protecting the kingdom. She has a lustful desire for Axel and will try to seduce him at any time but thanks to Andr and Skelly he is saved from her grasp all the time.

  • Skimo Sarandoom

As the youngest daughter of the Sarandoom family, Skimo initially presents herself with an aura of pride and nobility, preaching about her duty to shield others from harm. She speaks in a very serious tone of voice and often comes off as very mature. Despite these outward appearances, however, it does not take long for Skimo to reveal her true character: that of a complete masochist. While she does want to protect others, her masochistic urges are what ultimately drive her to commit many of her “heroic” acts throughout the story, resulting in many onlookers viewing her as a role model for her supposed selflessness. Her masochism extends to verbal abuse as well, a running gag being how she often responds to Andr's sharp insults with her reeling back in pleasure. Throughout the story, she becomes progressively more open about her true intentions, to the point where she blatantly reveals her reason for becoming a warrior was in hopes of being sexually tortured by a humanized man, and that her ideal husband is an abusive alcoholic who would force her to sell her body for money.

But while she enjoys abuse, there are a few instances where Skimo can become genuinely uncomfortable. Despite her strength and stamina, Skimo's swordplay is utterly incompetent and she often misses targets directly in front of her, causing her to be embarrassed. One of the only types of humiliation Skimo is not okay with is being made fun of by her real name: "Skimo" which sounds really stupid in a kingdom of skeletons. Ironically, despite her masochistic urges. She has a strong distaste for demons and has pledged herself to protect those around her.

Arack Kingdom

Sound Kingdom

  • Princess Anja De La Vera

The princess of the Sound Kingdom and the future Queen of all Vampires. Anja has a Russian tone and is suspected of being a human girl who was teleported from a parallel Earth to Minecraftia many million years ago. Anja appears to be cold, distant, and indifferent to matters not immediately related to herself, contrasting her sister outgoing personality. Despite this, Anja is not emotionless, and will display a more fearsome, reckless, impulsive, and impatient side, again contrasting Vumpy's easygoing outlook. While seemingly ruthless, Anja does have a kind heart as she kept the secret of her parents he was a human. She first saw Axel as a source of fresh human blood but began to develop feelings for him after being kidnapped by Monryou's robots.

She is a rival to Raym Ars Apocalypse and has a dark past with the Black Demon.

  • Queen Mara De La Vera

The mother of Anja and wife of Alucard who is known for being one of the oldest beings in Minecraftia. At first, Mara comes off as a calm and peaceful person, but can be cruel and sneer at others given the right provocation. She does have a temper that flares up dangerously if she's drinking something, such as creating sharp shards of ice when things aren't going the way she wants. Rarely, she'll show surprise on her face and will be a calm and cold person for most of the time.

  • King Alucard De La Vera

The first and current king of all Vampires. He is the father of Anja and one of the few remaining humanized male mobs of Minecraftia and as a result has many mistress in both in and outside of his kingdom. Alucard predominantly appears as a courteous and impeccable king. However, he is, in actuality, callous, heartless, and sadistic; he is ruthless when attacking others on Mara's orders, and constantly puts Anja in nonfatal danger for his own amusement but is not evil to the point of killing them or making others suffer for his own fun. Alucard usually expresses his diabolic nature through his dark, sarcastic humor and inability to see good in anyone.

He is known to not take instances in which Anja is in danger seriously, such as kidnappings. However, he displays more concern when it's uncertain that he can save her. Like Anja, he has a hateful relationship with Raym Ars Apocalypse.

  • Vumpy De La Vera

Vumpy De La Vera is the younger half-sister of Anja and the second daughter of the De La Vera Family. Vumpy is a petite blonde girl who can be energetic and kind if she gets to know someone. She worships Anja, but loathes her sweet side. Despite how many times she's been told something, Vumpy never listens to elders. However, there is a mutual respect between herself and her mother. Though a bit angry and jealous of Axel (for being given all Anja's attention), Vumpy  grows to like him in the back of her mind. Also noted, she is smug and snobby, thinking vampiresses are prettier than all other monsters, but fears dragons and Black Demons, despite not letting this fear be shown.

She displays a strong inferiority complex towards her sister due to their status as geniuses and strives to be recognized by them due to this. 

  • Crimson Eliza

The only Elite Mob of the Princess Anja and was her first friend when she a child. The former mistress of the Eliza Mansion of at least 5,000 years of age despite her childish appearance, whose title comes from the bloodstains on her clothes and her fearsome ability to manipulate fate of others. Nevertheless, she is refined and friendly, if somewhat bratty.

  • Elizabeth Brando

Elizabeth Brando is the executor of the kingdom and is usually seen as a scary figure who brutally execute traitors by exposing them to sunlight or even worse. She is a girl around Axel's age and has a cute appearance despite her scary outfit. Despite her difficulty with seeing love properly, she is a good vampiress and truly does have a good heart. Her cry for love may or may not be the terms of  “desperation”, as she is simply desperate for love and attention, showing a sign of both an inferiority complex and insecurities. For these reasons, she is sad, and this cannot be helped, because it seems she does not want to help herself. While initially not a threat to the heroes, Elizabeth is particularly nonfond of Axel and sees him as a threat to her as Elizabeth is particularly jealous that Axel makes Anja so happy, which Elizabeth wants to be the reason for Anja's happiness.

  • Io Caravela

Io Caravela is the General of the Vampire Army and is also in charge of the defenses of the kingdom. She is a fierce, fearsome and skilled warrior vampire who is famous for being one of the few dark-skinned vampires of her society as vampires born with these skin colors are considered rare and 10 times stronger than most normal vampires. In Io's personal view, human relations are not of great significance, and hence, they do not understand a human's reluctance to kill a person he or she cares about. She despise hesitation in her partners, and find that meaningless emotions serve as an impediment to one's goal.

Because of her lack of empathy, she is not above raping Axel Davalos to experience the "love" of a humanized human. Despite this, she is cruel and acts like this thanks to her primitive urges of a vampire to kill and have dominace over her victims.

  • Katherine Caravela

The older sister of Io Caravela and currently the leader of Caravela family after her mother was taken by the Lazarus Empire to become Lazarus' wife. Katherine is an arrogant and shrewd woman with great taste, with numerous exalted positions. As the Earl of the Caravela house and a distinguished noblewoman, Katherine is very strict, proud, and accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. As a result, she has considerable difficulty dressing herself up and doing household chores if left on her own. She also refuses to stay in a poor environment for long periods of time.

Katherine is stern with her orders, especially in the assertion of her authority, because she expects her Elite Mobs to complete them without any shortcomings. Katherine often finds it entertaining to challenge her Elite Mobs in areas of both strength and skill.

Far East

Zaun Kingdom

  • VS-39 (Vasin)

An Elite Mob of Rosa that unlike her comrades is actually a former humanized girl who was kidnapped by the King and forced to become a Golem. Her memories were erased and she can't remember anything related to her past.

  • UL-11 (Ultear)

A maid Golem working at a cafe shop in the downtown. She was said to had an illegal contact with Monryou before deciding to change to a better and more healthy person.

  • Jo-20 (Joo)

A Golem with social issues and sealed her memories a long time ago. As a result of sealing away her emotions, Joo bears an icy cold, robot-like, demeanor. She claims to be okay with living all alone and wishes to be on her own. She has shown her willingness of issuing threats and utilizing violence to make sure no one disturbs her solitude. However, the fact that she had told Axel she sealed away her emotions implies that deep down, she wants him to save her from her loneliness.

Light Kingdom

Superior Kingdom (Paradise)

  • Spectra

The Supreme God of the Lynenta Omniverse who represents Good and Light. Being the Omniversal Supreme Deity who created the Omniverse centillion years ago, he rules over Paradise to welcome the pure souls into a new peaceful eternal life of goodness and happiness. Aside from being the God of everything that is good, Spectra, is the son of the maleficent Sequined Sadist who has an evil desire to take control of his omniverse and uses every dirty tactics to bring him down. In his relationship with Saraph, he is the diplomatic and calm one who will solve things with words and peace. 

  • Saraph

A violent and ruthless Arch-Angel who serves Spectra and has a crush on him. Born 560 centillion years ago, she was one of Sequined's Arch-Angels who fell in love with him and helped him to escape from her omniverse. She also Spectra's oldest ally and |"friend" he can count with. It's hinted the two have a love relationship as one of the two will get EXTREMELY mad if one get hurts. Despite her violent temper, she is only cruel to evil beings and tainted monsters without redemption and will unleash despair over the evil. In her relationship with Spectra, she is the rude and harsh one who will solve things using strength and violence. However, when things get out of control she is scouted by Spectra.

Freljord Kingdom

Ishtar Kingdom

Darkin Kingdom

  • Aegis

Aegis is the third adoptive Goddess of the Hall Clan. Aegis is a beautiful, pure, innocent Demi-Goddess who is a very polite, grateful and caring individual who prefers a rather peaceful, diplomatic approach, even during war. She often shows a calm yet incredibly warm attitude towards others, helping them as much as she can and offering home to strangers. Despite there being several bad rumors about them, Aegis shows a lot of respect and trust towards the other violent princesses of Minecraftia, even addressing them with the titles 'majesty' and 'lady' at first. She is very open and tends to cooperate with others quite well, all in order to surpass their goals and return to their beloved ones.

  • Rozaliya

Rozaliya is a proud and serious individual who desires to prove herself as an angelic knight. She is stern in her command over the guards of the palace and confident in her abilities to the point of arrogance at times, which led to her humiliation by Andr. Rozaliya is revealed to have low esteem and possibly an inferiority complex due to being female, and disguised herself as a man to appear stronger and avoid ridicule. After being beaten by Andr, Roazaliya became more comfortable about her sex. She also tends to be rash and impulsive, often overcompensating. Along with embarrassed or flustered easily. 

Far West

Ark City

  • President Wendy Chiyo

A mature and reliable woman who is in fact a female humanized human who founded Ark City to save humanity from the Mob Kingdoms. She is a collected, composed and charming woman who manages her town with benevolence and helps humans who lost their villagers to aggressive mobs and promised to herself to work more in advacing human technology so she can grant all humans a more peaceful life without danger of becoming victims of the Princesses' mobs.

  • Diva Chiyo

The adopted daughter of the President who was saved by her during a massacre in her village conducted by the forces of Hilda. She is a calm, kind-hearted and charismatic youn girl who spends most of her time in the garage of her mansion working in the creation of vehicles and creating new devices to keep humans safe from mobs.

She holds a great grudge against Hilda for ordering her skeletons to kidnap all her tribe and vowed to take revenge on her one day. For being a normal human, she is one of the few people that Axel truly fell in love with, earning the anger of the princesses insterested in him.

  • Jamaica Rohgun

A hard-working woman who was born the desert of Shurima and was rescued by forces of the Ark City from starvation. She grew up as the Great Mechanical and became the most reliable person in the city in fixing broken devices, vehicles, weapons, installations of energy and other electric devices. Intelligent but also a little bit wild, she is always trying to make Axel sleep with her since she never saw a humanized man before.

  • Dojima Neejo

The assistant of Jamaica Rohgun who has a passion for working in the creation of projects and plans of new mechanical weapons and vehicles. She loves to manufacture weapons like swords, lances, spears, scythes and other weapons like Beasts and even explosives due to its dangerous nature. She prefer to stay working instead of involving herself with other people but is a close friend of Diva and has developed a crush on her since they were little.

  • Jess

The designer of planes of the city. She loves two things above all others: flying, and her breasts' size... though not necessarily in that order. After leaving her hometown, Bandle City, she settled in Ark City and fell in love with the wondrous machines she found there. She dedicated herself to the development of flying contraptions, leading an aerial defense force of seasoned veterans known as the Screaming Hydras. Calm under fire, Jess patrols the skies around her adopted home, and has never encountered a problem that a good missile barrage couldn’t solve.

She has a crush on Axel for being the first humanized man she ever saw.

Siruma Kingdom

Ixttar Empire

Ionia Empire

  • Princess Blaze Scarlet

Blaze Scarlet is the daughter of Blazing Scarlet and younger sister of Rannyth Scarlet. She is the next Empress of Ionia Empire in-training but has displayed a troublesome personality thanks to her Fire element. Instead of behaving like a princess, Blaze is a hot-tempered tomboy who, according to her mother, defiles her body with tattoos and hip-accessories similar to those of human world. It was said she was involved with Monryou's dimensional businessman and has been buying human accessories from other worlds. She began to admire human culture from other worlds and wished to visit their world one day, putting her imperial business aside.

Blaze is a headstrong woman, who likes to do as she wants, but is also easily led to admire others, as seen with her first encounter with Axel despite his loser personality. She is very determined to fight, and eager to branch out and fight different opponents, so that she may become stronger. Despite her eagerness to fight, however, she is prone to fear, and is frequently shown trembling in terror when an opponent overwhelms her.

  • Queen Blazing Scarlet

The queen of Ionia Empire and the mother of the Scarlet sisters. It was rumored she had a sexual relationship with a humanized human before but since humanized men were never seen, it was considered mere lies. However, she later reveals to Axel she became the lover of an officer from Monryou and secretely married him. When they were found out, Monryou executed him, leaving the queen pregnant at the time of his death. Due to the nature of Monryou, the Queen vowed to keep this a secret and became a powerful and fearsome ruler who secretely supported Anti-Monryou factions in Minecraftia.

  • Rannyth Scarlet

Rannyth's is the elder sister of Blaze Scarlet but refused to assume the throne of the empire as the next Empress as she preferred the battlefield and military combat instead of ruling. Her personality is both strict and kind. She tends to give scores (in numbers) to her apprentices after battles. She is very judgmental, and she shows it with the scores. As one of the strongest Blazes, she have lived for more than 9,000 years, Rannyth is unsociable and very strict with others, including herself as well. As a "Teacher" she is known for being surprisingly precise and easy to understand when explaining specific topics. 

  • Gondreo

Gondreo is a small, petite and cute Elite Mob of the Princess Blaze who attends to school in Imperia Facility. She is perverted and sadistic in nature, Gondreo is a wild Blaze who was abandoned by her family at birth but was rescued almost 45 years later by Blaze herself. Her intense instict of survival and strength in her childhood gave power enough to beat every Elite Mob in Minecraftia but has no interest in doing so. An expert in various types of deadly blades, she wanders the Empire as a vigilante.

She has a tendency to invade a person of her likings' privacy, often groping and subjecting them to humiliation, although this behavior has only been seen primarily with females. Also, she is a two-faced elf, where her negative side seems to be cruel and rude, but her secret bright side makes her an Blaze with a heart of gold that wants to protect Mother Nature at any cost.

  • Marvedar

The leader of an anti-Monryou faction active in Ionia Empire. While not a criminal, Marverdar is known for her cruelty and brutality in the battlefield, often killing prisioners on the spot and giving them the worst types of death. However, she has her own limtis and swore to never hurt any people of her kind as her hatred was focused in Raym Ars Apocalypse. Just like the queen, she met a male officer during of her raids at Monryou's base and fell in love when he fought against her without caring about her gender. The battle was won by Marvedar and the officer surrended to her before he left Monryou to live with her. The two had a child named Torsirry but months later the Monryou officer was captured by one of the 10 Commandments and was executed. Since that day, Marverdar's hatred from Monryou grew and became more intense.

  • Lossunel

The elegant police chief of Ionia Empire who has a rivalry with Marvedar since they were kids. Since she was a bastard child of two women, Lossunel has always been struggling to become something to anyone, although people already respect her and she is renowned and famous. She keeps to herself, and is very serious and harsh to others. She hardly ever shows any emotion, instead keeping any feelings from showing, as it appears that she does not know how or want to deal with them.

  • Torsirry

The daughter of Marverdar, who, just like the queen, had an affair with a male human from Monryou. After her father was killed, Torsirry swore she would learn more about his work and secretely steals weapons from Monryou to sell to Anti-Monryou factions. Her mother, as one of the rebels, teaches her to grow as a strong rebel.

  • Ommarrarth

A busty mature mercenary who grew up in the slums and joined the army to gain enough credits to feed her family. She won’t be bound by anything other than the only thing in the world that she honors, the “Mercenary Aesthetics” written by her esteemed grandmother, the Pirate Queen Artemis, who’s also her parental figure. Even though she's known for being a scoundrel, having elegant manners like a noble is one of the rules from the aesthetics she must follow. Any means is valid for this purpose, but she can’t be completely cold-hearted. She’s unusually weak when it comes to the elderly and she treats them with great care.

  • Orgi

A female humanized Blade who is in fact an assassin born in deep in the forest of the Netherworld. She is currently acting as a soldier for hire in Ionia Empire under Rannyth. Orgi has developed a wild and animal-like instincts and knows how to survive in any lands of Minecraftia. She is a calm, calculist and reserved person, who is generally kind but will attack people if need be. Her kindness, however, can get in the way sometimes, as a Blaze cursed with Ender magic, she must feed on others' life force. She is also very dedicated to the duties given to her by Rynneth even willing to spy on Monryou for her.

  • Mydhalth

A poor and orphan girl living in the slums of Ionia Empire that grew up as an infamous delinquent and thief of the area. However, it was said she only steals from the High-Ranking dukes of the Empire, refusing to take any goods from poor Blaze people like her. She developed an innocent crush on Axel for giving her a pendant when he visited the empire.

Bilgerwater Ocean

Shadow Islands

Billtoper Federation

  • Princess/Queen Cupa

The Princess of Billtoper Federation who is actually a actually a dumb, innocent and naive girl who don't know nothing about politics to manage her own kingdom, resulting in her ministers to rule the kingdom until she is fully prepared to take over. Cupa's two dominant traits are her apparent lack of intelligence and her utter fearlessness. Cupa can easily be amazed by the simplest things, such as hermit crabs, and can be confused by concepts such as that by digging a hole right next to another she may be unintentionally filling the other hole. In addition, during long and complex explanations of something, she immediately calls it magic. She likes monsters and will ask weird creatures to join her party. She also has no knowledge of medicine: when Axel had a high fever she told him to eat cold food and later tried to make Axel better by pouring cold water onto him.

She is rarely disturbed by violence and bloodshed as she has some "missing screw". Even the worst battlefields rarely disturb her except when it involves a friend or relative as in the case of Crina. She is seemingly unphased by the most horrifying sights such as headless men, mutilation and murder of children. Because of her childish nature, she is so innocent that she is 2% erotic (with babies being 3% erotic), with all her attempts at "enchanting" Axel from a book ending in failure.

  • Crrina

Rigid but kind, Crrina is a humanized Creeper who loves blowing things even the most simple things. Initially egotistical, Crrina gains a more level opinion of herself after losing to Axel in a duel. Following her defeat, Crrina becomes fiercely loyal to Axel and unknowingly helps him navigate the oddities of the Minecraftia world. Crrina still takes great pride in her abilities and fire magic, seeing them as symbols of her family. She is one of the few of Axel's party that follows him out of loyalty and not lust or love.

  • Crila

The strongest humanized mob of Cupa's Elite Mob. She is human hater who sees humans as livestocks and went as far to say they should grow in farms to be eaten. However, despite her terrifying appearance, Crila is very kind and gentle, treating every Creeper with compassion and a soft hand. She is also a "tsundere" and only says bad things about humans because she jealous of them but actually loves them. She is also fascinated in the human world and the supposedly mythical creatures she believes exist there, becoming elated when she discovered Axel was from a human world.

She is also extremely protective. Upon discovering Axel was a human living among the Minecratia realm, she scolded the boy for being so careless, and ranted to him for hours about all the dangers she could get into and how to avoid them. 

  • Cararina 

Cararina is the High-Priestess of the Hyme cult in Federation. She is mostly just a silly young girl who loves pranking her friends. She is constantly doting on Cupa and Axel. Sometimes the situations Axel gets in because of her are embarrassing or even dangerous, but she never means any harm. Though she seems mostly happy-go-lucky, Cararina's high standing is well earned when she gets serious to the point of scaring even the most powerful demons. She has demonstrated her power and knowledge plenty of times, both as a priestess and a politician. Her insights and advice can prove to be very helpful at times.

  • Clariana

Clariana is one of Cupa's Elite Mobs who joined her squad to close to Cupa, her childhood friend. Clariana is a somewhat normal high school girl who has the most avarage traces; she has very few extreme personality traits. She appears somewhat sociable, talking to multiple unnamed background characters, but mainly hanging with her close friend group for the most part. She is somewhat shy when talking to people she admires, such as when she attempts to thank Axel Davalos for saving her, on multiple occasions. In this way, she appears polite and kind in nature but can literally explode when she is too angry.

Shino Province

  • Prince Rot Trundle

The Prince of the Shino Province, also known as the Zombie Kingdom and the only humanized male mob of the Minecraftia world. Rot was an extremely handsome boy that could seduce any girl of his kingdom. He worked out every day and her large muscles even rivals the Humanized Iron Golem's muscles. Rot had devoted his life to working out to keep his status as the most handsome man of Minecraftia. When he was little, he was scrawny and really weak and he wanted girls to like him. Even, though he is muscular and even good looking the girls find him disgusting because of his zombie stench. Rot has a crush on Skelly, Hilda, Mena, and Andr but he loves Andr the most. Andr wouldn't like him because of the smell. Skelly rejected him nicely and said she wanted to have a relationship with a living Human boy back then. Hilda refused him because she wants to dominate a living boy. Mena just didn't want to be in a relationship because he's not from the Nether.

Rot doesn't have that many friends most of his friends are Humanized Zombies and Elite Skeletons. Rot is basically the kid that's picked last in games or the outcast in the back of the class that no one doesn't care about. Throughout the story, Kazuma is consistently sarcastic, cynical, and blunt, especially towards his own teammates. He has no qualms with reminding Axel, who is his main target of his one-sided love rivalry, of how useless he can be.

  • King Swain Trundle

The King and founder of the Shino Province and the fourth oldest being in Minecraftia who had a direct participation in all invasions of Triggers Hell, fighting alongside the other kings and queens to protect their world. He is a prideful but arrogant man who has confidence in his charm and appearance, and unlike his son, learned how to control his rotten smell and was able to have many mistress across Minecraftia, from normal civilians to members of the royal families.

  • Virinia Trundle

The sister of Rot who was previously known as a mere and poor human in a human village. She was transformed by Rot into a zombie to save her from starvation. She became the foster daughter of Gorgie and Swain, also becoming the future princess of the province but suffers from constant abuse and bullying from other female humanized zombies for being a "false" monarch.

  • Sankirei 

The only Elite Mob of Rot that serves as his childhood friend and rumored to be his lover. Being the 4th strongest in the province, Sankirei is a shy but also has a hot-headed personality that explodes when women swear Rot for his bad smell and is willing to die to protect him. It's unknown if she has feeling for Rot or it's mere loyalty mixed with friendship.

  • Gorgie Trundle

The mother of Rot and Virinia, as well as the wife of Swain and queen of the Zombie Kingdom. She is said to be an elegant woman who has the strongest physical strength of the province but little is known about her since she became a hostage of Raym Ars Apocalypse and starved to death.

  • Famie

A delinquent humanized mob found in the streets of the province. Known as an infamous burglar of the region, Famie is a thug who steals food to feed abandoned humanized zombies of the province that receive less rights and supplies thanks to their low IQ and humanized traces. Despite acting like a cruel and extremist person, she is actually kind and one of the few zombies that did not try to eat Axel.

The Empty

  • Kassadin

The dark emperor of the Empty Islands who desires to spread the Void's energy to Minecraftia's continent to take over the world. It's much later revealed Kassadin is being controlled by Clarrise Apocalypse who aims to use the Empty Islands to unleash a war in the continent between the Mob Kingdoms. He is the brother of the Ender Dragon who was thought to be killed during the invasion of Triggers Hell many million years ago.

  • Kog'Maw

A scary non-cubic creature who is just intelligent as most humanized mobs. While displaying a primitive appearance of a nightmarish creature, Kog'Maw is actually a monster of kind heart who only eats animals to survive and hates to hurt humans. In his past, Kog'Maw was rescued by a human that defended him from a group of smugglers. Since then, he considered humans to be his friends.

  • Izonia

A very cute gothic lolita who walks around the lands of the Empty looking for a "reason to live", Izonia was once a cubic human but received the human DNA by the Monryo Criminal State of Clarisse, becoming a test subject of their new drug. The experiment ended with Izonia becoming a truly humanized human but she developed fatal diseases that weakened her body. She was disposed in the Empty islands to die but eventually learned how to control her fragile body and became one with the Empty's islands, considering the islands to be just sad and lonely as she is.

  • Malzahar

The guardian of the Empty Temple of the North Island. Malhazar was once a cubic human and learned how to use magic to defend himself from other humanized mobs who tried to devour him many times. He eventually travelled to the Empty islands to learn more about the depths of Black Arts but his fascination with the Black Arts caused the eventual destruction of his own body. He rarely has contact with the outside world and prefer to stay alone in his Temple.

  • Vel'Khox

A alien-like creature who protects the palace of Kassadin, Vel'Khox is actually a bio-organic creature created by Kassadin to be his Elite Mob and is somehow considered to his son. Princesses like to joke saying he may be the prince of the Empty lands.

  • Yoona

A cubic male Enderman who served under Shadow's Division as assistant but his lack of skills resulted in him being banned from the kingdom for incompetence. He travelled to the Empty lands where he desired to become stronger and return to his homeland to get revenge. Despite looking menacing, Yoona is actually a very naive and childish Enderman who wouldn't hurt a fly and is known for talking too much.

Far South

Empire of Lazarus

  • Garilila Del Spontanos

One of the few people to not be a demon in Lazarus' Empire, Garilila is the Aspect of the Protector, wielding incredible power as Minecraftia's guardian of life, love, and beauty. Very... charming and flamboyant, Garilila is a homosexual who deeply feel in love with Axel. Shamed by a dereliction of duty and exiled from his homeland, Garilila is one of the few humanized men of Minecraftia and ascended Mount Targon to find redemption, only to discover a higher calling among the stars. Imbued with the might of ancient Norsh, the Shield of Valor and stood vigilant against the insidious corruption of the Empty.

When Lazarus arrived, her was forced to work for him in exchange of not touching in his homeland. He is the commander of the defensive forces of the empire

  • Satori Sin

A Black Demon who went to a parallel Earth many years ago to follow Ara Astaroth's orders, Satori, previously known as Sarvy Sin, the Black Demon immediately fell in love with the Japanese culture and its historic warriors: the samurais. Astonished by their weapons, methods of fighting, honor and determination to become invencible warriors, Sarvy studied the Japanese culture in secret of his allies to become a samurai like those from the legends.

By the time he was sent to Minecraftia, he had already forgot all lies that Ara Astaroth had told to him about humans being creatures of pure destruction. He hates killing humans and is forced to do it to obey Lazarus' orders.

  • Gnar

Gnar is an excitable non-cubic squirrel whose playful antics can erupt into a toddler’s outrage in an instant, transforming him into a massive beast bent on destruction. Frozen in True Ice lands for millennia, the curious creature broke free and now hops about a changed world he sees as exotic and wondrous. Delighted by danger, Gnar flings whatever he can at his enemies, be it his bonetooth boomerang... or an uprooted tree.

He was captured by Triggers Hell and brainwashed into fighting for them in his beast form.

Ixtal Kingdom

  • Queen/Princess Eleanor

The daughter of the unknown Queen of Ixtal Kingdom of the past. She don't remember her memories of her past life but know everyone in the destroyed Ixtal Kingdom were humans once and were blessed by the Gods to continue living as ghosts. She has PTSD of crows, implying that her kingdom was obliterated by the Monryou in the past. She is very flirtatious, both before and after warming up to Axel, she expresses this towards most women who fit her type (and Axel) and is very blunt about it.

  • Garden Win

An Elite Mob of the Eleanor and the Prime Minister of the Kingdom that is trying to rebuild their country that was destroyed by Monryou centuries ago. She has a very cheerful and child-like personality that can make her seem naïve, emotional, energetic, and gullible at times. She easily became excited at seeing all the things on Minecraftia that she had never seen before. Despite being a ghost, she has a voracious appetite, with a particular fondness for bread.

  • Celeste

The possible sister of Eleanor. She observed Axel's interaction with his party throughout his journey in Ixtal, and not only did she understand the meaning of "love" through her observation, but her true personality slowly resurfaced. She can easily become interested in common things found in our daily lives, with Axel introducing hot buns to her as an example of this. She became a close friend to Axel but suffers for not being able to touch others.

  • Eterna

The strongest Elite Mob of Eleanor who was probably a humanized female human in the past. She has a very energetic personality that allows her to get along with everyone. It also helped her become familiar with the society very quickly, along with the aid of her powers. This kind of personality was also shown throughout her first meeting with Andr, where she maintained a playful attitude while teasing her serious attitude. 

  • Ellis

The mysterious guardian of the Safe Sector below the castle, an unknown region built by the Gods of Ixtal to protect the Third Relic of Norsh. People suspected she was chosen by the Gods million years ago to protect the relics from the grasps of Triggers Hell and Monryou.

Targonia Empire

  • Princess Hiss

The princess of the Targonia Empire who rules half of the matters of her country. She has absolute authority over the empire and is regarded with reverence by many of its residents. She is also the eldest daughter of Bastet well the elder sister of Misty. Believing peace can only be achieved by force, Hiss shows more interest in military affairs and seize terroritories using imperialists methods. Despite her serious and scary mood, she has a girly side that no one ever saw.

  • Queen Bastet

Queen of the Targonia Empire and the ruler of all humanized cats of Minecraftia. Born around 304 billion years ago, Bastet stands up as one of the oldest beings of Minecraftia and watched the rise and downfall of many empires. She used to be a cubic cat like most mobs until a humanized human adopted her, resulting in her becoming a humanized cat. The two engaged in a sexual relationship but she feared she would devour him and took the hard decision to move away for the sake of her owner.

She would later found the Targonia Empire to oppose the other Mob Kingdoms that were devouring her kind.

  • Mithra Taruja

A humanized cat girl who lives in the area of the Royal Castle in the capital and grew up in the streets. Usually seen pranking the maids of the castle or stealing food, Mithra was once a cat girl who lost her parents to a group of wolves, leading her to hate any princesses or mobs of canine origins. 

She has a soft side for humans and falls deeply in love with the protagonist, becoming one of the leading ladies of his party. Compared to others, she has the most daring advances upon the protagonist.

  • Mik'O Taruja

The sister of Mithra who grew up alongside her sister soon after they became orphans. She hates anyone who refuses to listen to the message of help of cats being killed from outside of the empire and is inspired by Princess Hiss. She tries her best to keep acting like an adult but will yell like a child when insulted.

  • Misty 

The heir to the Targonia family line, and as such, is the second princess current head, and the twelfth in succession in case her sister, Princess Hiss, comes to die. Misty appears shrewd, confident, and shows much loyalty to her servitors and mother. Misty takes up much pride in her family name despite some troubling circumstances surrounding it. As a child she has immature qualities like a tendency to pout, act with little acknowledgment of consequences, and sometimes has an heavy sense of entitlement.

  • Coco Taro

The elite mob cat of the Princess who serves her as her bodyguard and right-hand fighter. Coco is a humble and good-natured person, despite being on the business end of guns from friends and foe alike, who often seems surprised at the barbarity of Princess Hiss. Despite being a silent person, she suffers from personality-disorder and has a secondary aggressive, sadistic and nihilistic personality that sometimes scares Princess Hiss herself.

  • Sacha Taro

Sacha is a troubled, loud, rude, sarcastic, deadly, very competitive, short-tempered, cynical, confident, and considerably aggressive nihilist humanized cat girl who exhibits a wild temperament. Unlike Milie, her childhood friend, Sacha is undiplomatic, believing in the use of brute force and coercion to get her way. Of all the characters in the story, Sacha uses the foulest language and is also a heavy smoker and drinker.

Sacha is merciless and sadistic, and is more than capable of killing anyone, even unarmed civilians and her own kind. Despite her merciless nature, she's also capable of showing humor and can be quite a talker when she isn't angry. Another aspect of her personality is her possible racial insensitivity. Despite every negative point about her, she has some soft side for the protagonist in her own twisted way. She has a changing but volatile attitude towards the protagonist. Although she respects him later in the story for abandoning his cowardly ways, she is mostly hostile towards the protagonist, as she tried to intentionally kill him on at least two occasions and threatened him on countless others. However, she does have a tendency to save the protagonist from critical situations, and later on, she admits to considering him as family she never had. In her 'mating season' she will attempt rape the protagonist, sometimes revealing her true feelings for him.

  • Milie Tigger

A former maid of the Royal Castle. Although her domestic skills such as cleaning and cooking were poor, Millie developed a close friendship with the vandal Sacha. She was once known as Cath Palug during C.A.C.C guerrilla trained as an assassin in Shurima Deserts and an internationally wanted criminal that Andri refers her as a "hardcore terrorist" to the point that even the Lazarus' Empire had to deploy all their commandos. Her tormented past and the smell of blood, gunpowder and muck like that of a sewer rat emanating from her was something Clarrise Apocalypse understood fully well.

Wirely Kingdom

  • Princess Sandy

The princess of the Wirely Kingdom who is one of the few girls to have mastered the Sand Wyrms' transformation. Socially awkward, th Princess is a kind and caring girl but is afraid of other people. She suffers from Anthropophobia and refuses to leave her room, spending most of her life locked inside of her room after Clarisse threatned to give her to Lazarus as a sexual slave when she was a child.

  • Queen Mia

The powerful and mighty queen of the Wirely Kingdom who is known as the primordial mother of all Sand Wyrms. She was the first of the Wyrms and founded the kingdom of Wirely around 406 million years ago. She fought alongside Hyme in the battle to take back Minecraftia from Triggers Hell, becoming one of the most important allies of the First Minecraftia Rebellion.

A charming woman, the Queen Mia is a seductive woman who tries to mate with the protagonist to give birth to half-human Sand Wyrms.

  • Ofueira Wirely

The sister of Sandy who was demoted from her position as Princesses when she physically abused Sandy when they were kids. She is a haughty and rude girl who hates undecided people and holds a great hatred against people with lack of social skills for being too childish and incompetent. Despite her rudeness, she is in fact a girl of great heart and acts as the bad girl to make other feel ashamed of themselves and try to overcome their fears.

  • Mika Wirely

The guardian of the Shurima Desert who abandoned the kingdom to protect it from outside. Walking around the harsh deserts of the Wirely to hunt down criminals, pirates and mercenaries that came to smuggle the kingdom's goods like the Wyrms' scales, Mika helps to protect the borders of Shurima from Triggers Hell's demons. She became one of the most close allies of the protagonist after she met him, abandoning her post after serving the kingdom for 49,000 years.

  • Byip Wirely

A spy of the kingdom, Byip is girl of great sense of dark humor and likes to throw random jokes about the most tragic incidents. She is the one who spying Clarrise's Criminal Empire and leaks out information about Lazarus' power and resources to other kingdoms in the hopes they can one day defeat him.

Like most of her sisters, she is madly in love with the protagonist's scent and tries her best to not devour him.

  • Shianus Wirely

A religious Sand Wyrm who is the leader of the Divine Light Church of Hydra in the kingdom who swore to worship Hyme as her salvior. She is a woman of great wisdom and help mobs to find hope for not being born like her. As a religious woman, she trained her body to cast aside its sexual impulses that came with the human DNA. She would later succumb to her lustful desires after meeting the protagonist.


Main Antagonists

The current demon king of Hell and the ruler of all demonic forces in existence, serving directly as the emperor of the dreadful Triggers Hell. Many billion years ago, Leohart invaded Minecraftia world, seizing all male monster to his army to serve him as his slaves or serve as livestocks for his demonic army.

  • Ara Astaroth  - Bigger Bad

The queen of Revelation of Qliphoth who carries out a dark conspiracy to overthrow Leohart. Being the central figure of all evil that is happening in Prime Earth, she is responsible for creating the Purge to free a certain ally. Astaroth is the catalyst figure that lead to the death of the protagonist.

The Supreme General of Revelation of Qliphoth who shares the same role with Ara Astaroth. Being the mastermind behind the Purge, Vira is indirectly responsible for killing Axel Dávalos and is the one who ordered the forces of Qliphoth to start the Ordeal 777 in Minecraftia.

  • Lazarus - Big Bad

A ruthless and tyrannical Pure-Blooded Devil who answers directly to Leohart and is the de-facto ruler of Minecraftia, putting insane taxes over the kingdoms and uses his resources to take over other worlds to his demonic empire. 

A high-ranking member of Triggers Hell and stands out as the one who carries out the interest of the Lazarus' criminal empire as a whole in Far East branch. She plans to use the organization's influence to lead the Mob Kingdom to a new order where she and the others will control all brainwashed princesses and monarchs to take down the First Floor of Paradise. Controlling criminal organizations from the underworld, Clarisse staged many terrorist attacks and criminal activities, including murders, drug trafficking and prostitution of humanized mobs. She is the main threat to the heroes for the whole story.

Triggers Hell

A large monster with the appearance of a deformed goat, Skarbrand is the general of Lazarus' empire and in charge of training his forces. He is the one who carried out the genocide in the Kingdom of the Cosmic when Leohart ordered him to invade the world many billions years ago.

A lizard monster who was once considered Ragnarok Iblis' High Priest of the Seven Gates of Hell but later became the General of 5th Military Division of Triggers Hell's forces after Ragnarok's defeat by the hands of ExKrieg during the Second Multi-Universal War.

Once a rogue demi-demon who had his family killed by angels of Paradise for having sexual contacts with demons, he became one of the Death Head Clan serving Triggers Hell's interests in the 7th Multi-Universe.

 A demi-demon alien queen who was born from the marriage of a demon and her mother that belonged to the Yaku alien species. When her people discovered she was descedant of a demon, she was demoted from her position and exiled in the lost islands of her planet. She joined Triggers Hell as an inquisitor desiring to take revenge on her people for betraying her.

A vile Cyborg-animal who was created by a mad scientist in the planet of Uras but rebelled against his master for being too "annoying". He served Triggers Hell as an assassin.

A barbaric viking from the Nordic era born in the 576th Earth. Known as a brutal killer and rapist, he was killed by his own sexual slaves and sent to hell as a damned soul. He would later form a pact with Anubis and was freed from his torment, becoming a low-level demon to serves Triggers Hell's goals.

  • Musume

A mischevious medium-class level demon who is actually 503 billion years old but has the body a pre-teen. She only became to Minecraftia to have fun tormenting and trolling the princesses but hides a dark secret about her personality. She is currently looking for a "boyfriend" to experience mortal emotions.

A strange and mysterious demon who has the body of a black slime. It's believed UBOA is the result of one of Vira Hermes' biological experiments with her bizarre plagues.

Monryo Criminal State

  • Autem Angerina

A cunning and skilled warrior maid as well as the trusted adjutant of Clarrise. Despite being one of the best fighters of Clarrise's criminal empire Autem is unbelievably polite amongst all the egotistical characteristics that many beautiful ladies usually have. She is also referred to as "Monryo Maid" due to her insistence in wearing maid clothing.

  • Octogesimum Oranus

A mercenary assassin woman that is in fact a Black Demon that was employed under Rayn. She was once a Taiwanese assassin who carried out secret missions of assassinations against politicians for the National and Right-Wing Political Parties. She was killed by the Global Pact Defense's Black Ops force but Astaroth Queen made her one of her minions for her incredible physical skills. 

  • Centum Cantos

Also known as Sawyer the Cleaner, or simply Sawyer, is a young girl who appears to be in her late teens-early twenties and she specializes in body disposal. Centum is the person that the Triads turn to for executing people in the most brutal ways possible, usually to serve as examples for their clientele and enemies. Her legitimate business front is, fittingly, a meat packing business named "U.G. Pork".

Revelation of Qliphoth

  • Chaos Machina

 A psychotic mercenary working to Revelation of Qliphoth's commanders who gave up on her humanity to become a Black Demon. She is dispatched to Minecraftia by Vira Hermes to eliminate the group of Princesses who entered the Sea of Quanta.

  • Chaos Deus

A tragic Japanese ninja who lost her family in a demon attack, Chaos Deus sealed a pact with Astaroth Queen to become a demon and hunt down the monsters who destroyed her home. She serves as one of favorite assassins of Ara Astaroth and was sent to Minecraftia alongside Chaos Machina.

Darkin Kingdom (Goddess Kingdom)

  • Queen Winldfard

The despotic queen of Darkin Kingdom who rules over her kingdom through fear and forced brainwash upon her own people. She despises the common mobs and goes as far as to ban them from her kingdom. She also holds a dark secret and is revealed to be a woman with serious sadistic sexual problems. She dreams to find a humanized human and keep him as her plaything.

She is currently 4,000,000 years old but preferred to stay in her child form to surprise her guests.

  • Princess Winldvarn

A cute but socially awkward girl who is the oldest daughter of the Queen Winldfard. While beautiful and powerful, she is easily manipulated by her mother and was taught to be a "good girl", accepting every verbal and physical abuse from her mother. She is forced to fight against her will but is the owner of a great magic power from the Goddess Clan.

She is currently 2,000,000 years old.

  • Princess Winldkyan

The second daughter of the queen and the "thirstiest" of them all. Having serious sexual problems regarded about her sexuality, Winldkyan became a bisexual and has sexual relationships with other princesses to find someone who can love her. She is the owner of the Ground Magic and controls the strongest element of earth in Minecraftia.

She is currently 1,500,340 years old.

  • Princess Winldviarn

The third daughter of the queen who received a very bad education. Rude, arrogant and rebel, the Princess Winldviarn is a modern teenage rebel girl who hates everyone and prefers to stay alone listening to her favorite songs. She also displayed serious anger issues and will explode in a fit of rage if someone bothers her too much.

She is currently 1,000,000 years old.

  • Princess Winldlian

The fourth and youngest daughter of the queen who display the beauty compared to a Goddess of Love and easily turns most women into straight lesbians. She is the kindest and softest of all princesses of her kingdom and offers help to those that were hurt by her mother.

She is currently 960,000 years old.

Freljord Kingdom (Brine Kingdom)

  • Herobrine

He is an mysterious, dark and enigmatic figure by nature - Herobrine was said to be once a God and the brother of the deity who created Minecraftia many billion years ago. His motivations and backstory are not explicitly defined, but the monarchs of all countries warned their people and princesses to not go near Herobrine or his territory. He rules over a dark and cold forest in the Forgotten Region, a kingdom he named Freljord Kingdom where he creates different types of experiment to open a portal in the Sea of Quanta and escape from Minecraftia.

  • Heroinebrine

The daughter of Herobrine who was created through experiments, granting her his DNA and powers to give him some company after working alone for many millions years. She is aloof and gothic girl who likes to cut herself and feel the pleasure of masochism. Due to her creepy nature, many princesses prefer to stay away from her.

  • Rui

The elite humanized mob of Heroinebrine that her father created to serve her. Posing as bodyguard with mental issues, Rui considers Heroinebrine his mother and is willing to commit the worst kind of atrocities to please her, even if it means killing her own mobs.

He is one of the few male humanized mobs of Minecraftia.

  • Kaine

A beautiful humanized human who joined the Freljord Kingdom to seek more power after witnessing her family being massacred by an elite mob. She works alongside Herobrine as assistant in his experiments to grant him the power of a deity again. Rumors say Kaine might be sleeping with Herobrine, sharing the same feeling of emptiness and loneliness the two feel.

Zaun Kingdom (Golem Kingdom)

  • King of the Golem Kingdom

Founder and ruler of Zaun Kingdom for almost 40 million years. He is an immensely powerful sapient robot and the most intelligent scientist of Minecraftia lands. As the king of all Golems (androids and robots) the king plotted to overthrow the Ender Dragon's kingdom.

  • Minerva B02

The strongest golem in the kingdom who serves the king as an automatic bodyguard and servant. She is the one who carries out assassinations against the king's political enemies and the robot who serves him domestically.

  • Dreamer VI2

The chief of intelligence of the kingdom. She is half-human who was kidnapped by the king's forces and brainwashed into becoming his general and director of the Intelligence Sector.

  • Lab MK-2 (Labby)

Labby is a female android that served as the captain of the royal guard during the early stages of the Zaun Kingdom's reign under the king's tutelage. She is later assigned with hunting down any fugitive or surviving humans or rebels inside of Zaun Kingdom.

  • RP-203 (Ripper)

Ripper was the Captain of the Stormtrooper Corps of the Zaun Kingdom under Dreamer's command. She was the commanding officer of the RP Corps. She is Rosa's arch-nemesis and rival.

  • KS-23 (Kosmo)

The first daughter of the king who was created through science. Beautiful but deadly, she is most dangerous and lethal known Golem, being the strongest android in the kingdom, even more so than her father thanks to her advanced technological structure. Despite her deadly nature, she is actually soft and is heavily obsessed with the protagonist and has the ability to manipulate time. 

  • DIA

A gentle and kind-hearted android girl who titled as one of the 2 princesses of the Zaun Kingdom. She is a girl who loves nature and helps to plant vegetation around her kingdom that is fully made of technological and mechanic constructions.

  • KA-TA-23 (Katy)

KA-TA is the cyborg supreme commander of the Golem Royal Army. She has an extremely ruthless and undemonstrative personality. She often loses her temper and becomes argumentative and impatient with droids that serve her when they do not fulfill her desires to the point into destroying them. It is not uncommon for her to destroy one of her droids in her anger. Although Katy is strong, she underestimates the power of other kingdoms and princesses.

Eclipse of Hermes

  • Felisa Arzonia

The mother of Maria Arzonia who was believed to be dead for 14 years. She was later found by Vento of the Front during a military operation in Barcelona inside of a demonic capsule. It's much later revealed Felisa Arzonia was corrupted by the Sin and became an agent of Kaitlyn Powell. She is the one who killed the protagonist during her fight with Maria Arzonia, sending him to Minecraftia world.

  • Alice Ashcroft

A magic entity that is a being from Tartarus given form in a small flask and named Ashcroft who arrived on Earth more than 12,000 years ago. While she sees herself as an existence above all mortals and Gods, this is simply a reflection of Alice's arrogance and pride, desiring to ascend ever higher, no matter who or what she has to destroy to gain ultimate knowledge and power.

  • Symonne

The cold-hearted female magician who was once the general of the Dark Wizards during the First Magician War, directly causing genocides and mass-slaughter of mages and non-mage.

Shadow Islands

  • Baraika

A defector of the Netherworld who went to Shadow Islands seeking for the power of the mist and became a humanized deformed mob. He became the inquisitor of Benares' will and a brainwashed puppet of the mist's power.

  • Kalista

A spiritual archer woman who used to live in the islands with her clan. When Benares arrived and transformed the island into an empty and dead land of mist, Kalista became a spiritual monster and killed her entire clan. She is later freed from her suffering by the protagonist.

  • Yorick

The former police chief of the Shadow Islands. When Benares arrived and transformed the island into an empty and dead land of mist, Yorick became the chief of police of the 'dead'. Killing any living who dared to step in the islands for the "crime' of being alive.

  • Hecarim

A destructive half-horse monster who became a sapient creature after Benares' arrival. He sought revenge against the humans who abused him and swore to clean the islands from any human or mob from outside.

Arack Kingdom

  • Yedda

The Elite Mob of Silk and the worst of all humanized spider girls of Arack Kingdom. A sadistic hunter who kills for fun and not for survival, Yedda is seductive lady at morning and a serial killer at night. Bored of her time serving Silk, Yedda escaped the castle at night to hunt down cubic and humanized humans, torturing them by removing their organs little by little and eating them in front of her victims to cause further despair. When she grows tired of her victims, she enters in her true form and devour them as a whole.

Future Forgers

  • Andreia

The delusional terrorist leader of the Future Forgers, a revolutionary extremist movement being aided by the secret Monryo organization. She first started her evil career as an extremist rebel who used fake news to bring down the royal family of Andri and her father but soon became even more violent and crossed the line of "freedom of expression". Known for her violent and barbaric behavior, she is willing to murder her own people to take down the regime of Andr and her father to bring a new era of "democracy".

  • Anerose

Dubbed as "The Enn Kingdom's Strongest Fighter," she is also the lover of the Future Forgers' leader, Andreia and the co-founder of the organization. Anerose is usually calm and analytic, especially when around Andreia. However, during battle, her true personality is revealed. Anerose is actually very battle hungry, as shown when she chose to fight Andr directly instead of just capturing her and later stated her disappointment when she easily defeated. Anerose also dislikes teaming up on a single opponent.

Anerose doesn't seem to care about weak people, quickly losing interest in Axel after she defeated him during their first battle, and not caring about her own comrades because they couldn't keep up with her. 

  • Anne

An elegant, seductive and extremely sexy Enderwoman who was banished from the kingdom for cruel acts of torture and spree-killing. She was said to be a woman whom had sexual pleasure in torturing women to death and was targeting the princess Andr to feel the ultimate "climax" of her life. She joined the Future Forgers with secondary intentions; to have Andr for herself. Anne, however, has a fanatic level of devotion to Andreia. She follow her orders religiously and will devote herself completely to whatever mission she assigns to them.

Outside of combat, Anne act like ordinary a teenage girl that love to gossip and annoy people she regard as bossy. Despite her psychopathy, Anne still love animals and will never hurt them.


  • Zaak

A vile and cruel humanized human that was one of the few male humanized in Minecraftia. A total sadist and an egotist, he horribly Mind Raped both humans and fellow Ender demons, both for practical reasons and for fun, and enjoyed nothing more than the suffering of others. He also kept an army of 100-year-old demons in line by creating the illusion of turning them back into stone tablets, thus being able to control them using their fear.

  • Carmille Jounia

A young samurai woman who grew up in the Far East of Minecraftia. Trained to be a guardian of the Jounia Village, Carmille vowed to destroy all mobs who devoured humans and hoped to wage war against the Cupa Kingdom in the country. 

  • Nagao Katera

A sadistic human assassin born in the Far East who was responsible for destroying the military bases of the Netherworld in the mortal plane of existence. She is the rival of Hilda and the crush of Skelly when they were younger.

  • Keru Asami

A human traveler merchant who travelled across the West of Minecraftia selling human meat of high-quality to the Mob Kingdoms. She ends up meeting the protagonist and tried to sell him in the black market of Triggers Hell.

  • Lakshimai

The High-Priestess of the Herobrine's cult who founded the 4th branch of Herobrine's cult, hoping to meet him and become his wife for being one of the few humanized male entities in the world of Minecraftia. 

  • Inaba Haneru

A spoiled kid born to the human family Rittie that rules the country of Pangaria. Arrogant and nasty, Inaba lives a life of luxury and has the ambition to assemble her kind to wage a war against the Mob Kingdoms of Minecraftia to become the new ruler of the world.

  • Doll Master

A psychotic serial killer who terrorized the North Forest of Pangoria, killing merchants, tourists, travellers and other mobs. Engaging in cannibalistic tendencies, Doll Master dissected her victims and turned them into porcelain dolls for her own twisted collection.

  • Jormungand

A hellish giant snake that was originally born from the legends of Ouroboros. Known as the Serpent Who Devours the World, Jormungand was once the pet of trickster God, Loki but the giant snake was banned from Hell for destroying the entire territory of the Yuivans Clan. It stayed asleep below the sea floors of Minecraftia but woke up to bring the Ragnarok of Minecraftia.

  • Benares

An alien dragon that came from Nezperdian Omniverse and carried out Taken's DNA. The dragon was responsible for destroying the Shadow Islands, turning the islands into dark and cursed lands of death 12,000 years ago.

  • Kerubiel

An ancient artifact of the past that was hidden in the Netherworld's caves by the Ender Dragon king in the hope he could use it against Triggers Hell in case of a war. Kerubiel was in fact an artifact that had essence of an Arch-Angel of Adam's Children.

  • Armisael

An ancient setient artifact of the past that was buried in the Ruins Lands by the ancient human civilization to use it against Leohart's forces. The power of the artifact caused the complete extinction of the ancient human civilization. Like Kerubiel, the artifact had the essence of Arch-Angel of Adam's Children.


La Nueva Familia de Arzonia

A former human who became a Spirit Guide after her death as a Cyborg during the events of Corbin Files. As the founder of La Nueva Familia de Arzonia, Maria became the temporary queen of Spain and protected the country from external threats, however, her lack of understanding of policies and administration caused the country to fall apart as STAR LABS invaded Europe. Being the daughter of Felisa Arzonia, she was targeted by the Eclipse of Hermes for being probably the only Spirit Guide present in Prime Earth and was a huge threat to Mina and Vira's operation.

 Godmother of Maria Arzonia who adopted her after Felisa Arzonia was corrupted by Kaitlyn's Sin matter. As one of the strongest members of the family, Vento aided Maria in the protect of Esther's former palace and was the one person who brought Felisa to the capital, causing the eventual invasion of Black Demons.

  • Acqua of the Back

A high-ranked member of Arzonia Family serving in the Pica Army and served as Maria and Matt's supporter in the fight against Felisa Arzonia. Despite his efforts, he was unable to save Axel Davalos from Felisa's attack that killed him.

  • Yuri Barnes

A high-ranked member of Arzonia Family and one of the strongest mages of the world, as well, as the oldest and most experienced one. An arrogant and prideful magician who swore his life to defeat Astaroth Queen, Yuri was a vital piece in the defense of Madrid and was the only one aware of Felisa Arzonia's Sin and control by Kaitlyn Powell and a mysterious organization called Monryou.

  • Poison Ivy

A member of Arzonia Family's Corazon Army who aided in the evacuation of the capital and protect the city from STAR LABS' orbital strikes. She was one of the members who helped Maria Arzonia in her battle against her tainted Mother being controlled by a dark matter called Sin and confronted Eclipse of Hermes' Symmone.

  • Abel Nightroad

A member of Arzonia Family's Pica Army who aided in the evacuation of the capital. He fought directly against the First Wave and helped Maria Arzonia in her battle against her tainted Mother being controlled by a dark matter called Sin.

  • Tres Iqus

A member of Arzonia Family's Pica Army in charge of protecting the capital from both Revelation of Qliphoth and STAR LABS. He fought directly against the First Wave. His whereabouts are unknown after STAR LABS arrived.

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

  • Juanita Orrantia

Physics Teacher of the University Axel is attending and the only person who carries about his behavior, social relationships and grades. She often gives him supplementary classes and tries her best to knowledge him.

  • Florencio Javier

Homeroom teacher for Axel's class and the possible boyfriend of Juanita. He was killed during the arrival of the Purge at Spain. Rumors say he used to work to STAR LABS as a chemical professor and was assassinate for knowing too much about Mina Harker's Noro drug.

  • Bernardo Durazo

An inspector of the police that aided Axel in his escape. Former police officer of Paris but fled during the Cold War II.

  • Goito Danon

Axel's classmate and only friend he had since high-school. Goito is a rather straight-forwarded boy who is not shy to express his emotions to the opposite sex openly, as opposed to Axel. He seems to be able to keep his calm under any situations like a Demon Strike. However, this changes when he is interrupted while playing his dating sim. Axel describes Gotio as a person that is the best in going with the flow, and good with his words.


Season 1 - Ender Arc

  • Episode 1 - The Loser
  • Episode 2 - Minecraftia
  • Episode 3 - The Ender Princess
  • Episode 4 - Kingdom of the Cosmos
  • Episode 5 - The Rebel Leader
  • Episode 6 - Truth Behind the Human DNA
  • Episode 7 - Andri's Story
  • Episode 8 - Coup d'etat
  • Episode 9 - Fury of a Rebel
  • Episode 10 - Determination of a Loser
  • Episode 11 - Ender Slayer
  • Episode 12 - Main Dish (Final)

Season 2 - Undead Arc

Heles granblue fantasy drawn by oyu sijimisizimi sample-e0f3c7e1bd4ebab6a393959161fbd288.jpg
  • Episode 13 - The Skeleton Princess
  • Episode 14 - A Dragon's Ire
  • Episode 15 - Underworld
  • Episode 16 - Harsh Training
  • Episode 17 - Cannibal (Part 1)
  • Episode 17.5 - Cannibal (Part 2)
  • Episode 18 - Escape of the Underworld
  • Episode 19 - Human Village
  • Episode 20 - Sisterhood
  • Episode 21 - Black Arts
  • Episode 22 - Invasion of the Undead
  • Episode 23 - Skelly's Story
  • Episode 24 - Carnal Lust
  • Episode 25 - Battle of Siblings
  • Episode 26 - Victory Among the Mortals (Final)

Season 3 - Nether Arc

Io code vein drawn by koyorin sample-488af8389c1f5364f3aa42d06bf4b443.jpg
  • Episode 27 - Nether World
  • Episode 28 - Hilda the Brute
  • Episode 29 - Dungeon
  • Episode 30 - Lustful Eyes
  • Episode 31 - Strong Emotions
  • Episode 32 - Ambition of a Loser
  • Episode 33 - Hilda's Story
  • Episode 34 - Rot the Zombie Prince (Final)

Season 4 - Sea of Quanta Arc

Seele vollerei and seele vollerei honkai and 1 more drawn by higandgk sample-46829e9c7574f31ae7e5f693d16792e7.jpg
  • Episode 35 - A New Ally
  • Episode 36 - Sea of Quanta
  • Episode 37 - Divine Keys of the Past
  • Episode 38 - True Enemy
  • Episode 39 - A Chance of Return
  • Episode 40 - Yaria's Story
  • Episode 41 - Monarchs
  • Episode 42 - Rot's Story
  • Episode 43 - Kings Vs. Demons
  • Episode 44 - Arthurian Legends
  • Episode 45 - ExKrieg Myths
  • Episode 46 - Triggers Hell (Final)

Season 5 - Wolf Arc

Yuel and socie granblue fantasy drawn by oyu sijimisizimi sample-30f01aff1690f47f1de0080b3698812e.jpg
  • Episode 47 - Mother Nature
  • Episode 48 - Mating Season
  • Episode 49 - Hilda's Fury
  • Episode 50 - Triangle
  • Episode 50.5 - The King of the Golems (Final)

Season 6 - Golem Arc

Yorha type a no 2 nier and 1 more drawn by koyorin sample-92791da440974b75c6cbb8cff7e2e0a1.jpg
  • Episode 51 - Rosa the Golem Princess
  • Episode 52 - The Truth Behind Minecraftia
  • Episode 53  - History of Kings
  • Episode 54  - Perversion of a Golem
  • Episode 55 - The King of the Golems (Final)
  • Episode 56 - Sammy's Story
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 57 - Rosa's Story
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 58 - Cataclysmatic Plan
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 59 - Social Darwinism
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 60 - The Guardian (Final)
  • Episode 60.5 - Holidays

Season 7 - Minecraftia Arc

54190oj0237 p0.jpg
  • Episode 61 - Vira Hermes' Grasp
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 62 - Hermes Clan
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 63 - Ordeal 777
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 64 - Cupa the Princess of the Creeper
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 65 - Cupa's Story
  • Episode 66 - Explosive Love
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 67 - True Form
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 68 - Charged Love
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 69 - Astaroth Queen
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 70 - Astaroth's Shadow (Final)

Season 8 - Princesses' Tournament​​​​​​

Mia karnstein code vein drawn by fhang f45f62134675227dd87c6a2694207842.jpg
  • Episode 71 - A New Prince?
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 72 - Mob Bar
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 73 - Golden Room
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 74 - Game Changer
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 75 - Arukanu
  • Episode 76 - Familiars
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 77 - Elite Mobs
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 78 - Family Love
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 79 - First Arena
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 80 - Spy Within
  • Episode 81 - The Crow
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 82 - Monsters With Human Hearts
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 83 - Honor Among Men
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 84 - The First Test
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 85 - Wivy's Story
  • Episode 86 - Vampire Slayer
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 87 - Manipulation of a Loser
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 88 - Desire of Revenge
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 89 - Shadow
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 90 - Femdom
  • Episode 91 - A Dream Date
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 92 - Battle of Successors
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 93 - Heroinebrine
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 94 - Intense Battle
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 95 - Conspiracy of Demons
  • Episode 96 - Beginning of the End
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 97 - Fragile Peace
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 98 - The Battle of the Cosmos
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 99 - Qliphoth's Ascension
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 100 - Rogue Loser

Season 9 - World War Arc

77172679 150649709586446 628324122 n.jpg
  • Episode 101 - Spider Kingdom
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 102 - Silk's Tears
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 103 - Battlefield
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 104 - A New War
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 105 - The True Monster
  • Episode 106 - Shadow Woman
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 107 - Nightmare in the Forest
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 108 - Succubus Race
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 109 - Holy Sin
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 110 - Destructive Fight
  • Episode 111 - A Loser's Rise
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 112 - The Power of a Loser
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 113 - Union
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 114 - March to Victory
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 115 - Strong Bonds (Final)

Season 10 - A New Hero Arc

4a264d77258c12ee0c2e2601b087842d66d18198v2 hq.jpg
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 116 - The Presence of the Demon King
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 117 - Inversion of the End
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 118 - Sword of Kings' Copy
  • Episode 119 - Lazarus' Rule
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 120 - Ultimate Combat
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 121 - A Weak Human
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 122 - I'm (Not) Alone
  • ​​​​​​​Episode 123 - The History of a Loser (Storyline Finale)


LOTM: A Million Year War


Approximately two billion years ago, Leohart the Prince of Hell launched a massive demonic campaign against Minecraftia to take its resources and livestocks, resulting in a bloody war between the few kingdoms that were established at that time and the forces of Triggers Hell. Hopeless by their defeat, the king of the Hydra race surrended to Leohart and his forces... but not his humanized daughter who was threatned to become a "comfort woman" for the male demons.

Abandoning her kingdom, the princess Hyme of the Hydras race, travelled across Minecraftia to assemble her own group of rebels to continue their war against the forces of hell. Even the defeat was obvious, Hyme promised to die fighting instead of living like a slave; something that inspired others to follow her. In the years to come, she became the Primordial Goddess of Minecraftia and was transformed into a divine symbol of hope and freedom.

Remembered to this day as the Goddess of Hope and Freedom, Hime became a legendary figure that freed Minecraftia from its invaders and is worshipped by all kingdoms as deity entity. It's time to remember the story of the ancient princess of the Hydras and everything she did for this planet she loved so much...

Characters (main only)

  • Hyme
  • Eresh
  • Douniran
  • Doujiran
  • Aratabata
  • Kalian


  • Episode 1 - Chapter 1
  • Episode 2 - Chapter 2
  • Episode 3 - Chapter 3
  • Episode 4 - Chapter 4
  • Episode 5 - Chapter 5
  • Episode 6 - Chapter 6
  • Episode 7 - Chapter 7
  • Episode 8 - Chapter 8
  • Episode 9 - Chapter 9
  • Episode 19 - Chapter 10
  • Episode 11 - Chapter 11
  • Episode 12 - Chapter 12
  • Episode 13 - Chapter 13
  • Episode 14 - Chapter 14
  • Episode 15 - Chapter 15
  • Episode 16 - Chapter 16
  • Episode 17 - Chapter 17
  • Episode 18 - Chapter 18
  • Episode 19 - Chapter 19
  • Episode 20 - Chapter 20
  • Episode 21 - Chapter 21
  • Episode 22 - Chapter 22 (Final)

Theme Song


NEFFEX - Primal (Official Audio)

Next Storylines

LOTM: A Draw of Kings

A Draw of Kings storyline is the sequel of Sword of Kings. The events of Draw of Kings happens after LOTM: Sword of Kings - Triggers Hell Saga and is the storyline that will happen after when LOTM: Sword of Kings plot end.

3 Years after Sith Empire and Triggers Hell's defeat, centillions of innocent souls were released from the terrible hands of the Dark Empires. After countless wars, battles and sacrifice, the peace spread out across 9 Multi-Universes. The Dream Of Reality Council became real and finally after 500 zillions of years of terror were finally being erased. The Multi-Universe suffered numerous scars left by Triggers Hell and the Sith Empire, and an infinite number of people died in their hands.

Three years have passed while the Heroes and all civilians of all realities were celebrating the victory that changed the history of the multiverse. Months later, the heros discovered a away to return to their realities and everyone was happy to return to their realities to see the people they love most. And above all, everyone was happy to back to their home with the honor of victory...

However, in others Multi-Universe, 700 millions of realities were destroyed by a unknown force, and zillions of people were suffering in the hand of another Dark Empire that the all heroic fighters on existence never fought in the fields of battles. The Multi-Universe War was over, but another was coming to the heros... and they were not prepared for another war... The Cataclysmatic War was begun. The conflicts leading up to Cataclysmatic War began 2 years before the events of Triggers Hell when the GEM Empire make its first attack on Multi-Universe. After Hades's death, the Trade Federation, a major galactic trade organization under the control of the an unknown empire, blockades the small planet Earth and demands its capitulation. 

Finally, the final battle is set... The Multi-Universe Military Forces of all realities and planets must face their greatest threat as the all Multi-Universe are about to stand against the most terrifying and cruel threat yet. The military-driven Alliance of Multi-Universe (AOM) is poised to launch a full-scale war against the Dark Empire to defend all realities from the powerful and evil Dark Empire. And to make matters worse, afamiliar and inhuman foe with a dark past intertwined with Elliot Woodman's own is pulling the strings, trying to fulfill his evil agenda in plunge all Multi-Universes in eternal state of chaos and despair. The Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire will join the "fun". 

"Prepare yourselves. God and Multi-Universe."

Theme Song


Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Opening Full『LiSA - Gurenge』【ENG Sub】

Based in...

  • Frozen (Disney)
  • RWBY
  • Rosario+Vampire
  • Soul Eater
  • Honkai Impact 3rd
  • The Scum's Wish
  • Owari no Seraph
  • Atlantis the Lost Kingdom
  • League of Angels
  • Granblue Fantasy
  • Steven Universe
  • Adventure Time
  • Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
  • Release the Spyce
  • Bleach
  • Sword Art Online
  • Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
  • Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou'​​​​​​​
  • Azur Lane
  • Kantai Collection
  • NieR Automata
  • Gravity Rush


  • Action
  • Drama
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Guro
  • Horror
  • Adult
  • Harem
  • Tragedy
  • Isekai
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Crossover
  • Adventure



  • While the authors like to say this story has adult contents of rape, sex and many other +18 elements, the story of LOTM: Sword of Kings is filled with these kind of elements but they happen once each 6 episodes.
  • The story is confirmed to be a "prototype" and a training story for the writer to learn how to write adult contents as he lacks experience in writing erotic novels. In his words, he wants to learn more about complex scenes of sexual relationships, something that happens rarely in LOTM: Sword of Kings as sex scenes tend to be very brutal (rapes) conducted by villains against their victims.
  • In his own words, the author wants to use this story to learn how to properly develop a 'loser' type character from zero to become a proper strong and skilled protagonist. The protagonist of this story was set to be a weak, normal and avarage boy that can be found anywhere in the real world (normal life, normal family, no tragedies). People with normal lives with no tragic impact that caused them to change radically like the previous protagonist, Katarina Couteau who was already a developed character by the time the story started thanks to her tragic and shocking backstory related to Ara AstarothAkrak CouteauHana Langley and Haruko Couteau.
  • The story introduces the third male protagonist of CIS Productions after Ichabod Crane and Carl Robinson.