(The heroes are seen back in their quarters)

Anya: *Humming*

(Anya is seen playing on her phone as Bailey looks out the window)


Anya: Yo bestie, you okay over there?

(Anya comes over to see Bailey look at some Futerix androids outside)

Anya: Oh.

(The Androids are seen guarding or patrolling around)


Anya: Is it...bothering you?

Bailey:.... A little...

Anya: Bestie, it's okay.

(Anya looks outside)

Anya: They aren't hurting anything.

Bailey: As far as we know...

Anya: Bailey, it's gonna be okay. I doubt they'd try anything here.

Bailey: Still.... I can't shake this feeling.

Anya: All right come on. You and me are leaving here and gonna find a way to relax. No more worrying about Futerix.

(Anya grabs Bailey's arm and drags her from the chair)

Bailey: Wha- hey!

(Bailey gets up)

Bailey: Where're we going!?

Anya: To go help you relax!

(The two leave the room)

Bailey: Anya do we really have to do this?

Anya: Come on it'll be fun! Besides it give us a chance to explore the city!

Bailey: But-

Anya: Trust me bestie!

Bailey: *Sigh* Okay.

Anya: Awesome! Let's go!

(The two walk off before the scene cuts to them out in the city walking around)

Anya: Ooooo!

Bailey: Definitely looks...entertaining.

Anya: Oh there's gotta be something cool we can do here!

Bailey: But what should we do?

Anya: Hmmm.

(Anya feels something breathing on her)

Anya: Hm?

(Anya turns to find a Guardian behind her and Bailey next to the sidewalk)

Anya: Whoa! A Guardian!

Bailey: Oh?

Anya: Man I almost forgot what they look like since I've been so used to Grace's new body!

Guardian: *Low hum*

Bailey: I guess this one's supposed to be a guard.

Anya: Yeah. It's a big one too!

Bailey: Must be a young adult.

Guardian: *Low hum*

(Anya scratches under the Guardian's chin)

Anya: Heh, you're just a big softie ain't ya?

Guardian:... *Relaxed hum*

Anya: Aww look at you!

Bailey: Heh, that's cute.

Anya: *Giggle*

(Anya pets one of the vines)

Anya: Man, I bet you could lift like four tanks with these things!

Guardian: *Affirmative hum*

Anya: Ha! I'll take that as a yes!

Bailey: *Smile*

Anya: Isn't this cool Bailey?!

Bailey: Yeah it is pretty cool.

Anya: Man I was thinking about finding like an entertainment center, but I kinda just wanna hang out with Guardians the whole trip!

Bailey: I mean, for plants designed to guard, they are pretty playful.

Anya: *Giggle* Yeah!

Guardian: *Happy hum and waves vines around*

(A guard then walks up)

Guard: Hey uhhh, can you two not distract the Guardian please?

Anya: Awww!

Guard: If you wanna play with Guardians, we have a whole park full of them just around the block.

Bailey: Wait really?

Guard: Yeah. The kids here actually really enjoy them.

Anya: Well, let's go!

Bailey: Okay!

Anya: *Waves* Bye Guardian!

(The Guardian waves goodbye as the two walk off. It then cuts to them arriving at the park)

Anya: Ooooo!

(The two see Guardians around the park playing around with Exdenian children)

Bailey: Awesome!

Anya: Oh this is gonna be so cool!

Bailey: All right Anya this looks like the perfect spot to play!

Anya: Let's go!

(The two head inside the park)

Anya: Hmm, which one should we see first?

(Bailey then spots a Guardian all by itself)

Bailey: Oh! How bout that one?

Anya: *Gasp* Oh that guardian is all by itself... Let's go see it!

(The two walk over to the Guardian)


Anya: Hey buddy!

Guardian: *Low hum*

Anya: You all by yourself?

Guardian: *Sad hum*

Anya: Aww. *Pats the Guardian's head* Hey mind if me and my friend play with ya?

Guardian: *Excited nod*

Anya: Great!

(The Guardian sits up)

Bailey: You sure about this?

Anya: Aw come on bestie, he won't hurt us! It'll be like playing with Gracie when she was little, only this time the Guardian's a bit bigger!

Bailey: Yeah but you remember how Gracie gets with holding us in the air and potentially tickling everyone.

Anya: Ah that was only when she was on a sugar rush! I doubt these ones will be as hyperactive!

Bailey: Well they're food as I recall do not have as much sugar.

Anya: True.

Bailey: Hmm.

Anya: Oh well, it can't be so bad!

Bailey: If you say so.

Anya: *Smile* So Guardian buddy! What do you wanna do?

(The Guardian smiles and forms its vines into two swings)

Bailey: Whoa swings!

Anya: *Gasp* YES!! COME ON BAILEY!!

(Anya gets on one of the swings)

Bailey: Hmm... All right let's go for it!

(Bailey gets on one of the swings)

Anya: *Starts swinging* Wheee!

Bailey: *Starts swinging* Woo!

Guardian: *Happy hum*

Anya: Man, now this is fun!

Bailey: Hehe yeah!

Anya: So glad you decided to stop worrying about those androids?

Bailey; Yeah. You were right Anya. I needed to relax.

Anya: And look how well you're doing!

Bailey: *Smile* Heh, you know it has been awhile since we last hung out together.

Anya: I know right? I missed us hanging out!

Bailey: So did I!

Anya: *Smile*


Anya: So uhh, you and Jayden huh?

Bailey: Huh? What about me and Jayden?

Anya: You two have been hanging out a lot huh?

Bailey: *Shrugs* Yeah I guess so.

Anya: Well that's good.

Bailey: Yep.

Anya: Think you'll ask him out?

Bailey: ?? Come again?

Anya: I don't know, you do seem to be...getting close.

Bailey: .... And? We're friends.

Anya: Maybe for right now.

Bailey: A-Anya!

Anya: *Giggle* Just messing with ya!

Bailey: Jeez Anya I thought you wanted me to relax but you mention stuff like this...

Anya: Well I was just seeing if you had anything for him. I mean, as an Android with emotions you're bound to feel love someday!

Bailey:..... Hm.

Anya: Trust me, you'll feel it someday!

Bailey: We'll see.

(Anya smiles as she keeps swimming)


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